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The Ska Show with Beefy, May 3rd 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from Luke Yeoward, Easydread, Simple Creation, Catbite and Ongoing Issue. Then the fun starts as Fabrice from The Isolators takes over the second half. His top tracks come from The Slackers, Area 7, King Canons, Strange Tenants and Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph. 

At a Otis got all right, he is so is pressure oahe. This is damp and you're.Listening to the sky show with beefy or southern FM. Hey everybody. Can I getan Oh yeah? Don't this is a heavy Hubby LothethNUSS o the room o the ponape is Jussi the too lit up up e Eimoo your head? It's this a a PAS. No, I lit up up a Er'm, always homoeomeria home,...

I'm a a well hi there. It's beefy, you listento the sky, show with beefy it carpot number three. It's the bonus car podsthat we do when there's too many new releases to fit into the buddy line,show what did I do about it? I said bloody, O an Eden, new, bloody scarped,and here it is there's a couple of new releases. There's a guest host, we'regoing to welcome for brief Mare of the isolator from Adelaide whose guestprograms, this week's scar pod number three so we'll get to there in a minute.But first you heard one of my favorite local ardis Luke Yood. That is hisbrand new release. Always in my heart, the single comes at a remix by a LEscratch, Perry himself, but that's quite a funnel track from Luke there ofone three ones: King cannons the spirit and look yoar and a half way, and nowhe's gotten the Barry as well and the I think they called the Nabere or starslooks got a couple of geeks coming up in Gelong and in Melbourne next month.So that will be fun good to see, look play live again. I haven't seen him forquite some time right, we're in the thrust of the new releases we're goingto go to a bit for jure in England. Now this is a bank called easy dread. Theirbrand new release is called scruts is a changes all around an. I T, t e. everall around a to your tin wren, you can't eave your own home for fear of a you can go up in your day night. An watch you as the sun set, but youknow, at the ready to Onoto, ready to row, be kill e to talkand lotone go Orkeke Your Eyes through the Cloud O.Lo up of my face and everything we to find your money time over that don'tee for fit a to say, you must see this child is a...

...he changes all around for manage alsoto Jumner all around the CO Thoon, not but o Ta Wa you at Buonatti Tagiioni to is this old is foloweth me tell me whatdone your mind you Comitante Er...

Segorbe, never hear me, you a dot five years it to be. I never feel me simple creation from a RosevilleCalifornia that that's the brand new and it's called sweet water, and Idon't mind if I do. I like that, one before simple creation, we heard easydread out of England brand new from them. Scots, yes, rout like it a lot offun right, we're going to go to Philadelphia now, cap by they put out anew album self told, plus they also did a reele or re working of a bit of a yeaalbum cat light, not that long ago anyway, let's hear this new one, it'scalled PAS me up if you like, Peba you'll, love this. What kind of beardyou like panic in? Yes? What are you cos? My very you feel the s. One O isall a...

...fling high on a feeling a inimy had andI'm thinking on in him a fell right and I feeding for a pass. I do caredrinking feeling so high on a filling, a riever another of the try to o eneighbor. All I want to see t feeling so high got a Filippe. You can formopinion some day. You just might think themthrough cool. You quote the Simpson. You Self ID is a cartoon. Don't let me talk you out of what youwant to be it's a free country for the privilege and Ole. I won't discourse, you be all that youcan be amon. Let's read, let's read I'm happy to unfortin agree, so you doto Sur Goa head just be a SIMP soust. DoWhatever Youdo you...

...don't. Let me change your mind, be whoyou want to be it's a free country and there's no technocracy type up a status, yeah rage, GAINSTTHEM MI Shi! It's a free country. You do you it all. Do me well not much information about thisguy on going issue, and that is called Free Country. Can't tell you too muchyou Canadian! That's about all. I know I like that June, though, before thatcap bite at of Philadelphia, there kind of new phone release called pans me upand I'm going to crack a br right now, great Santa Fict me beef, let's handthis cap o number three over to o r guest programmer of the week. It's forBrice Mare of the isolator out of Adlai, a good throwback to tone band. Theykind of formed in Latish, two thousand and nineteen they put an album theyrecorded just before coved hit called the ghost light. Bunker sessions isabsolute broth. We're going to play track one to ease you into the isolatorright now it is called no road to Juno to because you seem to wet you o o o o o o o o o o o Srootis a lovely tune. Et No row. Didyou know if you heven't got the isolates ghost light bunker sessionsthen jump on the bank an page it is...

...there. It's really really cool.Considering is a live session. Awesome love it I like that, play it quite alot right for breeches five tunes we're going to go to new ocean quae, givecraffe now the slackers, who seem to be a bit of a popular choice on scar potnumber three. When I turn the show over to anyone wants to programming, you canget in touch and let me know pick your fi favorite choose and I'll get it onSCARPO number three, the slackers seem to be quite a popular choice. This wasoff red light, which was their second album. This is married girl. She calledme up on us. She said please on tell your friends because they Miton, then you know I'mnever. You know I'll probably want to pity. So I won't lie a S I a way, so I unoilable still. I couldn't help us and a girl. Don't you want to to May girl o o e o e n and all those things in s, t your husband and no Elatreus, and so and I itmay girl, don't you want? He takes to go mary girl that you won a be the Motha'll, be a foray man, you and I will never be the same.

We will lotment me and you want. I will never being thesame the same or is he a I? How time is to spend too much time to me a to change our way struck? So it's a for ever to my, is Damn Er funny way o a day or you settle down at I toughfoot my life.

Last week it was Jeff Rosen stock. Thefeature twice in SCARPO number. Three, this time is Luke Yood that featurestwice. You are going to make me cry the King Canons Teenage Dreams. What a tune,what a live band. I would do anything to see those guys back playing together.Just I'm still gut it, and it's US gone by. It really is a still play theiralbum. The brightest light quite regularly. Just I just miss him. I miss him somuch. You know when you go and see a live band, they're, fantastic and thenthey cant now on the scene, but the more time you see him the better. Theyget and they create a huge following that was King Kennons, I'm just dalways will be dirty. It doesn't make sense to me they were awesome. Theywere one of the best live bands. I saw for many many year and, like I said,I'm still gutted you can tell you can tell him a voice before king canons,another Melbourne Band area, seven, that is off there, no logic. Well, it'sa single, but he's got eight tracks on it: Green eggs and Ham. It is a a liveshow, a favorite any time, Steve O ask for a request. Ninety nine tons of ahundred people will say green eggs and Hams great you, no isn't it. We kickedoff the little segment there with the slackers from Red Light, which is theirsecond album way back in one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety seven is calledmarried girl. We're going to stay in Melbourne now we're playing the fivefavorite tracks from Fabrice Mare of the isolater, who are two tones staleban out of Adelaide these guys, the godfathers of Australian, the Skur beenaround a long long time. This is one of the favorites. This gets covered byabsolutely everyone, the Banaka strange tenants, the tune is called gray skisover collingwood. A...

S T I can remember I irritate I canRemenham I will. I should that I was going to the have a Tileday I...

...stateroom or a finishing off in that style, the mightymighty boss tones who are just about to release a new album any day. Now,that's off the third album, don't know how a party that was their kind of moveto a major label. Mercury put that out in one thousand nine hundred and ninetythree some day, I suppose, before the bus tones, we heard that God fathers,Australian Scar, the strange tenants themselves from one thousand ninehundred and eighty three of to take one step extended, play single twelve inchstyle gray skies over collingwood. I want to thank for Breese from theisolator they've got a couple of gigs book in already and as life gets kindof back to Norn, Australia. The Grace Emily on the fifteenth of man and thecrown an ain't got on the seventeenth of June, if you're in Adelaide andyou're looking to get a decent sky. GIG In then put those in your diary.Apparently there's a big adelaide, scarco penciled in for October. I'dlove to go across that an see those guys have not seen the isolator liveyet, but they are on the bucket list. I want to thank everyone for listening tothe three scare pods that we do all week. I just got to remind people ifyou do like the tunes you are hearing from the bands. Please give me a goodlike or a follow on social media. The bands appreciate it. They want to knowthey've been loved. Of course they do, but as there aren't many gigs beingplayed around, you can buy their music by their Murch. Like I said, it's easyto give them a follow, but just show some support because all bands, nomatter where they are, nobody- is making massive notes right now, anylittle bit of support. We can all give them it's all going to help. In the end,and when we get back to now, you will then know when there's new releaseswhen this shows stuff like that it'd be great. Let's all create this scarcommunity. As we know, cars coming people, the scar train is coming in. Ifyou're in a band- and I haven't- played your music on the live, show or any ofthe scar puds, then you need to get in touch the facework page. Is The skyshow with beefy I'm on twitter at beefy, scar show and that's basically, theonly ways you're going to get hold of me in less. I have Goin to give you mynumber. I'm quite approachable just give me a ring if you're foreign, andthat means not in Australia, just bear... mind of the time zones. Please it'shappened before it will happen again, no doubt, but on my toes wane, I'mwaiting. So please share the love of the scar pus. If you listen to this andyou do, I like what I do and let's just get more people listening to this planright genre right. Are we back on Tuesday with the live? Show the scarpots will follow. No doubt we all got to look forward to the mighty mightyBostons you album when God was great. That is eight any day now, in themeantime, please stay safe, everybody, Obin Mefie. This has been the scar showwith BEV SCARPO number three June to the sky. So with Befe Jushe there beefy hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime rub. Well, guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time? What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport O it stars you and me, Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it, if you wantget it whenever you get your podcast from one far for two three hundred andsixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew you wanted tolisten to a.

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