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Episode 352 · 11 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, Feb 16th 2022 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure.

Undisputed World Champions, the Kings of SkaCore from the streets of Compton in Los Angeles take the reigns of the Show this week. Tracks from Sekta Core, Roland alphonso, Streetlight Manifesto and a track off the Extremely Goofy Dance Party Movie fill out their selections! And the Big Beef Man goes all out to give bands and performers who perhaps don't get much exposure, much needed airplay; G-Men, Haris Pilton & Greg Even, Legal Disaster, D'Ska assassins, Artikal Sound System and Skombro all have new releases.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.

Any moment now. That's got to be hey, this is roger from Leston Jake and you're listening to the sky show with beefy. This happens to be the second best Scot show in the whole planet. Check it out. This is mugs the nutties songs around. WHO said? This is jock. This is she's always being moms girl. It's always being moms girl. She's always being Momma's girls girl. It's always being Momma's girl. Then the corner up the street and I want now. It's she's always being. She's always be welcome to this sksh. I would be for this is scarpod number three. This is a scarpod I've just got to keep doing because there's so many great brand new choose coming out I can't for them in the live show anymore. And the live show really does need to focus on the classic and stuff we just want to dance to and, yeah, put a smile on our faces. So I dedicate scalp on number three to the bands that perhaps don't get that airplay and need a little boost every now and again. But scarp on number three does also have a guest programmer this week. All the way from Los Angeles, undersputed world champion. They are a guest programmers and I am bloody glad to have their own board. We will get to those guys a little bit later. In the meantime, we kicked off this week's scarpod number three with the G men from cold back in Sweden. That is the first...

...single off their brand new album that is coming out very, very shortly. A Mommy's girl now call back in Sweden. It's only got one thousand, nine hundred and fifty one inhabitants and a scar band and a scar band that love madness. They don't do covers of madness, they just do songs that sound well, sound like they could have been done by madness, but they're not. They're done by G men from Sweden. Brilliant. Thank you for sending me the album. I really to appreciate that. We will be playing more of the G men as we go right from Sweden to Slovenia, Lubian to be exact. This is a little bit different. Harris Pilton, but a bit of help from his mate Greg even, have just put out a brand new single on such a vibe at records. This is interesting. It is called Ting a ling. It spoke. Don't for eat. Reepse fools don't for eating and Dullingali Galing strictly reggae music, and some danced fucking glaidningalgaling strictly reggae music, and some billy strictly reggae music, and some dance halting fucking Lingalingalinga, lingalingaling strictly reggae music, and some Bos halting. Fools don't for eat. Ree PSE fools don't for eat oh Goling, Alinga, CONI, conning Gully siply rega music. And I'm dance Hardlingninga, coning, conning runny, strictly record music, as I'm gone hard Innigalingali Dalingalingaling strictly Regga music. And I'm dance hardy fucking Nigglingali Dalingaligaling strictly regga music. And I'm Bas all don't body seats and Wady. When we GA dance, he's play, don't body seat and waiting. When we get dance he's Playlingningkni, gunning Gully seply record music. At some dance hardling Linga, conning any strictly record music and I'm dance harding, aligning, dulling Galigal, strictly regga music, and I'm dance hardy, fucking Gonallingali, Dlingaligali, strictly Regga music and I'm boss. Shunning down. The hills are turning gold, but the happiness in us to bring me. I'm a friend of soups rup. I destroyed my body...

...and mind, but met out in left be spinning its time to find a way to get a way to make it through the day, leave behind myself to do birthday. Might be able to get down and let way to make it here by the new less today. What you buy the group way to many. So that's what everything misake down and let me it. I find the way to, a way through. Make it is shunning down. The hills are turning gone, but the happiness city used to bring me. I'm afraid, assholes ris by that this drive a body, and mine will be down and find a way to get a way to make it to the daily roll down and let me find a way through, a way through, make it so you won't do tomorrow. Say what you gotta say so you wanna say tomorrow. Take a few stress twenty four and you still want to use some more. Don't say you're such a Pie. Party do not have any fuck your friends are imagine. I'm sorry, just like I wan to school twenty four hour. Still want to use more. The question don't stand a...

...quick to go by number whip and why? Why? To get some way to right? Why gave a while you do. You don't want to be a game stick for possible life's gonna bring you an eye. You say hello, but you way hands. You know they don't give it, so you won't. So you want to say to all. From the south of England, they're more like a wedding or party band, but they've just put out a brand new full length debut album. The banner called Disco Assassins. Buzzing like a bee is the name of that track and it is the title track on their album. I've just looked through their website and seen all their gigs are two thousand and twenty two already. It's going to be a fantastic gear for discar assassins. Obviously pretty bloody good at what they do before. DISCAR assassins legal disaster from Sonoma county in a Californaa. They're brand new EP is Golden Hills. We just heard Golden Hills. They've been around since two thousand and fifteen, two thousand and sixteen. They basically call themselves a scar core or crystal, Chris Down, Chrystal Rock, steady bends, and that is a scar show with fee, a debut for a legal disaster. We kicked off that little trouble. Play Harris Pilton with Greg even, all the way from you, Blan in Slovenia, Ting a Ling right. Where we're gonna go now? Florida. Article Sound System, or ass for short. They have just released a debut album call welcome to Florida. There's a reason why. They're from Delray Beach in the south of Florida. It's come out on control substance sound labs. This is cops and robbers, thirty stuff down in a backpack, looking at the world from above. You can take a young girl in anything. She thinks that she's doing it below green, the green. This money goes on. Sweet said as fast as we can and hogs gets. Don't you end up on please get heady when your tread and water. You can't stay like you don't want to. Don't what was coming away to say better. Sometimes it's hard to see. You what series. But if this is so good, to be you, to you, if it's power, I can get fat and hogs get slaty. Don't you end up? Please get heavy. When your tread and water, you can't stay lucky. Your whole life get sled. You don't want the glow side. G A bad dream came to me and I woke up in a terrible sway.

This game's been good to me, but I think I'm made over my head. I don't mind heading back out school, the real but a dreadful premonition as when keeping me up. We should pull out of things soon as we can. I want to set all out. That's when the next drop. Landy said, you've got the whole thing wrong. We should just double down. I got it all figured out here. We own miss down, dirty lawyers and our friends. What kind of food we want? This two D get back. This hot got anyone. Things got heavy. He was tread and water. He couldn't stay lucky. Gets that you don't want. Di Scombro. They're from Anauga in Spain. I don't know too much about these guys. You just heard Seguimmas Jon Toss, which is we're still together. There is an album on the way go gay Malow, which I think means so bad. It's just so bad. So feel free to check out Scombro...

...all the way from MINUKA before Scombro article sound system, cops and robbers, off their debut album that has just come out the past couple of days. Welcome to Florida. Right. I mentioned about the guest programmers. They are undisputed World Cham bans on scarpod number two. Last week we played their later single, you think you know me, featuring scacour Latino legend Cortado. Great tune, great sound. What I'm going to do, though, is play something a little bit different from the undisputed world champions. This is a bit of a live session they did with lap opera scar. This is called La Conte de Tiuana. We live a fucking yes, but wore which is la. Thank you for the Laucha, Louda B he looks. See these star face. You should figure. Yeah, how good is that? That sounds...

...bloody awesome, great stuff. So I asked the guys from undersputed world champions. We've played quite a few tunes of theirs over the past couple of years. So I do like to dive deep into a bit of scar core every now and again, because everyone love different thing. It is so cool to like all forms of scar across the board. They are from Compton, so they have got a few at different taste. Now this first one of their choices is hilarious. They have chosen don't give up, from an extremely goofy movie dance party. The soundtrack. Yes, I just look through the listings on the same track and the specials are there, so must be something going on. Anyway. Let's hear it, and it's dreamely goofy movie dance partty. Don't give up. I D A double play from sect to core.

They're from a teaser pan in Mexico. Those guys formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. You just heard defeilate, infannal and massacre. They were both on their two thousand and sixteen life albums. Safe when days in now Alice. Yea Be strong long in Alice, I think that means. I'm not too sure anyway, but these feel infernal was on the two thousand and eight album. Man Versus Beast. I could give you the Spanish version, but I'm not going to because man versus beast sounds a lot better before those two tracks from sector core we heard don't give up off the extremely goofy movie dance Patty Soundtrack Album from two thousand. There must be a film to go with it. That I've missed. Clearly. Can't believe it. What else have we got? From the undisputed world champions out of Compton in at Los Angeles, they've gone for Roland Alfonso from one thousand nine hundred and sixty five. This is jazz SCA. Say You got job, but I don't have a sea. And you say you've got the answers, but I made no Wi cories and you fairly failing. Good God, motherfucking hour. Hear...'re fla, but see you playing, even if the one you ever give it. I'm told you what you had with me. Not Again. QUAR disagree. So proud that someone will you like it is. You know that's not. Even if it was, you ever give it up. I know you what you had was really not. Now you won't say nothing. You won't say that Sunday they'll deserve me always had. I know what it's time to stand alone and no one understands you. One of my favorites failing, flailing from street like manifest off their debut, two thousand and three album. Everything goes numb. We do love a bit of street like manifesto, don't we? WHO Doesn't? Well, they're what we call vegemite in Australia. You have a like em or you don't like him. There's no real sitting on the fence with street light. But anyway it doesn't matter because I bloody like him, and under spirit world champions like them as well. It's all there is to it. They also like Rolling Alfonso. He was one of the founding members of the scatter lights. Although he was born in Cuba. He died in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, age sixty seven. We heard from one thousand nine hundred and sixty five jazz scar. It's great to have under spirit world champions on board. They are scar project from the rugged streets of Compton in La they have hit the ground running in the Los...

Angeles Scar Movement. They've been going for about ten years. As I mentioned on Scar pod to this week, their collaboration with Mexican scar called Legend Cord Dad do you think you know me. Apparently that is the first collaboration ever done in the US, not just Los Angeles, in the US, with Qatado. That is absolutely fantastic for under spirit world champions. The guys plan on releasing a load of single straight two thousand and twenty two plus their relentless touring schedule. They tore all the way through the US and down in Mexico. But here's a kicker and hell the drummer. He also doubles up as a Co host for Compton Mania Monday night wrestling in Los Angeles. So when I get to Los Angeles I am gonna go to Monday night wrestling. I'm not sure whether that's Lucho Libre or whether it's just normal like wwe wrestling or whatever, but I am keen to find out. The guys are keen to get to Australia and we are keen to have them. If you've ever heard any of under spirit world champions stuff, they do sing in English and Spanish. They one of the few by lingual bands. I have to say they are a collective. They've got close to thirty years playing experience in the band and they're very proud of their rugged compton sound very different to hip hop and rap and stuff of that. So it's good to see there is scar core on the Compton streets again. Whether it was there in the first place I'm not entirely sure. So I've got to thank under spirit. World Champions Are Really Am very appreciative of those guys getting involved with the show. I'm always keen to promote scar corps best I can, as long as it's good, and I can say I do like these guys. They really are good. We've played quite a lot of their singles over the past couple of years. As soon as I discovered them. I've kept in touch and kept tabs and what they're doing and the new stuff. So I do get it on the air. We do like different forms of scar across the board and I will play it if it's good. I've been playing you boys, so you know it is good. playlists are on the social media as well as all the bands are get played in the are tagged either facebook page or the twitter handle. Please do me a favorite. Just give the bands a little bit of a follow. Give my like on facebook or a follow on twitter. You'll be the first to know when his new music coming out or when these gigs in your area, or you can just flick him a few quid by their music, by their merch keep these bands going. We've all done it tough over the past eighteen months. Bands have been hit hardest. They really really have. So any little show of support really, really helps. I'll be back with the live show at next week this scard pods will follow throughout the week. In the meantime, please stay safe, everybody. I've been befy. This has been the scar show with BEV SCAR pod number three, junie Gosh, with beef Junian. Hey, they're beefy. Hey, rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it wherever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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