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The Ska Show with Beefy, Oct 24th 2021 (Pod2)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Get vaxxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon!

The World Famous Covers Section explodes with effervescent efforts from Area 7, Scott Klopfenstein & Bite Me Bambi, Reel Big Fish & Nice Things then total triptastic tunes from The Specials, Big Spin, Stay Loud, The Higsons, Highball Holiday, Imagination Movers, The Isolators, Jimmy Cliff and we can't not finish up with Soupy George!

Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!

Any moment. Now that's got awhen are you to love my blue one? I Love Scott. Defines who Iam as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott.Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait to play scam. We don't play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank andI think that I will infect skank. Hey, this is Brian Robertson fromthese suburban legends and currently playing in real big fish. You are listening tothe Scott Show with beefy on southern FM. Check it out, all right.I want to know what's with these sky bands always playing these ridiculous Dorkyyou know, collaboration, online cover videos and stuff. I'm just so sickof this. Why can't somebody play any good music? When, crazy cuse, I tried to make a ten. You better rub the banks. Don'ta card to get everybody leaving. To do know what to make it don't. The game told me I was gonna get older. I turned when theone my Lama do to where I am out an so I listen to yourfucking can. You gotta get you Dat. You just to rub a fucking tellyour brain is corning out. So you don't and I don't know whatto do. It's falling down around because I'm thinking you take a look around. I will to day the wine Wi. You gotta said, Hey, let'sway everybody a piece. Get you to come, something go. Youdo something to me that I can explain. Me Closer and I feel no myheart. We got something gonder. Love is here requires a dedication.Mother's love. We feel me no conversation. We write together, make you lovewith each other in the stream between.

How can we rely on each other? From to live without you? If the love was gone, everythingand nothing, if you got no but I won't happen to us and wegot no doubt to die. Just cleared. This could be a year for thewheel. No more will you cry? Maybe we started to make you lovewith each other, each other, a brand new Scott CLOPF and steme, Tolina, chickamy, Scott Cop from Stein. Formerly were a big,real big fish, and currently of little this man ban. If they're currentlykicking around to Lena, is bite me Bemby or part of Bite Me Benby, I should say she's not bite me Bamby. She's a big part ofbite me Bamby. But Anyway, island's in the steam, Kenny Rogers TullyPan, you all know of that, just come out the video. Notsure when they recorded the song. Couple months ago I believe, but awesome. I was expecting a little bit more scary version, but they've kind ofgone straight down the guts and gone with a funky video instead of changing thetune into a bit of a scar number. But they are legends of the SCARscene and legends of the scarf seeing get played on this little all radioshow here in Australia. You can get it. Island's in the Stream.Just check it out. We kicked off the second hour of the sky show. Would beefy with the world favors. Give us sex shit. Are isseven, Melbourne's finest hey SCA suicide machines. Or what was that? skanked forbrains, was off suical machines album? I can't remember. I should havelooked that up, I'm my research is pretty poor recently. And Anyway, it is a cover of the SUICI machines, Hey Scott, and theydo it very well. They used to do it live are is seven,but they don't anymore because I think a few members of come and gone andSteve Oh has forgotten the words. You are listened to this cay show withme, beefy. We're in the middle of the weld famous going sex show. We kick offscot Ottom a too every week with a load of covers andthis week is going to be no different. Now some people know I went tothe University of North Texas. Back in the early S, a bandcalled when in Rome, who had never heard of a gone, I usedto hang out with quite a bit. He had the when in Rome atCD and used to play this song on repeat time and time again. Imust say I was a big Fan. I'm pretty sure when in Rome endedup being a one hit wonder anyway, real big fish. You know thoseguys, Scott Coffins. I used to be part of real big fish along time ago, off Candy Code of Fury. This is the promise.If you need a friend, don't look... a stranger. You know inthe end I'll always be there and when you're in doubt and when you're indanger, take a look all around and I'll be there. I know theydon't sound the way them, but if you will that you pop me promisewhen your days through, and so is your temper. You know what todo, gonna always be there. Sometimes if I shout, it's not what'sintended. These words just come out with no gruds to bed. I'm sorry. I know that the world I you I know to be, but ifyou wait around a while, I make you. I'm sorry. I wasthat I'd world you a little sexual for season and ham like a motivation anda lot of concentration. I've got a strange. I can concentret on work. My the Beatles come. Now I'm sweating through my shot. I've gota strange to say. Strange emotion doesn't think some fire television station unaffected bylocation. I've got a strange I can't seem to get the sleep. Idon't want a thing to eat. Walking up and down your tree, I'vegot a strange what did you range?...

Now I'm standing in the way,water soaking to my brain. Every droplet speaks no name and it's driving meinsane. I don't want to go to work on the feetle come the thirdI don't want a thing to eat. Two weeks ago, here I amalone and in this world a good things that go away and leaving with nothing. Yeah, you love me, nothing but rage is this? I don'twant to go to work out. I this is Paul Stanley. Hi,this is Jane Simmons of Kiss for Rad getting drunk. Maybe you're a business, but it's my business too, because when you get out on the road, my butts in your hands. Get a designated driver. I don't wantto die because you want to have fun. Remember, music lives, and soshould you. Don't drink and drive. I want you alive. A messagefrom red recording artists, actors and athletes against drink driving. I havefooling around. Think about future. Miss, I miss. You're messing around.I think future up problems. That is the good stuff of the specials, the best stuff, in fact. The specials album, the debut albumthe specials, is probably the greatest album of all time, let's be honest, released on this day one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. Track onea message to you, rudy cover of Danny Livingston's original. I might playanother track off that album a little bit later, because you know yourself,chief you ain't getting nothing off protest songs. Not In this show. No.Never I've played a couple already and... ain't happening again. I couldtell you right now because, let's face it, it's still nice. Seventynine in this show. My word, some of the flak I have coppedonline recently. It has been hilarious. Before the specials message to you,Rudy, we heard nice things out of Toronto, Canada. That is acover of a band I've never heard of. PROZAC with a double zed strange disease. I'll be checking out more nice things. I like that cover.I think they did a boss tones. The impression I get cover are butI didn't. It didn't make it on the show in May. Of Ineed to check out where I played nice things before, but I like that. It's very well done. Then we kicked off the second half of theworld famous cover sex show, real big fish off Kenny cuddy, fury thepromise, who was originally by when in Rome. Right. Where we'RE gonnago? WE'RE gonna go to Mexico. This is brand new from a bandcalled big spin. They have just put out a EP, I think,into idioma. I've no idea what that means, but in your ideas,possibly in your dreams, may well be. This is the number one track offthat is called control alt Dell Dell shore for delete. I gono saidthis thing. God, yeah, I got friends, great aspirations. Theyalways want the best of me when it comes to drinking. At you myself, Bunny, till the bottle is empty. The night goes on and I can'tgo down and I just have to stay okay, but know if thesame truth bark comes earlier, and I just forgot your name on the pole. Got Friends in many places. Nice, is really seemed. I love todrink like the sail and I don't have a paddle sit how much stylereally does me. But then I'm going for a second and all a suddenthere's another class with me, one dylan...

...and Derek Nowak from wilts Barre,Pennsylvania. They're also known as stay loud. That is a track they put outlate last year. One shot. I have to apologize to the nowax because I should have played that much much sooner than I did. It'sbrilliant. I love that tune. It's a bit more tweaking on the masteringfront and bit more I'd love a bit more big band bust tones filter it. What a track one shot that may have well made the beefy top thirtyof two thousand and twenty if I'd known. I Apologize, I really do.Before stay loud. We heard big spin from Quid Dada, mccore,Mexico City, brand new and do idioma is their new long play, andI've just looked at up. It means in your language, not in yourdreams at all or in your ideas. It's in your language. Control OutDell is the name of that track. They have a new long player out. Please get it. Big Spin they called. Now I thought they werequite a new band. Clearly not. They were formed in one thousand nineteen, at ninety seven. There you go now talking about bands that were formeda long time ago. Ninety seven is not that long ago, by theway. I was still twenty three, twenty four. So we're yeah.On the twotone label was a band called the Higson's. They were only onthe twotone label for a couple of singles. It had a bit of a runon other labels previously. To my British listeners, the higsons were formedaround Charlie Higson. Now you will know Charlie Higson if you're a fan ofthe fast show. He stars in the fast show. He's rewrote a lotof the fast show. I did not know this about Charlie Higson. Hewas part of the higsons. They were from Norwich in England. We're gonnahear trek from one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Like I said,these guys are on to tone, but they were more of a funky soultype deal, which is pretty in vogue at the time. This is runme down. Two tone twenty four, if you're into the twotone label.History a bit like mesc classes. SIP The smell. He said to meyou should have been standard to me with your accent. I had always onthe eye. Played For caces in my..., had held on the UNset a car. You ask me why, but we concentrate on the day.If commentate would come in by, look it in the eyes. Mustwe can't make the on the real life. Do you see any betrayal in myfuture? I reply. What can you tell me? Anyway? Why? Why in my life to teach me what there's dinner by the Leggy?You ask me why. You ask me why elation to stay Londer and thestress and convince me that it and it's not just like a weekday with nothingto teption. And I be looking at as the filming. You at me. Why such a it for Wappy,... of ever heard happy. Gonnaput it in Song. If he feels happy. We're gonna tell you thatyou watching long stayin with your condition. Let's make it a tradition and havesome fun. Such a simple word. We're gonna reason to walk the dogoutside. I drew stop, pick up a pencil and try, try,try, listen to the blessing. He's my favorite, and Jelly to fiddle. Sky, sky, sky, sky be that is the imagination movers outof New Valley's Louisiana. I have to think the guys from imagination movers.They have made a little bit of a donation towards the keeping the scar showon the air, which is absolutely brilliant. I do appreciate that there is analbum out called save the scar show with beefy compilation fundraiser album thing.It's on been camp. Just look up the scar show with beefeet up bankumpcom. The albums are sixty four traction bands from all over the world whodonated their tracks so we could put that together to try and raise money keepthe show going. Two Thousand and twenty one it went okay. I wantto make two thousand and twenty two much bigger. The album volume two ofthe say this scaria would befew compilation fundraising album will be out meet December,I'm hoping. If your band want to be on that album, you needto get in touching me pretty quick smart, because I've already made some inquiries.A lot of bands who are involved last year want to get involved again. Sixty four trecks, so that will fill up pretty quick. I've talkedto a few bands already. They're all ready put their hands up, whichis fantastic. So if you're in a band and I play your music andyou want to put a track on the save the SCARSIA would be you album. Let me know. You can get in touch with me through facebook,the sky show would be feet, or through twitter at beef eat scar show. Imagination movers. They put out an EP couple of weeks months ago now. Happy to be here, we heard happy. It's a great little EP. Five tracker. I didn't realize they've put out ten albums. Yeah,ten albums. So far. They did the entertainment at the White House forBarack Obama during the Easter Egg roll. They've been on Good Morning America.They won a daytime entertainment emmy for original outstanding song. BOING, cluck cluck. That was the one that won the Emmy. By the way, nominatedfor more emmy's best original songs. Received a wga award for children's episodic andspecials. Absolutely bringing there, bringing scar to the kids of America and somefolky, funny, upbeat stuff as well. Brilliant. I can't thank you guysenough, and they will be programming Scott put number three fairly soon aswell. I've just got to sort that out with those guys. So thanksfor jumping on board. I really do appreciate it and I wish you thebest of luck later. They made this show into a TV show. Theywork with Disney for many, many years. Awesome. Pretty sure they're still playinglive doing gigs. They are just read too and so imagination moves crowdfunded their ten album in titled Ten four or, and that got released December. Forty two thousand and eighteen. Fantastic. Before imagination movers, we heard highballholiday in my quest to bring you the lesserknown scabands from around the world. High Ball holiday put out one album, a MOONSCAR in one thousand nine hundredand ninety seven solft titled. We heard why and a big shoutout toChehannah mckinney bolden, who was the inspiration... the band from Milwaukee. And, like I said, they were around late s and never heard from again. They done a couple of reunion shows. Don't don't quote me on that.I'll make stuff up on this show. You know that they've done reunion shows. It puts up. I've checked out that album. It is bloodygood. It really is good and it's a shame they didn't do more beforehighball holiday. We heard the Higson's, who put out a couple of singleson at tutone. We heard from one thousand nine hundred and eighty two.Run me down right. I'm going to bring it on home with a coupleof classics. Is Well, I'm going to say classics are all classics inmy mind. If they're not classics, it don't make the show. It'sas simple as that. This is a band out of Adelaide, South Australia. They are coming across from Ska nation, boarders permitting, let's hope so.This is it's not cover, even though it's got the same name.Sweet Child of mine, the isolators from Adelaide each other. My see child, sweet shot of my seld, I'm gonna hold you tonight. I keepsafe till the morning light. Char my sweet O, sweet shall, mysweet a piece of me. No one else is gonna see set up sobad. You're gonna sweet see till the morning, sweet chill of mine,sweet of it ruses, I read, but let's are blue. Leave me. I love you. Let's not be a part for the rules of myheart and sweet rose, you are my quiet. Your mind is a joymaker, my Miss Jo Maker, your my jom maker. I'm goning youand myself, although you may not have such a bibylar shape, soon therest of the world. That's all I want to do. I need notknow nothing more. Your my mes Jo Maker, my joke. You're mymis joker. I'm trying you myself.

You need not such a bibylar shape. So the rest of who word. That's all I want to know.I need not know nothing more. Your Miss Jo Maker, Jo maker,you're my miss jo maker. I'm crying myself cause you're my miss jo maker, Miss Jam Maker, Miss Jam Maker. When you know this is the end, now what to do? Well, you know. This is how bloodygood it. It is. One thousand nine hundred and seventy nine afterall the specials. You're wondering now live. I love it cos one cocks woodcocks own dodd wrote that of studio one fame. It's not much tosay. It's the closing track off the specials debut album, one of thegreatest albums of all time, simple as that. I'm not gonna say muchmore about it. I'm on before that, Jimmy Cliff, Miss Jamaica and theisolators out of South Australia. Sweet Child of mine, they are playingscar nation. I have told you many times. Please get your tickets.scarnation. It will set out because he's going to be bringing two days,Saturday, the eighteen, Sunday, the nineteen for December down in warrior ina country, Victoria down. Need to along there a color like way.It's at the tree hotel. We have Saturday headliners of the Benny's Sunday headlinersare Melbourne at scal orchestra. You'll probably...

...even hear that tune by one ofthe bands. If fifteen bands, sixteen bands from all over Australia, it'sgoing to be brilliant. I am so looking forward to it. It's goingto be fantastic. And not only that, we want to build scar nation,this two day festival, into one of the ultimate scar fessels in theworld. Now that's a big call early doors, but I'm on it.I'm on the case. This has been the sky show with beefee. Ifyou're in a band and I haven't played you music, you need to getin touch. FACEBOOK page scarsia would be fee twitter at beefy scary show.Please go and get vaccinated. So I'm going to see some bends. That'sall I'm going to say. Please do that. I hope everyone is stayingsafe, to the right thing. Place. Place plays in the spirit of scarbe excellent to one another. I'll be back next week. There isno scar part three this week. I'm doing five scar pods a fortnight.So I'm going to do a scar par three every other week. Hope that'sokay with you people. I'm just got too much on at the minute.I really really do have a fantastic week people. I really hope you do, and I wish that all your dreams come true, because in mine allI hear is this. WHO's that man with a souper his head? Super, Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super, super super super. Hey, there beefy. Hey, rob, do you have nothing todo all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that you can dowith your nothing time. Well's that, rob? Listen to a great podcastcalled three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stares youand me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides thepeople who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it wheneveryou get your podcast from well, spotify. Two, three hundred and sixty fivedays of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listento.

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