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The Ska Show with Beefy, Aug 9th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Captain Accident & The Disasters, Maxado, Rude Ways and Hey Smith. Then it time to get the Kids into the Wonderful World of Ska - with tracks from GoGo13, Will Sings Songs, Imagination Movers, The Verve Pipe, OC Ska Kids and Flip & The Combined Effort!

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.  

Any moment now that hey, thisis roger from Leston Jake and you're listening to the sky show with beef.This happens to be the second best Scot show on the whole planet. Checkit out. This is a heavy mugs, the nutties songs around. Who Stopare are rich? This is job, this is make you there. Thisis why am I crying. I'M gonna Copying. I see my bailex girlfriend that I kick we did the other day, almost gonna Tele Acoke, but she's a bit woke, so you have to watch what you say. But you know what I get like when a lot of you and Iget best and the songs that they won't go down well with a minute tothe baby this corner, Wendy. She drives you around, up bending.She's Sou easily offended, even if it is intended, and you'll be reprehendedand definitely a friend. I'll miss. A guy who's trying to get byplaying on his ray ass heads. She's afraid of the piece brigade and shegets on everyone's titch, everyone's tips. Things were going well in the BlueBell, but I could smell trouble brew and we much what you minis inand getting in the swing. When she stands up and to start it Boit. I said, please be quiet. You could as not a riot.I'm supposed to be hentaining for she would have it. And when shesaid a bit, she accused me of Man's playing. No, Wendy,and angry email she will send me. She's doing over heat. It aboutsomething I want sweet and she called me conceive it and said I should bedeleted. The Guy who's trying to get fire playing put his way astads.She's afraid of the PC brigade and she gets on everyone's dead, everyone's tips. I would have come with it.

Calling she told me that my lyrics, despite misogynistic tendencies, and that part sets belonged in the seventy. Butwhen I tried to fend my art, she starts getting on Sid and toldme that I am a foot soldier in the Yummy, in the pattree.Wendy. Wendy will go on custom me down, face full of scorn,will us to skip the light. Fantastic. Now all the time, you justbloody dress. Tell me, Wendy White, so vexed you're depon ascene with a militant flex more and everyone with me. Words you'll preach orthe high and mighty imprompt you, Wendy, ever heard a bit friendly? You'resupposed to be progressive, but you're really quite aggressive and I find youquite suppressive. While I'm Trynna be expressive, I'm just a guy who's trying toget fire, playing pin his way as heads. She's an a gradeof the PC brigade and she gets on everyone's dead. Everyone's said someone's quitewhy? But now PECs changed a bit. These days, I know you takea different position and when they's take is now out the Fay. Ona person of transition, people say in a funny turn away, maybe sheain't so wocome, because in the mind, when that gender's reassigned, she's not. Hates them for being a book. Now she's just windy and she givesn'tquestion your trendy. She is offended because genders are extended. I'll mixthe most amended. All the genitals are mended, arm muse and a bigconfused about whether they're freed or of Brits. She feels me trade by the PCbrigade because she don't like a Koits. He's a WIG tits. Oh welcometo the sky show would be iffy. It's SCAPARD number three. Yep,it's an extra scampard I have to do nowadays because there are so manynew releases they were getting in the way of the old classics that I really, really want to play on the live show. So SCAP on number threewas born and it is a mix of the new releases. Plus we normallyget a band or somebody into guest program this week, though, it's alittle bit different because we have a themed show or a different show. Anyway, you just heard hey band that I like the sound of. They're calledthe Ooze Valley Singles Club. They're out of Bedford in England. That isa brand new single. It is called Woke Wendy. I love the descriptionof this band, where George formby meets the clash absolute lie. Brilliant.It's great tune as well. I have only just discovered the ooze of ValleySingles Club, so I will be checking out more of their stuff. I'msure it is absolutely brilliant, very, very funny. Right. A bandout a saith whales that have a new album coming out very, very soon, called bad press. These guys are called captain accident and the disasters.A big shout out to Adam from the band. These guys are friends ofthe show. They put a track on the save the scar show would beefycompilation album and I will be forever grateful for that. They've got a newa reggae single out called wings that seems to be doing great guns over therein the UK. I'm not going to play wings. A bit to Reggaefor my style, but I have picked out a track off the album Ithink is more me. That is end...

...of the world. I was inthe wrong set of definitely need you reaction. Get through up with the bad bread, buttonless the temper away. But we sit out watch as the bigboys playing games. If they say the all the world is a stage,but are leading cause they don't deserve as the clock up, don't take uson Conte pretending that this is nothing. Lucky. It's not the end ofthe way tonight. But this isn't fire burning in lace. It's not theend of the way tonight. Did other feeling thinkright, it's not the endof tonight. It's self destruction. Up to see the lights. It's happytonight. And going down without a fight. Extraction, holding the ground to fightthis. Nothing left to go around. We oceans full of my goat debars, station up and not in seeds. So meet me at the horse andlet's drink some more um and talk about the tones we created for ourselves, just for a little temporary well, it's not the end of the wordtonight, but there's a fire burning in it's lucky end of the way tonight, but other feelings of being this day right. It's not the end ofthe tonight. SC instructure of the CIS tonight and we'm going down without afine last chance to make a change. We gotta switch it up. Weneed to rearrange the priorities of my Nartis, who put the money before the world. They say comfit down, makes through, will go round. Thisis spinning me out. So eat flew it out and take a look atthe time, mew the because this practice right tonight, but there's a fireburning in their eyes. It's not the...

...end of the world tonight, butI'm a feeding something, just staying right. It's not the end of the worldtonight. The selfdestruction of the EV life is the end of the waytonight and we going down without a fire good Lus of time. Like metimes before. I walk through the back door and I's time. We areno strangers to maybe will up on a smile out like got me in timesbefore. I walk through the back door willing. It is time to strangersto maybe will meet up on a smile. Maybe will meet up on a smile. Maybe we'll meet up on maybe we'll need up on a that's aguy called Maxado. He's from Brazil.

He used to be in a bandcalled firebug, but he's teamed up with Victor Rice. Now, who wouldn'twant a team up with victorizes? You can hear Victor Rice's influence on hisnew track that is called upon a smile, and it's been put out through battersonic records, but they're from Brussels. I never know how these things happen. We've got Jamaican artists from Canada putting stuff out on Spanish labels andnow we've got Maxado from Brazil putting stuff out on a Belgian record label.Anyway, who cares? It's out. Please check out the better sonic recordsbank M page. It is there, but look up maxado awesome. Whatmore can you say about victorize? To guy is an absolute genius. BeforeMaxado, we heard captain accident and the disasters out of Newport Card if,south Wales area. Brand new album is out very, very soon, calledbad press. They've just put out a reggae single called wings. It isgetting a lot of traction over there in the UK. I just played endof the world because Adam from the band gave me permission to do so.That's probably a world premiere. Who knows? I might have to ask him later. Anyway, check out captain accident and a disasters. Their new albumis called bad press. Right, let's nip over to Buffalo, upper NewYork state, the suband called rude ways. I'm not played these guys before.Anyway, they got any single. It's called fireproof city. This momentcalling the reggae. You BETTA come with ever, if there's a drop yourpounds, what's best where you are?...

Show what we hey Smith out ofOsaka in Japan. We played be the one last week, but they haverapidly put out another single called the fellowship anthem. Why not? It's abloody crack. And listen, Hey Smith, if you're in Japan. They've gota load of gigs lined up, so please check out those guys.And before that add a Buffalo New York, a band making this cashow with beefydebut. They're called rude ways and we just heard fire proof city.I did mention at the top of the show. We do normally have aguest programmer or band to guess program the show. This week I've kind ofgone with a theme. And what better theme with the school holidays? You'veeither just been in a more of the just around the corner. So I'mgonna do he scaffur kids themed SCAP odd number three. It's gonna be quitejumpy. It's gonna be very, very jovial. It's going to be educational. We're going to kick off with go go thirteen out of Huntington Beach,California. That used to be at a...

Saint George Utah when they are aroundin ninety three hundred and ninety four. You have heard this song on memes. You've seen the videos floating around. If you're a big fan of YoGabba Gabba, you've definitely heard this track before. It's called quite simply.Pick it up one of you. Right now, in the last time,one of your Lego x your choice down. You neither have is this. Iam so proud of one short part. Now it's time for the year.We will all have a happy priest headcakes and when the checks for bothof you are pointing, told me they didn't know how to dance and sayit's easy to just move. It's so easy to dance. It's so easyto dance. It's so easy. You just told me didn't know. Isaid you just move, it's so easy to dance, so easy to dance, so easy. You're so to me dancing. Say the wrong gotta do. Run in place, run in place. So easy to dance. So easyto dance, it's so easy. Just move. DoesN'T WANT TO DANCE? You can do it, you can get it Cuz easy to dance.So easy to dance. It's so easy. Your parents move your paths. Sucha simple waddy, best of ever...

...heard happy. Put it in song. If you feels addy, we're gonna tell you that you watching along.Let's make it a tradition and such a simple word. We're gonna pickup andtry, try, tryst is my favorite angelic to fiddle sky another massive kidsband over there in the states. They are part of the Disney network.They've been around his two thousand and three they have whacked out ten studio albums. If you've got kids and you're in the US of a no date.You've heard of the imagination movers. They have got a brand new song andthat was it. It's called happy. It is off the happy to bethere EP. But that isn't quite date to the twenty seven of August.So Hey, I've put it out there. It's another SCA show with beefy willpremiere. It's probably not, but I like to say things to bignessoff up every now and again. Anyway, imagination movers. They kind of reinventedthemselves as a scarp and not that long ago, and the results areabsolutely bloody awesome. We've got kids getting into scar because of these guys.Before the imagination movers, a guy called will sing songs. Yep, willsing songs. Guess what he does? He sings songs. He's put outa brand new album. It's called what is a route bega? I can'tanswer that will. I wish I could. I should have looked it up.Anyway, wills from Minnesota is living in Minia Bliss. I should hookhim up with the Minneapolis scar scene, the von Trump's space monkey mafia,runaway ricochet. There's loads more minniabolish bands as well, but it's good tosee will putting things out there. Good luck with what is a Rudabaga?Will says he's performs original and traditional songs specifically for young people. How goodis that? whish you all the best with that. And I still don'tknow what a rudder Beeger is. Sorry, we kicked off our scarf for kidssegment with go go thirteen, with the absolute classic. Pick it up. I bet you didn't know Alex de Sair of Hepcat. He does thevocals for that. Now go thirteen. They're currently out of hung and beach, California, but they formed in St George, Utah, back in ninetythree, ninety four, pioneers of the Utah Scar scene. Go go thirteenis Parker Jacob's band, but I reckon you might know his brother Christian alittle bit better than you do Parker. He is of the aquabats fame andgo thirteen. They have opened for the...

...aquabats a number of times. Rightwe're going to go to Michigan. Now. Do you remember these guys? AndI woun yeah, that was their kind of only hit, or theirbiggest hit. Then a song called photograph as well. But as to beinga bit quiet for a number of years, they kind of turn themselves into kidsbetter. They released some kids songs. In fact, I have chosen thisone off their family album. They have actually done another kids album afterthis as well. I think this is my favorite trek off that album.It is called I'm not sleeping in every Monday morning, my Mama, becausethe morning got to get up and get myself Gogi. My Body and motionwould make a commotion. But I'm still asleep and I've knowing that's just theway it is. Every single day it is. But now I'm dumbling outof my shoe because the weekend is coming. Then my mind is helping there somuch. I'M wanna the School Day. Wednesday, Thursday, I'm starting topick up some ste next morning I slep first startery business is having somebreakfast, but I can't reach the serial station. So I weak of mydad and he looks pretty bad to and something about the I thration. Thesame with my mother. So I wake my little brother, who is onmy shoulders in a flash, but it gets too much challenge. She losthis balance and we came down with the cray. Wednesday, Thursday, I'vestarted. Next morning I sleep in ACU inside sleeping. I guess I couldstay in my room and let my parents keep sleeping, but I can't businesscause I got as I'm going this weekend. I'm a planning my maym pacing thefloor of my bedroom. Then my mom comes in with a big whitewhen holding a mouth and a push broom. Rather be in school because the newhouse rules, I can't even go after why didn't I sleep it?She's got me sweeping and doing a bunch of move shop the school day.Wednesday, Thursday, I'm started speed.

Next morning I sleep in quod quickly. You want quack, creamy, connector quack? It helps me feel better. Stuff, quick, stuff, accused, the readers accuse, and my tacosmaybe with some chips shuts are red and not your yes, I knowit's actually to flop rolling. I'm now so I can put it in mymouth with stuff. Okay, because I step daily. told the targets andhe told the whales. I couldn't find happiness in lonliness. That doesn't pressmore than less. The Eyes Aways is...

...when he looks toward the cold shoulders. Well, I can afford life is the women is stock is fee.If you're not loving life, that's not doesn't shine with rhythm of life.This loss is time. Well, I couldn't find happyess in onliness. Werethe eyes because I got hot. I gotta with the flow and get intoone more water. Make like a nomenys out for the winner. The turtlescan freeze. The song gotta find press to rocket spend the targets and ittalks. I couldn't find happiness. And the eyes. Daily taught the Tigersand he told the wells. He couldn't find happiness in lonliness. The eyessillies all the Tigers and it's all the wells. I couldn't find happiness.And brasses. Our band out of Arlington, in Texas Band, I actually,I think I probably will, premiered this song when it came out inAugust last year. It's called the polar bear song. The band called flipand the combined effort. I bloody love it. It is such a greattrue they did it in quarantine as well. So they put the video together,put the track together all apart and somebody mixed it. The videos great. I've been a big fan of flip and the combined effort ever since.Just before flip and the combined effort we heard the O se scare kids.Now that's from two thousand and seventeen, off their episode one EP. Thattracks called Guacamoli. Now you won't find too much O se scare kids kickingabout anymore because they change the name. Then I called drop case. Bigshout out to the drop case lads. We've played quite a few of theirtunes over the years. It's a scarf for kids special so quagod Moli.It is the first track in that little segment. was from a band outof East Lansing, Michigan. They are well known for doing the freshman.In fact, must have plug, who are another Michigan Band, do areally, really funky scar punk cover of the freshman. Anyhow, the bandis called the verve pipe. They put...

...a kid friendly album with two thousandand nine called the family album. They did actually follow it up with wethere yet. From two thousand and thirteen, they do put out an album calledparachute in two thousand and seventeen, which had and an accompanying acoustic albumthat went with it too, called villains. I think villains was their big album. That had the freshman on in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. I hope you enjoyed some scarf of kids fun there. I certainly did. Six tracks going down really, really well. You can play that inthe cow with your little kidlies now. Can you get them into scar early? I say, if you're in a band and I haven't played your music, please, please, please, get in touch on me. You canget in touch via the facebook page the scar show with beefy or through twitterat beefy scar show. If I haven't played your music for a while,you need to let me know what's going on. If you got gigs orstuff coming up, just shoot me a message and I do my absolute best. As you well know, there are three scar pods every week, sothere's ample opportunity for me to play music. Alternatively, if you're a fan ofthe show and I haven't played your favorite music for a while, thenyou got to let me know that as well. I try my best toscree some old golden and a lot of the new releases. But I can'tplease all the people all the time, so you got to give me anudge every now and again. All the playlists are through the twitter site andthe facebook page the podcast. Likewise, please give the bands a bit ofa follow and a like and a smoochy kiss, kiss, nudge nudge ontheir social media. The bands will love you forever. I'll be back withthe live show next week. This gard pods will follow throughout the week.In the meantime, please stay safe, everybody. I've been beefy. Thishas been the scar show with BEV SCAR pod number three, junie, thisgosh, with beef bb junior. Hey, they're beefy. Hey, rob,do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've gotnothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've foundsomething that you can do with your nothing time. What's that? Rob? Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people canlisten to it besides the people who are on it. Yeah, ifyou want, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well,spotify, to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcastyou never knew you wanted to listen to.

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