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Episode 381 · 6 months ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, May 28th 2022 (Pod2)



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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

The World Famous Covers Section kicks off this week's show with blockbusters from Dr Raju, Hey Smith, Skameleon and Skankin' Pickle plus get skanking with One Eyed God, Weng, Ska-P, Chainska Brassika, The Skarnts, Operation Ibis, Native Elements, Less Than Jake, The Melodians, The Skatalites, plus that little Aussie furry legend Bluey takes us on home!

Get vaxxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being YOUR NUMBER 1 best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2022 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon!

Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!

Any moment now. That's got to love my blue I's got de fines who I am as person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait to play, Scob we don't play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank and I think that I will infect skank. Hey say, muster blog, you listen to the sky show with BF. All right, I want to know what's with these sky bands always playing these ridiculous, Dorky you know, collaboration, online cover videos and stuff. I'm just so sick of this. Why can't somebody play any good music? I'm ready to go to say good but the don't break. For Ready so lonesome. I could tell me that you wait for me. I'll be there's so many jobs set you down so many times around now that they don't every place I go. Why I think you, whenever I think, when I come back a way your wedding, that you wait for me. You never let me go. I don't know. I'll be back to you one more time. To close your eyes and I'll be just dream about when I won't happy, the time that I won't happy. I don't know. I'll be back because the harp makes a send. Why,...

...if hey good is that? How good is that? Hey Smith, out of a Saka in Japan, off their six studio album life in the sound from two thousand and eighteen buffalo soldier with a hint of the banana splits. You gotta love the well famous cover sex John. No other sky show does it quite like this sky show. We'd beefy. Every week we find gold, gold, gold in the world of scar covers. We kicked off this week's will famous cover section with Dr Radjee at a Sydney Australia, with the John Denver cover leaving on a jet pain. How good is that? Every week, people, every week just doesn't stop. Now brand new from Schamelion. Yep, Schamelion Ed Germany. They're covering PAPPA Roach's only come out last week. Yep. Last resort from a scamelion. Come my life in two pieces. This is my last resort. Suffocation, no breathing time ever. I fuck. If I come, I arm. This is my latter. Can My life into pieces. I've reached my last she thought a vocation. No breathing. Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm leading do you even care if I die pleading. Would it be wrong? With it be right? If I took my life to night, chance aside that I might mutilation, not to sight? And I'm contemplating suicide because I'm losing my side. Using my mind way, somebody will tell me I find he's a nice side. Losing my mind way, somebody will tell me I'm fine. I never realized I was spread too thin till it was too late, and that was empty within, hungry, feeding on chaos. A living is in that will spiral. Where do you are? Bekin, hit all side and when I lost my mother, no love for myself and no love for another. Such in to find a love up on a higher level, finding nothing by questions and evils. Because I'm losing my side. In my mind way, somebody will tell me I'm fine. In My side, in my mind wayte somebody want to tell me I'm fine. Nothings all right, nothing is fine. I'm running and I'm crying. I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying. Your pieces, this is my little scation of breathing. Don't get my fuck. If I cut my own leading would, if you wrong, be right, because I'm lising. My side is in my mind a way. Somebody would tell me I'm finds in my side is in my mind way. Somebody will tell me I'm fine. Nothings all right, nothing is fine. I'm running and cry. You're like myself. I'm a... Job To from it out of well, turn it up and turn it up. If I'm on a doctor you picture turn no sets everyone of us like a turn a Japanese skanking. I go from one thousand nine hundred and ninety four off their sing along with skanking pickle album. Mike Lee, like Lee, Mike Bruce Lee Park likely. Wow, that's bad. They had a few incarnations. You'll skanking pickle. Linnette next dead is in there. Hulk Hogan, Linquist, Mike Lee like back is in there chuck Phelps as well. So cracking Alma fe they're not got sing along. Was skanking pickle. It's an absolute feast of fun all the way through. Was it the vapors did turning Jeppany's? I think they did not sure you. That was obviously before ninety nine, otherwise it wouldn't have been a cover. Clearly before that Schamelion added Germany with their pepper roach cover. Last resort that came out last week. SCA covers keep coming and coming and coming, and we thank them for it. Right. Something a bit different now, brand new out of Heydock in the UK, more commonly known for horse racing than and infectiously raucous waller sound. One eyed God o, the band. They got a new album out. It is called a land fit for heroes. You ready for this description? Fusing atomic grade drum rhythms, punchy guitars, manic basslines, sex driven melodies and Balkan Bazooki licks into one monstrous musical milestrom, this five piece Combo and body the vivacious carnival atmosphere of a festival. Well, how goods that sound? Yeah, it's say it's good. Anyway,...

...what I got break of dawn. When I'm driving, I see the reader when I'm I've never seen the reader like the break up a gentleman, hey, this is petty Gad for Red Recording Artists, actors and athletes against drink driving. Everyone loves a good time, good friends, some music and maybe a few drinks. But when you're having a good time, don't let yourself or your friends or family take it on the road, behind the wheel, all on foot. The roads no place for anyone who's been drinking. To plan ahead by organizing a designated driver who won't drink, because friends don't let friends drink. Drive me Da son, mastell estress and Gelasim William Kinness. Sometime one US me a nap of me PNQUES Salbo Benderana body, musty spinal salaman the assassin stem and knock on them. there. Okay, I sat lost. Watch me. That's guys. This quest yeah, let's still.

She gave me still SCA p. If they're not your favorite Spanish beaking scare band, then I don't know who he is. They're out of Madrid. They formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. That came out yesterday. Last flood is the flowers, I'm assuming if there's new material coming out from Scarpe, then maybe a new album. I'm not sure they've done an album for quite a while now. So check out scarpe on Youtube. Just check out their gigs. It's fantastic. If you got an hour or two to spend just want some uplifting fun scar in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Check out scarpe live, just fantastic. Before that, those bazooki wielding scangsters out of Haydock in England. One eyed God brand new album land fit for heroes. We heard break of dawn from those guys, right little trip up north from here all the way to Madleaysia. Wang at a Quala lumper put in another last year, but they've just released the video this week for one of the tracks off that album. Is called authoritative animosity. This is whying what you not know. But if you staying around, set up gave you slopy forging people baby attitude for you're at. The was a small fride. I mist back. Canna be what your met along the way. That the pot in your back that you say often find minutes hold you? Was You, every one? I'm in the Dar Yoursell. You done no,...

...but you take it around it back along the way. So this bastard far. You will not get far. You will be gone. Y'All know you will not get far. You will be gone. You will not get far. You will be gone. Y'All know you will not get far. You you will be gone. Just know you will not get far. You will be gone. You will not get far. Be Gone. Not Get far, you will be gone. Just get make your body gonna make you rock and grow. When he is singing alone, when the bees, big and strong with chains, got rusty, Gow say forget your troubles, weapon tears away. When the simple let, oh, it's the same. Forget your troubles and strife. You gotta Le Positive. Another good time, for it'll turn the pain side and I'll see you in the morning. I'll see you in the night, I'll see you on the corner, I'll see you in a fight. Maybe you're going through a whole lot of pain. Maybe the dress of life is driving you and saying, if you feel like you're off the edge, don you worry, will catch you. And if there's time, I had done. You are gonna make your body. I'm gonna make you up and when I needs sing along, when I big, is big and strong with chain, start resting. I here to stay. Forget your troubles, but the tears away to say forget your troubles and strike. You gotta think positive, another good time, but up for it. Do you turn the pain? Yeah, everyone, take dance in the night away to too much pressure. Excuse me, jolly pause. My B don't you know? We're friends here. If you feel you wor will catch you and if the time gonna make your body, gonna make you up when sing along, when the bees big and strong, chain star, forget your troubles, but it tears away. Say Troubles and strife. You gotta think fastive another good time. Don't Nice. It is that trouble and strife by chain SCAB BRASSICA. They put put a new album out a couple of months ago called tales of London that we've played a few tricks off it already. They've been ta boring extensively around the UK, but I think that toll may have just...

...finished last night in London at the jazz cafe. But what a band, chains Gab BRASSICA. Trouble and strife. I like that one, very nice on the ear. Before chains got Braska Ata, Koala, Lumba, Malaysia, Wang authoritative animosity. New Videos just come out. It was off the album that came out middle of last yeah. Right. Gives me great pleasure to put out a bend that. This is their debut release and he just formed less than a year ago. They're from woollongong in Australia. They called the scance. Yep, scance. I'M gonna play a couple of tracks because they're quite short. Brand new album was just come out. Check them out. SKA T zed. This is get out, and we're going to play pyramid as well. And in a coming after now we gotta type for a cad a fair tonight. They're coming up the runs. Now we gonna never a cow. We gonna die for a kind of the coming after long. Now we gonna Dream, and now we got now everywhere. He well,...

...another general election in Australia last weekend. Operation ibis put out that tune where's Goom just before the election and Scomo lost. Yes, he did lose. Como lost. Now that's fantastic, but even more fantastic is the new prime minister of Australia, Anthony Alban easy, is a documented SCA fan. Yes, used to go and watch the all night as used to go and watch the tenants, strange tenants as well. It is in print that an albo old Anthony Scalbnisi is a massive SCA fan. So we couldn't get a better person in power. Just let you know that. That's by the bye. Anyway, operation I biss and the band we heard before, those guys, the scans. They're going to be playing at Frankie's pizza by the slice Hunter Streets Sydney on Saturday fourth of June. It's a free Gig the skance operation, ibiss, sir, trauma saw and week knees. So if you're in Sydney on June the fourth, Free Gig Frankie's Pizza, seven o'clock start. Great stuff. The SKANS had a woolen Gong, which is about an hour south of Sydney. Brand new album is just come outs. Call fully. We had a cup the tracks off it, get out and pyramid there are a brand new bend. They when you just got going. So I'm happy to play them right where we're going to go now. Are We got a request? Yep, we got a request in Dey hughs in California. He's in a bank called the Concordians, but he doesn't want to hear the concordings. He probably he is a bit of them. Every day he has said beefy, you need to check out. These guys are called native elements, for from the East Bay. They got a track called by Anahn and he says. This sounds a lot like Hepcat, and I know you're a big hepcap fan. So check these guys out. All Right, I'm going to check them out and I'm going to play until the rest of the world native elements around a California, the East Bay. This is by Anahan from two thousand and sixteen was things. That makes they want me with the buy any hard from me and get broken down. Need. That makes they want to red buy any hard Su the shop is good to know. You gotta friend,... good. Shop for kindness. That's weird. It's had and give the best of your rubility. They is no way the POSSIB say I'm your hero, but that just that makes the won't job. It is the bye. Any hard shall feels good to know. You gotta friend it. Show feels good. One they can eating, show feel good to see me. Look inside your heart for kindness. That's weird. Start and give the best feel reviviity. There is always the possibility I'm just a man El, but that is not any wont be Dune by any hard such aradition from dream. It's the by that makes the Wont Be Dunk in it by any heart. Such adition from contry. All the Puss we had with the win hits me just like that's so sick because wanting all the things I bought, my sympathy go to the old show that's survived. I wonder where I'm going from, where I'm that ends. I wonder why look for me anymore. While one away guns back room summer time, the papers always opens up to a bituaries and track of all the fresh starts in the DIS halo of sucked had smoke underneath the Star with conversations we had sto days day, these words do what... want me anymore, while I one awake UN to stand room. Last days of Sumi. This is my last last days of daytime. I feel those dreams won't be no wave. Nothing for me to say. You got some inside now for me to see bears. One scare from the Skat Lights...

One thousand nine hundred and sixty five. That came straight off the back of the melodeon streets in station from one thousand nine hundred and seventy. On This Day in two thousand and six, lesson Jake released in with the egg crowd. Not my favorite lesson jake album, but don't fall asleep on the subway was the one I just played. Probably my favorite track off that one. I'm going to put it out there people. It's not really a score album. It's more just punk rock really, with a bit of Horn thrown in for good measure every now and again. So yeah, not one of the best, but we find gold wherever we look. That's ridiculous, what I just say, but I'm mind that's true. And then request from Dave us out of California. Thanks, Dave. I do appreciate our little chats. He wanted me to hear native elements from the East Bay. Their track by Anie Han, by Anie hand, by Anie Han. Yep, from two thousand and sixteen. It's a cracker. So now we all know about native elements, don't we? We shut bloody do. If you've got this, phone the show. Thank you. Thank you for downloading and really do appreciate it if you can spread the word people. I know thousands of you download every show, but please let other people know, because there are a lot of other shows out there that don't match up to the good one. Yep, I'm tired of blow my own trumpet. No, I'm not. I love it I love it and thank you. Like I said, if you've got this far, I do appreciate it. I really really do. Please, please, please. If you're in a band and I played your music, getting touching me the face of page is the scar show would be for. You can hit me on twitter at beefy scar show. But most of all, please stay safe, to the right thing and be excellent to one another. I'll be back, same time, same place, same channel, every Tuesday, live in Melbourne, but listening at your own leisure, wherever you may be on this funky old planet. I will be back next week, you can guarantee that, but in the meantime, take it away. Yeah, Oh, yeah, down, how they love you. Okay,...

...okay, calculating shortest route to stubbly test. It's Oh dear, sorry, at list petrol. Hey, they're beefy. Hey, rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. What's that? Rob? Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it. Yeah, if you want, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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