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Episode 356 · 9 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, Feb 27th 2022 (Pod2)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The World Famous Covers Section erupts with Los Capitanes, Amy Gabba & The Almost Famous, The Specials and Ilan Makes Noise plus top tunes from Russkaja, Hey Smith, Klasse Kriminale, Nerf Herder ft Al Yankovic, Likeside, King Tide, The Rudimentals, No Sports, The Upsetters, Rupie Edwards and SOUPY GEORGE is back by popular demand!

Get vaxxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon!

Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!

Any moment. Now I've got all you to love my blue. I love YEA. Scott defines who I am as person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wave the place gone. We don't play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank and I think that I will infect skank. Hello, hello, this is Steve From Sergeant Skagg you're checking out the sky show with beefy on southern FM. All right, I want to know what's with these sky bands always playing these ridiculous, Dorky you know, collaboration, online cover videos and stuff. I'm just so sick of this. Why can't somebody play any good music? Say these days down to your bought this one. Could you leave me, Williams, one by one inside. I can bite me one, but I'll never give you. I'm living the bathroom and nobody, by Damn it did. Think well, doesn't make you wonder, doesn't cross the home sh the way things could. Welcome, welcome, welcome, it's the...

Scot show. Would be fee thank you for listening. If you've taken the time of download this as a podcast, then I really do appreciate that. Halfway through the world famous cover sex shaw. We kicked off with lost Capetan's a of Canbra in the Australian Capital Territory. They're covering missy Higgins's SCA. Check out the video. If you can online lost cap of Danny's scar you will enjoy it. You will thank me for it later. And we just heard Amy Gabber and the almost famous her cover of you shook me all night long. Solid, absolutely solid, live version as well. I think amy is on holiday in Puitt are you go right now, Sunning it up, having a great time by the look of it, so hope the holiday has done you good. Amy. Wish I was moldy, but do you love that? HMM. Makes a change actually, probably for her, because she's based out of Toronto in Canada, where we February. Would be bloody gold out there now on it. No one less you wants some son. Yes, right, covers specials. They did in an album of covers called today's specials. One thousand nine hundred and ninety six. Who's in the bend then? Nevin Roddy, I think, will lingval and Horace in the bend. I think they possibly were. Not a hundred percent sure. Anyway, this popped up on my timeline on social media. I thought, yes, I haven't played this on the show, so I'm going to do it now. This is the cover of the pogues dirty old ten by the specials. Bloody Great, this is my body. I heard a s smiles like a breath...

...of screen. Yours like summer with you, even there's nothing I can do them. When he calls you a easy understand how you could easily take my mind. Don't know what it means to me. Joy, enjoy, jolly, please, don't jolly choice men. I could never again. The only one for me with you, my happiness hands. Oh, Elan makes noise.

Is that band is actually I don't know who his name Ake. She's in the missteps from New York Ska band. It's got a bit of help there. I'm not sure who from. I should have found out a lot more. It's brand new, though, literally released yesterday. So Elan, that makes noise. Joelne Dolly PURTNS. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but I am. Before eland makes noise. The specials off there today. Specials album from thousand nine hundred and ninety six to the old town. That pogues classic. That is it for the well famous Giver Section for crackers. This week for Absolute Bang is where we're going to go now we're going to go to Austria. That Austrian band with the Russian style, a Ruskaja. This from to there's at winds is from last year. I've got a bit mad tonight. I have an eye ruski style from Ruskaja. They're out of Vienna. To be a die shine you more, give me more, give me more, basing mere. This is Alice Cooper. There's a lot of things...

...we have no control of this world, but that's not the case with drink driving. If you're going to drink, don't drive, think ahead and choose a designated driver. Remember, music lives on, and so should you. A message from red recording artists, actors and athletes against drink driving. All Hey Smith from Osaka in Japan, a live version of their track over from two thousand and eleven. If you're a regular listener, you will know scarpot number two is generally a little bit heavier than the scarp odd number one, and that's because we embrace our punk rock roots. So we play scar core, we play we play punk rock that does kind of live on the sky adjacent side. But we do like a little bit of punk rock every now and again, and we had that with the banner of Vienna that thinks they're Russian, Ruskaja Ruski style from last year. WE'RE gonna kick on with some of that punk rocks ga style, with a band from the a Liguria region of Italy. They're called the Class A criminale. This is a track from when was this? Two Thousand and five, and Nakia Liberta from classic criminale. I got out school. I didn't fit in. My glasses with it...

...and my mustache US Bein. I was strong in the video and week in the GIN. Oh it seemed like I never could win. I fought free girl, but I never could dat. I call her on the phone and breathe like Darth vader. I only knew the judge of the pocket cookie later, again and again and again, I was genetically breathing. I was born on the sound the D and I fell in love. That's when I joined the mass club, but my calculus wasn't strong enough. Her name is really I ate my lunch in the computer lab. Even the teachers thought it was sad. Just me and my Alona, again and again and again, and I can again. I was always the show he kept up on the radio. I'm still sing about I was nerve heard her with born weird, kind of an anthem for dementites, featuring weird Al Yankovic himself on accordion. I couldn't have said it better myself. That was nerve heard brand new from them, born weird, featuring none other than weird Al Yankovich playing the accordion. They're from Santa Barbara in California. If you got up the coast roads north of Los Angeles for an hour you'll probably get the Santa Barbara. But nerve...

...heard we like that a lot, talking about liking it a lot. Classic criminale from Luguria in Italy and Nargia Liberta from two thousand and five. They've been a rain since one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. The old classic criminale. I like that. June. I've only come across that recently. That that exact tune. I think it might have been on one of those spotify random playlist. It just popped up on. I thought, or like this, where we're gonna go? WE'RE gonna go up to Brisbane again in a Queensland. This band have just been added to the rearranged all nighters and sunny coast rude boys gieg the banner called like side. This is called losing it. I'm not. I think it's quite new. Anyway, it's pretty cool. Like side. We're losing it, don't I found happiness. Yes, yes, where I lift it? Lace, underneath the beds tree, looking out. Get up, you know, I need the is bed for day shadow popping through the you know, Niked, hot days, Guitar play. You people sing it, singing songs, the free sliptings in that cool place, watching wait break in that cool place. The Sun keep some shine.

Holy Great, I don't need no golden fleece when you're sitting close to me underneath my favorite tree, in that cool watching wait break in that cool place. Look at you in your summer dress. I found happyness. Go and sleep me, slipery, deeping, smoking, spread, eating fish and chicken. You can be fend in your whole lifetime. You can spending a drinking from one look for the perfect grape in the perfect shut the public parents and hips in a waste intwining it is that they live and they give and they wish they have. You given, you have and you live, but they don't know that you don't have a penny to throw. I came, we got all this cool to grow that watch. We just send me free next time, my sweet team, our live more than mist. I need to wash it up. I want. We'll bring you vibeskins this and happen that you got vibrea. We are think not fling the gas than you burn the readings a nice but nice. I could be flying a freak star like a I make you a hot burn. Don't worry, for all the Rudy...

...mentals out of cake turn in safe Africa at radio. SCOUETO off their second album set it proper. The debutlms called more fire. I'm going to be honest of you. I'm supposed to be impartial. They have changed a bit of direction in their later releases. There a lot more dub step and hip hop and drum and bass than scar. There you go. They have their markets and I suppose the music industry changes, but their first two, two albums are fantastic and then it goes a bit Danil from there. I'm not supposed to stay that, but I'm just telling you like it is. I'm guessing this still going like doing stuff but, like I said, they've dropped off the SCR radar before the Rudy mentors. We heard king tide, Tony Hughes and the crew from Sydney, brand new from them the cool place and kick that little segment off like side at a Brisbane losing it. And as mentioned, they just been added to the match twenty nine all night as Gig in Brisbane with the sunny coast rue boys. So if you're like what you hear, losing it by a light side, get along to the all nighters with Tony Coast Fru boys. Is going to be one magic night. Really, really is not like to go. We're just going to bring it on home. We're going to go to Germany now. But of no sports. This is can Kong train your body, because I'm very bab I just feel like a gong. You Sare you? I'm so strong. So I my soul well just feel, yeah, a strong fit by jogging my muscles of... house. I'm a very jump so don't be a true feel like it gone. Yes, I'm so strong song because I just don't people like you. Yes, I'm so small. Yeah, you a Bob. Dang,...

Dang, Yang, Dang, gang, gang, gang, Stang, Stang, Stang it. Wondering. What can you do? Gang? Every day your stand, stand, stand, you wouldn't stand. You will see run, runner, run up every day. Time. Wondering, wondering, Langer Eli Stang Stang, Katikati, bell ringing. I'm feeling so D Dana, Dana, Dana, D Stana Dana. Do you believe from one thousand nine hundred and seventy four rupee Edwards, I feelings skinning? Yep, nineteen seventy four before that. Not from one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. The UPSETT has return of Django and we kick that little finishing in the flourish off with a banner stock got no sports have been around his one thousand nine hundred...

...eighty five, still going strong in some regards her King Kong. Well, it has been my absolute pleasure to bring you this edition of the sky show. Would beefy doing it for you're listening pleasure. Hope you've heard as much fun as I had. All the playlist will be on the social media facebook the sky show with the beefy or through twitter at beefy sky. Show to everyone a favor. Give all the bands listed a bit of a follow on social media or a like on facebook, follow on twitter, if you're on Tick Tock, instagram, all that stuff. Just look for the bends and just show them you care. You'll be the first to know about new music fors know about gigs in your area. You can buy some merge by some music or just chuck them a few quid. You're in there just to make ends meet. They will love you forever. If you are in one of those bands and I haven't played your music, get in touching me through the same way semi music and I get it on the show. Thanks for listening. I really, really do appreciate it. Please, people, stay safe, do the right thing. Be Excellent to one another. I'll be back next week, same time, same place, saying channel. I've been beefy. This has been the scar show with beefy. It's back. WHO's that man with a soup on his head? Spoons, Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super. Hey there, beefy. Hey Rob do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, Rob, well, guess what? I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it whenever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify two. Three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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