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The Ska Show with Beefy, Sep 6th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. 

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. It's my personal pleasure to have the show guest programmed by Clare Barrett-Snieder who chooses some of her favourites including tracks from Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Strange Tenants, Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra, Nahar Band, The Specials and Max Romeo. There's also new releases from Chciken Reloaded, Man-Like Devin, Garage Daze, Solar Love Society and Working Class Stiifs.

RIP Nik (& Lee Scratch Perry!)

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph. 

A O O, I t hey- this- is Roger from Liston, Jakeand you're. Listening to the Scots with bees, this happens to be the secondbest Scofield, the whole planet check it out. Then Essoin on a round Lotao to scar, por number: three, youlistening to the sky show with beefy glad you could join me for yet anotherhelping of some of the best new scarton that I can find from all over theplanet. Also, the guest programmes de of the show is here for your enjoymentto this week, a little bit sad actually, but we're going to turn into a positivething anyway. I'll talk about that a little bit later. You just heard no.This is a bit weird. You heard from chicken reloaded who are out of Bealein Switzerland. There was this song combat zone, colon playground, and itis off a steel time record Smith and Miller records little project they're,calling we cando the scar, which is non...

...scar, bends playing scar. So apparently,it's two bends having two different interpretations of the same song. Now,on the flip side of the chicken reloaded is a Bankal Church ofconfidence out of Berlin and they've done low life. Now, I'm not sure whatthe original song is, but anyway check out still Tang records or Smith andMiller records you can get. We can do the scarce. I think it's a seven in I'mdone, I said sure non scar, bands playing scar and saw yourself out ocome because I actually like the chicken reloaded is pretty cool, combatsong playground, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's pretty cool. I will keep my eyespeeled on the Smith and Miller, because apparent this is number two of the weekcan do the scare series. So I'm sure there are more coming right, we're offto la now. Man Like Divin, DEBIE Morrison's, his name. You may know himfrom the expenders. He has got a brand new, album out called wheel andshoulder I'm going to play the total track wheel and shoulder whish said I I I gebain my love on me is one is hungry and there is no in so rising. No, no for to my no is on me. We so is only we Suristan no time in all Ilove recordable in somewhere to come when anyou want with me, O t uperetein for people, I just you eevery night, O o w e T. I n a from the Bee Percy aware been t the T, e e and the organ in still, I Rugino said who saisine do w O Still Yate Way? I remember Lord. I no go on now...

Bein notings on now, reinless only is miolan. The no Genaro goes no or too w e t o Rowena. I know e e e O, as you want, is what you win.Cainan is so wrong in toe with a silent, anethe world, I'm a attains a eastes. Oh a local Melbourne, Lad TimBoma Smith that are known as garage days. We played feeling all right acouple of weeks ago, which was his debut release. This is his follow up.It's called world on fire before that man like Devin or Divie Morrison, ad ofLos Angeles Gavin, is better known as...

...been part of the expenders, but he'sgot a new solo album that he's eight right now. We play the tyler track ofthe ELM, is cold wheel and shoulder right having a cross the Atlantic toyours, my old stumping Grain Sheffield. This is a band that played the LindisFan fessel. Well, the other weekend, the crane there, an explosive mix ofenergetic reggae, dub scarf funk Latin, and so this is their new single unity.They've got a many album coming out very very soon called now is the timethis is the first release you I E for the unity of the humancowetchee isolation. Isolation is a tition sigeion. Now for your mind, whato? You no see p every one o o o e e e e, a share the same log, so the better sbumping our a saving. So things are about this foe. We are a people, it at say profile E. Forget you that you loves love. Do the next arobots and sisters on the testoons of separation, creating at Arassin weatherto know the same at Omondori, your Tissot isolation? Iso you don't feel at all the same, wake up andfeel a better will to to the UISUNS. You sell the isolation.Isolation is the trial.

I tecolote something I into a oritory worse more, fortunately on whata ratingaite feeling with me that you in a making knowledge of what you ingoing on Tinkingtang er, just another thing: People aside, because thethesame in a different on an a shame. What is we go with you Fists Taboo? UFrom one to Bedouret what you become. I I you O T s o o between a time, a coin downand three S: E lites human nature, Holy d e, see all someone is anyone with thewail money in the Cotinine is Rocca. I look like I cut up, see sentest withNansen all the Gros. You want that life people don't seem to realize the realfortunes on inside. I think a Teintes Fucini of interesting scar cor thereworking class stiffs there from Niagara Falls in upstate New York brand newself titled Epo. I just played kill your television. They've also gotanother new EP out at the same time, but check out working class stiffs ifyou're a big fan of scarce before that at a Sheffield in a Yorkshire, England,Solar Love, society, brand new single for them called unity, that's off theremini album. That is out right now. New. Is the time check him out right? I didmention at the top of the show that we have a guest program in this week. Itis Claire Barich night, and then we do celebrate the life and times of herhusband, Nick Nick and forge passed away. A couple of years ago, NIGGA's, agood friend of mine. We used to put on a series of fundraising gigs up inBrismann Queens, an called the sick, kids skink and didn't we have a lot offun playing on it. Strange tenants played the porkers played area, sevenBrigman city all scars wise, Acre. The furious turtles blow hard headline, thefirst one. There was loads of band. We had loads of an we raised loads ofmoney, more importantly, for the murder, children's HOSCO and music therapy. Atthe Mader Children's Opio as well and a big shout to Claire Meg Salmon Sam- andI know they miss him- dearly- we're going to kick off clays selections witha tune from the Melbourne Scar, Orghestra we're going to hear a funkylive version of he's, a tripper, that's off there, two thousand and thirteenself titled Album. But here's a little quick Lee scratch peria passed away.Last week, Nicki bomber actually wrote he's a tripper about Lee Scratch Perry.I did chattock a couple of weeks ago. Nicki did mention that this his firstSolo Gig was supporting Lee Scratch Perry in Melbourne and he was justabsolutely blown away and there's a quote from Nicki that he's going toattempt to continue the cosmic harmonic translations from your special galaxysing on Dr Pere male life blessings and grateful love. There is an awesometribute to Lee critch Perry from Nikkia. So let's hear he's a TRIPPER...

O. I E N T r e the Proeneste to oeternitas orthes. Is this where you can? Actually,I competine freeze the best freeze getsomething so far as a fucking, Godinot, better good composition. It's for house former group son, a contract- somethingI want to this is this: Is this what you a?...

I thanks for the all right on to one to toplot of wantto be on to Cobo. I want to sing and... some want to jump in Chi. Your wifeis my wife. You better tea twice before you go men night. I do want to be onthis Co. I want to drink you dive down in the round. All I want to do itshoutin out. I don't want to be on this. Go tational the ladies in the place withstyling race, do put down Tube Body over the onlything you got to do. What I'm you I go, gotta be proud, an you got to shout itout. We don't want to be on this go for. You is clear than to feel anything that isnew but o stock. In the S I'm here with my crew, you don't like you so reg. Iwill shut. NO CHEERS, go! LISTEN TO FREE EARS! I give like a rat a jumplike a cat swing like a bat. You can even co me. I Wat jump in my leg. Evencall me fucking, O o Ting. You got to know what I'm here with I Shitaya onthe O, the national risin, the domination that s o o o o o o o o o o oe Casolare national operation, get us out of the staminate. That's we that was ante gypsy, scur orchestra.Obviously, from Ante in Belgium, no disco boy of this second studio album,I Lumi Moke, I'm not sure what language there is, but it does translate intothe world. Is My house awesome? I love that, and I know Claire loves a bit ofGypsy scarbend of Funky folk but of high speed, accordion action and wehave played an Tobiae Orghestra for quite a few times on the sky, show withbeefy bloody good stuff. Now I did mention that strange tenants headlinedone of the sick, kids, skank gigs. In fact it was kind of one of their bigcomeback, gigs. After being a bit dormant for quite a few years, we didhear Mister and Missus, and that was off. There take one step, twelve inchfrom nineteen. Eighty three now bruce urn from the banders reminded me tokeep telling people they are doing their annual Christmas giggle at theKurden hotel in Melburne, a playing with fist full of trojans that is onSaturday, the eleventh of December get your tickets because I'm pretty sure itwill sell out and Bruce has also asked me to remind you that this could wellbe one of their last ever tours. They are playing Adelaide on the third ofDecember at the Adela Uni bur, and they go up to queens and on the eighteenthand y December they're going to play with sunny coast rubys up there, queensand scarf festal they're playing the zoo in Brison on the Saturday, the eenof December and the sober in ruched on the nineteenth of December. So, like Isaid they are getting on a bit now, the old strange tenant, so they could wellbe their last ever to we kicked off that little segment with Melbourne Scar,Orghestra he's a tripper, their tribute to Lee Scratch Perry you passed away.Last week now we heard an tip gipsy scar orchestra, a great selection fromClaire She's gonna, go to Sweden now stock home to be exact, good friends ofthe show, the NA her band. These guys...

...combine at Reggie Scan Sudanese popularurban music. They also put this trek on the Save the sky. Show it beefycompilation album these guys are called the Naha Band. This is over the moon, a there's, no better time Oniata to and we the attaintwho sit for Sun of the morning.I'm gonna Chase you out. I've hurt,...

I'm gonna go in a Justinian I see does in and to estes man put in Can shuck itan I mind. So when I shake in my lass in Hun, I e Him Slip Down with him onI'm gonna put on a just a omnists donder, my ithout judge. I I I I I on Sir unjustifiable ever tenors, sending out o best antheap him can shonen. I shake him. Mylassin I slip is gone with him. I gonatas best another risk.

I you leuhow good is it. It is anothertribute to Lee Scratch Perry Max Romeo with the upsetters from one thousandnine hundred and seventy six chase the devil written by Max Romeo and LeeScratch Perry. It was off the war in a Babylon album and the seven inch ofthat single. Can you believe it? The upsetters themselves did a differentversion of the track. They called it croaking Lizard and they slapped it onthe B side. Well, Lee scratch. Perry was king around that time, one thousandnine hundred and enty six. So why the hell not before Max Romeo and theupsetters, we heard a rather cool live version of the specials Ganges for allyou specials fans out there right now, if you're in the UK they're on top,please check the listings. I know quite a few of the date- a sold out so getaround it. You know you want to go and see the specials. Hopefully we'll seehim here next year, all things being well, no gangsters to tone number onecup to number six in the UK Che One thousand nine hundred and seventy nine.It is not on a specials album. In fact, the B side is the selector by theselector and at the time of release the selector didn't even exist. What Jerrydemes tried to do is creating like a sane system battle with the Special AKAversus the selector, and just a few weeks later the selected did form sothere's a bit of history for you, we kicked off that little segment with aBarnett Omi freed on the no. How bend over the moon of hurry yea from lastyear got to thank the nohow band for donating that track to the save thescar show, with beefy compilation album that album still available just checkout the sky show with beefy dot bank Camp Dot Com. You will find it to abook. Sixty four traction, so many bends. It is awesome, if I don't say somyself. I got to think Claire for being such a sport or hurt reach out toClaire Sam Sam and Meg. I think about nick quite a lot. The world is a sad, aplace without him being around. That is for sure. So, thank you for clear forkeeping in touch with the show and keeping Nicks legacy alive it. It is myabsolute honor that I can do that in my own little small way. If you're in aband- and I haven't- played your songs on the live show on the scar pods, thenyou got to, let me know you can get it touching me through the face of page toscathe, with beefy or through twitter at beefy skirt show now, when it'sstill in lock down, you can do your bit go and get vaccinate it. Please just dothe right thing be excellent to one another. We can all get back to seeinggigs again if people get vaccinated. It's all I can say playlist are on thesocial media as well as all the bands that get played in the show are taggedeither face of Pagiel the twitter handle. Please do me a favorite justgive the bands a little bit of a follow. Give me like on facebook or a follow ontwitter. You'll be the first to know when there's new music coming out orwhen these gigs in your area, or you can just flick him a few quid by themusic by their merch, keep these bands going. We've all done it tough! Overthe past eighteen months, bands have been hit hardest. They really reallyhave so any little show of support really really helps I'll, be back withthe live show and next week the scar pus will follow it throughout the week.In the meantime, please stay safe everybody up in me, FY this has beenthe scar show, with BV Scar, pod Number Three Julie: Do the sky O with Befe there beefy hey rob! Do youhave nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport O it stars you an me Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it, yeah, if youwant get it whenever you get your podcast from one far fire two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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