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The Ska Show with Beefy, Aug 16th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from SinKroniA, The Dappers, The Elovaters and Eric Daino. Then we head to The Sunshine State and sample some of Queensland's best Ska offerings - chosen by neil Roche-Kelly of Fiesta Fiasco. His old band The Funaddicts kicks us off, and we hear from The Furious Turtles, The Sunny Coast Rude Boys, Brisbane City All Skas, Pick It Up and Alla Spina!

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph. 

Any moment. Hey, what's up? This andy. Be From Andy be in the world and you'll listen tothe SCARHA beefie. Don't watch, dog, watch this. This is the heavy, heavy monster the Nazis songs around. Who Stop Them? This is job, this is investors lost no chance to so simple it is me.Feel gonna find me. Oh, it's...

...that time of the week again.It's time for the SCARSHA would beefy SCAP odd number three, that extra scarpodthat I'm now doing because there's a load of new releases. Some people wantactually get involved with the show, which is really, really cool. Soscarpo three was born and it is here for another week. I hope thatit is bringing them something a little bit different to what is out there currentlyin the sky, our world. Who knows? I'm basically bringing it,so you should be too. So let's get involved. As I'm kicking thisoff, can I ask one favor. Make sure you share the show withyour communities. If you're in a band, obviously put it out to all yourfollowers. If you're being played, if you're a friend of the show, just share, just tell people about scar and scar punk and what Ido and the shows that are going around, because people need to know. Rantover, what do we kick the show off with this week? Synchronia. I had a put a Rico. That is definitely a scar show withbeefy debut that is called edis featuring Omarke bar and he is out of Argentine. I'm not quite sure the link between Omer Cap and Synchronia, but anyway, Atis was, I mean you are. I think it's pretty simple. Obviouslybrand new. They're from south east of put Ay. Goal of themembers are from a few of the towns Petts, Guy Am Ma, Selinas, guyambre and Gaguas. Has My Spanish. Is that any good? Anyway,this is basically their re evolution of a band as a brand new single. They've been off for a little bit. are like that. It is verycool. I will try and get more synchronia on the show. Whythe Hell not? Is boddy excellent? We're going to go back to myhomeland right now. The other side of the country, though, in Wales, these guys are called the dappers. I thought this was a new onefrom them, but I think it's just been sporrowed for a compilationally fund raisingcompilation for the walk tall Hashtag Papias, which is a charity to prevent youthsuicide, and I can't emphasize more than that. We do need to supportthese charities that helping with mental health issues and everything else. Is Crazy,crazy times. This is called the plan. The band are called the dappers.I want. I want to Su I want the whole damn thing ona silver spooth. I want it easy, I want it best. I wantit while I'm sitting on my big you know I really want. Ireally want. You know, I really I want the sky. I wantto see. I wanna be big s and say me, me, me. I won't cash. I want loads me. I wanna throw it onthe bed and get my missrs to rolling it. You know I really want. I really want. Won't everything. You know I really want. Ireally want this. I won't peace. I want the right wing government fortwo whisney's. I won't cause. I won't land. I wanna wake upin the morning to a big breast bad you know I really want. Ireally want. I won't everything. You know I really want. I reallywant this. This, this, this... so nice to meet you.Smell let on a pillow when she leaveing and nothing about. To get thatfeeling. Get it in the morning when I'm ready. The smell at ona pillow when she leaving, when I'm thinking about get that feeling. Getit in the morning when I'm ready, sweets that to me. You havea God and grow. I will bloom and what to teach? You startedas a see, now I'm on market through the junk rock between relieve.No, we not looking for a job. Story. Know a lot of people, but I never seen a vision quite like you, and I wasnothing when you walk. Never love my face. It's then it's hypnotize.Nice to meet you. Smell let on a pillow when she leaving, whenI think about to get that feeling. Get it in the morning when I'mready. The smell at on a pillow when she leaves, it when nothinkabout get that feeling. Get it in the morning, when I'm ready.What's that reason? All I have knew and all I do and why I'mbreathing teaching us to you from stopping beat the pump tape. Now I gottaget the giving it back up to the people. Ten thousand reasons. Topupon it with a mission. Living in a dreamlad and Mish, you finityfound out how you didn't know that you was missing. So Nice to meetyou. Smell let on a pillow when she leaving, when nothink out toget that feeling. Get it in the morning when I'm ready. The smellat on a pillow, when she and I think about I get that feeling. Get it in the morning when I read there's harder than the sun shine. Don't know. We only gonna be out on a good time and I'mhere bound getting on sleep tonight. I just wanna get how with you she'sspending in the moonlight. I feel like I've been waiting my whole light.Keep it burn steady when I gold is like. I just wanna get thatto you. Really Care where you been away? Better than I know itshow everybody. Stop. Somewhere, out there, some place it is gettingyour lies are a bility you can see. Stop. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I let drive yourself to work on the early Studso when you've got time to sit in...

...your car alone and cry sarcastic,drive yourself to work on the early side. So when you've got fifteen minute totry. Used to be in the Holophonics. Now he's gone out byhimself. They SCAB punk. He's at a Dentdon in Texas goming grain.He's called Eric Dana. He's got a new album might called late fees forborrowed time, and that is walk in cooler. Good luck with that,Eric. I'm not sure whether that's a permanent thing. You're going to goout by yourself and do your own thing. I know the hollow fun it's kindof moved all over the country. So let's hope we see them againsometime in the very, very near future. Before Eric Dano, we heard theelevators at a Boston Massachusetts. That is their latest single, Guardenia.That features stick figure. I don't know stick figure is. They are inTexas right now doing a lot of shows. They just played the levitate festival lastweekend. They have a brand new album. It's called Castles. Infact, by the time you listen to this it is just been released.So jump on the elevators bank Cambor. On their facebook page you will findlinks on how to buy castles. What a band. Boston Massachusetts. Theelevators before the elevators out of southwest Wales, probably in Carrrvan share over there,the dappers. Now, if you're not well so you don't know whatdaps are, dappers the things you put on your feet to have a littlerun around. Anyway, that is a track they put out. I thinkit's in out a while, but he's just been cadged another Welsh world togo on the walk tall Hashtag pepperus album, which is raising money to help preventyouth suicide. That track is called the plan checking out the dappers right, scalpard. Number three generally has a guest programmer. This week I haveNeil Roach Kelly, formerly of the fun addicts, now of FIESTA FIASCO.What a band they're going to turn it to be. So Neil has gonewith an all Queensland Lineup, which is bloody FANTASCA. Love stuff like this. We're going to kick things off with a track from his former band thefun addicts. This was off there. Two thousand and seventeen album. What'sthe rush now? If you haven't got what's the rush? Get it.It is bloody awesome. It is a cracking album, and I mean thatfrom start to finish. It is bloody good. We've played a lot oftracks on the show over the years. Anyway, we're going to play QueenslandCirca One thousand nine hundred and eighty six. Seat the right hand. Play theprofession. Don't walk down Bar Holdings,...

...don't hold down question don't try tofrom his old band to his new... This is Neil Road Kelly'snew band, FIESTA FIASCO. That track was called new normal. got alittle bit news from Fiesta Fiasco. They've been absolutely hammered by covid at.A few gigs canceled, but they did recently play at the Tanuki lounge withthe mad tones, but then they had to cancel a couple of gigs.But now from September through to December they've got gigs lined up in Brisbane,Gold Coast and the sunny coast and one that has just been announce going toplay with the legendary furious turtles, which I cannot wait to see. Ireckon they've only played once in probably sixteen years now, that furious turtles gig. They supported the strange tennis on the very last sick kids gank that Iput on up there with my good friend Nick Snyder. Rest in peace neck. So if they've only played one gig since then and I believe those aboutthree years ago. As bit of a reunion are they will be chumping atthe bit to get out and playing live. So you never know, I mightmake a little trip up to Brisbane for that one. Will be fun. I think they're also going to play. This is fiesta FIESCO, not thefurious turtles that though. Who knows? Are The fewers turtles? If theyget the smell of that oily rag to play live again, they mightget out and play some stuff. In fact, we do have a fewerusturtles track coming up very, very shortly. They're going to be playing with asunny coast rude boys and like side, as well as the seven a scaralong the way. I'm looking forward to seeing the FIESTA FIESCO crew thatput out some good tunes since they've been going there. They got going literallyat the start of covid breaking out, so it's been a drucky journey offor those guys. We kicked off this week's guest programming with Neil Roach Kellywith his original band the fun addicts. We heard Queensland Circle One thousand ninehundred and eighty six right where we going to go. I just mentioned them, the furious turtles, officially Brisbane's first ever scare band. This was offthere in danger. Species twelve inch from one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. This is citizen about a free the only way to tell that I wasnothing seems to make spirit reaching much to stop. What is wrong with thelast during? What is wrong? I get no respect and my heart isright. They don't understand me, friend. They say that I feel one,no one. I get no respect.

Jack Wonder. So this is roller. I be like the Sun Shine.

My Sonny coach Rue boys with anabsolute banger that is called L Rollo. It is a tribute to the iconicRollo of blowhard fame. As people that listen to the show will know, there is a park just being named in Rollo's honor. What a fittingtribute. A lot of the blow had team of joined other bands, includingSonny coach route boys, as well as FIESTA FIASCO, the snouts, Ithink, friend of the show Mel McGraw, who programmed the show a couple ofweeks ago. So it's all kind of happening up there in Queensland,which is good to see, and sonny coach Rue boys in December are themain support at the Queensland Scar Festival. Strange tenants from Melbourne are heading upthat way. They have also got a load of gigs lined up over thenext couple of months. Or please check out the sunny coach Rue boys facebookpage for all those details. We just mentioned Mel mcgraft from the snouts andnow she was in the Brisbane city all scars. We just played them.Will I ever learn? No, I don't think we will, and that'sprobably a good thing. I didn't mention that furious turtles GIG that we puton in two thousand and four. I'm pretty sure the brismanes city all scarsplayed on that Gig as well, and I do believe they went quiet forsixteen years after that, so perhaps it was my fault. Anyway, Bristmascity all scars no longer. They may do occasional gigs. I know theysupported Rhoda Dacca couple of years ago, I think, with them all joiningother bands as well, I don't think it's happening, but perhaps it will, who knows? We're kicked it off with a furious turtles. I mentionedthem in the GIG. That was called citizen. That is off their onethousand nine hundred and eighty four hundred and twelve incher in danger species. Right. We're going to finish off with the band. I don't know too muchabout in all honestly. The Banda called pick it up. I do knowthat Robbie Burns plate sex with a band, but that's about it. They putout a little five track EP in two thousand and seventeen. That's calleddance al I guess we just have to... dance all you want to havea good time, will come and dance. We shake your hips, move yourfeet, but let your mind go free to live night. When themovie's right, drums aloud, BAS is tight, people get it on thefloor. There's been it out for more. That's how I feel. I couldcorner the chair right. I just start pushing way. I'm the onlyone feels this way. Did you ever take the time to change? Lyinghere along which do you home to keep me warm? Did you ever takethe time to change? Did you ever think about it? Did you evertalk about it? Did you take time? I cry? What's my n Song? feels like an alone feeling down. My fault. I never had timeto cry cry our friends of the..., Alice spiner. A bigshout out to simone and lay Lannie Neil pick crying off their two thousand andnineteen dabut full length album, although they did a load of EPS in between. One more thing, jump on the other spin a bank camp page.Get One more thing, buddy. Great Album and if you get a chanceto see him live, get along and do that, because I know fromexperience they are a cracking live band. They are so good live we invitethem down to play scar nation last weekend of October. So I am lookingforward to seeing the girls and the boys play on the SCAR Nation Bill.If you have got your tickets to scar nation, scar nationcom or US Tickscomto day you. This is about fifteen or sixteen bends. It's a doubleheader weekend, Friday night all day Saturday, camping t tree hotel Awadian Victoria.It is going to be awesome. I'm hoping we get a really goodresponse and we can do it year in, year out. It's going to begreat. We kicked off the last little segment with pick it up,the headline track off their five track EP from toothdays and as seventeen dance.All right, I gotta thank Neil a Roach Kelly for jumping on board andhave a bit of fun. We scarpod number three. He does say thatfist of fiasco about to release the coronas sessions to EP. It'll be comingout very, very soon. He wants to shout out to the mad tones, barefoot like side and loads of other southeast Queensland bands. He just couldn'tfit into the show. He does apologize greatly, but there are so manydecent bands coming out of Queens and right now it is awesome. I can'twait to get up there and get some gigs in. is going to bebloody fantastic up there before long. Sweaty scar in southeast Queensland could be thename of a Geek. Can It really so? Neil, thanks for jumpingon board and doing that really, really quickly. Made my job very,very easy. If we're in a band and I haven't played your music onany of the shows, either the live show or scarp on number three.Getting touch, you can get it touched on me through the face of pagethe Scsh I would beefy, or through twitter at beefy scar show. WheneverI put out a podcast. All the bands that appear on the PODCAST USare linked. Please can you do the bands a little bit of a favor? Good favor for me to your good friend beefy. Just give him alittle bit of a like or a follow on social media. Show them youlove them, because these guys doing for a listening pleasure. The least wecan do is just show them that little bit of love. Skimmer like Kimmafollow, whether it be on my space, vine, facebook, instagram, TickTock, wherever floats your boat right now. Just give him a littlebit of love. They will love you forever. In the meantime, pleasestay safe, everybody. I'm in befy. This has been the scar show withBEV SCAR pod number three. Junie, do this gosh ah with beef bbjunior. Hey, they're beefy. Hey, rob, do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime, rob. Well, guess what, I've found something that youcan do with your nothing time. What's that? Rob? Listen to agreat podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, itstares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it, besides the people who are on it. Yeah, if you want, getit. Wherever you get your podcast from? Well, spotify to threehundred and sixty five days of sport.

It's the podcast you never knew youwanted to listen to.

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