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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jul 4th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from Well Done Coyotre, Glen Ricks, Voluntary Hazing, Bost & Bim & The Inevitables, there's a classic cover from The Porkers and then the amazing Radley J Phoenix from 23min of Ska and On The Upbeat stepos up to the plate to program some of his favourites, including Madness, Johnny Socko, Razika, King Kong 4 and The Slackers.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph. 

Any moment. Hey, what's up? This Andy? Be From Andy. Be in the world and you'll listento the SCAR SHA beefie. Don't watch, watch this. This is a heavy, Hoey Monster Song. The Nazis songs around. Who Stop The PA? This is Jo is the night. My window. I'm working the rinsputting Panie. I spent most my time. Now I'm a bad for them.We're cooking some rude to purify. So come get the round now,saying the trouble maker part, taking the rude noise like they did the shyou learned the soul in the boyling your sh all luck spent. You cancount on the food shake and brakular rhythm. Tumble down hard to spear it handedover to the side. You will rise from the astes every day onyour heart ships giving to the roof to take it on the chin. HadA ball and change. Wearing my ankle still, I would reach by theBronx A and flat in the Brobo where my spirit putgether, get UN upinto your hot and dust it up here... day. Be From tomorrow shout. So feel free to join in the leather in the roof. No,burn it down, take your stances to time. Shake a leg and willyour trouble through the summit to the room. Oh, welcome to the sky.Show would be fee the scamp a number three, the extra pod thatI need to do nowadays because there are so many good new releases out therethat I can't fit them into the live show anymore. I've got to doan extra show and well, it's all for your benefit, right. Wekicked off SCAP on number three this week with a band out of albornock inDenmark. These guys only debuted their first song back in November December last year. I think they're called. Well done coyote. That is their brand newit's called rude noise. I love these guys. I cannot wait to hearmore and more stuff from them. Right, we're going to move on to well, this is a bit of a strange one. Glen Ricks, JamaicanCanadian, made his name in the fabulous flames in the S liquidata music haveput out a new track of is. It may be a reworking of onehe did way way back. It's called time. It is a double aside. We're going to hear time. The flip side is woman. Imight play that on next week's live show. Anyway. This is released through aliquidata music. They're based in Madrid, in Spain. The world a scaras an ever shrinking place. Let's hear it, Glen Rix. Timeonce you will run free, to say truth that your time space seem likethe step you were a child, free,...

...and to say that you make sure, make sure the Ay on the feeling much of anything. I'm waitingfor you, for me out of hit me. I'm waiting for the comeon my philosophy, that pain, this brings me closer to that fleeting feeling. Now I'm never gonna get it right. He's never gonna be perfection. Whenyou come me off, you can the sweet session. I meet youat the top or gives my secret weapon. And when I let this go,I finally found my connection. I think. I let these go,let go. We're on the road again, but better for Clee, because whenI hit the brakes of your backs up against me, and when Iopen my eyes back in the Bath Lan, when I let this go and finallytasty are red, I'm never gonna get it right. It's never gonnabe from baction. For when you come me up, meet you at thetop secret weapon. When I let this go, I finally found my missconnection. I think I let these go. I can let go my stay inhere, use this word Song.

Stay at you. We're gonna getit right. We're gonna be perfection when you come up at my secret Ithink I let these go from San Jose, California. That is a voluntary hazing. Big Shoutout to Kayla and all who always keeps me updated with whatthey're doing. That is called skems go. Yep, schems go. It's whathappens when you merge SCAR EMO and disco. You get skems go.Now, those guys normally do a load of covers, but they did contributean original, actually an acoustic original, to the save the scar show withbeefy compilation album, and I am more than forever grateful to those guys.They've been on board what I've been doing for quite a while now, soI'm always happy to play their music, and that is an absolute cracker.Before voluntary hazing. Glennon Rix. Is He Canadian, is He Jamaican?Doesn't matter. He's putting out great old school music, rock, steady style. That is called time. It is a double a side. Woman ison the other side. That is released through liquid data. Music from Madrid, right from Madrid. We're going to nip up to France, Bost andBIM now this is a scar show with beefy debut, Matthew Boston Jeremy DeSous. They're from Eel de France. This is horns in the street.Right now there's a good time to face...

...down and see the face we facethe fat's been designed to bring. I've been running for my life and lookingfor the right to make up for being born on this town, from sidekids up. There's how we struck, gone crazy die. Won't letty phaseme. Working for the weekend we can dollar feels like real change. There'sa heavy heads breaking cus the general generations. Leeration done on a steady diet,silence, size and lighter to find...

...stations on fuel. God Dry toosoon. We always he's walking together. There's side we've been living. Wecan be the sign of these times. It's not losing any mindum is itthe inevitables? Are they from Florida? I think they probably are. Itis a comic book. It's a multi platform scar band superhero type deal.Anyway, Vinnie Fearello, who is from less than Jake. He's the drivingforce behind the inevitables. They have put out quite a few decent tracks,and if it's a comic book with a scarf theme, I mean that.One's called heavy heads and that is their latest one. Before that, BostonBam out of France, horns in the street. Big Shout out to Matthewboss. Yet a meat Di Zeus. Thanks, guys, for sending itthrough a really really do appreciate it. With scarpod number three, we normallyturn it over to a guest programmer, but because our guest programmer is alittle bit different this week, I thought I'd throw in an extra tune.Now, forty years ago this week the swingers were number one in New Zealand. They just been number one in Australia as well. The pokers did acover of counting the beat, so I thought yeah, let's play. Fortyyears on, this is the porkers covering the swingers. I look at it, I look at your think about you, think about me, think about you, thinking about you, thinking about me, thinking about just you countBush free. So far I feel up... give me a love of countevery seven. Think about you, you think about me, think about you, about thinking about me thinking about you. A that's a cracking cover, isn'tit? Count in the beat by the swingers, done by the porker'sswingers. Actually key we batter. I didn't even realize that, but theywere number one in Australia New Zealand about this time, in one thousand ninehundred and eighty one. I also think it was the biggest selling single inAustralia in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. Two cracker, right,SCALP ON. Number three, as you well know, is normally guest programmedby somebody from a band or a fan of the show or anyone wants toget involved. This week I have turned it over to a readily J Phoenixfrom twenty three minute s car, the podcast he's also does on the upbeatas well. Now, if you haven't heard twenty three minutes a scar oron the upbeat, you really really should get involved with those absolutely fantastic podcastwhat I do with twenty three minutes this guy, if I know I'm goingto drive somewhere, that's about, you know, two twenty five minutes.I just whip it on in the cat's fantastic. It's so easy to listendo is cracking. Anyway, I have to thank our J for guest programmingand getting involved. It is kind of a tit for tat deal and I'lltell you about that little bit later, but first he's chosen an absolute classic. We're gonna go live, we're going to go madness. This is oneof the best tracks they do live anyway. This is night boat to Cairo.I die to place. Just one...

...more to the desert. Jesus aboutnobody knows me and this big winning down Gig is up, but I'm notyet. That's joint strain. Look up says welcome home and no money toroll. They know what's said the spot. They know what's the spot. Theyknow what's said the spot. Nobody...

...know rather before I welcome and theyknow what's. They know what's. Did you ever understand things we do,those things we want, and did you ever sound those things especially? Anddid you ever understand and did you ever under side nothing from Oslo in annoyput of a surprise, neat by neat... on you. If you speakNorwegian, and Cos we all do, basic Norwegian clearly. Now Raska,Marie, Marie Maria and EMBLA. They are the girls in the band andNeat Pan Neat was off their debut album program ninety one, which was releasedin two thousand and eleven. They have done for studio albums. But here'ssome resign news for you. They are celebrating the tenure anniversary of program ninetyone, the debut album. They're putting out a rerelease, I think nextmonth now. It is a pure rerelease. I think it's on vinyl. That'swhat they're doing. I'd imagine it's downloadable as well, but they're alsoincluding a load of unreleased tracks that didn't make it onto that album. sothat is absolute fantastic. Good luck to Marie, Marie, Maria and emblafrom Rasika. I do like this stuff. It's a very, very different andalways good to put some Norwegian scare on the show. Before the Zekawe went to a Bloomington, Indiana Johnny Sucko. That track was called theyknow us at the SPA and that was off this second album, full truckereffect. From one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven we kicked off Ja Phoenix'sselections with a live track from madness night boat to Cairo. From one thousandnine hundred and seventy nine. It was on one step beyond. But thesingle was released as an EP which actually got to number six in the UK. Chats the work, rest and play P which what else is on that? To sees the eye, the young and the old, and don't putme on that. That's an absolute belting track that. Don't quote me onthat. Good to get madness live as well. I'm glad I J ispick some live madness. Right, we're going to nip up to Canadia.He Canadia, can Kong, for out of a Toronto. This is calledbreaking my heart again. Can't you fight until a braid? Just a littlebit of dance can't be wrong. Just a little bit of dance. RushAway. I'm a boyfriend doesn't want to dance. Don't just want. Idon't care what you think about me. I don't want to know. Justa little bit of dance can't be wrong. Just a little bit of Dan getyour ass on too, shake those ships, so you say shit.Just a little bit of dance, you...

...can't be wrong. At the breakingmy heart again, the breaking my heart again, breaking my heart again,breaking my heart again, break my heart, break my heart, break my heart, break my heart again. KEEP SIP so you stay. All thelove that I can't. You would ask me, my friend. I saidthat I could trust you to say. Y'All gonna be my bed. OneI led to another and I know that I lied myself to another line.Keep you stand. I give it all the love that I can. Giveme your excuses. Knows, I heard them all. So has your motherand FBI. They both listening to the wall, to another, to thepoliceman said one leads to another line. Try to keep stand it all thelove that I don't shoot. Stay. So folks say, take it easy. So folks say, men take a walk. Well, maybe I takemyself down to the river, throw myself for the top where you see mybody and float know by just throw me down to read. They going severleanhard off to Washington. Attention, com...

...the final selection from a Hardley JPhoenix from twenty three men's a scar and on the upbeat podcast. The slackersat a new, young city. Keep it simple. After two thousand andfour international war criminal EP. If you don't know the slackers, I don'tknow why you listening to this show. Vic Gregario, J nugent, DaveHilliard, to name a few of the band. They have done fourteen studioalbums. Yeah, fourteen studio albums plus a load of live albums as well, which is just phenomenal. Now, if you're looking for keep it simple, and I did play the live version there. It's not even on theiralbums, which is weird. It was actually off the two thousand and fourinternational war criminal EP mental. They've been around since one thousand nine hundred andninety one, celebrating thirty years this year. Before the slackers the King Kong forEdit Toronto in Canada. That's called breaking my heart again. It's offpunch it, which is kind of a compilation album. They did in twothousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen. Put a load of their tracks togetherand made into an album. This second album actually came out in Novemberlast year. It's called anything can happen, but almost nothing will where you playtheir latest release on the live show last week, I think. Anyway, I gotta thank Radley J Phoenix for jumping on board with the sky show. WOULD BE FEM choosing some of his favorite selections. Absolute honor to getyou involved. In fact, we did a bit of tip for tat.I think our Jay's on a bit of a break right now, so Ijumped on twenty three minutes of s car and I did an all ozzy selectionfor him. Now, if you don't know about twenty three minutes of care, it is a podcast. That is exactly and what I mean exactly.It's not twenty two, fifty eight or two thousand three hundred and two.They are twenty three minutes, exactly, twenty three minutes of scar. Itwas an absolute honor for me to throw the ozzy side of the Sky Universeover to there. Like I said, our J is on vacation right nowand he just wanted me to tell you. Guys, new episode every Thursday.The cohosts on the upbeat and new episodes generally come out on a Monday. So please jump on two three scarcom and on the upbeat scarcom. Therethe two host websites of those podcast if you're a scare fan, please,please, please, subscribe. But you don't have to subscribe, but nowyou do have to subscribe because you do anyway give a like. So I'mout. Fine, them on social media. Just give him a follow. Actually, all the bands on the scar show would be fee either on thelive show on the podcast. They all get linked in. Please, please, please, give me a little bit of a follow and show them abit of love and support by their music, by their mergers, keeping going untilwe can get through the pandemic and get out to see live shows again. The bands want to play live, we want to go and see him, but we can only do that for we all work together. In fact, a Jay's actually just message me and saying, Hey, I've just boughtsome tickets for a couple of shows, so please tell everyone to get vaccinatedso they don't get canceled. Yeah, I cannot echo those sentiments enough.I will be back next week with the live show on Tuesday. This scarpods will follow. In the meantime, please stay safe, everybody. I'vebeen befy. This has been the scar show with BEV SCAR pod number three, Junie, scsh with beef bb Junie. Hey, they're beefy. Hey,rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes,I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what,I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. What's that? Rob Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days ofsport. Right it stares you and me.

Oh Wow, so other people canlisten to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, ifyou want, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well,spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast younever knew you wanted to listen to.

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