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The Ska Show with Beefy, May 17th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from The Overlines ft Girls Go Ska, The Snouts, Normandy Ska Jazz Ensemble, Sir Jay and the Skatanauts and Winds of Matterhorn. Then the fun starts as the legend Dan Vitale fro Bim Skala Bim takes takes the reins for the second half. His top tracks come from Boomtown United, Death Of Guitar Pop, Bad Manners, Toots & The Maytals and Simon & Garfunkel.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.  

A O O- hey hey- this is Dan, vitally singer ofBIM Scalam and steady earnest, you're listening to the sky, show with beefybig up big love, big tunes. This is a heavy hythe nusses. Just you! I O O e e T. I m e O me: If he's going to so o meal, a body it was, but a bean sanogene be do to God. I speeshees my epoie come to scar pod number threeyou're listening to the scar show with...

...beefy. This is the extra I'm going tocall it special, the extra spirtual scar pod that we have to do nowadays,because there are so many new releases. I've got to fit them in somewhere andyou deserve to hear them. You really really do plus I turn over half theshow to a guest programmer and this week I am absolutely on it. It is thelegend himself Devita from old school legends in the states, BIM scaler BIM.You just heard the overlings featuring girls, ghost scar, those guys a read ofMonteray and Mexico Sola Una Vida. That is their brand new Y. thanks to joiningme, I really to appreciate it and glad you can spend some time with it a bitof the big beef man, we're coming at you from Melbourne in Australia andwe're going to go up the east coast now all the way to Queen- and this is abrand new band- they just released their first album they're called thesnouts, and this is the number one track of it. It is called favoritethings I reoutfit think about you and me in meto Ethan, so...

...oh, that's a little bit different.Isn't it those guys? Are the Norman d scare jazz on sombre they're out ofCherburg, which, if you know your geography, it's closer to Jersey andGensy than it is for you know, any part of England is to France. The it'scalled Cuba Salka, like that, it's very, very different before that of theirdebut album, the snakes from Brisbane in Queens on in Australia. That is thenumber one track of that. It is called favorite things we're going to jumpacross to Switzerland now for a bit of a Swiss double play. These have justcome out. The first bander called Sir j and the Scaden ats they put out a ovidrelease in December. I think it was called ovid special. I think the B S Iwas called lock down anyway. This is their brand new ther, a ten piece outof Switz. Well, not exactly sure what town read of but the new one is calledlater then sooner. I rather wouldn't be your Croat. Whatthey said is true thing: You go and go o I'm up a round.The tremeau so be I can on to see. Is All the time do re, my so in me you I I we never have. It was just risen. You O...

...oh backing up this Swiss double playthere. Those guys read a Geneva. They called the winds of Mattahorn. Theyhave just released a little for tracker, that is called Earth and the otherthree, the other elements, wind fire and ice or something I don't know. Ican't remember anyway, winds of Mathon there I like that before that anotherband, Ale, Switzerland, Sir j and the Scaden Arts, there is later then soonerright. We're going to hand the rest of the show over to Denver from Bim Scalambibbs got a bim at a Boston in the states. They've been around since onethousand nine hundred and eighty three they have ten albums under their belts.Number Eleven is coming very very soon. This is the latest release. It iscalled, go back. I blady love this tune. It is a belter O Bieliki want to go back... Elbim scallopin there. Then youalbum is called sonic tonic, I'm not exactly sure when it's going to comeout, but it's going to be their eleventh studio. Album, I'm pretty surego back, is the first release of that album count weight. I really can wait amassive being scaler bin Fin Right, Denver Carle. He has selected hisfavorite tricks. These are the rest of the show. He said he couldn't narrow itdown. So He's chosen some of his old time favorites and some of his currentfavorites. These guys are at a St Louis. They just put out an album late. Lastyear it's called tougher than I the Bandar called Boonton United, and thisis harder than you know. Every day I, with I s a the mystified a little longer a feeling. It's a try. Sarnak me back some o sin. I tongoa little long way feeling and try to say a try to stay and try to say a Pontantei... on shottery face. You say you do to a t so to a a O, O e...

...o O O. I e e S. I o, so, let's all right we're not going to. Thank you very muchfor having to see a see me with a song dedicated to the Beatrices Co. My Ishara, we o digatee...

...our live version of that absolute badmanners classic. My special brew take up to number three in the charts in theUK n one thousand nine hundred and eighty it is off scam B, I think BernieKelly from the regimental burn last week, picked lip up, faddy off scar andbe as well so good to complete the sets go and be what a bloody great album.That is bare manners. You've bloody got a love and men, your bust above us al,going strong still off the booze of the fags. Look in a million dollars can'twait to see him back here in Australia before bur banners. We heard DEFAGO TURpop now they've teamed up with King Hammond. That was the first single offtheir new yet to be released. Alban puckers Sens, I m quite sure, what'shappening with that. I think they kind of Jean up the scar community. So whenthey release the album is going to get in the chance, which is not a badlittle strategy anyway, that is called the dog P chuffe. It is a play on theold king, Heman Sheffle, but they've done that very, very well. I I likedeath of Gatua and what they stand for totally doy and they're doingthemselves. So, let's hope they do get in the chance. We kicked off theirlittle segment with Bonton an I they're at a Saint Louis Missouri, thereleasing album last year, tougher than I O, which is the second studio album.The trick we heard was harder than you know right. Let's take a trip toJamaica now and why the hell not the legends themselves, toots and the matalrest in peace to imbed. This is the title truck of one of the greatestalbums of all time. Yep. This is sweet and Dandy. A M, a Y E T, O N O E, I n Y, a...

I do I your back. I baby begins mething different to finish theshow off there. So I on a gir, fungal CECELIA as Britchin the scene know thatsugs from madness covered it did it get to number one. I can't remember anyway.This was the third single of the legendary bridge over troubled water,album behind bridge over trouble order and the boxer. I got to number four inthe US charts before that toots and the May tells it's on a track from sweetand Dendy jobbing a run through some of the tracks who are on sweet and DendyMonkey. Man Pressure drop, I shall be free. We shall overcome sweet and Dandy.Fifty four, forty six, that's my number! Can you get any better than that? Whenonly said it's one of the best albums of all time, I wasn't messing aroundlegendary, just a quick note from Dan Vituli. He says that Cecilia was thefirst forty five that he bought in n o...

Nineteen, a d seventy. He said he wasten go on down. We know you're a bit older than that anyway. He said it's anodd skirt choice, but he loves that track. Why wouldn't you so Dan wasinvolved with the New England scar submit documentary. There was on stream,and I put the overt on our facework page. For that I don't know if it'sstill available says. I know the ads a three day streaming version, so I'msure you can rent it and have a look of that. I didn't get a chance to do itmyself. I was quite busy over the weekend, so I will tomorrow jump on andsee what I can do so. As I mentioned BIM Cellar Bim. They have a new albumcoming out any day. Now it's called Sonic Tonic and I am looking forwardimmensely to that. I've never seen Ben scaler been live. They are on my bucketless and when I get up to Boston, my trip will definitely coincide with themdoing a show up there. Anyway, thanks down, I really do appreciate they allthe best with the new release. Hopefully I will be very, verysuccessful the way the scenes going over in the states right now. I'mbloody sure it will be we're alllooking forward to new being what Calaban hasbeen. What two thousand and thirteen was the last album so coming up toeight years- is a bloody long time right, I'm going on Holda for a coupleof weeks, or you won't hear from me for a little bit of time. If you need toget in touch with me, I will still be on the social media check out the facebook page the Sky Show with beefy or on twitter at Beefe scar show all the playlists are on the face book page and twitter. Can you do all the bands alittle bit of favor if you like their music, just give them a like or afollow on social media? If you can't buy the musical by their merge, thenthe least we can do is show some support through social media, becausethe bands do it for a listening pleasure and it is just a little smallthings that make a big difference. I'll be back with a live show on June thenight the scar pus will follow throughout the week. In the meantime,please stay safe. Everybody ovinity. This has been the scar show with BEVSCARPO number three Ju do the sky with be fee Jun? Hey there beefy, hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time. RobWell guess what I've found, something that you can do with your nothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport O it stars, you n me, Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah, if youwant get it whenever you get your podcast from one far fire two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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