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Episode 184 · 2 years ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, August 17th 2020 (Pod3)


**Special Weekend Home Edition** Apologies for the Audio Quality in the Links - Show Naming Rights Sponsorship Going Cheap!!!! Beefy has been feeling bad as The Ska Show with Beefy has been inundated with new tracks and the old gold seems to be missing out. So to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet ( he decided to create a new show which should satisfy the needs of every Rude Boy and Rude Girl out there. Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show thus the new "Lucky Number Ska Show with Beefy" is born. Let's all select some classic ska albums, roll the dice and play that number track off each of them! It's as easy as that. The second show, Beefy rolled a 3, so all the tracks are the #3 from the albums of these great performers:

  1. Less Than Jake (USA) - Hello Rockview (1998)
  2. Potato 5 (Eng) - Floyd Lloyd And Potato 5 Meet Laurel Aitken (1987)
  3. Skassapunka (Ita) - Rudies Against (2017)
  4. Alla Spina (Aus) - One More Thing (2019)
  5. Oreskaband (Jap) - What A Wonderful World Vol II [2009]
  6. Bedouin Soundclash (Can) - Street Gospels (2007)
  7. The Aggrolites (USA) - The Aggrolites (2006)
  8. Lightyear (Eng) - Call Of The Weasel Clan [2007]
  9. The Hacklers (Ire) - Between the Lines (2016]
  10. Alton Ellis (Jam) - Mr Soul Of Jamaica (1974)

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Any moment now that's got a right to love my blue. I love. God defines who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wave the place gone. We don't play anymore. It's time to have a bit of a Skank and I think that I will in fact Skank h ready. Can sags Jo anything to the Scott Show with beef on every is FM. Thank you. How you look? How you say you looked. We take the time to really discover. Think it s that there's a way. That's how you look at. How you write in Hell, you says SAG to. We take the time. She really just got each other. Everyone in the crowd about do you know about it? Say They can dig Tun for as you put on baby religion. Did you take the time to really got hello, welcome to the weekend edition of the scar show. WOULD BE V it is the lucky number album. Scar show would be fee the weekend show...

...where I basically select ten random scar scar punk albums. We roll a dice. Whatever number comes up, we will play that number track off each of the album's. Simple as that. This is the third scar pod of the week, as regular listeners will know, and it's just a little bit different. We get to hear album tracks and things just a little bit off the old straight and narrow and tell you what, I'm having a lot of fun doing it. Iver don't one for a couple of weeks, but back on track now because, as as we all know, life just gets in the way sometimes. We kicked off the show with a band out of Gainesville in a Florida, been around a long, long time, coming up for twenty eight years together, less than Jake. I went with their second album release. Hello Rock view from one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. It's a favorite of a lot of scar punkers out there. All my best friends are metal heads. They've done seven studio albums so far and in the pipeline is another one, s silver linings, but that's been delayed due to the old covid so we all are wait with bated breath on that one. From the true Blue Scar punker's right through to the old school first wave Revitaliza's, I have picked a band add a London that basically resurrected Laurel Akins career. These guys were called Potato Five. They formed in a London in one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. They did call it a day in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, but they do pop up every now and again on festivals all over Europe. Going to go to their most renowned album, Floyd Lloyd and the Potato Five Meets Laurel Akin. Track number three is called spin on your head, I can dust. You know your and out of Milan... Italy. That's a band called SCASSUP punker. They've been around since two thousand and eight. Their third full length albums called Rudy's against in two thousand and seventy. Track number three is called boom. What a cracker it is. They put out their six album this year, called a revolutionary roots. We've played quite a few tracks on the scar show. Would beefy so fat and Yep, I like him. I like him a lot. They put out their first ep all way back in a two thousand and twelve and it's good to see them going strong before Scassa punker and a London potato five from one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. Off Floyd Lloyd and the Potato Five Meets Laurel Akin, but a first wave renaissance, their spin on your head. I'm here in Melbourne and we're in full lockdown, so I'm doing this show from home up there in Queensland. We're going to keep it a bit more a local now, as local as it can get a thousand miles away. Alice Beiner. They put out their debut album the last year. Called one more Ding, talking about the Italian connection. They're single. Tony from a few years ago got on the Italian scar meets the world compilation. Absolutely crazy. Their debut album. One more thing came out last year. I'M gonna play track three, which just happens to be one more thing. You...

...have that thing inside that used to be, so take it inside, you try it's for you still be to wear it, to be and it's still feel used to wear it. Just be. B B B B. Boy,... got out of sack city in Osaka in Japan. That is the all girls SCAP punkers themselves, the otter scar band, off their two thousand and nine mini album. What a wonderful world volume two. Hey, only chose that because I've got it. That was track number three, as every track on today's show is. That was called Papaya. They formed in their junior high school in Sakai in two thousand and three. They've done eight studio albums so far. They last albums two thousand a sixteen, called slogan. Their first album two thousand and seven. Way All, they've had a few personnel changes along the way. One of the girls got pregnant, another one wanted to go in a bit of a different direction, so they don't quite play as often as they used to do. They do pop up in Japanese festivals every now and again, so we keep our eyes and ears peel just in case the other scare band pop up, because they are top notch. Before on a scar band we heard Alice Beina out of Bristan pig. Shout out to Simona, Le Lannie, KNEEHI and Dave. One more thing was the title track off there too, thousand and nineteen debut album, and I really can't wait to hear more stuff from those guys. They played on the Sky Nation tour this year supporting mustter. Plug up there imprison. Right from Brisbane and Japan we head over to Toronto in Canada. The old bedouins sound clash these guys formed in two thousand and one, but I'm going to go to their two thousand and seven critically acclaimed, Juno award nominated album, street...

...gospels. Track number three just happens to be probably their biggest hit in Canada, the number one smash St Andrew's speak the child and speak ever costed what Willie got the wrong he did, did the wrong things. To Char on you when you and no loud. You're just a push, push, push down to see, to pay for my sins. Are you love, can save me? The come save me, said drums, but there's never fight. The desert get higher. Brought my son's been night souls. The word stealing, stealing, feeling down to see and true, to pay for my sits. On you love, come save me, love, come save me, jet love, Come Save Love. Can Save me, save me, save time. Will lend who I have been at and they'll say it is my chain. Said Ye, make me a guy, being what I need... do. What a man says when he's got something strong. Get this way, because you ain't the person MENA say. I don't care, I'm not afraid. It's get my dream, don't waste time or band the should have been in Melbourne last month but due to well, due to everything, world crisis, they couldn't make the trip. As hope they do get back in next year. The aggro lights from La they formally two thousand and two. Members of vessels and rhythm doctors got together and formed a new band. They were actually a backing band for the scar legend himself, Derek Morgan, who I think we played on the lucky number album scar show would beefew couple of weeks ago. They also did a lot of work with Tim Armstrong and that led to this self titled Release In a two thousand and six. What we heard off that album was time to get tough. They put an album in two thousand and nineteen called a reggae now, which was their eighth studio album and you got to get it is an absolute cracker. Before the eager lights we heard Beduin Sand clash out of Toronto in Canada. We heard St Andrews, which is a number one up there. They've done five albums. They had nine years between releases when they released mass in two thousand and nineteen. They formally two thousand and one at Queen's University in Kingston. Ontario and they're one of the finest exponents are banned. That fuses so many influences together to create a very unique sound. You're listening to the lucky number album. Scar show would be for your weekend. Addition, if you haven't checked out our facebook page, please do so. Just look up the scar show would be for. You will find us. If you're more inclined with twitter, I'm there at beefy scar show. If you've got any request or suggestions for this show, please let me know. Just send me a message. But if you're in a band and you want to get your music on either live show on a Tuesday night or the podcast through the week, or you want your album featured on this show, get it touched. Send me the music and I will try my best to get it on the show. I do listen to each and every submission and I do think everyone for getting in touch and sending me your music. I just cannot do these shows about you. Right. Let's take a trip to England in UK a bit of punk scar not s gonna punk Punkskar one of my favorite bands and one of the best live bands you will ever see, but unfortunately I didn't quite get to see him myself. This is off their debut album, call of the weasel clan from two thousand and one. The Band is light year. This track is blind side, but the plain, the side, get upside down side,... side. CANNAS fall off the edge like a lung. Reason I play by to me, complicated out of side. Was it men today, another time, another place, smiles, imbout, lessons, the painting, the society. STIVER goos fell upside downside, fly side Canna stop the ball off the edge? Track along like a reason. I need for Pint by complicated out of side. Was it meant to be another time, another place? Something about that's a whole side comes. I'm sorry that I'll let you down. You please on my mind constantly. I wish that you are still run now all I've got. I don't always too fast to you to die. You would ever so much sadness leave behind. That's why you're always on my mind. When Times gives up, I look to you to give me strain to push on through, and someone's eyes I see your smile. He helps... know you still with me. Too Fast to die for man, you would ever so much sadness leave behind that's why you're always on my mind. Too Fast to live, to you to die, the man you would ever go to be so much sad slip behind. That's why you always on my mind. I can't replace those times we had you lift to a part of me. Would I give everything I had just to have you here with me? Too Fast to you to die, you would so much sadness live behind. That's why you always on my mind. That's why you're always on my mind. That's why you're always on my mind. Add a kildare in Ireland. That is the hacklers. That's off their debut album between the lines. Track three was always on my mind. A big shout out to Kevin Kenny, always keeps me informed about what the hacklers are doing, so I really appreciate that. If they put out their second album this year, called another round and I can tell you it's an absolute builter. Before the hacklers are band. Add a derby in England. PUNK SCAR in its finest form. The band recorded light year. They formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. They split up in two thousand and three, reformed in two thousand and six, split up again, reformed in two thousand and twelve, split...

...up again, reformed in two thousand and seventeen, split up again. We formed in two thousand and nineteen. Hopefully we will get to hear some new tunes from light year, because they are absolutely groomed. I've rapidly come to the end of the lucky number album scar show we'd be if you thanks for joining me. I'd really do appreciate all you guys listening to appreciate everyone getting in touch and saying hello and recommending tracks and albums for me to play. We are in the middle of a global pandemic. Still it's easy to forget sometimes when we're having a bit of fun. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing the right thing. If you can stay at home, please do it. Is the best way to combat this disease. If you're outside, please, please, please, wear a mask and obviously the most important thing is keep washing those hands. We always end up going back to the homeland of scam music and selecting one of the legends of the genre. This guy's not necessarily a scar legend himself, but he's The godfather of rock steady. Even coined the phrase rock steady. He is from Kingston Jamaica, Alton Ellis, and got involved in the music industry way back in one monked teen. Fifty nine, twenty two or twenty six albums later, and, if you can believe this, twenty kids later, didn't know a fan of time for music. You're going to go to probably his most wellknown album from one thousand nine, hundred and seventy four. It was called it's the soul of Jamaica. Track number three is called I can't stop now. This is the godfather of Rosty. Alton Ellis himself, unfortunately, a just seventy one who was living in London, passed away from cancer, but his music will never be forgotten. This is alter Ellis off, Mr Soul of Jamaica. I can't stop now. I'll be back in the week with the live show and the scar pods and hopefully next week into another lucky number album scar show with beefe. Please stay safe. Everybody stopped. I can't stop. Nobody seems to know. Okay, stops cry, okay, stop. Treat me better. Every day you stop. I stop night. Every day it seems so bad.

Stop, stop, Dry Baby, baby, baby, again now, hey, there beefy, hey rob, do you have nothing to do all the time. Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what, I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. What's that? Rob? Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it wherever you get your podcast from? Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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