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The Ska Show with Beefy, Aug 1st 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from Garage Daze, The Stylephonics, Salvo, Sick Pins and The Bakesys. Then the crew from Last Edition take over and select some of their favourites from Mad Caddies, Alkaline Trio, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Call Me Malcolm and Codename Colin!

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.  

Anyone hey we'll set this and be from any bein the world and you'll. Listen to the Carshe with beefy is a the nostoceae a time a nowel come to scar, pod number threepeople. This is B f. This is the sky show with beefy the extra SCARPO I nowhave to do, because it's so many top class new releases. I can't fit me inthe live, show anymore and I've been in quarantine, so I need to catch up. Sohere we go. We kicked off this week, scar pad number three with a wonder:man, SCA, punk machine. It's called garage days. I think e a Ha had aMelbourne, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. That's a brand new fromhim, calling feeling all right and kick tabs on Gerridge days with a zed,because I think there's a lot of potential. There is absolutely good togo. I'm going to race through some more new releases before we get on to aguest programmer who's very special to the scar show with beefy. They havebeen a long time supporter of the show- and I think vice versa. Actually, assoon as I kind of started doing this show I learned about this band in I dolike the way they go abate their... anyway, we're going to go toCanada right now up to Ontario. This is a band I have only just found out about.They called the style phonics. He got a brand new EPO called imperfect. This isbear is life. I got mad of myself Tuday. I found outagain Tis for Jack. I've been wearing out all my shoes just working on movingfor the, but I never been on a t h where my money want you to be A. Iought to be better at managing my finances, but I never been Goin t that W K abut I on or some money tofind myself a so a rank come down because the devildidn't his wife to see that woman ought a had that fan red, but she's neverbeen good, and I think, but a voices Bo. My Ain in for my turn, I, your Lord, as I've got one dancing says I am my o S. I my change. My chest O show...

...o advice, but I've already been probedie, be Yah Wilno. They used to be called pain.Then now called salvo there from Birmingham Alabama brand new EP, andthat is never been good at that before salvo, we heard the stylophones odd ofOntario cracking nill number that beer is life used to be for me before I hadto give it up. I have had a drink, you know coming up to six years now. So,let's look, I don't want your good wishes or anything. It was a healthdecision. I miss it sometimes, but you get used to it very very quickly. Thisis the scar show with beefy right in the middle of the extra new releases.This is the band Ed of the West Midlands. In England they called thesick pins. This is natural disaster, a o, the fun that you want them to seeto the emskyr baste, a Nieneteen just taste et isomerase, the O s...

...o o. what's on faith me go and get you what to his face with the O. Don'tforget me, I think, Foley, to something a folio, John step or a a was on. As with me, get on what to a base with the O. Don'tforget me, a a e t e. i get the Arlesian God ever do in my life,O o o m o what o what's Doin at your MoonWolton. I you MOWAT's on. What's to his face with me, a o o o o from the deepest heart of BarkshireNewbury, to be exact. These guys have been around since well Uninten N.Ninety they've been flying the flag for the sky explosion years. They are thebakes. They got a new album at called sentences. I'd like to hear the end ofvery, very different loads of sampling, loads of dub, their latest single. Iguess it's a latest release of the album- is cold, Get your moon boots on.If you like something, that's different, if you're into the dub side of things,but with all sorts of weird movie edits and, like I said, sampling and checkthis eight, it is very different and I commend Kevin, flowed you and the guysfor having to go just trying something different. It is well worth youinvesting your time in right mention at the top of the show that we have aguest program in scare, pod and number three Maddie Williamson and the guysfrom Lester's own last edition haven't played a Gig for a long long time. Theyhad wont booked in that for the weekend and guess what unbelievably, this exsoftenest got sick and they had to pull out at the last minute. That isheartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. I do know, though they have got a loadof gigs lined up, so it is with great pleasure. I've got last addition: GesProgramming, scappoose three, I'm going to kick things off with one of theirtunes. This is good luck.

O is for Kenia beneath your. I T dreams. Yasoo luck there from lastedition. They donated a track to the save the scar, show it beefycompilation album shots until September. That's a great tune that absolutelygreat tune. That was the first trek they put together after Billy Johnson,their original drummer kind of moved on got replaced with Danny Jones. Sothat's a great start to Danny Jones's tenure on the skins. These guys arebeing around a long long time. You wouldn't really know it. They only putout their debut album in at two thousand and sixteen they've beenplaying for five or six years already before they put their debut at soabsolutely cracking. I love these guys are really really do so. It's great tohave them on board guests programming right since we've been doing scar pot.Three with the guest program is a lot of people have chosen, make Kedy'sthings. I'm not surprised, I'm a massive fan of meked. We are gonna,hear what are we going to hear or drinking for eleven one of my favorites,that's off what just one more Costi's drinking for eleven from way back intwo thousand and three, it is the late trek of their fourth studio. Album,let's see it drinking for eleven twel, I'm not with you... Argosean on the ball. That's just a Lyin S, I'm already to a t with one side of for me, your or a few you present A. I can. Let you o O Soosi creeps into my mind. You have a a a O, a R M s s when you creep oryou can e t got tastes. I feel lous want to be sometoime with ever a IA C I so le You, a better weetamoo can see to today Gotta's just what I do well with you o an way o a e. A is my kid on I can want, but I will go day IA,...

...a h, r, Sean. My way on your back feeling as I can walk, but I will go. I will never ran away for the second sky,trying not to a Einai. Don't know I don't know at...

...our live version of mighty mightybosstones. The impression that I get to, I actually have to say I reallyshouldn't it was off. Let's face it, one thousand nine hundred and ninetyseven. What else is on? Let's face it: Noise Brigade, the Rascal King RoyalOil, one two, eight one of my favorite Boston, songs, another drinking song,that's on there as well. I think it's, the only Boston's album that managed tocorrect the top. Fifty in the states got to number twenty seven. What amarket for the rest of the scar scene. It put everyone else on the map and welove them for it. I think it's been in body, so many saint trickes buddyunreal. Before the Bos tons, we heard the alkaline trio of their third studio,album that Camot in two thousand and one from here to in firmary, we heardcrawl I'll go on true Chicago they're, actually celebrating twenty five yearsthis year. Ninety Ninety six, they came together. Their first couple ofreleases were actually on Asian man records which, as most people will know,is a stoat in the old scar industry. So there is a link, even though thatwasn't a scarce I gonta know. Matty said it's not really a sketching, butyou will bloody love it, and I do like to listen to a bit of alcalar o everynow and again, so I'm not averse to playing those guys and, like I saidthey have got the link, they were formed by Matt Skaber, who in morerecent times, has gone to join blink, one hundred and eighty two last fewyears anyway. So I think he's Splittin his time between the two bands but yeahhe's a good man met Skaber really really is we kicked off that littlesegment and the first salvo from the last edition crew, the mad caddis offjust one more for two thousand and three? That is the lead track of thatalbum and it's cold drinking for eleven. We will see MC Kenny's rescheduled nowOctober, two thousand and twenty two and Australia a's been put off three orfour times but bud. He can't wait till those guys get down here. It's been along time coming now. It really really has right we're going to go back to theUK right now. This is a Ben from Kent. Down there in the safe of England, theyput t an album last year called me myself and something else. This issleep balk with me from call me Malcolm Netherby S. nobody gets sick with awaifing that I want a metoosin the mind. You lie in the beast on an you cameback in a gas you show to it: Raskell be okay, the roof cave in in toHohodemi you every step...

O, I'm not a my body's Ha O. my mistilywant a, but a something I can escape is a re,...

...a o who doesn't love a bit of Code, nameColin there other Hamah Tea. Their album escape from everything is anabsolute belt. If you haven't got it, please please please get on it, becauseit is plenty awesome. It really really is it's good from start to finish aswell. They're playing a red fist this week, gained in at Stephen, is, if hejust happened to be about then get across to Steven, is for a red vest andwhen you know it on the twenty seventh of August, with our guests host lastaddition, they're playing a home town show in Hemel hempstead itself the oddfellow's arms. I think that is before code name Colin. We heard from call meMalcolm we heard sleep walk with me, which is, I believe, might be twinpeaks. In spite that is off me myself and something else, and I think we usedto play wake up. The monster said of the album butty great really. Is Theyjust headlined the underworld in Camden last week in which is absolutely fanbloody, tastic we're going to jump back to last edition, I got to think may fororganizing all this. I know he's a busy guy. They just released a brand newsingle half, drunk and half time. We premiered it on the live. Show thisweek's on scar, pod number one. If you're interested they've justannounced a load of dates, fortieth of August new cross in in London, that isalways a great night there, the entertainment at the Moto, GP andSilver Stone at the end of August. I mentioned the Hennel. Hemp Tak gaveCode Dan Colin, but they also got gigs. In September October and November, allready booked in they've got new merchandise coming very, very soon,there's a secret little project that they're doing in Lester for October. Ibelieve I know they're writing you, music, as we speak, but I'm absolutelyhonored to say these guys are friends of the show, like I said they put atrack on the save the scar show with beefy compilation album. I love the sexdriven scare that they put out, because it's pretty unique, actually there'snot too many bands that only just bang out with a sex player, so she's awesomeby the way she is one of the best sex players. I have seen any support I cangive to last edition. Please jump on their bank em jump on their facebookjump on their websites check out the music by the music. This loads and newmercers well so buy some of that just show them some support. They're, agreat band they put out some cracking tunes. You will not be disappointed,got send my thanks to Mattie, Sam Denny and top by. I really do appreciate youguys and the support you've given me actually for this show. We've come tothe end of another scar, pad number three hope you've enjoyed yourselves.I've been really diverse again in this show, I'm try and squeeze as muchlivers as I possibly can. It's some bands you've never heard of some bandsdoing their debuts fans at an even scar. It is bloody awesome. Also. Can I justask one quick thing: I put out the playlist to every scar pod I put out,but when I put out the podcast all the buns that feature on the show elated,please just give me a little. Follow, give him a little bit of support if youcan buy some music by some Murch, but the main thing is to show M, you lovethem and then you'll be the first to know as well. When it's gigs new music,you murch anything of interest, you will be the first to know, look itcouldn't be simpler and it's the least we can do these guys. Do It for alistening pleasure. We should support. We really should I made a quarantine.Thank God for that back to normal. I will be back next week with the liveshow on Tuesday. This girods will follow in the meantime. Please stay,save everybody UINE. This has been the scar show with BEV SCARPO number three June: do the sky with be fe Junhey there beefy, Hey rob. Do youhave nothing to do all the time? Yes,...

I've got nothing to do all the time.Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three a d sixty five days of sport O it stars you and me, Ohwow, so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it, yeah,if you want get it whenever you get your podcast from one far for two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast, you never knew youwanted to listen to a.

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