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The Ska Show with Beefy, Sep 12th 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with tracks from Sunny Coast Rude Boys, Tony Hawk, Mikey & His Uke, Alpha Boys School, Tropa Vibes and then pure skanking gold from Ernest Ranglin & The Alpharians, Abraskadabra, O Leopardo, Thirteen Towers, Louis Lingg & The Bombs, General Rudie, The Brodys, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Laurel Aitken & The Loafers plus Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it! 

Any moment. I've got to lovemy blue I love Scott. Defines who I am as a person and Iwill never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait to play gone don't. It's time to have abit of a Skank, and I think that I will in fact Skank Sascha. Hey, this is Graham. Where the mad caddies, and you're listeningto beef on the Scott Show Southern FM. All right, I want to knowwhat's with these sky bands always playing these ridiculous, Dorky you know,collaboration, online cover videos and stuff. I'm just so sick of this.Why can't somebody play any good music? Jeezy Willie, well, she's inthe sun, not just the lonely one teas in my beay. He comesanother. See it before, just like a closing. There wasn't time whenshe was mine. When it's so long ago? Does she want to know? I don't know that, but I no will. I nothing to you. Just think that I am, but I got to teasing my beat.It's getting clean the face I see right next to me. She's thinking wineand looking fine. I'm feeling sane. It's just a dream my head.I sell I got nothing to I know that. You just think that Ibut I got nothing to teasy my be you just thinking I had a dream. Well, so she's in the sun, just having fun. where I stayteas in Myny. Just think that I am, but I know well, I've got nothing to do. Well, I know that, you just thinkthat I am, but I got nothing into I don't care, shareor not. I will. Will where...'re from, what you want tobecome? What did you go to school? If you show, tell you whoyou are. Welcome back through the sky. Show with me, beefy. We're in the middle of the world famous cover sextion. You Never gonnabelieve who did that last tune. I know it was a melancholin cover onvocals. Tony Hawk, Tony Hawk, the Skateboard Kid. Yeah, hewas on vocals. He was doing it with Mikey and he's you. Yeah, that's a turn up for the books in it obviously Tony's a massive Scoutpunk Fan, skate music in particular. Thought I surprised you are with thatone. Tony Hawk, no cigar. Awesome. We kicked off the wildfamous cover section with the sunny coast route boys out of the Sunshine Coast upthere in Queensand Australia. That was their cover of the specials tears of mybeer, but it's kind of a UB forty style cover. Did you knowit's the Horn line in the background? It was Kayst fling in love withyou. That was their cover of the Elvis tune, but they stole thehorn line from it. Actually sounds pretty cool. Not Quite into that reggae'sslower down versions, but they've done it quite well. The old Sunday coastrue boys load of gigs coming up where they're going to be playing surface paradiseon the twelve September the Imperial Hotel you Monday twenty five September, the beinglead tavern, ninth October, the Banana Benderpa Bozzy World Queens and Scar Festivaltwenty three of October and then the headline Christmas show scam reggae Festiv all playingthe zoo in Brisbane with the strange tenants Saturday d fetember and then the Solbaron the Sunshine Coast to day after nineteen of December. Very very busy boysand girls the sunny coast rue boys and we love them. I think theircover of beds of boons getting a lot of airplay around Australia as well.Right. Well, famous cover section. We're gonna go to the Philippines rightnow. Never played these guys before. Founded on the Internet and thought,yeah, I'm gonna play that. Why the Hell not? This is ascarish version of rivers of Babylon. The bander called TRUPPA vibes. They're outof Ilulu City in the Philippines. Anyway,...

...let's hear me. But the rippersare pop along there. We sat down. We remember the rippers onBarbl he is down, yamber. I wonder. We get the carriers.Arewe a party while you're from us? Now, why shall see you thelose song. It's really we get the carry as a why y'all got bywhile Y'all from us? Now I Shan't is in the loose. It isby the rippers are belong yea. We sat down. YEA, yeah,we win. Remembers I the Barbel. We sat down, but remembers.I let thou world so my mouth. I'm the mother dation. No,Bar Heart, be a SAP Tupple in thy sign here to night. Ilet our world. All my mouth on the mother dation of our heart.Be Asef Tupple in that sign. He's the ripple. The boys at down. Yea, we will remembers the rivers on Barbel is a down, Yaya, we will remembers. I when the week the carriers are. Why y'allgot to be rockery while you are promise the song. Now I shall ashe the Lord. So it is when the wee could not geious are.Why y'all got you building while you're from us. The song. Now Ishall wis in the Lords in a strait. It only our world. On mymouth. I'm the mother ation. No Bar wrong. Be Ourself upledin THY side the world, the mother Tation, Bar Heart, beself pullin THY side tonight. Bar Down. Yea, yeah, we will.But remember, I bob, we sat down. Yea. Yeah, weremember. Ie you when I wrote this all u twenty two. But Iwon't be followed. People ask me when you go up to the man bythe girls. I love it school already, but your dram. I love youthen. I love you stay. So I butt Youanna, but Istill I put you on a girl. Don't be bad about let you go. Just feel bad about and just looking...

...for another looking. Yes, Ilove the words you wrote to me, but that was bloody yes the day. I can't far on what you said. Every time you need a friend toshooting start and I wish on them. But that you wish on space,on where are? Wish, I wish. I wish. You lookingfor I just looking for another, looking for looking. I said to startI was under but that only satellite time to be sunspacewhere. I wish.I wish, I wish. I looking for another. I don't want tochange. I'm not looking for I just look at for love your way.By Hi. This is coping Gilly, from an access for Rad recording artists, actors and athletes against drink driving. What does it mean to be adesignated driver? It means you're the friend WHO's agreed not to drink, notthe person who's had the least to drink. It doesn't mean you're soft. Itactually takes guts and shows you care about your friends. After all,their lives are in your hands. So why don't you and your friends takeit in turns to be the designated driver when you go out? You'll makethe road safer for all. Of US Ernest wrangling and the ALFAIU's featuring EdwardThou ten thornton. Just what it is... That is the number onetrack off the Super Nova scarf festival fund raising album called scar cares, andit's a benefit for Jamaica's Alpha Boys School. Twenty four tracks on there. Theyhave flagged that vinyl orders are taking a lot longer and I don't thinkthey're going to be pressed till late December, early January. So twenty four tracks, bans from all over. Girls go scar from Mexico, alpheus fromthe UK, Doctor Ringding Cossies in there, the cat chew esques from Ireland,Melbourne Scar Orchestra on their red strips from Hong Kong, the scavengers fromIndia. Loads of bands. It's well well worth it. But that's alsosupern over Scy festal is not this again. It's next weekend. is coming atto live from Hampton Virginia. Forty band study as the scar. I'mgoing to do live stream as well. I think it's like seventeen bucks tobuy a live stream for loads of scaur bands next weekend. Buco Nice slackers, pietasters, HEP cat mustard plug and know a few international acts couldn't getthere. Don't not sure if they've been replaced. But doesn't matter, doesit? It really doesn't matter. Three nights worth of live scar if you'rein Hampton Virginia, I'm pretty sure take is still available because there's a fewoptions there. You can get day passes all the full three night special.The scatter lights up playing as well, so that it's going to be awesomelive stream. Just got the supern over international scar fessel jump on facebook pageand you can find out all about it now, Ernest wrangling. I didplay a interesting version of rivers of Babylon there. Now earnest wrangling, whoabsolute legendary in Jamaican music. He was the music director for the melodeons riversof Babylon. There you go. Tie everything up now. The Middle Songin there was a Billy Bragg cover of New England, and the band doingthat are called Helpha boys school. I think they actually changed their name inthe into Alpha boys or something. There from Germany. Great version of NewEngland. But all money raised from supernover international scar vessel is going to theAlpha school, Alpha International School I think it's called nowadays. In Jamaica,always desperate for funding, desperate for support. So please, please, please,support and buy that Supernova scar festival,...

...scar cares album, well well worthit. Troup of vibes from I loo Loo Looil, I don't know, I loolo city in the Philippines. Troup of visors of Babylon, scarysiawould be few debut that okay, got through my stuff. Gonna go toBrazil now. Good, a Dabba to be exact. These guys have anew album coming out at the end of the month. We already played thefirst single off it. The band are called Abracadabra, as beefy quickly rollthrough his notes looking for the first one. Do we need a sign? Wasthe first single? The album is actually at the twenty four for September. Make yourself at home. This is the second single off it is calledcattle life. I didn't although differs, taking his best he fly, weall do. Never had a single glass because they're fucking cast twenty seven yearsand not things. He said. Daughter. Leave behind. Your responsible for whatis going on, but you will fight. You must start for whatto say the Church and the bullet drop of your responsible for what is goingon there. Bodies. I don't Thee...

Fu sho a bit of a surfynumber. They're from Oh leabob do at a blow, Horizonte and Brazil.Brazil the dual chaos and Belo Horizonte, chaotic day and Blazonte. So thatmeans I like to like the only apart that's very different. Before them aBraska Dabra at a could Daba in Brazil again, cattle life off their newalbum, which is due out on the twenty four for September. Make yourselfat home. Those guys make it a wave, absolutely great stuff. Lookingforward to the album as well. Right, where we'RE gonna go? We're gottago to France. Oh Yeah, Paris to be exact. Louis lyingand the bombs. They're got a new single out. It is called nowhereland. There's loads of dubs and remixes on there as well, but thisis the single. He's top arch. I do like these guys. SkyShow with beefy debut for these boys as well. I walk starting from scratch. Search for me, but I've got... turn back the tides. Sickor swear about so long ago, dripping off no tream, so like aboat with empty paint, never looking bad, to turn back the tides stick ourswi how good is that track from...

...the depths, from thirteen towers outof fair facts, Virginia, brand new EP from then, a good fivetracker. It's awesome, people, it is awesome. Jump on it now, before thirteen towers, Louis Ling and the bombs at a Paris in France, nowhere land. I must say I'M A it's a different sound, butI like you. I like it a lot in that scape. On numbertwo, I've been kind of diving deep into my bag of tricks into thehistories of lesser known scar and I've come up with a couple of beauties.This is about an a Montree all. They did a couple of albums.They are a really good sound. The band were called General Rudy. Thisis off their second album. They did two albums. Take your place,two thousand and for the song is called shelter. It was a fundraiser for, I think, the homeless and it says the single shelter, whose lukescalled for help for Montreal's homeless. The video for shelter included footage of Squeegyekids and panhandlers and just we with shots of the band performing in an abandonedbuilding and under a highway overpast I'm pretty sure they got given, say,tenzero Canadian dollars, just about fifty pounds. They basically made the video for aslittle as they could, and then they gave the rest to the homeless, which is awesome, absolutely awesome. They finished up in two thousand andsix they did a reunion torches and fourteen. I have no idea what they're doingnow. Anyway, let's hear shelter General Rudy Change my latter. Thinkthey'll never said a down. No one really cares about what we do.No want to listen. So shouted out. Not My flock, great me,tear me, make me. Got The car cast not me. Iwanna be left alone. I'll make your sunrise trap you with my way.Nothing like fear. In the same standing in the shadows, I don't knowwhat's waiting for me on the other side when I get there. You can'tbe sure. Day left to hide. Won't you give me some? Iwanna be a bitch. Truck driver.

I wanna see that all be insidesafely makes it to its destination. I wanna be a bitch truck driving,a truck driver. When I was suddenly a childer, was right the busto school, I saw a terrible accident on the side of the road andthe memories on me still. What a big truck it was, falling sonsat bastre on inside there were bottles broken all of the street. That arevery few left. Inside we pass the seed of the accidents. When Ipressed my face to the school bus, when the way to myself. Iwanna be a beer insistination. Wanna be driving the drink US frosty bottle andcare that appear there in their him. I want everybody to raise and Iwant everybody to Risa but of beer and said Wybody to raise them bottle ofbeer and said to me, to all the eighteen wheel cherry us in,all the beer driving patriots, because at one we wouldn't even have a NAMdrinking truck drivers left me, because I wanna be a driver, driver.I gotta be a beer truck driver. I wanna be a beer truck thedriver. My Mama is a beer and drug driver, my sisters driver.Driver, driver. If you're ever feeling a little bit down, put onthe Brodi's beer truck driver. It is brilliant. I've just had a dancein the studio. I'm feeling a lot better. But it's nearly the endof the show. So how stupid a march should have started the show withthat one beer truck drive by the brodies. They were at a California that it'sfrom their two thousand and five alum stuck, lesser known SCA's King GeneralRudy, at a Montreal, Canada, off their two thousand and four album. Take your place. That it's called shelter. I'M gonna play a coupleof favor it's and then we're going to finish up about some Bostons by Alick, through inspiration from so many problems to crack and bust face forget. Wasthe bath prison? Was The wall swager? Last constant gundictions adjust us. Whatstranger back depiction that never ceasing to amaze. On the rattle basis keepCarter way, so they knew his day,...

...walks down the street. Every chick, skip a beat. Walks down the street. Every chick hard seplooking dude in what we don't shot kick bucket. What do we don't?Don't last Laurel aking and the loafers. A live version of skin out thereand we are so had the mighty, mighty bus tones during Rascal King.That's it for another scar show with beefy. Thanks for listening. I do really, really appreciate anyone that tunes into this show, because I do itbecause I love it and you listen because you want to hear some great scarmusic and I hope I facilitate that for you. Please check out the faceof PACER SCAR show with beefy or through twitter. You can contact me atbeefy sky a shore. I don't do the other ones. I'm not tickTocker. I don't do instagram for the show because it just tastes too muchtime, to be honest, and I ain't got time. Hey, gottime for that? If I haven't played your music you're in a band,or if you're listener and I haven't played your favorite tunes, you need getin touch of me. You can get in touch me through facebook or turn. Just sent me a message and I try my best. We got three, yeah, three, kingdom, one, two, three, inn died tree, as you saying. Wells three scar puds a week. People.I need music to put on those scar pods. So please get in touchlet me know what you want to hear. In the meantime, please, ifyou can, get vaccinated as AP. We're going to need a vaccination passportto travel, so you might as well get it. If you're antieit, you ain't going anywhere, because it's just the story and nature ofthe beast. I want to see gigs again. We're in lockdown in basicallyAustralia. We're in lockdown. There's no gigs going on. There is somein queens and but we can't get in there. It's a close shop.So please get vaccinated and then I can see some gigs again. Please rememberthat scart nation is now moved to December.

Eighteen and thousand nine hundred and tenof the t tree hotel in Warr in Victoria. I've been beefy.This has been the scar show with beefy. Please stay safe, people. Yeah, please stay safe. Be Excellent to one another. WHO's that manwith us? Soup on his head? Super Super Super Super Super Super SuperHu super super super super super. Hey, they're beefy. Hey, rob doyou have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothingto do. All the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've foundsomething that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people canlisten to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if youwant, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well, spotifyto three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you neverknew you wanted to listen to.

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