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Episode 295 · 3 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, Aug 22nd 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with tracks from Kujo Kings, The Hacklers, Baby Aventurero and The Bluebeaters, and then full-on bangers fill the rest of the show from Bumpin Uglies, Voimaryhma, Skapilsburger, Jamaican Jazz Lovers, Dr Ring DIng & Tippa Irie, Jimmy CLiff, Desmond Dekker, Byron Lee & The Draganaires, The Big, Upbeat Allstars plus Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it!  

A O O has got. Beware you to love. Myblue. A is a lost to find who I am as a person, andI will never turn my back on Scot. Looking back, I have no regrets. Heshould never wait them like God, we don't play so anymore, it's time to have a bit of a Skank, andI think that I will in fact skank all right. Hey it's so much pressure, okay,hey this is damp and you're. Listening to the sky show with beefy on southernFM, hey everybody! Can I get an Oh yeah all right, I want to know: what's withthese sky bands, always playing these ridiculous Darky, you knowcollaboration online cover, videos and stuff, I'm just so sick of this. Whycan't somebody play any good music? I live a fuse for e share. Had Athousand to you would see a brandon your corner. Now I Yoroi yourrestaurant or Beteddeen ourselves on service. What you wish is your suitSuliote for a your friends got this eye. Friends, O Africa Gabrone a Niobe,a O three miles long! No L Y O N had friend out of Bradway friend mehad a Presner Elatto to I m P. I D O bring my I use by the seest like in Oo...

...what you all togetter, just like an O, my well I'm gonna, be see as I a trick o trick a at you to. I must be redoubts. Ned O you fuck, you O to slewing all is, but we want just like an mometer is a face when youhedn't, you know whatever. I E O o three car trick, the clash of cut thecrap, I think M de Eighteen. Eighty five, I think of the crack came out.There was the hecklers from Ireland dated that for one of the specializedproject albums, obviously the one tributim Jos tremain the clash. Wekicked off the well Sarvice Canseco with the Melbourne Band Cujo King'sfriend. Like me, a live version from Aladdin. Those guys will be on Skara,two thousand and twenty one down at Warria Victoria. The TT hotels gonation to Osander of October. It's going to be awesome, good stuff. Thecujo kings o always bring it when they're playing live, all sorts ofShinanigan going on and we can't wait to have them as part of the SCANTINparty. You're listening to the sky show with me a beefy thanks joining me. Weare in the middle of the for mention well famous coversed, we're going totake a little trip to Mexico, making this Gosho with beefy Dabus. This isbaby evinced, doing a local cover to them. Christian Odel,gater, M X or Ames Patella, trus, Patella featuring said quavers. I haveno idea. I should look it up. Just I'm just want to play music people all theway from Mexico baby. Even do there, though, but the a e day, an e eMendosino, a better together and we eeeeeee at o n E. I e m o o e e n s e...

...e d ever day. I want to let em in I menatonon a t, muore comin with me. I tabooneeah me an the far O thingin, no,...

...please ee, but I just tearin all night, because I just liketo pass out on the post neck. Every Shay Bon in side of everythingsacrificed a decade with sevelamer friendly, I ehooero on their way to thesame. It is fucked up that it ain't there, but to Gesotten it's obscenitiesis next or stories about bring my funest the Ti Takini. I just followedyour leadening line or a ootcast every city on the o people wedo screaming reversion my face. I on my bread that eeteration knowing rest do now. Tertius are for sleep brand new from the bumping uglies outof a number list, merryland mechanics and bar stools. Now, if you'refollowing the bumping, uglies and well, I've really done, I think they did aself released album last year. I could be wrong. No, I think they did didn'tplay much of that. I don't know why. But they've got loads of gigs lined up.Last week they played home with the beef in Omaha Nebraska. They played thewaiting room, Lange of just been through stows, just an an of GigiShakoes, a free gig. Next week. I think somewhere, they're playing the birds ofa feather festival in a Morning View Kentucky on August, twenty fine. Thatis this weekend, Chicago Illinois on the second of October, with Tropie thatFree Gig, Wednesday August twenty fifth at the levitate backyard and MexacaliSurf Cantina in a marsh field. So if you want to get along to that, it'sfree two hundred capacity first come first served. Apparently we love thebumping ogles before that we heard the second half of the wellfare as come. Asex kicked off the second half way the baby av in to herobut tell a tres butdella, which means bottle after ball.

It's a cover of Christian Adele and geta MES traditional Mexican and Punk rock there good to have a debut for baby ofaventure glad to have you on board, and then we finish it off with the bluebeaters, another Milan ban from Italy doing a cover, wastes roll with it. Infact, I think that's one of my favorite covers that we've played on this show.I think they had a full album of really really good covers back in two thousandand fifteen we're going to ramp it up a little bit here. We're going to go toour friends in Finland, Voy Marie Ma brand new single. I have heard fromSAMs this week says beef. We have a new single, please play it met a to hand,ser, which I think, if my finish serves me correctly, means anything yeah. Ijust look that up as well. They got a new album coming very, very soon, a Voi okay, my fetish is like everyone elseis finished. It's rubbish! Voy Vertigo me momentum fever. If that is the thingI could be the pace of the drug if I've written it down incorrectly anyway,let's see o friends of the show boy. Mary am anything met that Danser Toys. Yngine O me, you C N E N E after Mataiea at Entetement, a like a man, I aaaaahs on t B, p theAnactoria, but I I o t a h, O deeo.

You E S, e n n e e that it tsomecostee Fontes. I do it. I bet the parent, a t t...

...a little tour of Europe. There, heythat instrumental was from the Jamaican jazz lovers out of Valencia in Spainthan it's called rude. Skulls dense their brand new album embracing the dambeat, is out now check him out on the Old Bank camp. I have a goodinstrumental and that is a good instrumental before the Jamaican jazzlevels, scar, pills, Burger or one word out of quivring Belgium. Now that'sright in the French bordon right near Lans, friends of the show, ScorhillBurger they put a track on the old, save the scars show with beefycompilation, album, barbecue or bbq. Actually, that is called like it likethat, a lot big Shaou to the scapes guys they like to keep in touch with meand make sure I'm a way of their tracks, and we kicked off the little Europeantool with more friends of the show Voy Maria Ma from tempera in Finland, Metato Hanser, which means anything new album coming very, very soon verdomthat is possibly cold. If I get my finish right, I'm jumping for joy atthe little European tour and I'm going to keep it going. Dr Ring Ding withtipper. I re all away from Germany, I think, to Barry's English, but this iscalled unity, a from the RENIG on to fry. In a one on,you can spent you, and I that's why we have I stand together. Anyway. We go call them of Foo. We getaround, make a song with the biggest I'm in Le What a lot O n. We S Acommonality. Muse me to what your man I do get that will devision that becomereality. A The tribe get the vides come and join the pantins message come fromrending and from the Biriousensk you a white in while I e that of with myinvention. Now they Patmian Stop Down to this see rob I do you e one, o one God, one life, one unitingwhere you go, O o T. I love one O, that's like we want Jane, I'm going toget on. We, I I ingins running round in my on you, an o t, Ely, don't cometogether for a weed in a neo muciana join hands running round in the one younisikoos chose Music Vailable Word O O. I e music. I would be one thing I I o oe o w onenote one to get that in the UN. Whenpushed me me everyone I, on the one love one God a life one Unigenito do todo. I Love One God! That's why we wan I'm Goin O we a one...

...hi. This is Agis born for many years.You know I've had a drink problem, I'm trying to battle that problem everysingle day. But one thing I don't do I don't drive my car when I'm drinking Iget someone to drive me. Do not drink and drive. Is the stupidest thing? Ifyou drink just don't drive not only you're going to hurt yourself, you mayhurt some other person and you wouldn't want now in your country. Would you amessage from Rad recording artists actors and athletes against drinkdriving, the sky waiting for wine? I ever so he will Shaitan and I not will no get much at m e t e t O, but I rather be a free man, a noustes which I go, get what my teathy cliff there for one thousandnine hundred and seventy two from the sand track of the film the hero theycome before. Jimmy cliff we herd to ire with legend himself dor ring ging fromGermany was a song they put out a couple of months ago, called unity achance to play it yet. So I saw that in my playlist and so right. We need togive that a spin. Should we stay in Jamaica, I think we should desmonddigger and his aces from n tone teen sixty eight it mick caneauyou. Think I never see you whenyou go to ten. I and if you go matones... in a Oonoothi, no a a Y Y, a going very old score on Thousan Teen N,seventy one Byron, Ley and the Dragon as fire fire. I was going to play. Itdiffer a track of this and I clicked the wrong one. But there you go. Whynot? Why not play fire for never heard that song before pot luck in this gamecracking classic tune, though Desmond Decker before that, with his aces itmick from one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight were to keep playing onwith some tunes. Now in my quest to bring you some of the lesser knownskates from the UK, especially during the last popular times, there was a guycalled Ed. Rome he's been around many many years. He has played withabsolutely everyone, I'm not going to go through the list, but he had his ownband called the big. Now this is off. Whatever makes you happy, this is thinkbigger.

I acause he was telemuse, becauseeverything eventually were faking bore O...

...and from my neck of the Woods in SouthWales, Newport Cardiff up beat all stars now that album wake up from twothousand and twelve has just been re released. Now scart punk internationalhave picked up on that, and they have put it back at the. Why the hell not itis an awesome, album big shot out to Christy Holland as she is now anNdebele be in the world and a few others have played on that upbeat allstars album that track was called the bus. So look up, Sarpu International UmBank up all their new releases to prey new distribution system, the old Scotpunk international, but best of luck to Chris and can't think of a better placeto start with from the up beall stars all the way from Wales. Why not? We heard before up be allstars, ed,Rome and the big think bigger? Was that track? What a tune love that stuff?Whatever makes you happy was the album from two thousand and six he's got aload of Solo stuff he's got lots of the big albums there's all so he's playedon play with so many bands. Please gratch Perry, bad manners. Who Else? Isthere a load? It's the beat the selected, the State Ball and Rolyradiations played with special beat. I think he can to Australia with aspecial B ally weirdly enough, but anyway doesn't matter Ed. Rome. Look upthe big they were play. Good I've got that that album think bigger were theon Mons, Ka, pretty sure they were anyway. This has been the scar showwith beef. scapper three will be along very very shortly. It's an absolutecrackit tonight. It's got some belting tunes really really do like this oneplace. They save everybody we're still going through the motions. Aren't weget vaccinated? That's the number one. If you haven't been fully vexed stayhome, if you do, I wear a mask. Key washing hands do touch your face.Social distance seen still a thing if we do all those things and we also beexcellent to one another, we'll get to see geeks again, there's loads of keepcoming. So I know especially in the states, they want co, vaccination, proof or negativecoved test proof and I think that's going to come in fairly fairlyregularly around the World Melbourne in lockdown, the whole of New South wellsin lockdown Aukland with one case, has gone into lock down for five days. Onecase not like the thirty thousand. U cases over in the UK a day we'retalking not just thirty thousand cases, it's crazy. So please we need to do theright thing. We need to go and see bands again. That would make me veryhappy really really would if you're in a ban home play your music, you shouldknow what to do by now. Please get in touch face up page the. What is itcalled the scar show with beef or three twitter at beefy scathe? That's theonly way to get in touch with me. If you think I need to know us, do thesame thing friendly show, an ant played your songs, your favorite song. Youneed to, let me know, and I can get it on the show. I've been beefy. This hasbeen another. Absolutely top class. Show Pesateroso,...

Hey there, beefy hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime rub. Well, guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time? What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport go it stars! You N me Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah, if youwant get it wherever you get your podcast from wes, far five to threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to a.

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