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The Ska Show with Beefy, Sep 15th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. 

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. This week The Players Band from Baltimore take the reigns just before they head to Virginia for Supernova this weekend. Tracks from The Loving Paupers, Scotch Bonnets, The Pietasters, Left Alone and The Forwards are selected for a very genuine reason! Plus there's also newies from Luciano Macchia Crooner, Raus Aus Mein Haus, The Big Skandal, Alvaro SS & His Jammig Session and Alex Dominish.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph. 

Any moment now that's got a hey, this is roger from Leston Jake and you're listening to the sky show withbeef. This happens to be the second best Scot show on the whole planet. Check it out. This is a heavy mugs, the nutties, songsaround. Who Stop? This is this is, this is divine sempriere.Shall I do? Shall I do about email? Shown your legs down?People, are people? Welcome to the... show with beefy scar pard numberthree. This is the extra show you guys get because I just couldn't fitall the new releases into the live show and I also want to do somethingdifferent, give something a bit back to the bands, and scarpot three wasborn. I really do hope you're enjoying it and get involved. This isyour show. It's I want to do the least work as possible, sosend me a theme or send me your favorite tunes. Yeah, just sendit through. If you're in a band, send me your music and you canguess program Scar Board number three. We kicked off with a friend ofthe show from Milan in Italy, Luciano Macia, crooner, his brand newsingle less that shave, that the summer. That was Luciano, contributed a trackto the Save the sky show with beefy compilation album valuil Dounari. Idon't know what that means in it. Tell Him, I'll speak. Youtell him, but is pretty good tune. That thanks joining me. I hopeyou're all safe and well. Getting vexed. That's the main thing.Get Double Jabb people as AP from Italy. WE'RE gonna go to a Germany righton the southeastern border with the Zech Republic. I nearly said check hisRackia, then the check republic, quite close to Dresden. These guys arefrom Zerberg. They called Arouse House, Mine House, out of my house. This is her brand new single off their brand new album. Blah,blah, blah, egand was MITSCAR. That means Bla Blah Blah and athing with scar this is beer. Does be a go whisker? Oh yes, it does. Super Sun inside the doctor's come gets to it deep againwhen you Ben. That's Gossiper in deep blue and room on target. Yeah, I's here on taking the glasses the sea sky night, but get startsby so fum, lost by the light of place. Yet not us.But don't start Snicks, be off hungry,... on the own trepidation, yourfee to the fly and rise in retaliation. You'll please be ignored.All of your sins are forgiving. Lie on the floor. Your dignity isforbidden ware. You better run now, revolution your bloody hand. When thevoice of a man comes, a chorus of me runs out. The soundpromise is empty. Your cry me love, your problemation life. Better run.I don't show the people your bloody unstable. Evidence has established the factthat a series of offensive missile site is now in preparation. When not imprisonedisland, you tell us what opinion is of the United States policy during thisperiod of your revolution. When, when you want to? That's all.We want to where? You better bewareapy. Wherever is your lash? You betterway where Everlution, your last time...

...for your bloody airs. Oh,the big scandal out of Miami and Florida. Go fish finds up, people finsup. NFL has started on him. So looking for the NFL season thisyear. Lockdown in Melbourne. What else I'm going to do? I'mgoing to watch every NFL game I can. Revolution, as is the name ofthat one from the big scandal there are found out about these guys aspart of the quarantine for Cause Festival last year. Now those guys don't reallydone much, but they do have a beer. Yeah, it's a limitedrelease stout, probably own available at one bar. But anyway, who doesn'twant to be or who doesn't want to stout named after him? The bigscandal out of Miami. Before the big scandal, we heard a house,House, Mine House. That's out of my house from Erzer Burger in southeasternGermany, right on the check republic boarder there. That's near Dresden. Thetune we heard is called beer and it's off Blah Blah Blah. agendaws MIDSCA. That means Blah Blah Blah anything with scar right, a new e offliquid data music. Those guys are based in Madrid, but this guy isout ah of Mexico. These alecto, which means fasting coyote. Apparently,Alvaro as SASS and is jamming sessions is brandy, single Brittin do up.I can live. Alam, what a Game Day. Made Up. Don'tlook amazing. Made Up. I can live. If I'm in pull upas made up, bookams, made up.

I call I know we had arocky start. Now, rocket staddy, you know I be a lot ofheart, but my counts is still heavy. I promise that I'll seethis through. Every if you let me take your hand, you be thewhat I marry. We were too young in high school, or so theysay, but little did they know, the wild child was made. Iwas messing around, running all over the time, tripping over my own feet. But that's all alone, and now I'm back on level ground, drivingdown on one way street. I know we had a rocky start and nowwhere I can steady. You know I made a lot of heart, butmy conscience is still heavy. I promise that I'll see this through. Love, Ay, if you had me take your head, you'd be the oneI marry. Now, I give you my promise. Entering toy as abit of insurance. That was in gee so you'll hear what I say.There'll be no rocky things that will call ourselves apart, and I hope youbelieve what I say. I do mean I find ally grown up heart now. Rock and Sandy, you know I've made a lot of heart, butmy counts is still heavy. I'll see this will never vary. If youhave me take your head to be the... I'm married from Branson Missouri, Alex Dominis. She's got a brand new EPO called small Bat Shandy.That is called rocking steady. Now, if you didn't know, Branson Missourihas got the largest privately owned commercial airport in America. I'll give you thefacts, Babel. I just give you the facts. All borough SS andhe's jamming sessions. Before that his new e Brendo. He's on liquidated music. They're based Adam Madrid. But ALVARDO, he's from Nazahua. I look oday, which means fasting cloudy in Mexico. It's actually quite near MexicoCity. I don't know how far, but it is on scalpard number three. You guys know we have a guest programmer. It's a little bit different. This week we've gone to the players band out of Baltimore. Those guysformed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, or twenty two years oldthis year, if my mass is correct, they've done five studio albums, includingskimogus board from last year. It was their first in twelve years,by the way. They just played with stop the presses last weekend. Theyare playing super over. Next weekend we'RE gonna go back to scimogus. Butif you haven't got Schimmogus Ball, by the way, you need to getit. It is absolutely brilliant. Track one off that album is who's that? No, whether run to, no where, to someone's going to findyou. Wiles, you ride with me, me. There's no where know wheresomeone gonna find you. Less you run with me. Why don't youtake me away? Pretty soon it'll be all right. Why don't you takeme away and realize what you did is right? Yeah, I don't knowwhat you're thinking. What are you thinking? Sometimes, did you ever stop tothink at all? Yes, we make WHO's that? WHO's as?WHO's a knocking at your front door? WHO's that? WHO's that? WHO'sa knocking so loud? WHO's that? WHO's as? WHO's a knocking atyour front door? R WHO's that? Who's WHO's a not in so loud? LA? She know whether I know where someone gonna bind you? Unlessyou with me, with me, there's...

...someone's gonna find you. Less youride with me, with me. That is a fantastic tune. WHO's thatby the players band? Now the guys in the players band don't just playin the players been. A lot of their members are all in other bands, and that is the theme for tonight's scarp odd number three. All thebands were going to feature have members of the players band in them. Howgood is that when I kick things off with a local band, add ofBaltimore. This is off their two thousand and nineteen album lines. We're goingto hear track number one. The words these are the loving paupers, takenfrom a sitting on a show. Tell me, is a fad not walkin all your target, probably, I...

...think. I go again, steel, what you thinking? Gotta got me lying on sink. I go againwith a ring punting. I gotta lying on sink. I go again.Drag me down deep by Gott. I got me Hook Line and sink.Call I gotta be it. Tell he got the hook. All I gottaFelly, gotta book, Got Your Shirt, sink, Hook line and sink myself. Not to rely on the w else get right out of it.Happens. It's really don't say what a...

...great track. The Scotch Bonnets,also add of Baltimore, head did of the two thousand and nineteen album comeon over. Christen from the players band shreds the guitar with the Scotch Bonnetsand have blow. He's on the keys with the old Scotch Bonnets. They'reon jump up records. It also had a bit of a six year hiatus. After they're two thousand and thirteen album. Live your life. That's a cracking, cracking tune. Before the Scotch Bonnets, the loving Pauper's, anotherBaltimore Band, off their two thousand and nineteen album lines. We heard thewords, which is the first track off that album. Dan Schneider, heplays the keys in both the loving paupers and the players band. Now theloving papers and the Scotch Bonnets. They're both on jump up records. Nowwe mentioned the keyboard player Pablo from the player's band and the Scotch Bonnets,but you can add left alone to that list of bands. Left alone.They're based in Wilmington, California. They have done nine studio albums. Theirlatest, checkers and plaid, is brilliant. It really really is. If you'rea true SCA punker, well you're probably already have. This is awesome. It's really, really good. The tune we're gonna play me. Badiois their latest single, but it's not on the latest album. I don'tknow. We do for clicks nowadays. We just pump stuff out get peopleclicking. Anyway, let's hear. Left alone me Badio. Anybody? Anybodyon last, defend the stools like a little ne another, my sister.Where those men back to make a stain?...

It's to represent together the body.And I told you once, I tell you again, I've never everwanted to be the friend. All I really wanted to do is get toknow you. All I really wanted to do get to know you. where. I told you, I never ever wanted to be your best friend.All I really want to get to get to know all I didn't want todo in the violins, in Samson and the Lilla, I a mind ofwife. Didst find the out of sight, out of the won't you? Let'slose the APP. I'm glad to see where I bid you want.Let me tell you, I've never ever wanted to be your best friend.All I really wanted to do get to know all I really want to getyou in the in the I wanna get to know you. On the floor, I wanna get to know you out by the back. I wanna getto know you in the presidence. I wanna get to know you in thebiblical I I wanted a load from above,...

...but is so divine. Got Thesharet. You can't keep it inside. Check it and the connect. Ever, in the connect phenomena and tuna ever dug on xt and talk adyou ever knet phenomena into connacdyeaver int connel Su splendid, the bridging and it'shistrind and all of fe different. Am I know when you've got befriended andall the waters ended and all the pain is ended and all the wounds.I'm ended and the one is offended and the one undefended, no one misrepresentedand the one condescended. Other shows are well attended. Rolling to cannaked,we're out in to connected, choosing and rejected, uge an expected. Butlife is like a lesson, study and like a professor, and life there'slike a treasure. Take it as an adventure. Be a real and nopretender. Don't be like polly as to. Don't play the addressor lets you findagain, suppressor. If you know show, don't give me. Letme see you to hand. Them true and show love. Let me seeyour mobile on the show love. Make me know, say you on acore the like you love on the cell of the life you live. Wollop, is all I got on the CELLOB is all I give. So,dude, no one on Mis A. Build up the bridge and always thinkpositive and never think negative, because I'm a demo ms one thing I andI know. Fear is no pestilance whatever testament. Plus, I got theresidence, president, video, residence. Don't give me stop and go love. And if you show love, let me see your bubble up on theslow up. But if you know and show, make me not say ona car. Some make a joy, joy, joy, joy. Whenare you meanin to join the joy? When all band, the put outtheir debut album this year back in June. Whole and many is the name ofthe album. The band are called the force. David from the playersband play sex in the forwards. We heard no love, show love.I think we played. I want to tell you, on the show acouple of months ago when that album came out. I really should play moreof the forward. Should I now a bound? We do play quite alot of the Pie tasters very Washington DC. Joe from the players man plays Bassin the Pie tasters. We heard Biblical sense off their one thousand ninehundred and ninety five classic Hululu. I love the Pie tasters and you shouldtoo. We kicked off that little segment we've left alone. Pablo plays keyboardsin both bands. We heard their later single, me Batio, which I'veplayed on the show before, but do check out checkers and plaid, whichis their album that came out a couple of months ago. I think theguys from the players band, I've been very, very supportive of the skyshow, would be for I do appreciate...

...them getting involved, especially programming scarpard at number three is pretty awesome. I do wish some good luck inSuper Nova. What a festival, thoughty bands, I think over three daysup there in Virginia, Hampton I think it is, and it is availableto be lifestream. Just check out the Super Nova International Scarf Festival by myyour weekend pass. I think it's like seventeen bucks for three days of livesky. Is going to be absolutely awesome. Looking forward to that. I alsobelieve the players been involved with the next specialized project album. It isvolume three of the new scar series. I can't remember. This is numbernine, on number ten. It could even be number eleven. Now theyhave contributed who's that which we just played to that album. So that isabsolutely bringt have a listen to some of the bands that are on the nextspecialized project album. King Hammond, the Copper Senex, the players bend themselves. Sunny coast rule boys from up there in Queensland in Australia, big fatbanner from up in Scotland, Aka the syndicate, and Roddy radiation and beingscalop being what an album that's going to be. I will have to checkthat out. I am not sure when it's coming out. I should havelooked that up, shouldn't I? Never Mind, I will do later.As I said earlier, I hope everything is Okay over there in that Baltimore, Washington, Virginia, trush state area. If your ravens fans, good luckfor the season. If Your Eagles or Washington football team, as theyare now, then I do wish you the best to luck. Anyhow,it's all in vain as the dolphins are going to finally bring one home thisseason. Now they're not. I'm only joking. Thank you to the playersband for organizing all that stuff very, very quickly. I've just got somuch on right now I am days and days behind him when I'm supposed tobe. So I kind of frantically send our emails and messages and people getback to you really quickly and I really do appreciate that. All the bestfor supernover. It will be awesome for you guys. If you're in aband and I haven't played your songs on the live show on the scar pods, then you got to let me know. You can get in touch with methrough the facebook page this car show would beefy, or through twitter atbeefy scar show. Melbourne's still in lockdown. You can do your bit. Goand get vaccinated. Please, just do the right thing. Be Excellentto one another. We can all get back to seeing gigs again if peopleget vaccinated. It's all I can say. playlists are on the social media aswell as all the bands that get played in the show are tagged eitherfacebook page or the twitter handle. Please do me a favorite. Just givethe bands a little bit of a follow. Give my like on facebook or afollow on twitter. You'll be the first to know when his new musiccoming out or when these gigs in your area. Or you can just flickhim a few quid. By their music, by their merch keep these bands going. We've all done it tough over the past eighteen months. Bands havebeen hit hardest. They really really have. So any little show of support really, really helps. I'll be back with the live show next week.This scard pods will follow throughout the week. In the meantime, please stay safe, everybody. I've been beefy. This has been the scar show withBEV SCAR pod number three, junie, this gosh, with beef b junior. Hey, they're beefy. Hey, rob, do you have nothing todo all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what, I've found something that you can dowith your nothing time. What's that? Rob? Listen to a great podcastcalled three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stares youand me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides thepeople who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it whereveryou get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty fivedays of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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