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The Ska Show with Beefy, Aug 5th 2021 (Pod1)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Now fully vaxxed, completely waxxed and somewhat relaxed and back from Covid jail! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon! Our live set this week is from Goldfinger plus there's top tunes from Area 7, Those Fine Strangers, Strange Tenants, The Bennies, Pigs Parlament, The Cascadians, Mayson's Party, The Redemption, Rags Rudi, Bad Manners and Grand National join the Ska Party. Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody! 

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!  

Any moment now. That's got tolove my blue. I Love Ya. Gott to find who I am asa person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back,I have no regrets. You should never wait to play gone. We don't. It's time to have a bit of a Skank, and I think thatI will in fact skank. Hi, my name is writer, do carand you're listening to the scar show is bafy on southern FM. You Way. What are you trying to prove? What are you trying to say?You have ever met your life, but when you are this way, youthink you know. What are you trying to prove? What are you tryingto say? Is You trying to prove? What are you trying to say?Is there anything that you have a destroyed? Anything looking away? Whatare you trying to prove? And doesn't really matter anyway. Everyone downs.Are you trying to say? You don't watch that, watch this. Thisis the hurry, hurry, monsters. All the NUSIS the road. WhoStop? Play his job, his job.

I want to thank all the openingbands tonight, but through the band, don't give up. I don't listento anyone shit. Just keep fucking going on. The song is thefirst song of the hangars. It's called Superman. Here I am. I'mtrying to Che's a world the Nice. Yeah, I'm singing, but tryto make me bad. Maybe I'm here. I lost cons is racing faster ever. I know I'm running circles everything. It's I don't feel right. Tellingme to change. Tell me here I go all the home the time. Second, yeah, do it. I thank you. There you went. Just another stupiid thing that I done...

...wrong, locked up in my head, out laugh for day with all those spellion things. I should I saidI got a cat something to everything I say reminds me. Okay, on. No Fun. Day Two I hated you. By Day three, Iwish you come right back to me. Day Four, by by something.Everything ready. I've ever, always scars fucking dance. How do folks?This is Chris, Eddie and Scott.

We are from the living end andwe're here for Rad recording artists, actors and athletes against drink driving. Isee a lot of things at gigs, dogs, nudity, clowns, butmostly people having a good time in a few drinks. What I'd hate tosee if someone getting behind the wheel after they've been drinking. So if youplan to drink over the Easter break, plant ahead a range of designated driverwho won't drink or stay the night at a friend's place. Lights everything yousay. You see little time. It's Tuesday night and I can only meanone thing scout type people. It's Scot time. You've got the sky showwith me, beefy, and I couldn't think of a better time to bebanging out the offbeat like we are now. You just heard those fine strangers fromCoventry in the UK, and Jake from the band says beefy. Ineed you to tell people that we've got...

...a gig on the six of August. It's at a five live festival. That tune was called anxiety, andif you haven't got those fine strangers in your armory, then what are youdoing listening to this show? You need to get these guys happening. Itis the best stuff going around, so big shout out to Jake and ifyou're in the country, in the Midlands area over this weekend or if youlook out for the a five live festival, then you will see those guys.I think they've got some new stuff on the way as well, sothat will be good. We kicked off the sweet show. This week's Scotpart number one are is seven live version of bit words. Then I've fendsee a little bit of gold finger. Yes, indeed, Superman counting thedays and then get up, get up, get up, get up. Awesomekind of why? There's no real reason I chose gold finger this week. It's just I really did fancy. That's all there is to it.We're going to get playing a lot of local music this week and I'm goingto kick it off with the Melbourne legends, themselves the Godfather's of Australian scar.This is the strange tennis doing. Do the scar start, start,star, star, sweet stars, to start, start, stranger star,a start, start, a language warning Lazer. But I'm a free,like an astern free, tripping across the sky like a temper steam rising likea Phoenix woman as mixing summer with the thinking about it, the brighter sparkin your neighborhood kicking down. Don't make it BIE. The things. Isit back and see. I got this...

...feeling coming. We travel around andwe rocked around this town and it's time to pick it up. When Ipick you up and pick you up again. What things I see? Oh yeah, the pennies and, as you well know by now, they headliningscannation in Country Victoria Warrian the Te Tree Hotel at the end of October.That was natural born. At chiller's before that the strange tenants doing it dothe scare, and their headlining in the Queensland Sca Festival in December with thesunny coast rue boys, friends of the show. Double Play for Victorians.There you listen to the sky show with beefy. I'm just going to giveyou an update on the a five, a life vessel, that is ourfriends, those fine strangers, are playing. That is August, the six testthis weekend fleetwood, mad black sheep Martians Social Club. They're playing.When I dog those fine strangers now it's at the whatling street Brown hills,ticket still available, which is just north of Birmingham. Just looked that up. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So it's a massive one, the afive live festival. So good luck to those fine strangers who haven't played livefor a while. So they are gagging to get out an about great stuff. I'm bit flustered. I'm not flustered. I'm not flustered at all. Justyou know me by now. If you don't know me by now,well, who do you know? Where we're going to go? Slovenia bandI've only just found out about, but they've been around for a long,long time. They called pigs parliament. Yep, and we're going to golive. So not only are they making this cashio would beefy debut, they'remaking a live debut. That's how much of an impression these guys are madeon me. This is I like to smoke live pigs parliament. TURN UPBILL FAITH, turn up bill, view those. That's as I like tospoke. We need thinks about me. When I roll up my joint tangle. Straight to the point. That's walking with it makes me free. Howcan we stop when we got the best spot? All O, my nameBob, but fuck you saying all the stages. Don't leave me by.Did the boatrangy to boy and shine, because don't take drive, just flywith fanty color R baying down the houses...

...burn, gonna burn it to theground. The line to Whiteness, when bottle outside. No, not that, no, no, you are stan behind. A change is coming.And it's coming, stray. Change is coming, coming, change is coming. Chain is coming for you behind deep in the street. The cops arecoming. Now everybody's running, feet in the street by the gustoking on it. No justice, there's no is it not the time to be quiet?Your time, because one is so Lich the light. Wake up my bones. It's chase. SCHOP my view. So Chi go, Lisich the light. Wake up my bones. It's chase. Get Your let's sister lie. Wakeup my bones. It's chase.

Get your friend. And I gotin trouble last week because I didn't do the beans. You didn't know placeguy segment of the show, so I made sure I got it involved thisweek. From London England, Grand National. They formed in the bay. Well, two thousand and three. They've done three albums. Let's call boneroff, kicking the national habit from to there'sand and four. Not Pure Sky, clearly, but there are loads of sky influences in there. But nota bad tune or me you popping away in the studio. It's quite good. I've got to thank it's been some very fervent discussion about bend. Youdidn't no place. SCA loads of new ideas as well. So I've gotloads to go on with. Who knows, you might even do an album ifwe can. Oh, now you talking before Grand National. We heardthe Cascadians out of Portland, Oregon, brand new from them, straight up, and that is the title track off a new EP. Jump on thebank and side and you can get it. We love the CASCADIANS. We reallyreally do that. It's really funky as well as straight up. Ilike it. And then we kicked off that little segment with a band outof got it in a Slovenia, right there in the western Slovenia on theItalian border. Hey Up Andy, got a gap. They got relegated lastyear, unfortunately all bloom whites, but hopefully they'll get promoted back to theSlovenian and prevoleague Ga this year. So big shout out to a pig parliament. I like to smoke off there alive in stralish album that came out,I think can it this year, but he is recorded from a year ago, or April two thousand and twenty, but the album came out a yearafter the GIG, if you know what I'm saying. I'm getting confused myself, but please check out pigs parliament. They're bloody awesome. I've listened toa lot of this stuff last few days and the buddy great. I dolike them a lot. Now I'll be playing a lot more of them aswe go right beefy where we're gonna go? We're gonna go for a Tokyo doubleplay. Mason's party, brand new from them. This is just comeout on SCAP punk internationally. Going to you long player. I'm not necessarilygoing to call it. It's a mini album. I think they call itanyway. This is only just come out. This is called breakdown. Mason's party. Something out. Yeah, we're...

...going to write it make that isthe redemption doing a long live session recording...

...of a new one called starting over. Now they are on the scarvill Japan Bill Twenty three September. Both ofthose bands are from Tokyo. Mason's Party and redemption. Mason Party just releaseda brand new self titled Mini Album. That was breakdown off that album.If you are in Japan, I know we have a load of listeners inJapan. They've got gigs everywhere those two bends. I know Mason's part ofplaying with Sunshine Dub. They're also playing with Upper Almighty. Is All hairmoney, kids scar freaks. Scarf freaks a good at the anyway. Thereare gigs like no tomorrow over the next couple of months. So if youare in Japan you're going to be absolutely loving life. You really really are. Check them out on facebook and on twitter. In fact, when Iput the podcast out of this show, I link the twitter handles and thefacebook pages with the podcast. You can check these guys out. You listento the sky show would be remember a great time. Here we are gonnago. WE'RE gonna go to London aucles this you're gonna try something different.This is a guy called, or band called Rags Rudy. They are very, very different. In fact. They call himself East London SCA DUB Funk, punk, hip hop, mash up a goods that listen to it rotten. It's brand new of their lates DP. It's bloody different, but it's bloodygood. Seem to feel its way. Lichens fade stories. So suckle Crickwho says Hof Mark? But I'm to find out who I am.I done, but way kick you and you down dicking ground. People coweringfamilies out, saving a bound charge and border learning Ning to me up afavor. Time to play. Need advice for volunteering strains, twin speak andtake a rapture pause. Time she got now. So let me open upthe store. No more stressed up trouble in my life. My sister,my mother, cuting, the Nicky, selling because I love rubbing is eventhe people bring our using the Po biggay. Now is this is a ritually promisingto be down biggay. Now, the lady, which I could beboys, when I was sitting there right by your bed, I would havewhispered an I would say love for me, I love for you. Can gonot that. Angels final by final fire rest. And it's why Ino long brandnew out of East London,...

England, Sky Dub Funk, punk, hip hop, mash up exponents themselves olds, rags, Rudy. Ithink on that track, which is called rotten of the brand new rotten ep, I think all those genres of fitted in there somehow awesome. I toldyou, it's different, different, good though, right with rapidly come tothe end of the first guy part of the week. Coming up at thetop of scarp on. Number two is the well famous cover six sho.As normal, this week it is cham packed of goodness, really, reallyis. If you're in a band and I haven't played your music, youneed to get in touch with me and let me know what's going on,because if I don't know about it, I can't put it on the show. Please do that. You can get me through facebook the scar show withbeefy, or you can get me on twitter at beefy scar show. I'mnot doing instagram, I'm not doing tick Tock, I'm not doing my spacefor the show. I'm not doing any of that. I just stick withthe live show. Cup podcasts, three podcast if you're really clever, youcan get me that way. Please, please do, please, please,please, stay safe. Everybody, do the right thing. Let's get throughthis together. Let's get out seeing live music again. I'M gonna go backto one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, because this week in one thousand ninehundred and eighty one of the UK chats as a little band called badmanners number six on the charts. It was this track. It was calledcan. Can. Apparently just announced a load of gigs for later on thisyear, which is absolutely brilliant. I've been beefy. This has been thefirst scar show with beefy of the week. Can I hear a little bit ofcan? Can? Of course you can. Let's see you. No, you fat my stand. Hey, there beefy. Hey, rob,do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothingto do all the time, rob. Well, guess what, I've foundsomething that you can do with your nothing time. Well, it's that,rob. Listen to a great podcast called.

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