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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jul 28th 2021 (Pod1)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Now fully vaxxed, completely waxxed and somewhat relaxed and back from Covid jail! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon! Our live set this week is from some of our Ska Nation bands - The Bennies, Dal Santo and The Resignators! Plus loads more from Luke Yeoward, The Donald Trumpets, Chris Murray, AKA The Syndicate, Last Edition, Lollypop Lorry, Barrio Rudo, Zen Baseballbat, Girls Go Ska and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody! 

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!  

Any moment. I've got a wellto love my blue I love Scott to find who I am as a personand I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I haveno regrets. You should never read the place scomb we don't play. It'stime to have a bit of a Skank and I think that I will infact Skank you wonderful Scottishness. I'm calling black. Allegedly, I am theQueen of Scott. I'm here in Melbourne. You're listening to the scar show withbasy and I've got him right beside me and I'm feeling it now andI'm on my face and tainted. All my took me by. I wastaking could you treat me so? Bade Shiny, my car is a realand true will see. I won't go. I'm moving for don't take me bysome don't took me bad. Treat me so bad, dream so bad. You don't touch that. Watch this.

This is a heavy, heavy muster. The nuts songs a road. Whollos stops the ISO. I knowyou think, you don't mean it,...

...but you think I will stay andI know you're not know when. You won't watch it, but you justdon't go. Wait at every day. Think you don't mean it, butyou think I won't pay and I know I'm not known friends. You knowwatch it did you just don't go. Go on, everybody, wait atyour lies are a will your way make Sol howdy folks, this is Chris, Eddie and Scott. We are from...

...the Living End. We're here forRAD recording artist, actors and athletes against drink driving. I see a lotof things that gigs, dogs, nudity, clowns, but mostly people having agood time in a few drinks. What I'd hate to see if someonegetting behind the wheel after they've been drinking. So if you plan to drink overthe Easter break, plan ahead, arrange a designated driver who won't drink, or stay the night at a friend's place. I feel songs in newprice Jesus every day and Danny fuffy matches and pranking credits, fasts and alljoin jetty country fans for all day. I hear that Honolulus time of Party. Cust judge. You know she did you know I shout bank rum?Did you know what she pants? Did you know what she'm a bank I'mnot a wake up with twenty needs to go and the great sounds of theDonald Trumpets. That is the ballad of Scotty from marketing. I love thattune. It is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Now I played that quite a whileago and I got an email through this week's and only just been released, so not exactly sure what's going on there. Doesn't really matter, doesit's a great tune. Love those guys. Donald Trump is out of Perth inWestern Australia. It was an all Australian kickoff to the sky show wouldbe for this week we are celebrating scar nation. We are counting down tothe last week in the October the scar nation outdoor camping festival. Tickets stillavailable through Ostis dot calm. It's gonna be Great. Two days of bands, bands, bands, including the Benny's, were headlining. We did hear thatin the live set, waiting for Dave Dal Sando of just being added. There at a Melbourne we heard a live version of holiday and of course, the brains and the actual Braun behind the scar nation festial, the resonatorsand especially franzis Harrison. We heard rocket ship. They're live, but wedid kick off this week's show with Luke Yo wood and he's no bury allstars. He's got a brand new album that's come out. It's called MarygoldAvenue and all things being well, now I haven't received notification yet, butEmailbourne. We've just come out a lockdown, well, twenty four minutes ago.So that gig on Friday night at the curtain with the scar vendors andLuco with no bury all stars is still going ahead at this point in time. I think. Please check your local listings if you are a local listeneryou want to go and see Luke Yeowood and the scar vendors, and Ithink there's a couple of the bands was at the Curtain Hotel in Carton.I might well be there as well.

All things being well, think it'scrossed now. As most of you know, I've been in quarantine for two weeksas well, so I'm lucky to get out and about because my quarantineended a couple hours ago. So that's why I'm doing the show from thestudio instead of at home. I've got to apologize. It did a podfrom home last week and it just can't get my mixing board right. Itjust doesn't sound like it does here. So I was going to do lastweek's show and because I couldn't get the same quality right, and I'm abit, even though I can't speak out the time, I am a bit. Oh the irony. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comesto the same quality. So, yeah, I just didn't feel worth it.It was worthwhile to get it going anyway, and I'm back now.How goods that I haven't got covid. I've double jabbed. I'm vaccinated,but I had a close encounter of the covid kind and tear one exposure.So I had to do my two weeks and I did and I'm out andI'm happy now. You listen to the sky show, beefy, thank youfor joining me, where if you are on the planet. I really doappreciate you listening. A really really do. It's a two weeks been at home. I know the power of the podcast now, I really do.It kept me busy. The Olympics is kind of kept me busy, butI watch it without the SUNDS. I can have music go in the backgroundanyway. ICE WHERE WE'RE gonna go? Let's go to Canada show. WeChris Murray haven't play any Chris Money for ages. He's goes own podcast nowadayscalled the blue beat live stream. What was the last one? Number Eightyfive, I think he's done on the Chris Murray a Combo. This one'scalled dangerous hands. He's at a Toronto. Let's have a listen show. Well, behind the baby to hand bus and retreat. They know is togo the this strange victory. Who have never once a dangerous a dangerous songmake you believe they feel the flow. They don't believe. To scared oflove, to gain, to frighten, to receive, then know not whatthey seek from the grips your our slabry say not to be said free.Dangerous Song, dangerous a make you believes are all danger there up from thesky and by it's all the sea. Dangerous, the trail broke in love. That wise dangerous. Dangerous, make you believe. Dangerous A. You'renot things to say. You show your...

...there's no way I can share yourpoint and to you you know it's all an everyone around you strong. Yougo on the highway. That's the true keep going on about the things thatyou know. Nothing. A hard, hard life top what their life inyour life. You have nothing that these money. Had nothing that the moneyto save it. Save it. I'm not interesting. Stop that, yousay, makes sense to me. Savey, save it, save it just forsomeone else. Go home and tell yourself forride. Keep going on aboutthe things that you know nothing. It's a hard, hard life. Topwhat their life. In Your Life. You have nothing that these money cannotnothing that the money. It's a hot day. Money Can Aka the syndicate, brand new from them. Save it, featuring the great vocals from Clara fromdeck has skanks, who are friends of the show deck is gang.So I'm going to say that they've contributed track to the save the SCATSH Iwould be for compilation album still available now, the SCARSIA would if you dot bankcomptocom releases, you'll find it. Sixty four tracks for twelve bucks.Bargain anyway. AK The syndicate, a post millennials, scar reggae and punkinfluence collective, born from a health scare and launched during a global pandemic.What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you put out tunes like that, probably nothing. They have been productive during the pandemic and they've been productivein a great, great way. And that is fantastic. Gotta love that. Loads of different influences with that track, but absolute cracker before that, ChrisMurray, all the way from Canada. I think he lives in Los Angelesnow or down that way. Anyway, dangerous hearts. We heard from slacknesstwo thousand and five. Check out Chris's podcast, blue beat live streams. Pretty cool. You'll probably know him from King Apparatus, I think,but that album slackness as well. That's got Vic Gregario from the slackers allover it. Probably hence the name. Yeah, I didn't put two andtwo together, though. Useless, I am useless. Anyway, let's crackon. Showing another band with a brand new release. Not a friend ofthe show as well last edition, and also we last edition. I thinkthey're programming skypod number three this week as well, so that's going to bea lot of fun. Brand new from them this week. They are fromLeicester in England and they have celebrating well,... related activity. This is calledhalf drunk half time. No Way to make stick together. The clouds. There's a really no way to like this. Tell me what I feelso lonely and looking often to how can it be without your tone. Ifeel so blue. Why? Actually, so, I said. They shallwant to say, let I miss you. Sure it's gone. There be Akay, that I miss you until the way blowing, until there is noway I will become until they as been... wrong, until the stars arefalling down for you. So while I'm setting this someone I say that Imiss you. I know for sure it's gonna be okay. Yeah, Imiss you, lay now. I don't know much about this band, butwhen I heard that song I was blown away. Bario a Rudeau. They'reon scar cartel records, super out a load of well, scarre core music. They called the scar cork cartels. Or ever, there's got cold cartelbase out of Los Angeles. So I'm assuming they may be mixed and theymay be Hispanic from the California area. I'm not a hundred percent sure,but I tell you what I do like. I like that, I really do. It's double aside as well. In de Gat is on the otherside chest bitty dough. Now it just looked up just bitty dough and hewas a really famous Mexican comedian, so I don't know whether that's related tothat. Balio Rudeo means rough neighborhood as well, so check out scar corkcartel there on Bank camp. But get that it's only a dollar for adouble a side. I bought it straight away. It's awesome. I dolike that. I like it a lot. From buddy all from Barrio Rudeo.We came from Russia, from you kept Darlina Berg, Lollipop Lorrie.They also put out, I think, a double aside, single little lieswas the first release, but that is called why aren't you with me?And that's great. Video got released a...

...couple of days ago. I seethem playing live. Fantastic, lovely, lovely stuff from the older Russian lollipoplorry there and we kicked off that little segment with last edition. Big Shoutout to a Mattie Williamson half drunk and halftime. We are massive fans oflast edition. They were meant to play a big on Saturday night, theirfirst GIG for a long, long time, and guess what? They're Tromba,their sex of funnest sexophonist, got sick so they couldn't play, whichis just gut wrenching for those guys. Unbelievable. But they have announced aload of dates all through August. Funny Focus New Cross in London. They'replaying at the MOTO GP at Silverstone on the twenty six of August. EmilHins the twenty seven. So if you're in England August, September, October, Gillan see last edition there. Awesome. We Love them a lot. LikeI said, really, really sad news that they found out they hada GIG and they had to call it off because the Topley was sick.Unbelievable. Anyway, you listen to the sky show would be if you bigshout out to Maddie. I'm sure you'd be back stronger, very, verysoon. Right. Where we're going to go to now? Oh, we'regonna go to the wirl up there in the northwest of England. Zen BaseballBat. Who Doesn't love these guys? They are awesome. They sent metheir new album that is due for release on the first of August. Whata band. I know they're experimenting with this stuff right now, but anyway, the new albums called better ways to love and offend. Is Some scarlets, some dubs, all sorts in it. My favorite track on the album sofar and he played it once, but it's number four. It iscalled place like this. It's ever, listen up a while in the wrongand a business like post. I'm gonna while the weakness my choice of words. The complementary don't burn a booty on the blond of the couch stolt istrue. We didn't bring get flatter you bodily us everywhere that you join.Anniversary. is everybody in the mood.

It's it's so, maybe it is. It's when you can get on your it is if it's OK, getjust so look at it. By girls go sky at a Mexico. They'vegot a brand new album out. Is called Front Day, alams Ocean Front. That is get that day. I should have looked at what ked daddymeans. Obviously, which something? which date? I don't know. Ireally don't know. Anyway, please get girls ghost a new album. It'sbloody cool. It really is. Sonny an ache tracker, but jump ontheir band Camp Paige. Front Day on that is there. Before girls gosty another band with a brand new albums coming out on the first of August. Zen a baseball bat all the way from the we're all up there inthe northwest of England. Better ways to love and offend. Jump on yourwherever you get your music from. There they streaming platforms, I guess theycalled, and I believe you can pre save. Yeah, pretty safe.Just chuck the band some cash. You know, it makes sense. BigLove to Zin base what we love them...

...right. I've rapidly come to theend of the first scarp part of the week, the first show I've donefor a while because I've been in quarantine. Yes, I have, which isa bloody annoying I tell you now, it is bloody annoying. You don'tneed to leave your house. I feel sorry for those people who doquarantine and hotel rooms, because a lot of hotel rooms now there you can'teven open the windows, which would suck like no, tomorrow be awful.Do a couple of weeks in there, although you could be sick. Youcould be ill, you could be in hospital, you could be dying and, let's face it, living is better than dying for the majority of people. It really is place people just do the right think, be excellent toone another. If we have to wear mass we have to wear masks,if we have to keep sanitizing, keep sanitizing, social distancing, yet wehave to do that if we want our bands to get out playing live againand we can and get together and do good stuff, then we need tokind of a redicate the spread of the Covid Corona, the Delta variant,whatever we want to do, whatever's hip right now. Just please do theright thing people. SCAR PATO's coming up. It's got the world famous givers sixshown as normal. I've just realized I didn't do Benjadn't no plates SCA. Can I squeeze it into scar put to now? I need to stickwith a theme. Done. I apologies to the people that love banded inno place, cary. I run out a time. Anyway. SCARPATTO iscoming your way very, very soon. Those when you releases in that showto right. We're gonna close off scarp on, the one with the TokyoScarp Paradise Orchestra. This is a bit of a strange when they've got anew single, I believe it's a new release. It is the theme Songof the Movie Cayman Rider Saber and Kiki sent die Zen Kaiger Superhero senky.Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? But it's a brand new movie.The movie theme is called Spark. We just know it's by Tokyo ScarpParadise Orchestra. That's kind of about all we know, as usual, TokyoScarp Paradise, orficer. It's a bloody cracker. I'm going to see himone day, I really really am. This is being the sky show withBafy. Thanks, Jeremy. I will be back very, very soon.Fine. Yes, Hey, there beefy. Hey Rob, do you have nothingto do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that youcan do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob? Listen to agreat podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, itstares you and me. Oh Wow,... other people can listen to itbesides the people who are on it. Yeah, if you want, getit. Whenever you get your podcast, from well, spotify to three hundredand sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wantedto listen to.

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