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The Ska Show with Beefy, Nov 20th 2021 (Pod2)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Get vaxxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon!

The World Famous Covers Section explodes with effervescent efforts from Loonee Tunes, St Petersburg Ska Jazz Review, PatSKAts & Mad Caddies, plus ripe riffs from Lars Frederiksen, Los Capitanes, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Skalariak, Panonnia Allstars Ska Orchestra, Phonosonics, Ernest Wilson, The Clarendonians and we can't not finish up with Soupy George!

Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!

An on is Goewey, Blue O. U is a god to find you. I am as a person, andI will never turn my back on Scot. Looking back, I have no regrets. Youshould never wait to like God, we don't play so anymore, it's time to have a bit of a Skank, andI think that I will in fact Skankin' so Gonin the car show with bes on.Whatever is thank it all right. I want to know: what's with these sky bands,always playing these ridiculous Darky, you know collaboration online cover,videos and stuff, I'm just so sick of this. Why can't somebody's play anygood music? What to do a stooted, a t, a let you Watana must miss it. Is You I every day my love, my Rinrollesoh,...

Miss you remember just remember Ialways do my l o welcome back to the sky. Show with mebe fe were in the middle of the world famous gelise show we kick things offwith loony tunes Melbourne Zone, also playing on Skansen eighteen for nineDecember tte, Hotel Warri on Victoria, it's going to be epic lidy tones doinga cover of little bitch. That's a live version as well. Now check out lunytunes on a bank camp. They released a little E P mini album. Doesn't man ascall keeping the faith et tracker? Very, very good? Do you want the other goodnews? It s a Freebie, get it loony tunes! LOOK HIM UP! Bankim, Melbourne,SCAR, dowards! They found in the s early s e. They still going and they'restill playing festivals, brilliant, good, settle lads as well. What else dowe here, Saint Petersburg, scar, jazz review, all the way from Russia or myloving the Beatles tune done in a very, very different style, skager o? Wellsuppose it is suppose it is anyway right if you're into music and ifyou're Listenin, to this show you probably if you're on social media orany form of media an you, listen to the radio. You've probably heard thatthere's a band from the S and early s released, they released a new album. Ithink they probably did they've got a new song at anyway. They call that but they're from Sweden.So I thought well. All this flora is going on about Abas new material. Whatdon't we give it? You old scar, treatment from a bit of scar, royalty,yeah and the band ere of Switzerland that I think we've played quite a fewof their covers before the span out of Genevian Spitin called pet cats.They're gonna do which one he gonna do they're gonna do. Does your mother knowthey're going to follow up with the mad caddies with their version of S O s?It's an EB double play here on the car show with beefy, so hot O, O O in your eye. I can re in your face thatyou feel in a drown. You out child...

...a tooterin. You want, but you see I m. So I like your side- and I know what youewening a Terno- that you're round his as a for you, but you close your mind to me feel alive with something. Did Ifear what happens to...

...because people got me come question you up as well? I am, to wit, a WashinO black out peas, and when we all stage we love pushing the limits toperformance all stages to different stories. If you plan a drink plan outto drive playing a head by choosing a doesn't, get a driver, pull your moneyto catch a tax, to don't question, and if someone you know has been drinking o,please don't let him get behind the well. I blakang one in the bud and I she Istarted and it in did in a port. As I got alteri got Scot to pro myosoteSal Athe, I feel fastest can say a Otani, a o stop to front pray on the weekend soldier toCodington. Actually, I see waiting, I tupins back. Well, I to so prima I want go. I likethat. A tea the kings been fire TUK down withmy foot out a scratch with the KNOB. In the S, my wall was a a new one. As we gone a take Yron new from Las Frederick Sen,he's got old, Billy Brag on us doing is so low thing, which is a kind of whatis going to right now now album coming out next week. It were, I say, it's anEP six tracker. It's got. Some covers some a lot of his well. What I'm a looking, I'm looking at thethes two covers: There's some Las Fredrickson and the busters tunes and acouple of old, firm casual tunes as well so looking to forward to the restof that album and he's going to get out the road and play some solo stuff likebilly, Bragg Wood, so they've done he's done one show and he played alongsidedrop, kick murphies and then covet it. So he hasn't been able to do anythingsince so we wish Las Fredericson the best with his two victory solo minialbum. What's the difference? Tween an EP, a mini album. What is the shortestnumber of tracks for an album? That's a...

...great question, I'm going to say EP isup to five between five and eight is a mini, album and then nine nine is analbum. Is that all right, I think we're going to get there before LasFrederickson? We had a double play for of Abe. Scar covers first off the rankspat gets at of Geneva in Switzerland. Division of does your mother know, andthen we followed up with the Mad Kerry's out of California, with theirversion of S O s right. One of our listeners got in touch with me. Thisweek mark had Yo from Newcastle New South Wales, Australia. He says beefylove, your show. Can you play for me? A Lost Capitanes Surfing Act, well mark.If you get in touch and request the song, I'm going to do my absolute bestto get it on. So this is off the album. No Fun in ten did two thousand and six.I think that Mona come out. This is surfing a C T. I d e I got miestowe are an lie likethis sarsanet for an o. far... Freyo stay what a ebody in pain on a Erbette. What we need, we lost goneto know what o the leathe want to these together for a...

Tokyo, Ska Paradise Orghestra. That isthe first single of the latest EP that came in last week. Share One sorrow: Ilove it. It's absolutely brilliant! It's in the running for the sky showbeefy top thirty of twenty twenty one and why the hell? Not It is so good.Before Tokyo, Scar, Paris, Augusta, we heard lost capitanes from CambraAustralia, a request from a listener to the show Mar Cardio from Newcastle NewSouth Wales, Australia, Surfing Act or surf up in the act. No Fun intended wasthe name that album from two thousand and six lost cappucines. One of myfavorite skur covers of all time they covered. Missy Higgins is Skar. Weplayed it quite a bit on this show because I love it anyway, where wegoing to go now we're going to go to Hungary, the Panonia all stars, scar,Orchestra. They put a track on fourth wave sky album, which is raising moneyfor the Joe strummer foundation check out Ben Camp, the albums on there. Ithink it's called fourth wave scare or something anyway, but we love the Pinonallstars Orghestra. This is a track called Billy Boyo sit down the Rod, I'm very on the night, cris rise, Melilli got teas young and the nighties die, be Lissan is ready to fight witenadown.

Thirty is me, live you? No Luck, O o s, Hiyodorigoye M Cotoneaster Muconda! Letyou to Motoori Danavare in Espana,...

Spanish can from two thousand and six.I love that June. It is fantastic. Before Scalaria we heard from Hungary'sown from Buddha pest the Panonia, all stars, scar, Orghestra brand brow brandnew to us. I'm not sure how, if the tune is older or not, billy Boyo is thename of that tune and he's on the fourth wave album that is raising moneyfor the Joe Trama Foundation. That album's pretty cools got like twentyodd tracks on it from bansom all over. Very, very good. I thought initially itwas a covers on, but it's clearly not right. We're going to bring it on home.This is a new release from a band from Vancouver Island in Canada. The bannercalled the FAMOSO ICS and I'm pretty sure this is a scar show with beefydebut brand new album called new again. These guys have been around a few yearsnow, but this is an absolute belter. It's called take me for granted the funO Sonics, a man sing, something to em out O. I up. I guess that I want an lose some had. Thank you for understand that I'mthrough I at a girl, give me all the love I can say for you to be my mate, because I can live you to e Li. I do start out o this is most ess get by, but I bout the count bills on the table.His sassiety e, a girl, give me all the love I canspare for you to be my late, because I could love you to a loud. Sometimes you go en Wen e on the head to a mere a girl. Give me a Velo, I can say for you to be my because I can look it to a Linotte, aobedence, what Abouta...

...a a a a a what about the elate? Don't a or E E N rest in peace, earnest, Wilson andfortunately passed away. A couple of weeks ago would have been his birthdaytomorrow would have been seventy. Now Ernest Wilson was one of the first kindof scar vocalist going. He formed a band called the CLARENDON IANS in onethousand nine hundred and sixty three. He was twelve people. He formed a bandwhen he was twelve on my word when I thought when I heard, and it was in apassed away, I thought Oh, he must be eighteen late s. He was sixty ninefonder band when he was twelve. He was huge before he was seventeenunbelievable freedom train that we just heard was rest, one thousand ninehundred and sixty nine right. He was eighteen, seventeen, probably when thatwas released. It was the first Stereo single in the history of Jamaica loadsof hit ernis Wilson and the Clarendon Ians. He also formed aband with Freddy McGregor, who is probably up there with Bob Marley asthe biggest reggae artist of all time. Absolute legend. I don't play himenough. I apologize to you Arnis Wilson, we're going to play more because thosetwo tracks. How good is that we did here Rudy, Ban Bem for one thousandnine hundred and ninty six, and then we heard freedom ran one thousand ninehundred and ninety nine. We did kick off that little section with PonotonICS aid of Vancouver Island Canada. Take me for granted, which is off thenew again brand new album. That is just come out all the best fun sights. Ilike that. It's a great tune, that's it for another week of the scar show were,but no it's not because capone three is gonna, come ere very shortly, full ofnew releases this week, no guest program alike. We normally have. I amdone five scar pods a fortnight now days I can't fit in six. I just got toomuch going on outside of what we do here. I say WEIT'S ME! It really is me,so if you get in touch with me by the...

...face of pace, scuso would be forthrough twitter at beefy scar show. You will get me and I will respond I'll,say hello, old, converse amicably, as I do with everyone. Thanks to everyone islistening. I really do appreciate your support. Like I said, if you're in aband, please get in touch, send me your music and I'll, get you on the A R ifyou're fanoe show- and you haven't heard your favorite song, and you wantme to play something a bit different. Just send me a message. Let me knowwhat's going on. If you want to program scare por number three, let me know I mmore than happy to let you get on with it, because it's less work for me justpick me your five or six favorite tunes and I'll put them in a pod for you, andyou can get that as a little present from the big beef man himself I'll beback next week with the live show coming at you from Melbourne town,remember to get your tickets for Karnat, eighteenth and nineteen to December ttree hotel, Warrior Victoria. It's a bear. Two hour drive from Melbournecentral. It's going to be bloody, awesome, Fifteen bounds from all overAustralia. If you haven't been vaccinated by now and O, what's holdingyou up peopull, please do it, I'm going to have a booster before you get doublevexed. If you haven't had it done by now, it's the best way to controleverything and look after selves. Please please place day safe. Do theright thing be excellent to one another, my name's beefy you've been listeningto the sky, show with beefy who's that man with the soup on his hand O. I I I I I I o o: Hey there, beefy, hey rob, do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go It stars, you N me, Oh wow,so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah,if you want get it whenever you get your podcast from wes, far five tothree hundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knewyou wanted to listen to a.

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