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The Ska Show with Beefy, Dec 15th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure.

We've gone New Release crazy this time around on #SkaPod #3 and quite a few of the bands are making their Ska Show with Beefy debuts! Georgetown Orbits, Public Serpents, Take Today, Big Takeover Band, Dennis Walks, Lynval Golding, Mikey Brooks, Nate Funk, Punk In Dublic, Bongo Brains, The Piseogs and Dr. Splink all feature! 

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.

Any moment now. That's got tobe hey, this is roger from Leston Jake and you're listening to the skyshow with beef. This happens to be the second best Scot show in thewhole planet. Check it out. This is the the nutties songs around.Who is rich? This is job, this is Ya, this is job. Plain to see how life this. Please dust the grain in the hourglass. The Hour Glass. It's up to us to find some before ourtime has passed, before it is past. So we look up into the heaven, we look deep under the sea, look back into but it's still lookup into the heaven. Look deeper the sea, we look back intothe ages, but we bust. Can't see. Better Offti, better off. Trying to prove they beat up to and what the teacher said, whatour teachers said, the better off, better off. They go trying tofind a little piece of mine. Gotta leave. That will beat it all. There are some good miss guy. Try to fill our heads with lieswith my go by, for they often pay a heavy price. They paywith their lives. Look up into the heavens, we look deep under thesea, look back into the but it's still look up into the heaven,we look deeper the sea, we look back into the ages, but wejust care. Maybe we're all just idio, leaving our lives up in Cascadia,playing upart like you American, watching the game right from the Stadio.Do we know when we ever better trying... prove any bed up to andwhat our preachers said, what those creatures said? Better off, better offtrying to find a little piece of mind. You gotta lose. That will giveit all behind. Better a little little pet. Oh yes, welcometo the Skysh I would be if he scar pard number three this week.I know we normally have a guest programmer or a theme or something, butthere are so many, and I mean many, new releases. This isanother scarpot number three. That is all new releases. It's crazy. Init it's crazy. You just heard the Georgetown orbits out of Seattle. Betteroff dead. That is the tutter track off their new EP, and isn'tit good? I like that. I like that a lot. Thank youfor joining me, wherever you may be on the planet. I'll just lovespending a little bit of time with you guys, and most of all Iwant to thank you for downloading, because this one is a download only.I do a live show on Tuesdays here in Melbourne Australia. We put themout as scar pods, one hour long ish, and scarp on number threeis only available as a podcast. You are the only people that get toexperience it because it doesn't get broadcast live, and I get to cover up allmy mistakes, of course, to do right. Where we'RE gonna go? WE'RE gonna GO TO NEW JERSEY, brand new from the public serpents.This is farewell visible way the dogs get. What the fuck if I try tostay away at chase the back in the race for the men, togetherthe poult spat the night search as if...

...we were drown a love to hopeto take the crowne keep it goes what Joel? I'll hit her up later. This one's called petty. When you want me, you cannot come onand see me. Baby, then a brother I can't talk. Then brotherthat I can save. When you need me, you cannot come on seema baby. Then a problem I can't a problem that I can solve herI will and I when do you want... You cannot come one baby, then a problem that I can't solve the problem. No, no,no, what do you need me? You cannot come on, seem babybetter. Problem Concerns. I will. I have, I'm gonna get,get this, I'm gonna get time. Will Go Katy, Katy, Katy, getting baby. I'M gonna I can't want, I will pretty petty,pretty, pretty petty for you, my baby. You want, I'm gonnaget it for you, baby, pull my patience, pull my paby.Everything you wanted, I'm gonna pay. I'm gonna get eyes and that Nice. That is a band. Add a New York. They're making this cashowwould beefy debut and I don't know why. They're called the big takeover band.They have a new album out called live in wood stock. You justheard get it, but this album nineteen tracks, all live. Isn't itbloody awesome? I think it had cost you a fiver just to get thedigital download. Well well worth it. I am going to be playing moreof the big takeover band because I just discovered those guys this week and Ihave listened to this two or three times already in full. It is awesome. Before the big takeover band take today at a New Jersey we just heardscarred diving, and we kick that little segment off with the public serpents doingfarewell. They're on tent city records now. I'm not sure whether this is afarewell for the public serpents. Who knows? I'm just guessing. I'mprobably reading between the lines right. We're going to move to Jamaica now.Really fruits records out of Geneva have teamed up with the eighteen parallel. They'veteamed up with Jamaican artist. We're going to kick things off with Dennis Walks. His new single is called long struggling. You go along. We have beenthrow in without cave for a brother. You call. We have been feation. We're in a terrible state and now we scared La. We gotto start the OPSONE from the press. We got stop. We got tostop those you call. We Miss Without...

...get in love for our brother.Look how long we are been Fey DA. We are in a terrible mistake andnow was getting. We are still. We got to stop your pressure.We mug from the PRESON. We got to stop those fools before theyget to close call on. We got to stop to wimmer from we gotto stop before we got to stop. Stop, we have been. Wedout, you came, we outro. Can't fighting. They don't want to. You now fighting. So what's going on? What's going on? What'swhat's going on? From killing your brother with the leaders of this world,the keeping the people a rating. So that's why your people keep on fightingevery day. We don't want you, no wanna. So what going on? What's the fighting? The fighting, the sister and the killing each otherevery day. Can start the fighting in...

...this world. Only believing in themthat you do what? Fighting and fighting. They don't want to unite, fightingand fighting. But I'm no place so much to what's going on.What's going on with the leaders? Keep you, keeping the people fighting?Mother, describe mothers, mother, mother describe mother, describing. We destroythe plenty we live on. We will today for the little we got.A day got sad. We cannot. Oh No, mother, there isthe way for you to run. And I said this your job. Gonnaget to pick it. Man, you won't tap the boy, you willmake you don't give one one strong. We live only for silver. RHurricane Start we disturbed Mikey Brooks his little...

...collaboration with the eighteen parallel. Thatis mother Earth before Mikey Brooks, Linville golding of the specials fame, hiseighteen parallel collaboration. What's going on? And we kicked it off with Denniswalks long struggling. Just look up fruits records are at the Geneva on theOld Bank camp. They've got loads of stuff on there, but that eighteenparallel stuff with those three artists all singles. If you like your vinyl, youcan order the triple pack as well. Some absolute stunking tread there. Rightfrom Jamaica or Geneva? I don't know really. It's origins are inJamaica, so we'll stick with that. We're going to go to San Bernardinoin California. I A nate funk. He's got two new EPS and ofliterally just come out. The first one's called the sound trap project, buthe's also got a little acoustic EP called. Playing Guitar is hard with hooves.Are you telling me? I'm no Moose, but even with these handsI can't play guitar. If I was a Moose I would struggle. Anyway. We're going to hear Michelle Acoustic style. This is nate funk. I knowyou haven't gone to sleep. Battle Breaking Radiard in that little fast foodsdoll. Little breakdout merely brings you any redress. My dear, I knowyou must be stressed. Oh yes, mischell, I hope you think ofcoming West to get up that cold doing whether mess. Thanks for really meout with buzz. I'm blessed you and I a something going the shell.Oh yes, eat fool swig I take out of your flask makes me wishthat we could last like that Allid Day, carting on my desk with the eachday that comes to rest. Look at us, two torture souls,never got asleep at home. All I wish he's that you're well to mydear Michell, I know that you divorce that drugged up Dude Carolina coast.As you feeling no use. I'm just a little bit fluster high ad BitGreen Night Boster. Shoot me outside, I guess I'll sweit. EAU SWIGI take out of your flask makes me think about our past. Like thatall the day, Card sitting on my desk with thee each day that comesto rest. Look at us, two tortured souls, always got US sleepalone all I wish he's that you're well, my dear Michelle, my dear,my dear the tunnels. Nice to...

...see, not just let the onethat said right from the day, something wrongs up. Chinese. True,and I figured life the sweet. That sound sweet. That's a go.The same which she turned. She Cut. That's to find me. Just goto the light. Was Ready for punk in doublic. They're at aMontreal in Canada. They have put together the ultimate dub no EFFEX tribute album. We just heard the longest lines. If you love you no effects andyou want it in a dub style, then this is the album for you. I don't know that much about Punkin doublic. All I can tell youis they're massive no effects fans and they just want to celebrate the music ofno EFFEX and the songwriting of Fat Mike. This ten tracks on that album.Like I said, if you love no EFX and you love dub,just jump on it. Before Punkin Dublic. We heard nate fun from San Bernardino, California, off is guitar is playing hard with WHO's Acoustic epe.We heard Michelle. We are gonna move to born Lange in a Dalana Swedena band we have played a little bit of before, Bongo brains, featuringthe mighty haunts. They've got a brand new album out. It is calledbeats from the big turn. This is kiss of Bongo or anyone. WhenI come a wealthy man, when I... a rich man, or friendand close family and forget more roots for expensive roots. When I come awell Benny, gave us all your money, not a lot of money, stillyour money, money, money to feed the rich man or lass everywhereand your past that expensive. When I've com a wealthy man, when I'ma rich man boy and sell playing the game. More small suits on wealthyman expending and Pan Seld treat a mast can be. Now I'm a selfrich Man Lord. Now Right, well man or profit from the O.Sure, how I'm totally corrupt us all your money, money, give usyour money, money, fee, politicians, politicians, oh, that's a bitdifferent. Is in it? Doctors...

Blink. They're from the South Westof England, Somerset, Devon area. That is a scar show with beefydebut that it's a new single is called rich man. Before doctor splink thepishogues out of like Trim Sligo in Ireland, brand new from those guys disco envy, and we kick that little segment off with a band from Dalana inSweden, Bungo brains, their brand new album beats from the big turn.We heard the track that's top of the heap, kiss of Bongo. Ilike that. I say it time and time again. I love a goodinstrumental. On the sky show with beefy, and that is a good instrumental.Well, we've hit December on the sky show with beefy. I wasgoing to put out the fundraising album saving the sky show with beefy before Christmas, but there are just so many other compilation albums that are coming out right, left and sender it is a bit unfair on those guys that are probablyraising money from a lot better charitable causes the mine. So I am goingto delay it till after Christmas. So it is looking good already, Ihave to say. So that will be out in January and that's it.A SCALP ODD number three. That is nothing but new releases. If you'rein a band that I haven't played your music, all you need to dois get in touch with me. You can find me through the faceook pagethe scar show with a beefy or through twitter at beefy sky show. Ifyou're a fan of the show and you want a program scar pard number three, just get in touch say hello. I do not bite, unless youask me to, and then it's a very, very different proposition. playlistsare on the social media as well, as all the bands that get playedin the show are tagged. I their facebook page or the twitter handle.Please do me a favorite. Just give the bands a little bit of afollow. Give my like on facebook or a follow on twitter. You'll bethe first to know when his new music coming out or when these gigs inyour area. Or you can just flick him a few quid. By theirmusic, by their merch. Keep these bands going. We've all done ittough over the past eighteen months. Bands have been hit hardest. They reallyreally have, so any little show of support really, really helps. I'llbe back with the live show next week. This scard pods will follow throughout theweek. In the meantime, please stay safe, everybody. I've beenbefy. This has been the scar show with BEV SCAR pod number three,junie, do this scarsh with B B Junie Hey, they're beefy. HeyRob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I'vegot nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what?I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that,rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days ofsport. Right, it stars you and me. Oh Wow, so otherpeople can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah,if you want, get it wherever you get your podcast from. Well,spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast younever knew you wanted to listen to.

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