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The Ska Show with Beefy, Apr 26th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. 

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from Crash & The Crapenters, Mike Park (& friends), Two Of Us, The Elovaters and The Valkyrians. Then the fun starts as The Donald Trumpets take over the second half. Their favourites include The Slackers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bomb The Music Industry!, Five Iron Frenzy & The Sovereigns.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.

Any on O Thas gotaall right Heyissti, Ipressureokayhey this is dampnd you're. Listening to the SCY show, with beefyon Souther FM, hey everybody Cani get an oh yeah, dont sthisis, the heavy Huby Losteso, theNUS o the room, the Fon plac Yo feel isisyuwor that wain always coer Ni. I go o Su Ow da oe, Wshe Lov you so every on she lov se Dhe it tat Aini alwas Wat, you lkingfor Waiin e Fa e Tat, Eignta e Lov me. So...

...every ot he loves oe. Welcome to SCAPARD number three. Youlisten to the scar show with Beefi. This is the additional scar pod I knowhave to do because there's so many new releases that just can't fit them intothe live show we kicked on with a banner a Sidney in New South whalescalled Cresh and the crebiners we're all in this alone, good to see thoseguys bingingate new gear right we're going to take a trip to California.This is very, very fun. On Asia. Man Records Mike Park with Jeff RosenStockan shompenet. They done a little Chun called ABCD FG, HK, lmp, Qorst,UVWXYNZ or Zit, if you're in England or Australia or anywhere. That speaksproper English. Anyway. This is good fun, Mike Park and crew to learn the SCOW. The Dig: Can youmake the hook? Gon a capital, chick cand, walk jus live he letter, Cak anyou, build a roof on top of thering Anto draw the Don on a Loerca socancross the teas from side side. Do you know you ready seiz itself, wront yousinge Maby, now iwhat did you learn in school? Tell me: Does you w look like adouble beak? Can you sink a SACG? Just like a seat? Can you hangrylow like alower Cageis? He look like a backwards kee. As your an look like in upsidedown. You do. You know your ABCs. If so woll you Singi with me baby S, MeijkElementaly, to Ou me Yuewy, ABC IAA, Elemaayou, why I don't knoweverythings Goingafrwrds, Yu, n...

...dmotoo tiisu MIT's Gol. Are we play one of those singles lastweek these Gois are called two of us. They used to be called, Mr Speaker, theroad of Lahav in France, that's the new single hay boys and before that, wasn'tthat a little bit of fun from Mike Park, Jeff, Rosen stock and Shambanet, a tozor Atasit, or the Alphabet Song. I don't know what they're going to callit, but that is new, although I see just lik is yhrough my note that cameout in January, so I don't know why I'm so far behind the Times. Well, I doknow it's because you people don't tell me what's going on, listen if you're ina band- and I haven't- played your music, you need to get in touch with methrough facebook, the Scashir with Beefe threug twitter at beefy, skashowSCARPO number three also gets turned over to guest programmers. If you wantto guess program, the second HARFOR SCAP by number three just gen in touchthis week, the Donald Trumpets at a Perth, Australia are doing it andbecause we ask them for five songs, every one of their members has selecteda song of their choosing good idea. So if you've got five people in your bend,you can choose one each right: we're going to go up to Boston now this isbrandnew from the elevators. It is called Criminal Sturny. The Wa about I movies Theway, O Tor, my ar was oo and now you're. Looking for you go, you came in look. I G ther was no eteron ready to Blass Govin too fast burte. She wrote he Camim with the power likeWhyolo t, CACIN M war. You be me wit. The I'm coming down N is Oy. Bor E. DO won't you, like my favorite O.

I just wanted to Mysom obody Movis teway to my Atas O, and now you looking to your g, the way you stal my Hartwas Yo. Do you? Well, I never forget. When thats I'msaid how we come by Surpise E, you open up fie! Oh My! Can you let me BleedimWen y, I on Andi I li back an Sati Witte liht. The way you ble me with Eana I'L, coming down in I sotybut to wantyou, like my favorite job, Oto, readh, Sharatach, SOM here, tewabody Mo tmy, AAs and now you'r. looking for you,Gistarete Wer, you bote movies, CEO, the way you stor, my heart is Roor andnow you're looking for you, GE, get away Giv away,...

...ah from Helsinki in Finland that isabound have been around a long time since two thousand and two they gottogether twenty years next year, fellows the Valcerians that is theirbran. You singl the monster, with their fifth studio, album coming very, verysoon called monsterpiece. Before the Valcarians, we heard Boston brand, theelevators there new single criminal I mentioned earlier, we're going to turnthe second our of the show over to the Donald Trumpets. These guys playedtheir first Gig for quite a long while last week, they've also got a newsingle agt, which we played on the live show earlier in the week. It is also Imean it's calld. The Ballad of Scuddy from Margavin's got the best chorus.I've heard for a long long time going to play one of their older hits one ofmy absolute favorites, its called coping mechanisms. These are theDonnald trumpets. Wake. U Ee came to. I O should have said Ti Caam, so whyget get rwkn. You do B, Co adsome Mavfencin you go. I wish you could have. Let you know that you were nevertruly alive. Is Eech Einwaright, let's...

...get into the selections from the DonaldTrumpets. This band is one of the favorites on the scare scene and theyhave been, for God knows how long this is off their wasted days, albub theirfourth studio album. This is Gold Dav's friend, that's your revy bread that you bee. That's your Reado beebreat that you be O as never by I sai yon drive you away Cos Yo direct shop andwhen. You would not say hear the thing to read and your Hii o be an you think that a sold you out that I, your ind Isol, your fine ICAN,Ba Yo, it's a long, timity I'll bet I'll, be your friend! You Want Ri that you Thi Thikat. I forgot it when you healthy out. I was down of Ou race, a you pul, the out where I was living from that tree ante yend Al then ste o forgot all Bawe, O Yo, ato you, my friend, oe B, you dont! Is I mad. I be your friends. You want a o Babe Wroni, it's a Lo, sinity ineed, a be your friend. You want e that you, I hav going all thos. All Time facesthat I tow. I shouldn't go...

...seei all your old ar friends that Idon't Ou shouldn't o what di you ti is. When did you think this life wit? Do Yo tink his s? GONA GO GO OI! When you to I your COKA, I bad! I be you fred. You want Efred that YRMA A it's a lot. OITY OT, be your friend! YOU WANT AE! You betto make a mistakethough. Ish a lot of mistakes. Problem comes over Geslsus Ur, my fe, like that EI,perfect ocaeeencourage,...

Ust, outthaing, conversation sover, buteven wit, Thas a ty to change. The only thing along will stay the same forsomeone to miss me when my life is over. DFERENTJEFF rosenstock appears for thesecond time in at scarpod number three, that's from two thousand and ten bombat the music industry planning my death H. I've got to redate the name of thatalbum IME, like adults, smart shit, hood and excited by nothing that wasthei eighth studio at lease from back into thousand and ten Jeff Rosen stockand a whole host of others. Planning Lie Death by bomb the music industry.Now this was interesting before bomb the music industry. We heard the newrelease from Vodoo glow skulls that is called living the apocalypse. That isthe tital track of then new, album, it's not even out yet may fourteen thatalbum comes out. We played live in the apocalypse on the main show the otherweek, so that must have made a great impression on the boys from the DonnaldTrumpets, because they've selected in et best ever tunes, we kicked off thelittle segment with the slackers from to Dhays and and one day friend, wasteddays came out on Hell Cap. It was their fourth album, and that is the liveversion of Dav's friend. That could have been me I'm day friend. Everyoneknows a Dave, though. Don't they right where we go now: Denver Colorado, fiinfrenzy. This is off their debut album upbeat some beat downs. This is a liveversion of cool enough for you... my had thinscm Onmmael. How BodiNihesgomy Bo is o lat. Om Benation is a Ha a lepside, Oclinex town Os side down... the sovereigns out of Hamburg inGermany from two thousand and nine off their debut album, possibly even theonly album pick it up that is sex and modern drugs. Before the sovereigns, weheard five ine friendsy off their dbuw album upbeat some beat downs from wayback in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven obviously just put out anew album this year. After quite a substantial break, that one was a liveversion of cool enough for you. I got Ta thank the Donald Trumpets and Crayfor getting that together. I really do appreciate that. I got some news fromthe Donald Trumpets Camp I mentioned they just played a live Gig, the firsttime for quite some time. Last weekend they just release a new single which isawesome but they're halfway through recording what is effectively ther.Second ar we're all hanging on for that now, they're able to get back togetherand do some recording. Hopefully that will come pretty quick. So we wait withbaited breath, can't wait to see those guys across in at Melbourne Suntimesoon, hopefully, we'll get an announcement on scanation and you neverknow those guys might come across again like they did a couple of years back,be good to see them again right. That's it for scar, pod number three foranother week. I really do appreciate you guys listening and joining in withthe fun. If you want to host SCIRTE podum three just get in touch thefaceep page is the Ska show with beefy twitter is at beefy scar show if youlike the songs, if you like the bands, give them a big like on social media.Please follow them by some merch. Buy some music just support them in thesetimes of need. We will get back to normal very very soon, hopefully soonerrather than later, I will be back next week with the live show and the scarpards in the meantime, pleace they save everybody. U In bify. This has been theSkar show, with BV scarpod Number Three Juli. Do the sguy O with te fee Junyhey there beefy, Hey rob. Do youhave nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go it stars, you an me Ohwow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah, if youwant get it whetever, you get your podcast from ones, far fire two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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