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The Ska Show with Beefy

Episode 269 · 7 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, Jun 12th 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with Sunny Coast Rude Boys, Fiesta Fiasco, Flying Racoon Suit & Kyle Hardie! The rest of the show is stacked with top notch newies from Norsk Rakk, Deadbeat At Dawn, DENM, Luke Yeoward, Tunnel Vision, Intergalactic Brasstranauts, We Are The Union, gold from Toots and Prince Buster and Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it!  

Let him on his Gotele, my blue, O, I o d o, I am as a person and I willnever turn my back on Scotlan back. I have no regrets. He should never waitthe place God we on any more it's time to have a bit of a scape, andI think that I will in fact Skank Hay save for Musharoon. You listen to thesky, show with beefy all right. I want to know, what's with these scybalaeplaying these ridiculous Dorky, you know collaboration online cover, videosand stuff, I'm just so sick of this. Why can't somebody play to good music? I...

I made famous by that seminal film BandSlam. Vanessa hudgins! Is She in that? I'm not sure I think I've played theirversion Ben Slams version on the show, before it's very good, actually for alittle teeny film, but came across it by accident, one day, flogging throughthe channels and within seconds that son was a was like that's interesting,that is far to fiasco out of Queens and Brisband to be exact David Gates, Ithink, did the original anyway everything I young. We kicked off thesecond half of the scar show with beefy with the sunny coast. Rude boys pays ascare punky version n of beds of...

...burning midnight oil and I have to sayafter seeing the sunny coast route, boys live and playing that live. It isvery good and that good good it mainstream radio here with the rightpush, because it's pretty cool is pretty up there with what we're alltalking about right now and it's a revisit of midnight oil song and it'svery well done and scars on the rise. As we well know, you never know. Ireckon with the right bit of manipulation, but a moulding, but ofsculpting of the clay we might be able to get the sunny coast rude boys outthere doing stuff fingers crossed, I am pushing for there. I will be big thingsto make cues for looking after me as well from sunny coaste boys. It wasgreat to see five hundred people going off after it was a rear range show andmix said they didn't have any refunds at tall people that bought the ticketsfor the show in January, when Brisson went into lock down kept their ticketsgave the band the money. So that's brilliant really is. It was a greatshow really was we're halfway through the world famous give sex show the nexttwo are very, very interesting fine reconsulted of Mississippi. They arepart of this new album called and out come the law suits. This is by salveredrecords and lave socks. It's a ransy, tripe, album loads of bands. DoingRensi cover songs, find a COOSOO. There Omni gone link at Matamo Scar. Who elseis the school bus driver? I don't know whothey are, but it sounds good stay, wild little Davy and the Crusaders AnywayFlying Raccoon suit got that pick out of the bunch and they have done anabsolutely awesome version of time, bomb, Bitwin and dying on the story that aretrue secret with a life or when you eeeeeee, I lak, I got a n, you got a a n n e runnus got to Lein whenever he can an. If you know that I creoles place where I made and change me to a t, I t o singing fighting Myin baby. I E...

N, a o O, that's a place where Eroneniera acateran and at everybody goes to. Please I that a a entermete, my friend a untieing in fitin my friend baby. I E la today a I l, O h. This is frank. Beard am as top forRad if you're out party and drinking, and we all know that it happens.Sometimes, please don't get behind the wheel, give up the keys to a designateddriver. Please don't drink and drive a message from red recording artists,actors and athletes against drink driving, a akinetos o our good friends from Norwayand North Crack, stopper, which I think is the ton of track off their new.Fourth Coming Album: Oh love a bit of noscere, even if I have no idea whatthey're saying or singing a bar or anything thet music is buddy greatnortherns. California, one of my...

...favorites made the top thirty of thescar show with beefy last year, like it. Stop that before that the second hourof the World Faes give us six Sur. We kicked it off with flying recusat and aMississippi doing, rentes time bomb of the new outcome. The lawsuits,compilation, album rense tribute, compilation, album and then a scar showwith beefy DAB all the way from Scotland, sweet Bonny, Scotland KyleHardy. That is you from bad religion like that Solo, stuff, good scar, punkeffort there from cal look forward to hearing a bit more from you right bitmore heavy stuff. This time we're going to a York yeah, these guys are calleddead, beat at dawn. Now I got thank Aaron. Who's Got Aron Thirst, but Ithink he's just from Thirsk in North Yorkshire. These guys is a bit ofskirts bit of Pug is but a rap, but it is bloody, also in the go nue comingout called de Scopia fairly fairly shortly. But I think this is the firstrelease of that. This is called out of love and I'm just looking at Aaron'sprofile on the old face book here and he's a Western bulldogs fan yeah. Idon't know how that works, but he is so. We got to like you for that. The ballthat was going okay, not huge, as you rule, fam self, but there you go that'sfine anyway. This is dead. Beater down. This is, is another scar, show it beefydebut. This is the new single out of love. I so be a B S. l e on mountain O, in my mind that youalready made the professional sitinems in the sense O in N S, a R E R E, O n e o s k a a F, a a for sure. We got a a B L E E, a B. U E T O o. It was a a...

...a you got, a byand died, an she died himand I M Gotabite Arlie. You got your own way. Debut, album, Denen den M Solo, stuffbrand new, even called a Slum Beach Denny, and that is find your own way ofthe album I like it. I had to listen yesterday thought yeah. This one fitsthe show playing a red rock out near Denver very, very soon, playing withdirty hairs, trouble, seeds and hire. I have no idea who the others are June.The thirtieth he's going out to red rocks red rocks is pretty awesome. Itreally really is very, very unique. You've probably seen it on a number ofvideos of numerous bends around the place over the years. It is awesome, Ihave to say, not seeing a show there. I've just been there to witness peoplerunning up and down the seats, that's what they seem to do. Anyway. BeforeDenin we heard Escocia with beefy debut Dad Peter Dominant of Yorkshire. InEngland, out of love they have a new EP commit to Scopia very, very soon, bigthanks to Aaron Thursday. Sending that through and up the mighty bull dogs ispeople may say if you're, a bulldog's fan right bit close to the home. Nowtalking of the western Boardotrade, I think nowadays look goward from manyother bands, including King Kennons, the spirit, the one three ones. It'sgoing, you outfit Nebar all stars a bit more Reggie Inspire did some stuff withLee Scratch Perry recently. But this is the second release. This is calledSunny Day. Yea, simple topic: it that's a lit edain shine tomorrow, Maunshae Gonnas, before the rain, a onstaying to to the words I you EOTASdifferent time to give it yourself with a poseter to you on in one omegone tnext time I er, Jo, O o...

...e d, make you do a f Pinnurt, your Ain, an ain disappearing of your brain by, but one o, the stress of the Feitan Shan,be your fame. I told it I e W E with you limmer, you never know whenyou go no droon you in no rinosterhorses bumps like, but it comes with therhythm sentences. I Make Dorani cease to see it a God. Creasote yourself, you don't know, show me an Ol is call me also. I returning in it my nowhen about to seethe lazy, I'm sure self don't O Mo. When I owe my boithion eat your selydon't know, show me an call me also Rieneto... o tunnel vision at a San Clemente.California, that's off days away, soul driver. I think they borrowed the hornsfrom real big fish on that one just been playing live in Texas as well bythe news. They're playing live great band like it like it, a lot beforeTunnelin Luke, Yo, word featuring tipple and black, a se sunny day forhis new naburianus project and gigs he's been doing a few geeks as well sogood to see luke embracing his arrigas. I wish he get back to pure rock androll like you. Do we kin cannons? I might be very, very happy. I would veryhappy you listen to this guy show with beef if in play, your music, I need toget in touch with me. Look up the face of pace. The casho would be for your ontwitter at beefy scar show. If I haven't played your music, then youneed to send it to me like this band. Did these guys were the leads? Theycalled Intergalactic Bras Trana? Oh yeah they've got a new release comingout very very soon, I'm pretty sure they're unhappy people records anyway.This is called made in Hong Kong into Galactic blasten aut different leads.The lead space scene isn't great, it could be anyway. Who Cares? This isawesome.

I've been thinking about to tax theterme three contrefeted of you, I've betaking much O chatres future Riso. You need between the Evergreen. What would you do I, and I want to talk wit- is an get a kid sleep. That's a tell me that you love me, makeit easy. Just a super card of a faded cares likewhy Sanine for trading tatooed as me, a Jacking Ein Heaven with can't speak. Can I can't sleep? That is a another one of the. We arethe union, a brand new album ordinary life that is called make it easy theyjust releasing cracking new video for that, but it's a great tune. Get thealbum just jump on bad time records, not bad news records like I call themin the first hour. It is awesome, it is a great album. You'll love it. There isa whole theme through it. Just read up on a we are the union and the strugglesthat read: Walk cut has gone through and you will understand before we arethe union we heard in the Galactic Gastron uts there single that's comingout m the sixteenth of July. I've got written here, so I've got that very,very early there from Leeds that is called a maid in Hong Kong. Music forthe people is a new album that is coming out. Then unhappy people recordsgreat stuff right, I'm going to play a coup of classics and in go bring it onhome. Let's go to Jamaica, should we...

...e e e O s e? I S e!! that is what I me O me. I medinese my estimate, someone is sin,I my Esei, gonna walk or you Manesian know I...'s gonna be Ritson, be Mi. Won't everwant a F. No, I won't be the one OARIN buster from N to nineteen sixtythree or yeah murders we ar to to the matal pressure drop. What a way to endthe first show back. I've had a bit of time off, but I'm back into thethrowing I've a love tonight. I hope you have two please please, please staysafe. I know we've got this new Delta variant, so please be careful out there,especially if you're in areas of issue do I have to say it. I'M GOIN TO I've.Missed it all right. If you don't have to go out, please stay indoors. If youdo go out, please wear a Mus. Keep watching your hairs. Don't touch yourface, so it's Jill distancing is still a thing. This gang coming back onlineand we're all excited about that. So if we do the right thing, there'll beloads, more gigs and we'll just be happy just be happy people, I've beenbeefy. This has been the sky. Show with beefes good to be back people, I'm gladI can make your life just a little beer happier with a little bit of scar, stayto for scar, pod three by the ways got but three and be eight loads, and youreleases well. We got a theme this week. It's awesome anyway. All I'm going tosay is who's that man with a soup o his head O. I E I A E O. U E E E N Y o you an I I on you o Super Yoresef, that's not the greatestca song of all time. I don't know what he's hey there, beefy, hey rob! Do youhave nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport O it stars you an me Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah, if youwant get it whenever you get your podcast from we's, far fire. Two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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