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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jul 17th 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with a newie from Sunny Coast Rude Boys plus Orquesta Alcolaide, The Moochers and Save Ferries and then there's the usual bangers from Ebolagoldfish, Dead Freddie, John Jordan & Me, Mom & Morgantaler, The Piranhas, The Specials, Less Than Jake, The Superglasses Ska Ensemble, Last Edition, Laurel Aitken plus Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it!  

At an out, i got a bewerley blomonge oi am as a person, and i will never turn my back on so looking back, i have no regrets youshould never wait to like god, we go anymore, it's time to have a bit of a skank, andi think that i will in fact skank hay save for mushook. You listen to the sky,show with beef all right. I want to know. What's with these scybalaeplaying these ridiculous darky, you know collaboration online cover, videosand stuff, i'm just so sick of this. Why can't somebody's play any goodmusic? I yomoto or just to a m.

You are you know over me he as for editing a into you onfilomeno ish, well, cooping, you ish, not sure at of wenas in argentina orquesta. Al calid come together, obviously by the beetles. Now thealkaloid orchestra, that is the english translation of the argentinian spanishor with a galad alkaloids, are a class of basic naturally occurring organiccompounds that contain at least one night genatum yeah. If i want to name aband alkaloid orghestra with nitrogen adams, so be it anyway. I, like thatcover it is bloody good, come together. That's a scar show with beefy debut forthe year or questa al galate. We kicked off that little segment. Well, not thatlittle segment. It is the well famous casic, so sunny coast, re boys out ofthe sunshine coast in queensland, australia, they've covered paul,kelly's dumb things, i'm sure it's got poor kelly's approval anyway, it'sawesome, mick hugh from the band, tells me that was a one taker as well, howgood those guys so i'm live six weeks ago, great band great live bend. Theyhave just recently enounced strange tenants are going to be headlining. Thequeens and scar festival double date up there in december, sunny cos ru boysmain support, one gig in bridgman and one gig on the santon coast. You neverknow i might try and get up there for that strange. Ten, it's brilliantyou're listening to the scar, show with me a beefy half way through the worldfamous conversation scar. Pardon number to this is the favorite segment of theshow. Apparently, people keep telling me i'm not arguing, i'm not going toargue with you, because i do love it. We're going to go back old school now,but a cover version is a cover version, and this is newish. These guys are outof east anglia. I think they're at a barrison evans, which is suffolk, i'mnot sure whether they are the traditional suffolk farm, suffolkfarmer anyway. This is a jackie opal classic from one thousand nine hundredand sixty four jacky opa put it out on studio one records. Gosse did. This iscalled turn your like download. Actually, the mouchers have called itturn your lamp down low. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it is a builter, lovingit, the moches from east anglia in england,...

...i'm not you o lo peameal down, i i then you can to you lie down obrimon t o. Lo, then you base. I got me down the oooooooooooi...

...oleman. At this moment you mean a a... a sydney new south wales, a bowl ofgoldfish awesome abc's. That was called hope. You guys are all doing. Okay upthere full lock down in sydney and have been for a while and more and more ovidcases every day, so they're going to be not doing too much stuff in the verynear future. The aldabella goldfish awesome, though great tune before that.The second half of the well famous cometic sorwe heard the mouchers and ofe sanglier in england from bury silem, as i think turn your lamp down low,originally off studio, one jackie ope on thousand nine hundred and sixty fourand then we finish it off. O save feris come on ole, wet me, say: ver, it'sbeen quiet for quite a while, but have just recently been put on the old beachlife festival, redondo beach september, ten to twelve to toad and twenty one.There is, if you're in california, radona beach area get your tickets,because james diction case the elephant say ferris on that night. Also, on thesaturday night, kandin crows fits o the tantrums men at work, yeah men at work.Also on that night the english beat yeah dave, waking and the beat englishbeat jim limburg from penny wise he's there as well sunday night is ziyanstephen marley doing bob malley songs, ben harper, who else is on thefortunate years g love special saw so yeah great first to all looks bloodyawesome there, i'd like to be there to minute. So good luck to say firstthey've been quiet for a long time. I know money said a few ses withdepression. They put it on. I would last your live. Album actually live atthe belly up or something like that. I can't remember. I can't find it off thetop o head and i'm talking too much, and all you want to do is hear sometunes, oh yeah from california we're going to go to chicago. Oh yeah. I'vegot a surprise to you dead, freddy from chicago. They are known locally, as thepup punk phenomena being around since two thousand and thirty and the damanhimself done it thoes romanes as got in touch with me. He plays a cordion aswell as sings, awesome now brand new dead, freddy. When i'm bound, i cannotthink you guys enough for getting in touch and making sure that the big beefman itself gets to play your music get freddy from chicago brand new spankerlovingness it my ee round. When i go a when she, i liphon rap him on that lace between a esepiger on in the lone. As i e o...

...nothing. What had i do, how do you like it? I i i i i atindao so cold. I yoicks thou o to do lie. We tie to she what a do. Oh, how so, how so? Oh? What can i do? Oh i do i do i get truer which i got bignellthe night before a ritenne lies so pleasurelessly just aswell go. I do i don't. I kepler an find o o o in a...

...e l e e, the pirana, as well famous for tom hark,but that was called pleasure. I think that, as might be their second single,where was that from tousan tude and eighty that was from now cherry redrecords of just put out a four d buck set of the piranas, so jump on that, ifyou love the paranas and tom hark and getting back one thousand nine hundredand eighty you know they were up there with the special bad manners madness.The selector, the paranas are in the same breath, but only get recognitionfor that one track. They have got a huge back kellow, they were brilliant,live check them out. So if you like the prides- and you want to get your handson a box set cherry red records- has got that for cd box set right beforethe paranas. We heard john jordan, who is part of me, mama, morgan, teller,out of montreal, o the canadian band another montreal bun. Actually, i'veprobably played the wrong tune there, but there's one of his is off is outwith the racism in with the embraces m, album that one's called cheese, bluebut john jordan was also released. A single colbury or proceeds from thesales of the single will be dona to native friendship center of montre. Ohso i probably should have played that one. I didn't apologize to john jordanand me mama, morgan teller, please job on osmosis, unlimited dot, bencao. Ifyou want to support john jordan and all those guys up there so fantastic, so ido apologize or playing th wrong track. Why not? I just play music play music,i love and we kick that little segment off with dead, freddy out of chicagothe pump punk phenomena. Big show to demand for making sure i played themusic will be checking out. Then a lot more down the line. Awesome right,we're going to play some old school boy, i'm not going to play anything becausei tell you what's happened. What usb is decided? I then want to play any more.What are we going to do? I'm gonna have to delve into something special. I hateit when this happens. What are we gonna? Do i futurehoodhey there reuben here frompeking dark for rad. I used to be one...

...of those people who didn't think muchof drink driving. It was the same for our mates, but then i was lucky if youcould even call it that to copper di it was a serious wakeup call andthankfully no one was hurt, not long nough. To my do, i, though, a maid ofus was killed as a resolve, some one drink driving, and that was the pointat which i decided to never drink. Druv again, drink growing might seemharmless enough, but it is never a good move. She's got a breakin break. Igonna break her she's gonna break him. Gonna brakingonna break him. I so many problems ane. That billycomes as no surprise that she's got a breakin gonna break, so she's gonnapray in it. She's gonna rastus comes as i for the cas with the calesians thegifts in takin's gonna. As a a a a a e sursees etimes, a little electronicmalfunction works out for the best a bit of the specials message: ye rudyand then listen, jake she's gonna break soon right we're going to go to a bankcock in thailand. This is a band of been around since two thisand. They allmet at silagan university. They called the super glasses scar on sambo. Thisis a single they put out in a genral this year. It's called nelan strong. Ofcourse it is a toatiahoi mawnin need to do me. Aon.I shumehtee you...

...o come in a onwholesim on e s, o n e n, a baby o me cam t we want towant to nitenti. No, i shulitea comes it in your sin. Go tinonee, capi man! Ii be my voice, leaving in an i've never et se. I e b t to the fay,and i i o in a comonlie. I can change my nowayi.

You heard the late rongotai a tree put and the to do boot, and i do do hapence, not pie, and i dodo do o o o the queen, o o o o e o o s e see that olive laurel akin there, thegod father of scar him so really got married absolute legend. If you lookthrough his back catlog it's longer than anything, i've ever seen is justunbelievable. He was relentless before laurel. Aching last edition actually isa bit of a lester link. There, matty williamson in the band last editionthere from leicester laurel akin settled in at lester. In about ninetyseven. He lived there until he died, died in two thousand and five actuallylor lake in died. Seventy o july two thousand and fight less in a couple odays away from now he died. He was seventy eight. When he died. What wouldhave ye been neally? Ninety four? We would have been on. No, i wouldn'tthat's a lie. I'm just making stuff up now, anyway. Last edition from less toperfect circles, i love those guys they put a track on the save. The scar showbeefy compilation, album and n. Before last edition, we heard the superglasses scar on sambol out of bankok in thailand, that is, a scar show withbeefy debut a big shed out to all our fans in bangkok, awesome stuff thatsong was from january this year called and neil armstrong. It was out of thisworld, see what i did there anyway. We've come to the end of another sky,show er beefy hope we had as much fun as i have, because i'm going off here,i really really and place. If you're going to bandle, i haven't, played yourmusic. You need to get in touch loads of burns this week have done that if idon't know you're putting a new music or any music at all, then i can't play.I really can't. I am across quite a bit of social meda. You can contact me onfacebook. The scar show it beefy or...

...three twitter at beefy scar show justlet me know what is going on and i'll try my utmost to get you on the show.There are three scar pads every week, new releases in their guest host bycertain bands. Actually, this week the guest host is a namara from brisband.You band. The snakes can't wait for that. Please people stay safe. Do theright thing just be excellent to what another can i just ask one little thingas well: all the playlists on all the scar pads are either well they're onboth the facebook page and the twitter feed. All burns are linked. Just givethe bands a bit of a follow that war you'll know in new music at you'll knowwhen they're playing gigs, you can buy some merch by some new music chuck hima couple of dollars because we are all suffering right now. Let's support thescar scene across the world, i've been beefy. This has been yet anotheredition of the scar show it beefy. I hope everyone is being excellent to oneanother, but all i've got to say is who's the man with a ship on his head, oziose ready, hey there, beefy, hey rob, do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, i've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob well guess what i've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go it stars, you n me, oh wow,so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah,if you want get it whenever you get your podcast from, was far five tothree hundred and sixty five days a spot, it's the podcast! You never knewyou wanted to listen to.

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