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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jul 1st 2021 (Pod1)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Now fully vaxxed completely waxxed and somewhat relaxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon! Our live set this week celebrates the Ska Nation Festival that is coming in October - live tracks from The Resignators, Alla Spina, The Ska Vendors and Kujo Kings. Then skanking greatness follows from Crash & The Crapenters, Madness, Death Of Guitar Pop, Oreskaband, Goon, The Piglets, JB Conspiracy, Bad Manners, The King Kong 4 and The Peacocks join the Ska party! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody! 

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!  

At on o, i got weary low, my blue, a caplin who i am as a person, and iwill never turn my back on so looking back, i have no regrets. Youshould never wait the lake god we don't play sky any more, it's time to have a bit of a skank, andi think that i will in fact skank hi. My name is rodadero and you're.Listening to the scar, so with beef on stouten fm, you don't watch that i a h the nuti just...

...that a o ona si o an you like me that so i...

...we e o a e o. My hair in a scary lack oteian day, like any other man, a very heavy wanona, o t e man me leaene did sae and he love better. He no better. He thowt. This is chris andy and scottwere from the living end, we're here for rad, recording artists actors andathletes against drink driving. I see a...

...lot of things that gigs dogs, nudityclowns, but mostly people having a good time and a few drinks. What i'd hate tosee if someone getting behind the wheel after they've been drinking? So if yourplan to drink over the hash to break plan ahead a range, a designated driverwho won't drink or stay the night at a friend's place on it? A had with the face last mestanding, a another race can be to me best if better this race than the bigto the coils of a beatles game on some of my thing from a mule, an a e justwhen it is yowes a game with the face by so aide with the faseinatione. But i m to in the wet o, be choosday everybody. It's that timeof the week again time for the scar show we, the beefy, colin acta frommelbourne, australia. Now that was an all australian intro, mainly the bandsplaying skant, but that last track was a banner of sidney crash and the crapinters brand new from them. You can write me off. That's called, but thefirst four tracks are all live. The resignations fish at a water, alas,bene at a brisband, tony the scar enders doing i'm in the mood for scarand the cujo kings with a wolf man. John, all those bands are on the skyand nation outdoor camping festival as taking place in warria in countryvictoria, the twenty ninth and thirtieth of october, headlined by thebennies themselves. We got lingring pirate scar, rebellion, loony, junes,anti admiral ackbar, dishonorable discharge operation, big jake, boston,hoisters, an western australia isolates from south australia's the manage andthose bands you've just heard there as well. It's going to be a great thingfor the scarce in australia and for country victoria as well two days andhopefully, when we look back on this festival in ten years time when it'sbeen head lone by the bos tones- and you know the specials and lessen jakanpeople like that is supporting you'll, say yeah. I remember the first one. Itwas awesome, it's going to be great, it really is get your tickets from ostik ozeid ti x. I reckon i'm not sure what the capacity is he ill, probablycellate anyway. Great start to the show is always good to start on a high.Isn't it scarpo number one is pretty awesome loads and new releases thisweek, but gonta play some old happy stuff. First, because i'm going to behonest, i really ain't going to be honest. Now, i've had a few peopleactually come back to me and say beefy you're not playing as much as you oldstuff. Since i come back from a holiday, i do admit it has been a lot of newreleases. I've been playing catch up a little bit, but, yes, i am making the rcommitment i'm going to bring back some...

...of the old tunes. You love, i'm goingto go madness to kick things off wings of a dope. Oh wow, othering for the wings of a oooo wantto find seussian go ran track. So potest of the back of my nolot primateis good to e some to my nest. Borotte shut for the price of one of the back,o o o. I i e o b e n b of the baoodeen on me. O we live out a in. I go from toboat with my tanison,... if you're a t for your dribin new from a death ofguitaut came out this to froda last week, back other lauri. Now that is offtheir forthcoming, album pucker sands and its been re scheduled for releaseon september, the twelfth apparently with a few production issues. So looking forward to that, though, thereis a they've done, a live show which i think they previe quite feel the tunesas well. We played we play at a couple weeks ago. I think, but also littlesingle, the dog p shurfu ly do with king hammand. It was awesome beforethat madness, wings of a dove who oh right, let's go to japan now brand newas well from on a scar band out of sakai, the old girl band. This is thelatest one. It is only just a. I think i came out yesterday. Any it's callednumber nine. This is a do. Cirene goes got away on a toscato. I o t some entertain your hot. The e c e the thin go mtesa t for a he got got up so he did kesota o ta.

I go had a a man that i would be ham withus eaine. I i on my betapani, won't get my dream a be a a o. A bollamores maybe got a ten sen. He be by any a a i coodnt be liviella nea sasellano men, aboat enator am caaaab, no city owe so memnetai. My not easy. With your starttime do now. I wont he. Your tare me see o baryn, but i go tell you guys abody i be here. I say i do a... know why you are a anointment think you, a ilmen, reallywant to know. I i want to know remember when we outeat to know to bunnin know planes yeah, that is thepeacocks out of winter, the in at switzerland, really a rocket billy band,but that one is definitely scatch awesome like that. That is from whatyear was that one thousand nine hundred and ninety five? Now these guys havebeen around s. One thousand nine hundred and ninety still going strong,put out an album in two thousand and even e co flamingo. They are goinggreat guns. I need to check out the peacocks because i'm going to be honest,i'd never heard of them until this week, but they are great. I like it. I likethe upright base as well brilliant band on in no place scar. If you got anysuggestions, does exactly what it says in the tent bands. You just didn'texpect to play some scorchings we've had any excess we've ember donna we'vehad howard jones, we've had tesapan under graduate, but the hooters there'sloads. We've really done loads over the past few well, probably a year now.Actually so we keep finding new ones all the time and suggestions comethrough regularly. So if you've got anything just get in touch with me,just look up. The scar show with beefy on face book or at bevy scar show an atwitter also, conversely, if you're in a band on and play your music, pleaselet me know because if i don't know, i can't play it simple as that so place.So many new releases was old stuff, if you like, whatever. If i haven't playedyou music just get in touch set me musing i'll, get you on the air,because that is exactly what the band that i played just before the peacock.They are called goon they're out of health sinke in fingland, that is apreneste called metropolites, the chal for metropolitans, but metropolites.Now the goon just in australia, goon a gun bag is like a bag full of wine andkind of the less affluent people drink wine out of a bag over here. So goon isquite apt. With the scar scene, i reckon going a seven piece pack ofidiots from southern finland: they've been playing their unique scarf, punk,hip, hop and rega influence rock june since two thousand and one celebratingtwenty years this year. But the best way to understand these fellows is i goand see him play live so check out goon from finland, gundo fi is their website,i'm sure you can find them on the oute and the twitter. If you look hardenough but brand new from them. Only a couple of days old was just gone over.The thousand plays on spot fight and youttewhich is great, can't get ere,then that before gun out of sakai in...

...japan, the aracan girls bringing fromthem called number nine. You listen to the scar show with me beefy thanksjoining me. Wherever you were on the planet, i just love bringing you scarfrom all walks of life, all ages or eras. All forms as well last week'sshow was really really punky. Orritate, don't know what came over me. Perhaps iwould just need to be of a pick up and get a bit it hard and heavy with myself,but i'm going a bit old school right now, the piglets from one thousand ninehundred and seventy one. I got reminded about this tune on one of the face booksides early in the week and i thought yeah i'm going to play it. This iscalled johnny reggie, it's kind of before two tone took over really, butit's cracking on undined and seventy one. The piglets e, like my this he's areal tasty asa he's coaita was a nice or with aoterton ees reggie ragge reggie here comes johnny,reggie johnny ragge raggy lie on me. It comes johnny, regan owasi for me,he's always on the po, and i do so. I was take me he's frenois to o. I he's areal twasome inside reggy raggy ragge here comes johnnyragge, johnny, reggie, raggy lay on me. I come on a joy ragionano. A to this thomebody give yourself what we do now seteeo.

Why do we eeaa london triple play there? Wasn'tthat bloody awesome, bad manners? Skinny girl brand you from the j bconspiracy. They got a new album. A only came out on a friday. That is thesecond single of the album turn the lights out and then from one thousandnine hundred and seventy one, the piglets with johnny a rege. I've had somuch fun in the studio. Well, those free songs were playing. I get the j bconspiracy album. It's called beginnings. I love these guys. I reallyreally do they. Re awesome turn a light tan. That is the latest one, but thealbum beginnings, like i said, only...

...came out on a friday jump on their bankam page because it is well well worthy. We come to the end of the first hour ofthe scar show at beefy and is just flown by i've. Had so much fun hey. Igot the second job today. Please go out and get vaccinated. It's the only waywe're going to get back to seeing, shows and travel and doing things, evenif you don't believe in it think of everyone else. Just please think ofeveryone else is anyway we're going to travel and see gigs and things reallyso it's best just to do it just do get on with it. There's no real shows inaustralia right now. There's a couple kicking around, not many though it'spretty disappoint and actually after victoria went into. We were what wethree four months in lock down the rest of australia as in lockdoor, apart fromus, which is kind of weird, so please stay say fat. There do the right thingget vax people get vexed double vexed fully wexed, ultimately relaxed. That'sme so far. The second scarpo f the week will kick off with a well famous gisissabsolute bangers. This week. It really really is get tickets for scan nationwakening. You diary people, two thousand and nine thirty of octoberdenin warrin in victoria bands from all over australia is going to be awesome.I'm going to go out with a band from toronto in canada, they put an album alate last year and i haven't played it. So i do apologize. The band or calledthe king kong for the album's called anything can happen, but almost nothingwill. They have asked me to play this one, because i think it's the kind ofone they're pushing at the minute, i think, is it number track on the album.Yes, it is the number one track in the ome. It is god the only witnesses theking kong for and of toronto in canada, ubin beefy. This is the sky, show it bv. Please spread the gospel of scar, i'm begging you so mutonous out, hey there, beefy, hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, i've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob well guess what i've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go it stars, you an me oh wow,so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah,if you want get it whenever you get...

...your podcast from ones, far for twothree hundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knewyou wanted to listen to.

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