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Episode 367 · 9 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, Apr 2nd 2022 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The World Famous Covers Section kicks off this week's show with The Funaddicts, Codename COlin, The Whodads and Furillo plus blistering offerings from BrainDead, Fuzigish, Eichlers, Title Holder, Ranking Jnr, The Trojans, Newmatics, Reel Big Fish, Laurel Aiken & Potato 5 and that little Aussie legend Bluey takes over from Soupy George!

Get vaxxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being YOUR NUMBER 1 best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon!

Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!

Any moment that's got a when I you love my blue I love Ya. It's Gott defines who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait to play scne we don't play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank, and I think that I will infect skank, they say. Muster blog. You listen to this sky show with BF. All right, I want to know what's with these sky bands always playing these ridiculous, Dorky you know, collaboration, online cover videos and stuff. I'm just so sick of this. Why can't somebody play any good music? Look, welcome to take me this feeling. The better things are coming my way and if the sun shine for me, telling me not to let it get in my way when the rainy days are tied that keep keeping, never don't go, hold on to break and keep my windows reckon. To get all feels like I should be screaming, trying to get fruit of my friends. Sometimes it feels a lot is no meaning, but I know things will right in the end. Rainy days, I'm dying keeping for trying. These birds are never like I'm gonna hold. That's not to break it on people starting. I know...'s not. I know it's not much. Oh so funny blow, I know, as doesn't. Your uncle beefy just threw up some gold, gold, gold. In the world famous cover section. Codeine Colin out of Hertfordshire in England, doing fives. Keep on moving if you want to see five. The coming out on tour. But there's only three of them left. But they still called Five. How weirds that? But we kicked off the world famous cover section this week. We're the band out of Queen's land, Australia, the funatics. They're no longer playing together. Most of their members of playing another bands right now that they put an album couple of years ago called what's the rush and they did Johnny cashes, goost Ruders is MOS YIPPA. Anyway, I don't want to get too care away, but that is a cracking cover of that June. It's a great album as well. What's the rush? Please, if you find the time, jump on the fun atics. I think the band camp page is still going. The album is there. It is fantastic. Now talking about good albums as well. Coding Coling. We just played escape from every thing came out couple of years ago and that is another bloody awesome album. So I'm pumping up the tires tonight, I really am. You are listening to the sky show. would be for the number one scar show on the planet. Apparently can't get better than that. I used to be number two and I always thought if you were number one it was always gonna be downhill from there. So but apparently I'm no number one. I'm getting emails regularly. It's the number one scary show in the world. So thank you. Thanks to everyone that listens. I really, really do appreciate the fact that you guys take the time out of your weeks to spend a bit of time with the big beef man, all the way from Australia as well. Right from Australia we're going back to Belgium to again a band making a scary show would be for a debut. They called the WHO dad's James Bond is black. It's on Wagon Maniac Music, the WHO DAD's cracking version of James Bond is black. Welcome to make a Mr Pard. It's the baddest part of town and if you go down there... better drop the way. I'm a man named me. One round will gave me more the trouble and much spots. It's foot for ladies, they call us. We got there. You are Brown. He got a custom bump, he got an Elo water, he got a thirty two, but in his pocket for one I got a raise up in his shoe apart. The week he was out of shooting dice. The end of the bar s he said, you are Brown. Well, he cast Asia as soon the trouble if begun, leave a brown learn a lesson. A bottom ass it with a wife. I'm a jealous man. Another Tom and when they pull them from the floor, leave a pounds like a take with a couple of pieces gone and he's bad. He Wore Brown. Hi, this is a...

...yours born. For many years, you know, I've had a drink problem. I'm trying to battle that problem every single day. But one thing I don't do. I don't drive my car when I'm drinking. I get someone to drive me. Do not drink and drive. It's a stupidest thing. If you drink, just don't drive. Not only you're going to hurt yourself, you may hurt some other person and you wouldn't want known your concier. Would you a message from red recording artists, actors and athletes against drink driving? How you go? where? I got the things that I need to see. You get it in the way. The truth I'm living. That truth is watch away the downy boy saggers, create epidemic train. Then give me no more where about it, because we might just fall. We might just fought to the earth and save me. Take me to the coming out now. I gotta be honest. I didn't think these guys are still about, but they are celebrating twenty five years together this year. Fuzyish from Joanisbourg... save Africa. There's a new album on the way, self tiled. It is their sixth studio album. They're only released one track off. It's so far. You just heard it believer. It's coming out on Mongol records now. I just wow. I guess I discod it's got this band. I kind of yeah, I discovered them in two thousand ish. Got Given an album in when I was over in Joannisburg. Skankers Union, their first studio release. I love it. It's brilliant. And then I kind of didn't hear anything from them since really that I didn't really follow up. And Yeah, there's a new own coming out. These guys are great. If you love car punk in its forrest form, you will love these guys. Skankis Union, two thousand, southern scar stumper, two thousand and two, exploit and distorted two thousand and four, roll with the punch of two thousand and seven. Then there was a live setlist album in two thousand them and then they did crazy friends, and then two thousand and twenty, the flaming funnels of foozy. So I am looking forward to that album coming out. I do like those guys. Before fusyish weird, the second half of the world famous cover section, the WHO DAS from Ghent in Belgium, James Bond is black. That's new. And then from Copenhagen in Denmark, Furrillo, bad, Bad Leroy Brown, old, the old Jim Croche, Classic Crow Se. I can't never know how to say his name. Off the FURRILLO's break the genre album right. SCALPA too, is always that little bit heavier than scarpard one. We do play varying degrees of the scares genre. Bit of a Scab Punk Scar Corp now from Hamburg in Germany, the band of called brain dead. This is their brand new single straight line, says the friends. You Go, I get when there's no more seen, and I... this dealing that my bess aren't get you. I'm a future. Look me in my eyes. I promise my checker future. Some people said that guy at my father, as I use, passed on him. Time to raise no better. Bring N F staking this on Chin S Poparans. Teach me everything. You more how to write, sons and concusstate show music me, like me what. I never let go the legacy for ever. Gonna let everybody cracker with line, train to whim, canky with your Shama. I know he's looking. Don't bun junior's Futchild, give me this time. I give Mereden. Promise pop was. He's just a hold up. Great...

...tune, absolutely stunking tune. Ranking junior legacy. What a bet of help from the ordinary boys. As we remember, ranking Roger passed away three years ago last weekend. Sorely missed, sorely missed, and it's good to see ranking juniors. And then it's a load of dates. So he's going to go out on tour and keep performing with the beat, which is boddy fantastic. Hopefully get to Australia very, very soon my team up with Dave Wakelen do a few gigs with him as well. That would be bloody good, wouldn't it? Really really would? And we're gonna go now. New York City, friend of the show, Matt Sullivan and it's band title holder. He put out a new single. Thing was this January's? I'm not sure. I know. We haven't played it, though. Anyway, Matt set out about six, seven, eight months ago. We had him programming scope on number three and decided he was going to form a band put some tunes out on the last day of each month. I'm not sure whether he stuck to that. Signals stuck to that schedule, but we've played nearly all of his singles, so I'm surprised I didn't do this. Anyway, this right and is gone, hanging by thread. What a tune, Matt Sullivan and title holder. Everything worth out. Know that my lave too long to figure out what everything every time stuck your back out the summer reading deserve this time of day. What a hopeless tale. Maybe Ruth B in Love a couple... me and I just see him. My Love's not fine. So kind a baby. You know that I love you. So that's why I've got my Roatan Scheme. No kind the gentlemen. If I got to see him, you have no bread. Oh yes, because I never forget that your comfort got love you. I love you through love you, love you. Don't love you and love you, love you and love you through you. Know the time nobody's love your souls. Gotta to see him, I love baby. One day that you will come back to stay. That's why I got my roatan baby just now with me. Characters see the huts to find so by maybe one day when you come running. Why, you will come round. When do people come running? That's one of the most prolific scabands in British history, really, the Trojans, gains mail and his Motley crewel. I think they've done about fourteen albums, being around since the late S. I really done a new stuff for quite a few was but we just heard for feeling in love of scalalitude, his album from one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Check out the trojans very interesting back catalog, to say the least. Just mountains of music. There really is. You can get lost in it for days. Before the Trojans we heard title holder from New York City, Matt Sullivan and crew, their latest single hanging by a thread, and I didn't back announce way before, did I? We heard ranking Jr. I did say that we were. As we remember, ranking rodder passed away last weekend, three years ago. Legacy. Before ranking junior I clas from California. Brand new album out called my checkered future. Is this the unknown forthcoming of scar that we don't really know too much about? Hyper scar as he likes to call himself. I clas check him out because the Maya check in future album is very different. It's not to everyone's taste, but it's well worth listening to his take on SCA and the fourthcoming off scar. Before I clas we had brain dead from her the in Germany. Brand new single from those scare core exponents. Straight line, is their new single. Right, we're going to dig deep. I have been neglecting the New Zealand scene for quite a while, so I'm going to dig deep into New Zealand scan and try and include a lot more of the Kiwi's on this show. We are down under show after all. Gonna go back to one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, the new mattox and their singlele from there.

I think it was a kind of split single. I can't remember who they released it with. Anyway, doesn't matter, because we're going to play their single. It's called Judas. This is the new medics, from Auckland, New Zealand, all the way back one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. Take carry my bone out the danger that last fancy ages for one who time. Defend your standing. You down. What the sweat upon my brow? There's a little girl. I know. You might know what she looks so good, looks so cute standing next to you. I don't know what to... I want to go and I want to go and be my how I to go and my girlfriend. She's so fucking cute. I wish she was mine. She's so fucking cute. I want to lose my mind. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Maybe I want to go and I want to go. I want to go and be my girlfriend. Want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend, just she's you know what to do. You love me too. I want your girlfriend be my girlfriend and I want to go back to be my girlfriend, to how I go friend my girlfriend, your girlfriend, girlfriend, feel for rhythm. Don't cant my girlfriend night to run. Neither that I know. We follow and I love with a thin cute and if I Dinna, I love you, keep your keep your trucks so that okay, take my tir check my head and that I love you and I do it to it be. Give me the love your own style and if that, I love you, baby, with a thing come cute. I love you in a way that I love. I'm cute and I don't mix that. You're moving to find. I'm not going over with a man from the back. I can then buy your suit. You just a squad. That ain't nothing to a father in play, and if I did that, I love. We gone, we got, we gone. The gunfire of the sky would have been of help from potato five. That one I'm gonna call experimental. In that one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, the album was called true fact, blue beat...

...suit. Before that real big fish. I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend to and we kicked off that little segment to close out the show with the new medics out of ogred New Zealand, from one thousand nine hundred and eighty one Judas. Right. That's it for another sky show with me. beefy, thanks for joining me. I really do appreciate it. All the playlists are on social media sides. Just check out facebook. The Sky Show would be if he or twitter at beefy sky show. If you're in a band, I haven't played your music. You know now how had to get in touch. Me, me music and I put it on the show. It is the number one sky show on the planet. If you're a devoted listener and I haven't played your favorite band of your favorite song, let me know as well and I will chuck that in there. Please, everyone, have a fantastic week. Please stay safe, do the right thing and be excellent to one another. Please be excellent to one another. Should we hear from that Cute Little Australian puppy dog? Oh yes, we shall, because the big beef man. He's at a petrol I'll be back next week. I love you. I love you all. Oh yeah, okay, okay, calculating shortest route to stubbly testings n Ning. Oh Dear, sorry, about this brand petrol? Hey, there beefy. Hey Rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? M Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what, I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stars you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it wherever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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