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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jun 27th 2021 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. The second SkaPod of the week is always freakin' special and just a little bit different!

The World famous SKA covers segment kicks off the show with The Bennies, Common Sense Kid, Phoenix City All-Stars and Los Kung Fu Monkeys! The rest of the show is stacked with top shelf stonkers from Chewing On Tinfoil (Chewie), Bar Stool Preachers, Captain Accident & The Disasters, Reel Big Fish, Azul Flamingo, The skatalites, The Specials, The Beat and Loin Groin plus Soupy George brings #SkaPod #2 home for another week. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. 

It's Ska Radio Jim, but not as you know it! 

Any man now is gotabite find who I amas a person, and I will never turn my back on so looking back. I have no regrets. Heshould never wait the place God we do a anymore it's time to have a bit of a Skank, andI think that I will in fact skank. I, you won a listeners. I call in black-allegedly I am the Queen of Scar, I'm here in Melbourne, you're listening tothe star show with Beefin, and I've got him right beside me and I'm feeling I'mon the drug, I'm on the drug, I'm on the drug, the Co River Phoenix I'm onthe rug, come on the drug, come on the road, the Cue River, Phoenix Sores Body fast, my story to re. Comingdown. I sorosis not the same expiate envelope, a t e w e, the Filomeno me so eeeeee,... so Dan right with me, the face tess that o a a s O s o S. I s a a n O, a material Golmann that is common sense.Kid from frome in a summer set in England they're covering that now theyare covering that, for a very, very, very good reason. Chris Reeves from ascar, punk international, has put together a compilation, album calledscaff for mom's raising money for the prevent Cancer Foundation, which isvery, very honorable. I think Chris's mother passed away probably a year agofrom Kansas. So that's. Why he's done that and all proceeds will go towardsthat prevent, can er foundation fantastic Christ is a university ofNorth Texas man same as me, so, hopefully he's going okay over therethink he probably is he's a very, very busy with scart punk internationalright now they becoming a destroy and doing his normal podcast and everythingelse as well. We kicked off the second scappar of the week with the Benniesand of Melbourne. They are headlining, yes, headlining. The SCAR nation, openair camping first of all, is take your place in late October, Friday October,twenty nine at day October, thirty of Danian in Victoria, which is kind oftwenty minutes. I started Colet back thirty minutes from Jalon. It's goingto be fan bloody, tastic. The bennies loin growing the resonators, the scarvenders, the pirate sky, rebellion, Loni, Junes, Cujo, King's anti, AdmiralAkbar's, dishonorable discharge operation, pink, Jake, Bostone, hoste,rest, an Western Australia, the isolates from South Australia, theManageth Victorian Ban, Alice Bena at a Queensland. What a bill that is shapedup to e account weight. I can't wait for that to happen. You're listening tothe sky show with a beefy or by the way, the bennies they covered old Dan River,I'm on the drug, I'm on the drug, I'm on the drug kill Real Phenix tism madethat famous in the S it's a great version as well and by the way one ofthe members from tism appeared on that live, recording of I'm on the drug orold man. River. Yes, right were have through the wel famous cover sex, surewe're going to go to London. Now the Phoenix City all stars. This is a greatcover of the madness classic. The Prince.

I love to get in the mode. I do it. I Ati...

I no! No! No! I E E E e. This is Alice Cooper. There's a lot ofthings. We have no control in this world, but that's not the case withdrink riding. If you're going to drink, don't drive, think ahead and choose adesignated driver. Remember music lives on in so should you a message from Rad recording artistsactors and athletes against drink driving? Will there are secrets aroundthis town under the pretense of FA? Turning US around people there is ruinlies, but these worse ones, ter true, let the smell o o for woman, brace, Owit Terecen Times. I was going straight for you. You won't be here to my I and bill sinopean. There was there's noreal left in this home, full of Digestor, sacraments and thirty souls.It was this beneverlent content to ignore you. We this ettore food. You love just likea new. This look e hold unto life was a shame. You won't be here to my e on O my ha an they'll sing. Please, and they were Screamingyou,won't be here to my oil chewing on Tim...

Foyle from Dublin in Ireland, GreatSong, awful message. I got to say, love those boys singing from the septic tank.They release an album Christmas Day. I think the in the last year, that isobviously the tall track, but that song is actually a ban orphanage in comingGalway home with the famous saw doctors where they found seven hundred andninety six babies bodies in a septic tank beside the orphans. It was run bynuns of all people that also the nuns were found of traffic over thousandbabies as well to America and place like this, and it turns out that therewere counselors politicians, all sorts of people in on this as well, and raisemoney for the Catholic Church, not good, Hey, not good, very, very bad. In fact.Let's be honest, the second half of the well famous cover section Phoenix City,our stars did the cover of the prince. I was from there two thousand andtwelve album to Tokos pretty good. If you haven't got that album, it isreally cool. I do some really cool covers, and then we finished off withfriends of the show lost come through monkeys from Mexico. That is a cover ofinspectors, pennygown now inspector, who have been around exactly twentyfive years. I think is eight twenty six years, because there was both to dotwenty five years last year. There is a album coming out covers album a tributealbum of their twenty five years, where loads of people have contribute didcovers, and that will be out fairly soon in led to believe, if you're, an ainspector, their bloody gray as well loads of massive back catalog, hugeback cat log, your listening to the scar show with beefy we're going tobang out some more punk rock. I don't know, what's got older me this week,because punk rock crazy in the first air, a lot more punk run a bit more ona second in cap on number two as well. We got to go a Brighton in England,past or preachers. Now they have recorded an album. I thought it wascoming out very very soon, because during lockandkey they were finallyable to get together. They sent us Juno for three days and Bang Day an albumand we haven't heard it yet anyway, they did put out a Dula side singlelast year, probably exactly this time last year going to play when this worldends like this one. It is an absolute triumph past your preachers fromBrighton in England, one one Wales I'll be want to that side on o yourhouse as a Theseyer, the mode Wales ended. No, I eungewisse arrest and don't forget the violence, the Bolete, the lushais oBest Aragonite. If we do things right, I I I a e a the warl will end. You was, wouldn't it be to be. I onesima trip atan ever so o o m o N. I some do social in shoe so great, a elianpoe with thewild a...

...if we cut or together the wail endingwe in it my enemy. I rise on something something I got to ain the big. Why can I is Cheetah? Can just a by thine I my time I e to this world ismy oenanthe way I be, and I a Geraint my eyes, I'm gonna come to you. I Takalright with me. I think wagins run O you but lazy and even a diffent thanit's my money, because I'm no to me y got a restless man. When I a fishingand I E my Antosha- I want a when you got it on me for a that's. Why I'm selling to tell me is when you an IT, don't keep with a thy? Can I just cheap ain accident andthe disasters as safe wells, new pot, Cardiff, restless man from the twothisand and seventeen album wake and break the actually got a new single atcalled wings, but it's very, very reggie and I've got to say it's justnot me sorry, lads we actually put one of their songs on the scar show withbeefy save the scar. Show compilation album as well. So thanks for thatreally to appreciate you still get the... show with beef sake. The gas showcombination album just got to SCUSCO The sky show with beefy dot ban Ken docome. It is this, the only one there we I've had quite a few offers for volumetwo, so I think that'll be eater on Christmas time. By the time I get rainto it be for rest is man from captain accident and the disasters we heardfrom the Basto preachers when this world ends. I like that, lookingforward to the new album right, we gonna have some fun. This is real bigfish life sucks. Let's dance disease, casho a everybody lets you go down, town toknow the sky. Show there this guy. So my let go. We want to dance an forget about everything. Don't want tofight a crime just before we die, everybody has do down. Itit doesn't matter who you are itdon't matter where you're from because everybody is welcome, a Erbe. Don't have I then what we for we a everybody. Let's go down, town to theKashoto. There's Kyle's go: Let's go oteoo,...

O o Bokanda, O e o o e O. Not I don't know I am not so. Oh, that's a brand new band old Girbaat of Mexico, a zoo, Flamingo e Hoag, and now that Blue Flamingo as YuFlamingo. I suppose I just want to say if you're in Florida on Saturday nightyou near Miami Golden Cao Promotions. Unbelievably one of the Ben members hasa professional boxing match at Western fight night, two at the Bunaito ResortSpine Western at Florida, Saturday, night June. Twenty six money tray, Ogood luck to money with with a fight phenomenal and she loves SCAT. Almostthe perfect woman. Really that's only there. I think that's only their secondsingle they like. I said they literally a couple of months old. If that they'refrom Soldee, and they put a little bit of a message, they want to approachscawen approach the listener to enjoy Ska in a very, very different way, veryhammonia, so good stuff. We look forward to a bit more of Zula Flamingoand even in their bio, they say: they're made up of all girls andthey're all beautiful by the way Facesti before, as you were, Flamingoreal big fish scar show good stuff right. What we going to hear now,Catlog, I think why not I just shaved about three or four days ago and I lostlost my facial hair anyway. This was a tribute to me, beards man, scarf fromthe scat lights. This is awesome have of this for ages.

I I, I D, don't get sure an you work on other dump thing, don't get sure what she wore or...

...a e Ahi love a nice little instrumental tofinish off the show, there's long growing from Melbourne, it's calledGemmin. Now they are also on the Ska. Nay, should open a chemic festival,Danny Warren Victoria October, twenty nine and thirty loads are great beans.Scantin, it's going to be huge, we're going to be seying in about fiveyears time. God you remember when he...

...was Oh Ozia Ovid and now it's the bustons and the specials and everything else we can only dream. We heard thebeat des with clan and the specials do the dog before that. Thanks to joiningme, this is being at the sky. Show with beefy do stay Chief Cup on number threethis week is programmed by Amy Gaber. All the way from Canada from Amy Geberand the almost famous big friend of the show another one that contributed atrack to the scar show with beefy, say the sky show compilation album stillavailable now hope you had fun hope being able to just pride up your week.Put a big smile on your face, get some scar into the old ear holes and a batbunk rock sorry, a lot of punk ROK this week. I don't know, what's come over me.Perhaps I've just been feeling a bit depressed. I want to pump myself upanyway, we'll keep going. I will be back next week with the live. ShowTuesday night here live in Melbourne. If you're in a band- and I haven't-played your music, you need to get it to me. Bands are banging out new tunes.Left Ryan sent a lot of new releases again this week, but please pleaseplace send me a music. You can get me through the face of page the sky showwith beefy or through twitter act. beefy scar show. If I don't know aboutnew releases and shows and things, then I can't play it simple, as that pleaseget in touch if you're fono the show and I've played your favorite tune. Letme know: Do the same way. Contact me through the face book or twitter. SendMe Message: I'm pretty responsive. I did have a bit of a holiday, but I'mback now back and forth swing. Please let me know also, if you want a program,if you going to be the best guest, the best the best guest programmer on scarppor number three, we can pick your five favorite tunes. You can do that too. Iam not shy. Just let me know I want to get you guys involved shouldn't. Be Mepicking the Tunes Weekend Week. Actually I want you to ever go toplease please. Please take pressure off me because I have to pick less tunesright. Please people do the right thing stay indoors. If you can, if you do get,please wear masks, keep washing your hands, don't touch your face. Socialdistancing is the most important thing I reckon we've had cases here inAustralia. Recently- and it was reported that transmission happened inabout a meter and a half space yeah, that's about twelve foot for you,Americans, over there, five foot sorry got my conversionswrong about five foot. Transmission has occurred, so we're getting cases of thededeviled, Australia and it's been transmitted that way: Wow UN below sountil you're, fully a vexed well, even actually, apparently, the one personthat transmitted it was vaccinated. So I don't know: Where are we going to getthrough this? I have no idea anyway, say strong people I'll be back nextweek. I've been beefy here. This is being the Scuso be fee with a super aface. So I I e e o o...

Shey there beefy hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime. Rob Well guess what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. Go it stars, you an me Oh wow,so other people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it, yeah,if you want get it whenever you get your podcast from Wens, far fire twothree hundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knewyou wanted to listen to.

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