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The Ska Show with Beefy, Sep 12th 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with tracks from Sunny Coast Rude Boys, Tony Hawk, Mikey & His Uke, Alpha Boys School, Tropa Vibes and then pure skanking gold from Ernest Ranglin & The Alpharians, Abraskadabra, O Leopardo, Thirteen Towers, Louis Lingg & The Bombs, General Rudie, The Brodys, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Laurel Aitken & The Loafers plus Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it! 

A man is on: Are you to low my blue, be so God to find to? I am as a person, and Iwill never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets youshould ever wait to like God, we don't play, go anymore, it's time to have a bit of a Skank, andI think that I will in fact skink Eacha Hey. This is Graham, were the MARACATESand you're listening to baby on the Scott, so southern FM. All right, Iwant to know, what's with these sky bands, always playing these ridiculousDarky, you know collaboration online cover, videos and stuff, I'm just sosick of this. Why can't somebody play any good music, Jes nobby? Well, just ain't clean. I was so she's in the sun, just just Likowa Meotis, my it's just a reminge. Just in what oshes in the Sun just having fun. Well S I got to well I I I I don't: Can EHWILL Nowell a...

...l what you want to become? What did you go to school? You do you think US show o welcome back to the sky. Show with mebeefy we're in the middle of the world famous Camisea, you never going tobelieve who did that last tune. I know it was a melancholy cover on vocalsTony Hawk Tony Hark the skateboard kid yeah. He was on vocals. He was doing itwith Mikey and his UK yeah. That's a turn up for the books, an I obviouslytone's, a messy scare, a punk Fan, skate music in particular, thought. Isurprise you always that one Tony Hawk no cigar awesome. We kicked off theWellamos cover section where the sunny coast rue boys, at of the SunshineCoast up there in Queens, an Australia that was their cover of the specialtears on my beer, but it's kind of a UB forty style cover. Did you notice thewhole line? In the background? It was, can Stan foining lone you that was their cover of the ElvisJune, but they stole the horn line from it. Actually, so s pretty cool notquite into that regas slower down versions, but they've done it quitewell. The all sunny coast, Robbo load of gates, coming up where they're goingto be playing surface paradise. On the twelve September, the Imperial Hotel,you Monday, twenty fifth September, the benty seven ninth October, the bananabend a Pabas World Quiz Scarf Festival, twenty third of October and then theheadline Christmas show scan reggae festival, playing the zoo in Brisbanewith the strange tenants, Saturday, eighteen retemper and then the sober onthe Sunshine Coast Er day after nineteen December, very, very busy boysand girls, the Sunny Coast Rubys, and we love them. I think they're cover ofbeds of bones getting a lot of their play around Australia as well. Right,well, famous cover section we're going to go to the Philippines right now.Never played these guys before found it on the Internet and thought yeah. I'mgoing to play that why the hell not this is a scar is version of rivers ofBabylon. The banner called Tropes, the right of Lulu City in the Philippines.Anyway, let's see me,...

...but the ripest. We I down a w e the rips on me Ye do me wonder we get the Garryowen by O. No, why shall o Donnoit? Is Me?As a Isebrande River of e O, I m I E B a e, a a member. Let Down we O my mom, my mother, as onto my heart, be Olivia, my on the mother, a you now myheart be ever to be in Dainopoulos down meme rivers on bibles, I own. I Memento you but O why you are from theSon O. I shall wisinsteins way got you bestir from ye son. Now I shall was theo s o it ower, I'm the mother Asonante toBenndite mother, take so do be to Einsiedel e the river. So I was down a a a man, be Unwanton I'm twenty to, but I won't befor long people ask me when you go up to you, man a is I love it. So alreadyI love again. I love a one like what youan a obad about. Let you know you go just be bad about to...

I. Yes, I love the word. You go to me thatblood. Yes, I can't I at an every time you need afriend I to shooting Star A and I wish on themto pace. Oeris wish. I want t but t o Pasoeroean A. I love your way. Fo Hi. This is coineran excess for red, recording artists actors and athletes against drinkdriving. What does it mean to be a designated driver? It means you're, thefriend WHO's agreed not to drink, not the person who's had the least to drink.It doesn't mean you soft. It actually takes guts and shows you care aboutyour friends. After all, their lives are in your hands. So why don't you andyour friends? Take it in turns to be the designated driver when you go out,you'll make the road safer for all of us, a...

...a earnest wrangling and the Alfarofeaturing Edward Tanten Thornton, just what it is now that is the number onetrack of the Supernova scarf festival fund, raising album called scar, Kisand it's a benefit for Jamaica's Alpha Boys School, twenty four tracks onthere. They have flagged that vinyl orders are taking a lot longer and Idon't think they're going to be pressed till late December early January. Sotwenty four tracks, bands from all over girls, go scar from Mexico Alpheus fromthe UK, Dr Ring Ding courses in there's this cat cusk from Ireland, Melbourne Scar, Orchestra on their RedStruction, Hong Kong, the scavengers from India loads of bands. It's wellwell worth it, but also Supernova scar festival is not. This again is next. Wegain is comen at Ju, live from Hampton Virginia forty bands studios to scar,they're going to do live stream as well. I think it's like seventeen bucks tobuy a large dream for loads of scarbend next week and Bucko nose lack as pie,tastes, a hip cat mustard plug. I know a few international, its couldn't getthere that not sure if they've been replaced, but doesn't matter, does itit really doesn't matter three nights worth of live scar. If you're inHampton Virginia, I'm pretty sure to you still available because there's afew options there, you can get day passes or the full three night special,the scatter lights are playing as well, so that it's going to be awesome, livestream just go the soup and over international scar. First war jump on afacebook page, and you can find out all about it now earnest wrangling. I didplay a interesting version of rivers of Babylon. There now ernest wrangling, hewas absolute legendry in Jamaican music. He was the music director for theMelodian rivers of Babylon. There you go tie everything up now. The MiddleSong in there was a bully brag cover of New England and the band dunette boyschool. I think they actually changed the name in the into Alpha boys orsomething there from Germany, great version of New England, but all moneyrace of Supernova Internet Iscar vestal, is going to the offer school AlfaInternational School. I think it's called nowadays in Jamaica, alwaysdesperate for funding desperate for support s. So please please place uponby that Supernova Scar, festival, scar,... album well well worth it Tropiefrom Lo. Lo Iloilo, I don't know Lo lit city in the Philippines, tropesis ofBabylon scathe wil be F, Dab that okay got Um. My stuff goin no go to Brazilnow good at Gabe. To be exact. These guys have a new album coming out at theend of the month. We all ready played the first single offic, the band ercalled abric as beefy quickly rolls through his notes. Looking for thefirst one, do we need a sign was the first single. The album is actually atthe twenty fourth of September. Make yourself at home. This is the secondsingle of it is called cattle life. I I never a hiorth,...

I a bit of a surfy number there from Oh,Lea Pato at a Belo Horizonte and Brazil Basil Dia Du Chao, Sembella HarsanKanik Day and be lasan Te. So that means I like to like old, Lianas, verydifferent before them: Abrasadabra Racadab in Brazil, again, cattle lifeoff the new album, which is due out on the twenty four or September, makeyourself at home those guys making a wave, absolutely great stuff. Lookingforward to that album as well right where we're going to go, we kind of goto France, Oh yeah, Paris, to be exact, Louis Ling and the bombs they got a newsingle out. It is called nowhere, land, there's loads of dubs and remixes onthere as well, but this is the single he top notch. I do like these guys skyshow with beefy debut for these boys as well.

We toinotte looking a time.

How good is that track from the depthsfrom thirteen towers, at a fair, fax for Genia Bran new EP from then a goodfive tracker? It's awesome people. It is awesome, jump on it now beforethirteen towers, Louis Ling and the bombs out of Paris in France. Nowhereland, I must say, I'M A it's a different sound, but I like it. I likeit a lot in a scarp O number. Two I've been kind of diving deep into my bag oftricks into the histories of lesser known scar and I've come up with acouple of beauties. This is about at a Montree. All they did a couple ofalbums. They a really good sound. The ban were called General Rudy. This isoff their second album. U Do two albums take your place two thousand and forthe song is called shelter. It was a fundraiser for I think the homeless,and it says the single shelter whose lukes called for help for Montreal'shomeless, video for shelter included a footage of squeezy, kids and Panhandles in desperit shots of the band performing in an abandoned building andunder a highway overpast, I'm pretty sure they got given, say ten thousandCanadian dollars us about fifty pounds. They basically made the video for aslittle as they could and then they gave the rest to the homeless, which isawesome, absolutely awesome. They finished up in two thousand and six.They did a reunion, torches and fourteen. I have no idea what they'redoing now. Anyway, let's see shelter, General Rudy, a change. My O e think I wout don't neversay the KINTAMO. No one really cares. We who do knowwhat to listen so shouted O O o O. I not my love grit me to tell memake me out the Coupe Kiss O. I want to be left alone. I make you so Rischmann e other side. When I get there, you can be sure I notthey. Let you I want to give me so I want to be a big t driver.

I want to see that inside her shapely makes it to its Tomi want to bea bit driven. I was a child. O was runningthe bust. I saw a terrible accent on the side of the road and the memory onme till I was in a sore on his side. NeverMooney new left inside as the of the Ataata there in there a wavery, orsemaster and said to me tothe wheel Cherrystreet. Even now the name, an Rinieri I gotta, be here adrunk driver. I want to be a ER, a dog driver, my Mama, in a beer and to a Erif you're ever feeling a little bitdown put on the Brodies, be a truck driver. It is brilliant. I've just hada dance in the studio and feel a lot better, but it's noral the end of theshow. So how stupid and might should have start the show with that one be atruck drive by the brodies. They were out of California that it's from theretwo thousand and five alums stuck lesser known scar, he's King GeneralRudi at a Montreal, Canada off their two thousand and four album take yourplace. That is called shelter, I're going to play a couple of favorites andthen we're going to finish up how about some boss times. I through inspiration from the mad someproblems, raand osts, the five and brinsteads fictions. Just as in whatstranger the picture in the NEETESTA...

S, the neist on the street, a diapason the tree, every Kiote,Peouaria, Olau, El Akin and the loafers a liveversion of skin out there, and we also had the maty mighty bus tones doingrascal. King, that's it for another scar show with beefy thanks forlistening. I do really really appreciate anyone that chooses intothis show, because I do it because I love it and you listen because you wantto hear some great scar, music. I hope I facilitate that, for you, please takeout the face of pay to scar, show with beefy or through twitter. You cancontact me at Beefe scase. I don't do the other ones, I'm not tick Tucker. Idon't do it to came for the show because it just takes too much time tobe honest, and I ain't got time he got turned for that. If I haven't playedyour music you're in a band or if your listener- and I haven't- played yourfavorite tunes, you need get in touch with me. You can get in touch me sourfacebook or to just send me a message and I'll try. My best. We got threeyeah three kindom one. Two three in died tree as ye saying wells, threescar, puds a week, people I need music to put on those scar pods. So pleasecan it touch. Let me know what you want to hear in a meantime: Please if youcan get vaccinated a sap, we're going to need a vaccination passport totravel, so you might as well get it if you empty it. You Ain't going anywhere,because it's just the story and nature of the beast. I want to see gigs againwe're in lock down in Basel Australia, wouldn't lock down. There's no gigsgoing on. There is something Queens on, but we can't get in there. It's a closeshop, so please get vaccinated and then I can see some gigs again. Pleaseremember that scar, nation is now moved... December eighteenth and nineteen.Ten, a t tree hotel in Warran Victoria I've been befit. This has been the scarshow with beefy place, stay safe people yeah. Please stay safe, be excellent toone another WHO's that man with a super is had oziose there, beefy, Hey rob: Do youhave nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go it stars, you an me Oh wow,so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah,if you want get it whenever you get your podcast from one far fire twothree hundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knewyou wanted to listen to a.

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