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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jul 10th 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with a newie from Sunny Coast Rude Boys plus Millington & Half Past Two, The Action and The Toy Yodas and then we have the usual gold from Skassapunka, Voodoo Glow Skulls, La Ska Brass, Catbite, Bobby Ramone, Skank, Loin Groin, Scott Klopfenstein, Desmond Dekker plus Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it!  

Let im on out, i got where you to love, my blue, be o o s, a o god to find who i am as a person, and iwill never turn my back on scoffling back. I have no regrets. You shouldnever wait the like god, we don't play sky anymore, it's time to have a bit of a stank, andi think that i will in fact skinkerses i'm calling black imagine ly. I am thequeen of scar, i'm here in melbourne, you're listening to the star show withbeefy, and i've got him right beside me and i'm feeling it now ali want to know.What's with these sky bands, always playing these ridiculous dorky, youknow collaboration online cover, videos and stuff, i'm just so sick of this.Why can't somebody play any good music? I...

...and i swear is the last time as it shine and we walk in circles aroundhis. So welcome a cracks on the same old side was an well talk about me en oye won't talk about me. I swear is the last time i w it's my troncs thatbridge i we talk o way through city, a toiling time to the teeniest county. Believe some. I know it might be thetime that week, i i o riesel come back to the second partof the sky, show with beefy cup on number two. As always, we kick of scatowith the wealth, so us kin of sex show, and this week it's not great news.Unfortunately, we did play mellington with half past two out of orange kennybut millington out of albany new york. We have some sad news that thetrombones from millington john bince, unfortunately suddenly passed away onthe weekend very unexpected and shock to apsu. Everyone cody passes on to thewhole scot community across the world to make sure your thoughts, prayers,good, vibes, absolute, any condonance back to the bins and ben family becauseyeah everyone's shot by this news and for it to happen during these timeswhen everyone's really struggling with well, obviously, the coves situation,mental health bands, not playing live and really not making money. It's justcruel cool cool cool, so i played millington with ha pas. Two absolutecracking cover of look what happened from lesson jake, absolutely fantastic!My thoughts are with the family of john awful awful thing to go through rest inpeace. John beans kicked off the second half of the now kicked off the firsthalf of the scorso b, f, with the world famous conversation with sunny coastroute boys and the latest release, which is cover of midnight, oils bedsof burning mick, a send me a message...

...from the band at saying: beefy, justlet all the rude boys and rude girls know they've got a couple of gigscoming up now when we saw this message, and i saw certain late fourteenth ofogus and friday. Twenty seventh of august said what m e doing promotingkids that are like months and months await now. That's next month peoplewere in july already. It's just been in a penida over there in the us fa,saturday, the fourteenth of august at the imperial hotel in your monday andfriday, twenty seventh august at the thirsty chief brewing company in northlakes, up there in queen's land. So if you're looking for some sunny coast,rude boys, action, bang those dates in your dory and if you look ing long term,the queensland scar festival is on straight ents. Those godfathers ofaustralian scare been a nice as the headline act saturday, the een december,at the zoo and sunday, the nineteenth december at sober on the sunshine coast.No tickets are actually going really quick. So if you're planning a littlequeen's lone trip to see strange tenants and the sunny coast rude boysget in quick, i and nineteen for december up there going to be awesome.Strange tenets haven't played for a while, but they are celebrating fortyyears this year. So they are absolutely loving life and they are on. It. Brucehas already mentioned to me that the ready to rock and roll right, thesecond half of the world famous conversation we're going to stick inthe state of new york going to go up to syracuse. Actually, this is a band ofmaking this guy show with beefy debut. They are called the action. This is acover of the fountains of wayne childn, yes, founding of wayne. This is radio,but in the corroee were playing. I ran overevery day way. You bow thinking you do want drink. I sicken died a way o iwato. It look like doing get to sooner later, at not a you pass out right here round the table. Ehow the table is eshek, massage the lock all the doors of the snow. We...

...i ooscotah. This is frank beard as easytop for rad, if you're out party and drinking- and we all know that ithappens. Sometimes, please don't get behind the wheel, give up the keys to adesignated driver. Please don't drink and drive a message from red, recording artistsactors and athletes against drink driving. Well, that's who you are hold your desiatomatter. What you say, what remains o my god, my car ole, we don't care, feel so you can't say we are watching the face of on a bat is a care. How notyou! Why do you or saipan as felled care, feel so you can at all on out the a b o r o the a the time ye don't care.

So you aweary die at your d d, renew out of mallan in italy,the ban acal scarce punka united. We stand a like that. It's very, very nicelow key basic, but you can sing along with it. You can dance along wi, youjump around with it, clap your hands. You do whatever, but please place place,support the lease ran scase from milan that came at ye esterday before scarcea bunker. The second over the world famous conversion. We kicked off thelast sea, choose the action at a syracuse new york and, if you're inwarners in new york, they're playing on the ninth of july six pm at threehundred and five brewing. So if you want to catch the action who i'm goingto be honest, i didn't know existed until this week, jump on them right now,they've just released a new covers, ep called super battle, drag bar and radiobat from phones. A wayne is on that ep superman from golf inges on there aswell couples, obviously for tracker jump on there. It is great and then outof southern california, the toy yoda. Yes, the toy yoda, that's the subjectof a court case. If you ever seen that just look through hooters and toyotasanyway, the toyotas, a scar band that died and figured out how to jed ghostback in two thousand and twenty one members of good luck, ugly scema andthe steady forty fives cracking tune. They've covered the la by m. U three!Thirty down podcast right, we're going to punk it up a little bit! Now, let'sget some brand new voodoo gloss goals: action like a single out! Yesterday,god, the walking dread, ono...

...e e e e e e, o o m o n t e s, o o h, a e e, a t, t e e n, a l, e b e n t t o e just get a pelti. Don't care a...! You i don't care a! I t t i n a l. I don't i don't care, i what a tune that is brand new from capbite, eight of philadelphia call your bluff awesome news out the cap by campnew album coming out august, the six and they're going to do a gig tocelebrate the release of the new album. It is where is it at philamot, five,thirty one north twelve street in philadelphia? If you're, there scratchit on the gas board and book that in the plane, with the best of the worstscar cor out of new jersey and froggy, who i have no idea who they are.So please whack that in your diary light cap bite that is a crackingrelease and their second album nice one. If it's got that stuff on it, i amgonna, be loving it a lot. Who else we here, lat scar, brass, write a batelonsin spain. That is, is that a new single may and he may that came out and it'scalled las scar brows as well. First time i've heard alaska bras, fist, omerplayed dem on the show they celebrating ten years together, yeah. Well, i'mbeefy. I did really well. They have come across them yeah. My research isso poor. I do apologize to lescar brass because i should have played you guys alot sooner than i did congratulations of ten years together and i do love thenew song. Lascar brass awesome, food of glos girls. We played kicking off thelittle section there they just put out a new video for the walking dread isoff living the apocalypse. So if you love your scarco, you will love voodooglose girls. You listen to the scar show with the beefy. Now this cameacross my desk yesterday and i was confused to say the least now in thescappoose used to play a lot of mash ups as a bit of fun. Now i don't knowwho is behind this, but somebody has done the ultimate mash up. Albumthey're called bobby ramon, but that's not their real name. What they've doneis they've taken pub maly, a lyrics and whack them into remon's songs, yeah. Itsounds weird, but i've heard the album the albums called rocket to kingston.It is a full album of all this stuff. It is brilliant. I have got to say ireally am impressed. It is tremendous, please please pease people if you lovebob mammy for love the remon's. If you love scarf, you love upbeat stuff checkout bobby ramon because it will bring a smile to your face, we're going to playone of the two three little surfing birds. Just it's just funny. It'sbrilliant! It's really cool as i now what the album, whether it'll stand atested time. I have no idea, but anyway, let's listen to it now three littlesurfing birds from bobby ramon.

I i a n. I got o o o o o o o.

How good is that skank from palates onday in a brazil they celebrating ty five years of oh samba begone this yearhas got a release in nine nine six as a third album it sold like three millioncopies. I think the band of sold ten million albums or something they aremonstrous. I don't play him enough e o ma patita. They foot the bar, which isthe first song on osee begone, and that is a live version. I love it. I thinkit's joined the football party. If my kind of spanish portuguese is vaguelycorrect skank, i should play the more. That is awesome. Really really great.I'm happy happy happy abe. What are we here before that probably marmon threelittle surfing birds, the ultimate messure between bob marley and theramones? Obviously, three little birds from bob marley, the lyrics and surfingbird from the remon, the album of bobby ramon is called a rocket to kingston. Igot to be honest. I have no idea who's beyond it should and more research. Iprobably will in the week, but have a listened to the album. It is awesome.It really is. I like i said it will bring a smile to your face right. We'regoing to bring it on her with some class jones got to kick it off with aband that are on the scantin festival, that is in a arian victoria the lastweek and of october. It is a nigdoo cambing festal we were lodes scur bandthrown in long grown melbourne's finest been going for a long long dame this isprobably one of my favorites. This is called chicken palmer yeah, it's as imy so i'm dbut, it's my life and i'm gomeso, i'm, but it's my and i'm gone e, il cicero. I come out. Punchin look for luncheon,my gil had chins. I gods my life, o e e t e e e n, a i just sip, a e o gripe. Let me to love through a onenote can soon r, but it so i so i i but it's my and i'm go so i'm at, but it's my life and a surrogate every fame, tranam, a...

...r ryan, a milch uchi, just see a member of a codknown out the following pools, and the best thing to my is the mottoand the robot open your hand hear me out just on a opry. I got to show you ican do it right get out on. Maybe we could still be free. I know that gonna go o because i'm your raversome, you want me,do you know that i'm going on? Do it now or do the best that i can so i of your a hear me out or time is to you last in a donee. We could still be fred, but i'm gonna go that's okay, becausei'm your rabbeinu, you can lily. Do a l. I even try to do. Don't want see you you, maybe we could still be from because i...

...i do a oelian to do. I a i wanted to do in this. I brand new from desman deca yeah, youlaugh, but it is now well it's because it's being re released as part ofrecord store day, two thousand and twenty one. I think that's july.Seventeen is on trojan, but that was from way way back in one thousand ninehundred and sixty four. I think it was his third or fourth single release fordesmond decca king of scar, but you can get the new remastered trojan. Twothousand and twenty one recordor day release in the cup, but days checkonline because, obviously, with ovid and everything else, some of the storesaren't open. So it's mainly an online thing. I think this year, so just checka regard store day. You will find all the information, but please by desmonddecker king oscar. We need it before those ridicolo and dying x, real bigfish fame actually doing a real big fish song average man he probably wrotedown or did something was that on cheer up two thousand and two i think itprobably was. I'm not sure that was taken from his twitch show. I have noidea what twitch is, but scott does a twitch show, and you can watch himprobably anyway, before scott coffins, tein long, grin chicken parma there onthe sky nation at door, festival and of october. Please go to ostik o tix comto a you to get your tickets tickets moving quickly. It will sell at aboutfifteen australian carbons from all over the country are coming, it's goingto be awesome. This has been another edition of the skirt show with beefythanks joining me. I really really do appreciate it. Please give us a like onfacebook. The scotch o i beef or on twitter give us a follow at beefy scarshow. If you're in a band i haven't, played your music or you got newreleases. You just want to tell me you love me: please get in touch, i need toknow what you guys are doing, because otherwise i cannot possibly follow allthe bands on social media and just wanting you to tell me you new releases,i can play them. Please please please do the right thing: people unlessyou're double jabbed like me, you need to do these things, so we canget through this thing together. If you don't have to go out, please stayindorse. If you do go it, please wear a mask. It is proven that they make adifference. Keep washing your hands, don't touch your face. Socialdistancing is still a thing right. I've said it. I've said it for eighteenmonths. Please keep doing it. We need to get back to gigging again there aresome geeks coming online and we were all excited about that, but we cannotdo it with out everyone's help and just... excellent to one another i'll beback with a live show this time. Next week the scare pots will follow have abloody awesome time. People enjoy yourselves, in a mean time, who's thatman with a soup on his head. So i i i e e e e o o o o. Hey there, beefy hey rob, do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, i've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob well guess what i've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go it stars, you n me, oh wow,so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah,if you want get it whenever you get your podcast from wes, far fire twothree hundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knewyou wanted to listen to.

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