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Episode 300 · 11 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, Sep 2nd 2021 (Pod1)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Now fully vaxxed, completely waxxed and somewhat relaxed and back from Covid jail! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon! Our live set this week commemerates the life of Lee Scratch Perry - Rest In Power L$P! We've got top tracks for you from Luke Yeoward, Starboj, Death Of Guitar Pop, Millington, The Talks, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, Loin Groin, Felices Addiciones, The Inevitables and The Saw Doctors join the Ska Party. Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody! 

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before! 

Any moment. I've got well, you to love my blue. I Love Ya. It's got to find who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never read the place. Gom We don't play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank and I think that I will in fact skank you, Wonderful Scottishness. I'm falling black. Allegedly, I am the Queen of Scott I'm here in Melbourne. You're listening to the star show with Basy and I've got him right beside me and I'm feeling it now. Okay, don't worry, ill, no problem. I love this darling, loving God and time. Whenever, well, apart, I'm always is. I hope it's keep us snow we can l I'm always. I'm in my God, come keep all my come on, come on, don't, Hey, you don't watch that. Watch this. This is a heavy, heavy monsters, the nurses, songs, a road who stop? This is job. Yeah,...

WE gonna do we should fully around. Hallo, Hallo, Halloa. On.

I don't believe in don't, don't, don't up an I'm in a... cigarette. You are not time. What can't you watching? You Watch gone, be gone skip. Howdy folks, this is Chris Eddie and Scott. We are from the living end and we're here for Rad recording artist, actors and athletes against drink driving. I see a lot of things that gigs, dogs, nudity, clowns, but mostly people having a good time in a few drinks. What I'd hate to see is someone getting behind the wheel after they've been drinking. So if you plan to drink over the Easter to break plant ahead, arrange a designated driver who won't drink, or stay the night at a friend's place. Don't make I am my daughter away while rust...

...from her. Don't buck, but gonna as more soldier. Now quite who to Africa. Love your money, love your brother, love you, love your grandma, and sometimes its anice wake up, funyalized before we are be Tuesday. Everybody, welcome to the Scot show with beefy. Thanks joining me, wherever you are on the planet. Rest in peace, Le Scratch Perry, or resting powers they say nowadays. For the Jamaica's amongst US said to see you guy, eighty five years old and an absolute leged, well legend you can take that or leave it, but I just love this little quote Keith Richards. Who are they mourning as well our IPE CHARLIE WATTS? Keith...

Richards one said of lay scratch Perry. More than the producer he knows they do inspire the artist soul. Like Phil Spector, he has a gift of not only hearing sounds that come from nowhere else but also translating those sounds to the musicians. Scratch is a shaman. So Keith Richards there. So it's not often you you get a guy that is such a visionary. But he just mad as a box of frogs. are just crazy mad person. But he could feel the music and just create something very, very different that nobody else could see. Ye, inspiration for Bob Marley, inspiration for the scar scene from day dot. He was making scar before even people knew what scar was. We kicked off tonight show with Melbourne Artists Luke Yo, advised Auckland. He released always in your heart not that long ago. But the best I was a remix with Lee Scratch Perry and that's what I played. We just heard star boy. Now I think they're ore a grats in Austria. That could have been one of Lee scratch perries last recordage, because that came out in June this year. Star boy for real, featuring lsp himself, and then we did three live tracks in the middle of that. Lee Scratch Perris, return of Django, sick and tired Ja, with a bit of one drop thrown in. Awesome stuff. I was trying to get some upsetters going, but you try finding live upsets nowadays. So you know we're really recorded in the early S, really very, very tough and we've got loads of fun stuff all the way through. Two hours of the greatest cartcheons from all over the planet and we are gonna go all over the planet totally tonight. Now I've got to play some death or guitar, but because they pucker sounds album comes out next week, I hope bloody hope. So so what are we going to play? We're gonna play back of a lorry, which I think is their last single. Any right, let's hear it now, death, I'll guitar pop off pucker sounds. If you haven't got pucker sounds or pre ordered it and jump on their website of the bank and page and you will get it anyway back of a lorry. Do you wanna buy t shirt? Son Set up the back. No one grab tracks spotted. Son Said of the back. One a real record. The traffics is good. Dicky's under manners out, boy checks dig hey your and if you're to shed for the price of one fell on the back of wanna got you by the time, up the back of a boy. And it's the training standards. Well, my boy, we need at a dealing like a Rupert del Boy. And it's training standards. Well, and if you're a bit and if you're if your bad, and if you're everything started with a wind down and...

...we all fall down, down, down, wanna pick you up now, when you hit the ground, would take the feeling when you're down through the ceiling, Cuzin n sing you around, down and we all fall down, up, and hear me, I'm not part of reminded. There's nothing to do but take it. Tell me something. I don't fall down prone on the ground. Everything started with a way and we all fall down down to you by when you hit the ground, feeling when you fell through the ceiling, cause seeing you around and we all fall downvation rise up. But if I were not calling up to someone block away back home. Everything started with the wanna the ceiling. Sometimes we all fall down. Millington from Albany,...

NEW YORK. Big Jang generation came out last year's total track off their album, but just this week they've released a new video for that track. So jump on Millington on the old youtube, on their facebook. I'm UNs there, and check out the video for beatdown generation. Pretty cool. Before that death a guitar pop out of Essex in England. Brand new album is coming out next week. Pucker sounds, please preorder it. They're desperate to get in the UK charts. That June was off that album and it's called back in a lorry. Big shout out to Silky and top cat because they're now playing loads of festivals as off. I don't know if you've seen the UK. Gigs everywhere at the moment. We're here in lockdown in Melbourne. There's no gigs. Sydney, no gigs. There's a few kicking around in Brisbane. Milk too many, but if you go the UK Gigs everywhe and festivals as well, loads of people. So expect a huge surge and covid patients, very, very shortly. Now talk about the UK in my quest. Yeah, my quest to bring you a lot of the lesser known SCA bands, especially from the UK, not that long ago, I suppose, these bands. But I like to just educate a little bit or bring bands to the for that haven't been to the fall for, you know, for quite a while or ever. You may never heard of them before. We're going to go to hull up there in the north of England. The bander called the talks. Now I'm not sure whether the talks are still playing, but I think it was a debut single. They managed to Cajole Neville staple himself to help out this band, the talks. This is a debut single from a few years ago, two thousand and twelve to be exact. This is can stand the rain, part of the street on the chicken he smiling, sudd the boy you just laughed at the faces to try to say those tears all can stop. The Sun comes out and hit the walk down break bar.

I'm taking it easy and lost my job and I'm taking em taking sounds coming down and I'm taking it. I'm going down to drink at the part when everything comes to get you down, but you get back. One meeting and take it easy and stocking drop and I'm taking it easy. And the police and I'm taking it easy and getting scrut whiles and I'm taking it easy and cant laws that we're taking it easy. Sands do and I'm taking it easy days and it's not an easy I'm going down to love and drink at the bar when everything comes through. Get you down, but you get back because I wanna do is. I'm going down to drink when everything comes to a stop. Get you down when you get back down, and I'm taking it easy and US coming down and I'm taking it easy. A one a chance. I got your proses. I got the shark. I well,...

I've been showing we looked Joko, but then it's not the same. A nice time to do the Flu Irish. They got far from the Pop Startney d banging it no plates guy, the sword doctors out of Ireland, a live version of will it ever stopped raining? I never realized either. I'm a big swordogs fan. I like them. Never really thought about it before, but yeah, what as got tune. Good to get it live as well. That's the most important thing, because I think the album versions probably the little bit less of a scatching, because even in there they brought some horns in and all sorts. Anyway, bending in a place got I get in trouble if I don't do that segment anymore. So you have heard it here first, you will get it every time. The skysh I would be if he goes to the air out of Mexico, Lost Cong fruit monkeys, friends of the show taking it easy. And then, unlesser known, scare Trak from the talks out of whole humber side, featuring Neville staple himself, can stand the rain. I'm pretty sure that was their debut single from two thousand and twelve. Not sure the talks are doing nowadays. Said banging out Chings like that, they should still be around right. If you don't know, we're putting on scar nation. Fingers crossed. We're still in lockdown here in Melbourne. SCAR nation. There is loads of bands from all over, all over Australia, coming to Victoria. Hopefully get your tickets now place. Just invest in scar nation. The Benny's are headlining, the resonators are. Plane Alice, being a from Queensland. I'm now chewing my own tongue thinking.

This better not be canceled. Don't cancel. This gonna be huge. It's a camping festors outdoors. It's at the Te trio telling warrior in Victoria. We've got house arrest come from Western Australia, isolateors come from South Australia. Learney tunes, Long Gron the manage the Benny's at he's doing a solo show Kujo kings. There's loads of bands. is going to be awesome. Don't fear the reapair, don't fear the reaper. You can get your chickeets Oztiscom to day. you Os Ed Dix or through scar nationcom. Please buy your Sekes. Camping packages are available. glamping packages are available. I'm scared now. I'm scared because we've just ticked into September. SCAMMATION is next month, people. It is next month. I can't wait, I really can. It's going to be huge because we're going to make it huge and we want to put something in place, a legacy in place, where we can bring bands over from oversea cat and playing on the bill and just having a load of fun celebrating scam music from all over. The planning right. I'm going to play long growing who are playing on this show. This is one of the boys. That was so damn glad when I've school. So I was crazy because of rules, to start living mute like stream at on the streets. It was top of me. That's why they call me one. That's why they call me, why they call me before you get the side. That's why they call me. This one thing I learned. I can't see that the dice past. That's why they call me one of the boys. Yeah, that's why they call me boys. The water, the water.

Just when is that Bandy? Se Me up? Every then take this piece repeat to feel just right. Let me go first, wake up. We don't feel sleep requet dreamed awaken from the St at it. We don't feel a slave went to sleep and quiet a drum stable dreamed. US.

See, are the world of the inevitables, where art music, notably Scar Comic Book and collectibles all collide, and when you've got members of lesson, Jake westbound train, real big fish, Matt Alburton's in there, a couple of guys from big T and a kid's table, they're all involved than they're producing awesome music like that. The inevitable's Day is brand new from those guys called when the fever breaks. In fact, the music, it's coming out rapidly at the moment. I didn't album last year to launch everything in July, August probably. Yeah, you're ago and they's still banging out tunes and really, really good tunes as well. So we're jump on the INEVITABLES and there's comic books and all sorts to do with it. Anyway, before the INEVITABLES, Philly says addiccionees. They yes, do. I'll go SOLDRA B in. They're from Lima in Peru. Scot show with beefy debut and as brand new in English, happy addictions. Something will work out from this, I believe. They Est. I'll go SADDRA BE IN. Beings well, though, so I don't know. anyways, something good will work out from this, possibly, who knows? It doesn't matter, does it? It's good music like that. Good to see a approving band coming on the show and Ling growing Melbourne's own playing scar nation, one of the boys. Good stuff. Get tickets skin nationcom or ostis O zed tixcom dday. You check out everything about scar nation. It's going to be bloody great. Yes, be positive, beef be positive. You've just listened to the first hour of the sky show with beefy on beefy and you're the listener. We've been to Jamaica, Lee scratch, Perry, rest in power, mild friend, Austria, USA, England, Mexico, Ireland and now Peru. If you're in a band, I haven't played your music. You need to get it touching me the sky show with beefy on the old facebook at beefy scar show on the old twitter. I'm not a tick tocker. I'm not doing instagram for the show. They are the only ways you can get in touch with me. I need to know about your new releases, I need to know about your videos. Let me know what's going on and I can get you on the show. Three scar pods a week nowadays people, so there's ample opportunity for me to include you. Hope everyone is staying safe and doing the right thing. I'm not going to lecture people anymore about where we're out with the pandemic. You know what to do. If we want to get and see live gigs again, especially where we are here, then we need to get the vaccination righted up. Please, please, please, get vaccinated. Right. I've got a message from the strange tenants of godfathers of Australians, scar they have a few gigs lined up. Third of December and Adelaide. Eleven December the homecoming Christmas Gig in at Melbourne at the Curtain Hotel with fistful the Trojans, then the nip up the queens and the eighteens and nine. For December they're playing the zoo and then the soul bar. Sunny coast rue boys are the main support. It is the Queens and scarf festival up there. Strange tenders their headlining. There is a note from Bruce Hearne himself. He says beefy. Just let people know. Without sounding like Johnny Farnham, please get as many people along to these gigs. It could well be the last ever tour. The boys aren't getting any younger and we want to go out while we're still able to kick our duct Martin boots high in the air.

Please get tickets to the strange tenants. Just check out their facebook page because all the information is there. It will be good to see the boys again and been quite a while between drinks for those guys, it really really has. We're going to go out with the first hour with a strange tenants great, great number when scar was king. And that's right now, people, right now I'll be back where the world famous covers. It shine after the break. I when we were all so young, but a road. We had so much fun, some other sunshine to root. It was a crazy thing. Wait, an, but I't scar was king. It was a special at Rood, a direct from our range, traint a t rood. It was a crazy thing. We didn't know, but I win't scar was king. Well, scank all over the country and caked all over the world. Everywhere went the tenants was so strange, strange, strange, strange. To rout the room was to blame. That's a crazy thing. We wouldn't know. But the star was Jane. Well, over the country, all over the world, of everywhere was so winds go king. Hey, they're...

...beefy. Hey, rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it wherever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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