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The Ska Show with Beefy, Jun 28th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. New Ska releases kick off #SkaPod #3 from The Incredible Skank Brothers, Chango Munks, Tyrone Turtle & The Steady Rockers, Natasha Marie & Apache Indian and Couching Distance. Then all the way from Canada, Amy Gabba of Amy Gabba & The Almost Famous takes the reigns to program some of her favourites, including Mad Caddies, Operation Ivy, Reel Big Fish, Half Past Two and Bite Me Bambi.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph.  

An o, hey, we'll, set this and be from any bein the world and you'll listen to the carshe with beefy the nuts the root eliante day. We i didn't care t ispfade an down the wall, a g. I was b, i d o now. I know the s butante a something: aflalo got my solid, my music player, but i at this game, odielome to the third instalment of thescar, show with beefy. This is the scar...

...pod that i have to now do every week,because there is so many good new scar releases. I can't fit him in the lifeshow any more anyway, it's to your benefit, because now you get a thirdmore beefy. Every week we kicked off this week, scap on number three, with aband from the midlands in england, if you've seen any scar, videos from anyof the kind of later newer scar bunch on the uk- and you see, two blokesdressed in a rather snazzy suits dancing awesome routines, and that isprobably these guys. The incredible skank brothers. Now that is their debtsingle called summer town and they're even going on the road awesome. Notonly do they do dancing they're now going to be doing singing and stuffbrilliant love that can't wait to see their videos. They should be somethingvery special if, for they've already made a load of guest appearances, nowthey're going to be doing it for themselves. I really got to thank youguys for listening into this extra bit of beefy. There are so many bondsputting at great new music. It really is. The least i can do is put him onthe air right we're going to go up to edinburgh in scotland. This is a bandthat actually put a track on the save the scar. She compilation album to helpsave the scar show with beefy. These guys are called the chango monks. Theyhave a brand new single ats called. We want all your minds. I focused on the creen as sot fold at abotre isid mine. Make me free watee, save the main stream to go by by guyliving life, which is not mine within a life which is a lie. Even alive, i i o a r r on charge your card when the branenremain online, that's never alone who is in charge on my whole life go by byby ten a life which is not in in a life with living alive. In it i e.

We want a e, i i it alive. Itifi am. When i go. Remember happy you go way in for me a a you. Am i o your miei got riht, i i...

...remember i auhay we go your way for me. I you're with me, and you are my cue you're, my i o beer than when you're honing. I can't cry a one o o t o o e o e o o o o n and l o o, that is new from tyrone turtle and thesteady rockers. What i just always laugh every time i hear that band namethey're from rio de janio, that is their thirda single. It is mixed byjason, nugent from the slackers over there in a new york city. It's calledcotton field before i'm giggling again before tyrant turtle and the steadyrockers. The change monks out of edinburgh in scotland, not a bit of apersonnel change, i think the home station going to left but replaced very,very quickly and they've bang at in you single. We want all your minds ro,going to stay in the uk, a right now, heading down to london, town natashamarie, has teamed up with a patchy indian year. Remember him boom shakala.I think that was his big hit. Wasn't it mid? No, like his early nineties,probably anyway, they've got together. This one is being produced by bread,turner, the man or himself. This is off her a bran new, album called babylonrhythm. This is bad boys. What is what a murder i sho natashamary along side of patchie, calanthea,...

...question e or money. I i o n, o o difende, o o wat, you guy you o a e n r o i r r e, i n, an b rockin maroane, an thinkin ojust o, my god, a coboeai. Remember... a badger in omen like a lianathing. What that's all the had wasn't? Nothing is a thing i can count on myfingers on the tin in it had seen like we were doing a laager like his fantinostraton, but we could have been to imagine it something everybody alwayswanted. We pass is like tayane get me note. It happen, and now i'm sittinghere with my pin and my paten singing a areonaut you that it seems like pretty facing now tobe a man. How do you something just a little more disturbing than your past?Thinking that it's in your committing i'm a getting that i to rush in in someone i forget and i used to think we you and that a he was like a was always something they must e a kindof stick. You fucking love tones with a mother, fucking clickity, think about you, fuck in the middle o. What love?Basically i want enough to. I got it all oud i get the y one yeah. I knowthat i do o everytings. I was thinking the same thing like. Maybe we should beending this. Nobody to do think around for the dockers she's, not even missingme. She is no, i need to read, and i finally re to be myself again middlewing in rubbing the head fell. Her me thinkin, think about you in my mind of you. Ah those party regge funster's fromlancaster ohio, coaching distance brand new fry at last before coachingdistance, natasha marie teaming up with a patchy indian author, babylon rhythm,album that is out right now that is called bad boys and it is produced bybrad turner himself. You might know him as the manner right. This is the partof the show and we basically hand it over to a guest programme. If you wantto guess program, the second have scup on number three just get in touch withme. You should know how to get in touch with me by now. You can do it throughface book. The sky show with beefy. Well, you can do it through twitter atbeefy. Scar show don't find me on tick. Tock, don't find me on snap chet, don'tfind me on vine or my space, i'm not on them, not even on instar. For this show.You can get me that way. If you want to just send me a five favorite tunes in abit of background, but yourself when you started listening what you likewhat you hate about the show anything i'll be more than happy to oblige. Justdo that anyway, we're going to go to canada, toronto to be exact, amy gabberand the almost famous she also put a track on the save the scar showcompilation album as well. She has got one of the best voices i have everheard and i am not making that out. It is absolutely awesome if you want tocheck her vocal capabilities out. Listen to lies. That's on the scar,show o beefy compilation album. She does a cover of a mily cyrus song.That's on a face book page is absolute. Also, does it sitting down as well as ihear that's quite hard for a singer to do, but what a voice? What a voice twoyears ago this week, the heart is stupid, came out and that's why ithought get in touch with a man see if you wanted a guest program. The secondhalf of the show we're going to kick the second off off with one of amy's.Later songs is called f, you covied. It's a sentiment. We all think, butthis is an absolute cracker. That's here, amy gebber and the almost famousthat you come...

...o t t a i treated ever on that moved away. Bannon after night, an my friend totutius want to in an a screaming fini. I that's the cost. We a do to see a babyfan. We don't now shut eikee by i run round the hand, treats a changeout of them, and i do now an then my friend were by ten o. We ain t ee down it. I e it's good to hear me voice. It isawesome right, amy's, first choice going to nip down to california. Infact, i'm just looking through the list, and i didn't notice that before all herbands that she's picked from california madness, no they're not on it, but themad kadis a this- is off their debut album from one thousand nine hundredand ninety seven track two of quality soft core. This is distress to...

...itian. The last few days. Wait otology o the time i e. As i a beat people got to bunanitu my ibaigall bobalition know t to be back in...

...the codetan thaif. You didn't know thatone, i'm not sure why you're listening to this show, but that is operation ivysound system, since i've been doing scare pon number three with peopleguess programming. That is the first time i think that's been selected,which is weird because everyone loves that june operation. Ivy only did onealbum called energy. It was way back in one thousand, nine hundred and eightynine, but it's become an absolute seminal part of the scar, punk scene.In fact, it's actually credited as being the very first real, true scar,punk album before operation ivy. We heard from the mad kendis off the debutalbum in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, that is trick to offquality soft core yeah. It was a debut album. It should be coming australiasoon. Hopefully, it's been rearranged about four times, but hopefully they'regoing to get here sooner rather than later right. We're going to stay incalifornia right now, real big fish amy was a bit worried. I couldn't play this,but anyway off candy code, few from two thousand and twelve, this is everyoneelse is an asshole. I try to be nice. I try to live my lot.Every one else is an. I o o, i'm troitea erat try to fit so kind,but every one else is o rolsener. Now to... i have no friends, every one else is ano o. I've got to just them. First trust.Worse has come to worse a a odel with it now to tritling to o o t h e call it a song, but it really wasn'tmy fault every one else. If we are friends but wherever i is worthy ugliness ermont on this, that i sat wefrom orange county california,that was half past two, that's actually...

...a single from this year from march. Infact, a single quite close to my heights called me in green. I went tothe university of north texas. You go by the name, the mean green mean greenfighting eagles anyway. That is an absolute cracker. I just let you knowthat track is probably on my list for the top thirtyof the best tracks of two thousand and twenty one cordin to me. Beefy beforehalf past two real big fish off canny code, fur, the tenth album from wayback in two thousand and twelve, we had to wait six years for album and numbereleven, which is life sucks. Let's dance, everyone else is an ass ole ofcandy cody, fury that is real big fish, although as track that amy had selectedfrom another band out of orange county california, actually i'm just lookingnow. This is also released in march two thousand and twenty one at a greatmonth, bite me bambi. This is like that. I ogives want to go and something that you can take back younow now you can do why you want to go, and do me like that.I thing that you can't take back. Youshould know now you can't. You may like that.

Oi me down like a haase that you cantake back. You should know now. You cayanabit me bambi there from moncounty. California, do me in brains like that from march this year, greatstuff from bite me bambi right. Amy geber got a bit of news. It's justappeared on the mike and his uk presents jung jet bad reputation, amygebber and the almost famous, or also the number one track of the skanoer ss,the usa east coast gangs album the canadian know how come this in the usanyway, doesn't matter so their track. What treck is there soul, nates andstrangers kicks that compilation album off? That's pretty awesome, i thinklock down has prolonged quite a bit of recording and new stuff that ames gotplanned, but we look forward to new music from her and the band, like, isaid, please jump on the amy geber and the almost famous face book page checkout some of her acoustic stuff, just an awsome voice, awesome person as well.By the way i love amy gebber. I really really do. I got to think it forgetting involved with the sky show with beefy and ben guest programmer. I sendher a message on the old face book and she gets back to me really reallyquickly. I know she's been spending a bit of vacation time over there in acanadian son right now, but i'm pretty sure amy's also in an ac dc tribute ben,i have actually played you shook me all night, long on the show very veryrecently as a great version as well they's kind of scared up very, very andnicely i'm really looking forward to new music from amy gabber. I really dolove the highest stupid pits. Also. I love the update diversion of if youkeep it as well. When you turn into f, you coved kind of sums up everythingright now: class, one that favor. If you've got this phone, the show all theplaylist are either on the face of page or on the twitter feed the podcastactually get linked to all the bands. Just give them a little bit of follow.They're all doing it tough, the least we can do is show them. We love them.Just give him that little bit o support. Also, when we get round to getting backto normal you'll be the first to know about gigs, new music and you we had tobuy some music chuck with a few dollars by some merchandise. Just show oursupport, it is the least we can do well. The least we can do is bogall, but i'mnot advocating that one iota just do that. One little thing for the big oldbeef man himself. I will be back next week with a live show on tuesday. Thisgirl pods will follow in the meantime, please they save everybody ain beefy.This has been the scar show with bev scar, pod number three june: do the guy with be fee? Juny: hey there, beefy, hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, i've got nothing to do all the time. Robwell guess what i've found, something...

...that you can do with your nothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport o it stars you and me, oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it, yeah, if youwant get it whenever you get your podcast from one far fire two threehundred and sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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