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The Ska Show with Beefy, Aug 9th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Captain Accident & The Disasters, Maxado, Rude Ways and Hey Smith. Then it time to get the Kids into the Wonderful World of Ska - with tracks from GoGo13, Will Sings Songs, Imagination Movers, The Verve Pipe, OC Ska Kids and Flip & The Combined Effort!

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.  

At onistah this is Roger from Liston,Jake and you're. Listening to the Scot, so with bees, this happens to be thesecond best Scot fill on the whole planet check it out. This hate, nusses Jussienne, a D. I wasgoing to tell a joke but she's a bit folks, so you have too much what yousay or you know I get like we out of you, an I get is, and the son to a yellgo. Do we with a minute o e s, t o o w? She cries you round a bend, she's so easily offended. He evenintended Youille reprehensive and definitely a friend go trying to get. I play upon his greyas head to she's a raid of the piece he brigade and she gets on every ostensory.One things are going well in the Blue Bell, but I could smell from provingmuch way is a Gettin in the swim when she stands up it to Startin. I said:Please be quiet, it is not a right I'm supposed to be entertaining, but youWoland. When you said I, it accuse me of US plain no wendy and every Emil. She will send me she's Stinger Bout, somethin, O wee head and she come conceit and said I shouldbe deleted in get playing on his red as he of theC brigade and she gets on every one tent everyone.

She told me that by lyrics is bymisogynistic tendances and that I belong in the seventh. When I tried to defend my arm, shestarts gainsaid told me that I am a foot soldier ewening on custom. Medealous skip the light fantastic. Now, all the time you just bloody dress,tell me Wendy why so vex e e on a scene? Without me, let flax boring every onewith you word, your breach or the high unliterate be friendly you're supposed to be progressive, findyou really quite agressive and I find you quit suppress while I'mtrying to be expressing I'm just a guy who's trying to get fineplaying on his a as head she's, an a grade of the P brigade andshe gets on every one's Ted everyone's to suit these days. I know you'll take adifferent position and when this take is now out the face on a person ofRaspe say in a funny gun away. Maybe she ain't so book because it's so finewhen the Genesian she's just windy and she isn't Costretti, she is vise because genes are extended. I make the Messinese all the genitors are mended, I'm amusing, a big confuse aboutwhether they've preederoy. He fused me afraid by the bee. She pregato shedon't like a keep it. I see in it. Oh welcome to the sky, show it beefy,it SCAPA number three Yep, it's an extra scan pod. I have to do nowadaysbecause there are so many new releases. They were getting in the way of the oldclassics that I really really want to play on. The live show so scart, Oumber three was born and it is a mix of the new releases plus we normally get aband or somebody into guest program. This week, though, it's a little bitdifferent because we have a thend show or a different show. Anyway, you justheard hey band that I, like the sound of they're, called the Ooze Valley,Singles Club they're out o Bedford in England. That is the brand new single.It is called, Woke Wendy. I love the description. This bend where Georgeformby meets the clash, absolutely brilliant it's great tune as well. Ihave only just discovered the Oz, a very singles club, so I will bechecking out more of this stuff. I'm sure it is absolutely brilliant, very,very funny right. A band er, O saith whales that have a new album coming outvery, very soon called bad press. These guys are called captain accident andthe disasters, a big shadow to Adam from the band. These guys are friendsof the show they put a track on the save the scar show with beefycompilation album, and I will be forever grateful for that. They've gota new, a reggae single age called wings that seems to be doing great guns overthere in the UK, I'm not going to play wings a bit too reggae for my style,but I have picked out a track of the album. I think is more me that is endof the world.

I was in the wrong set of Ferebee upwith the man, but I etempted as the big my bed egains. If they say he only world is a stage, but I leans, they don't deservea as I I take comeing that Tis a it's not the e of the it tonight is a fire on is e s. e n t a night o o E. I s E, I is lucy tonight- is set de struction o o seethe I o looning down without a I exact gaol in the round. is by this Ito go. We oceanly oerter! No, but I see it so met me at the worsaae's drinksome more and talk about the to be created for I self just for it, thetemperary. It's not the end of the Tighes, a fire, a litle lucky the tonight, but I do feel in Stereo to de structure to a goin down with a cane to make a change. We gotta WIT ITUP. We need to rearrange the friaries of my Orites, the mity before the world. I I on makes the one to out this pin inthe out, so the we slow it down and take a the chest. The tommie with peas is a Raitong, but there's a fireburning in their eyes. It's not the in...

...of the tonight but be feeding something just stay here.It's the the I O it selfdestruction up to see it at theend of the way Tono and we go and tell me that if I I I o o like o times before I ostiano stranger, maybe well on us, like a million times before ownso my we are no strangers to pray me on a day. Maybe will me maybe will...

...that's a guy called Mex Ado he's fromBrazil he's to being a bank of fire bug, but he's teamed up with Victor Rice nowwho wouldn't want a team up with Victorie? You can hear Victor Rises,influence on his new track. That is called upon a smile and it's been putout through a BETTERSON IC records but they're from Brussels. I never know howthese things happen. We've got Jamaican or Diston Canada putting stuff out onSpanish labels, and now we've got Mex Ado from Brazil, putting stuff out on aBelgian record label anyway, who cares it's out? Please check it. The BARESONIC records bank en page it is there, but look up MEX ADO awesome. What morecan you say about victories to? Guy Is an absolute genius before Macaro weheard captain accident and the disasters out of Newport card. If SouthWales area brand new album is eight very, very soon called bed pressthey've just put out a reggae single called wings. It is getting a lot oftraction over there in the UK. I just played end of the world because Adamfrom the band gave me permission to do so. That's probably a whirl premier,who knows, I might have to ask him later anyway, check out kept inaccident and the disasters their new album is called bad press right. Let'sNIP over to Buffalo Upper New York state, the Saban called rude ways: I'venot played these guys before anyway they got a new single e. it's calledfire proof city. I E E S, O R. I e a you o come with ee, this to o...

...s e Ucita, Hay Smith, out of Osaka in Japan.We play be the one last week, but they have rapidly put out another singlecalled the fellowship anthem. Why not so bloody crack and listen? Hey Smith,if you're in Japan, they have got a load of gigs lined up. So please checkout those guys and before that at a Buffalo New York, a band making theirscase beefy debut, they called rude ways and we just heard fire proof cityI did mention at the top of the show. We do normally have a guest programmeror band to guest program. The show this week, I've kind of gone with a themeand what better theme with the school holidays you've either just been inthem or the just around the corner. So I'm gonna do he scarf e kids them capon number? Three, it's going to be quite jumpy. It's going to be very,very jovial. It's GOING TO BE EDUCATIONAL! WE'RE GOING TO KICK OFFWITH GO! Go Thirteen out of Huntington Beach! California, there used to be ata Saint George Utah when they are...

...around in ninety three and ninety four.You have heard this song on means you've seen the videos floating aroundif you're a big fan of Yo Gate. Geber you've definitely heard this trackbefore it's cold. Quite simply pick it up to a test. No last time I rip over one inyour leg. Sunesis choice: Do you can ever have. I am so proud or a a when the both of you. I I just it's so easy to this is to me I it's so easy. Eastington place place East Anastase. What you can do ityou can get a good easy to an easy. It's so easy on...

...such a siewert put it in song. If I feel sad, we're Goin to tell youthat you want in long, I I make it a you at Otinta, pick up a cancel and trytry, try in he's my faith and jellies, guys guys another massive kids band over there inthe states they are part of the Disney network. They've been around is twothousand and three. They Waked out ten studio. Albums if you've got kids andyou're in the US FA, no doubt you've heard of the imagination movers. Theyhave got a brand new song, and that was it. It's called happy. It is of thehappy to be there e P, but that isn't quite eight to the twenty seventh ofAugust. So Hey I've put it out there. It's another scat show with beefy willpremier, it's probably not, but I like to say things to big myself up everynow and again, anyway: Imagination movers, they kind of reinventedthemselves as a scar bond, not that long ago, and the results areabsolutely buddy. Also, we've got kids getting in to scare because of theseguys before the imagination moves, a guy called will sing, songs, Yep, we'llsing, songs, guess what he does. He sing songs he's paid a brand new album.It's called what is a Rutabaga. I can't answer that. Will I wish I could. Ishould have looked it up anyway, wills from Minnesota he's living inMinneapolis. I should hook him up with the Minneapolis scar scene, the Vontramps space, monkey mafia, runaway rigate, there's loads, more mineapolisbands as well, but it's good to see will putting things out there. Goodluck with what is a Rutabaga will says he performs original and traditionalsongs specifically for young people. How good is that with you all the bestwith that, and I still don't know what a rude begger is sorry: We kicked off ascarf for kids segment with Gogo Thirteen with the absolute classic pickit up. I bet you didn't know Alex they say of hip cat. He does the vocals forthat now go go thirteen they're currently out of Hungon Beach,California, but they formed in St George Utah Back in ninety three.Ninety four pioneers of the Utah scarcee go go. Thirteen is park atJacob's bend, but I reckon you might know his brother Christian a little bitbetter than you do page. He is of the...

...aquabats fame and Goget. They haveopened for the Aquoe a number of times right we're going to go to Michigan.Now. Do you remember these guys now resposing a way, so we now to a yeah that was the kind of only hit orthe biggest hit the song called photograph as well, but after being abit quiet for a number of yews, they kind of turn themselves into kidsbetter. They released some kids songs. In fact, I have chosen this one offtheir family album. They have actually done another kid's album after this aswell. I think this is my favorite trick of that album. It is called I'm notsleeping in every Monday morning. My Mamma is amorning Gotan get up and get myself Coga. My Body and motion was making commotion,but I'm still sleeping, I nowina just the way. It is every single nation onout of my shoe Wenis company and my mother's home,there's so much I want to to Wensday Thursday a starent morning. Ifirst starters Hai of breakfast, but I can't reach the serial station. So I waken my dad a s pretty fancy insomething about the I brasure same with my mother. So I wait. My little motheris on my shoulders and I chanshe lost his balance and we camedown with a twin Thursday of anext morning. I I I tiny Roman keep sleeping, but I I'm planning my name him pacing thefloor. In my back room, my mom comes in with a big white grimhold in a mob at a push Bo. I rather be in school. A The new houseis, I can't even now I do why didn't I sleep in she's got thesweeping and doing a Futurs as... morning sea you wouldn't a tea with some Shinano eetioneia tally,told the targes and it or the wells I couldn't find happinesses, I re more than l eyes...

...and on a dian afford life in theLimonite in or not I don't shineth. I couldn't find happy more than layout, I n for the winter freeze, a all the tagetes. I couldn't find happyit in. I told the Tigers and he told the wells.He couldn't find happiness in lyness. My S, that is a well I could find Erior bandand of Arlington in Texas band. I actually, I think I probably willpremiere this song when it came out in August last year. It is called thepolar bear song, the band er called flip and the combined effort- I bludylove it. It is such a great Tu. They did it in quarantine as well, so theyput the video together, put the track together. All apart and somebody mixedit. The video's great I've been a big fan of flip and the combine effort.Ever since, just before flip and the combined effort, we heard the OC scar,kids now, that's so two thousand and seventeen off their episode. One EPthat tracks called Guacamole. Now you won't find too much O C scare, kidskicking about any more because they change the name. Then I called dropcase big share out to the drop case lad, so we've played quite a few of theirtunes over the years. It's a scar for kids, special, so greg a mole. It isthe first track in that little segment was from a band out of East LansingMichigan. They are well known for doing the freshman in fact muster plug woreanother Michigan band to a really really funky scar, punk cover of thefreshman anyhow, the band is called the...

...verve pipe. They put out a kid friendlyalbum with two thousand a D and nine called the family album. They didactually follow it up with. Are we there yet from two thousand andthirteen they just put out an album called parachute in two thousand andseventeen which had and an accompanying acoustic album that went with it toocalled villains? I think villains was their big, album that had the freshmanon in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. I hope you enjoyed somescar or kids fun there. I certainly did six tracks going down really reallywell. You can play that in the cow, with your little killies now. Can youget them into scar early, I say if you're in a bandle I haven't playedyour music. Please, please, please get in touch with me. You can get in touchfly the face o pays the sky show with beefy or through twitter at beefy scarshow. If I haven't played your music for a while, you need to, let me know,what's going on, if you got gigs or stuff coming up, just shoot me messageand I'll do my absolute best. As you will know, there are three scare podsevery week, so there's ample opportunity for me to play music.Alternatively, if you're a fan of the show- and I haven't- played yourfavorite music for a while- then you got to let me know that as well. I trythe best to screes some old golden and a lot of the new releases, but I can'tplease all the people all the time, so you got to give me a nudge every nowand again, all the playlists through the twitter side and the face at pagethe podcast. Likewise, please give the bands a bit of a following a like and asmootchy kiss kiss nudge nudge on their social media. The bands will love youforever, I'll, be back with the live show and next week the scar pus willfollow throughout the week. In the meantime, please stay save everybodyUin efy. This has been the scar show with BEV SCAR, pod number three, Jules guy with Befe Juney there beefy hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport O it stars you and me, Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah, if youwant get it whenever you get your podcast from one far fire two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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