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The Ska Show with Beefy, Nov 28th 2021 (Pod2)




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Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM.

Get vaxxed! Let's hope everyone does the right thing so we can get some gigs happening! Beefy keeps banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( Nobody's quite sure what needs to be done to snag that number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy has made this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Best Ska Radio Show airs some of the best Ska music from everywhere. No other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The Big Beef Man continues to make sure 2021 is more SkaMaggedon than Armageddon!

The World Famous Covers Section explodes with effervescent efforts from The Resignators, The Aquabats, Minivandal & Junior Dell & The D-Lites, plus ripe riffs from The Inevitables, Shit Tinnies, The Replicators, Reggae ROast, No Sports, Babylove & The Van Dangos, Save Ferris, The Beat, Arthur Kay & The Originals, Area 7 and we can't not finish up with Soupy George!

Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it. Share the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

Only Beefy does Ska Radio like you've never heard before!

Any moment now. That's got tobe when I used to love my blue. I Love Ya, Scott, tofind who I am as a person and I will never turn my backon Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never waitto play, Scom we don't play. It's time to have a bit ofa Skank, and I think that I will in fact skank. Hey,what's up this Andy? Be From Andy, be in the world and you'll listento the Scotch beefie. Never used to be that. The metal asone in the babble hut. Daddy too, three wishes for returny. We gotsome white love a girl. It's a long way down that holiday road. Jack the quick, take a ride on that west girls kick long ago. It's a long way down the holiday room. Brand new from the aquabats. They released a Christmas themed EPA.

Says what it says. It's calledI want a hippopotamus for Christmas too, and that EP features holiday road,originally by Lindsay Buckingham, probably made very famous by JV jace and the grizzwoldsin their adventure to wally world. Brilliant love. That good to see theaquabats back banging in some form. We kicked the world famous cover section offwith a crowded house cover from mother resignators. Now we're getting somewhere. The resumesthe brains behind scar nation. Two Thousand and twenty one get tickets skynationcom, all through USTIXCOM. Today you ticket still available. Fifteen bands fromall over Australia playing in Adrian, Victoria, couple hours south west of Melbourne.It's going to be awesome. Eighteen and nineteen of December, two dayScott Fessel. Can't get better than that, can you? You'll listen to thescar show with beefy. We are halfway through the world famous cover sex, Shit, and we're gonna go to Saskitchewan, canidia. Right now aband that are called mini a vandal. Yeah, mini vandal. They're doinga wham cover. Yeah, I think somebody else has just released this,but these guys did it way, way before them. Anyway, mini Vandal, wake me up before you go go through. What to my heart,Mysel, scar, how you're loving star hard my head, baby, dothe same something, something. The best friend told me what you did lastnight, step in my bed. How was being a must wait me beforeyou go to be me hang not like as your joke. Waiting before yougo go. I don't want to miss you when you hit that high white, before you go go, because I'm not fend it on going so low. Waited before you go Gokay, yeah, take the dance tonight. I wannahit that. Yeah, you, get the gray sight out of myway. Make the sunshine lighter than Doris Day. Hit play him my bigpool. Many never been the same. You're my leader, I'm your fool. Makes me crazy when you act up. I'm on, baby, that's notfine. Will go dancing it. Ever, it'll be all right.Way before your Goo, be me hanging on like a Yo shoe. Waitme before you go go. I don't want to Miss Super. Hit thathigh. Wait before your joke, because I'm not send it a go.So Lone with me before you go. Coquet. Yeah, take me dance. I wanna hit that. will go dancing to morrow. It's called outthere, but it's running back. They can dance. Will stay back.You don't wanna Miss Bet from if change...

...your desire, make your feeling,your design feel to make you feel it design. There's no better time tobe than right now. So we breathe. I'll cast out a glance. GotToo quick to see that he ever had a chance rise above these staringeyes walk away for every single want to see. It feels like we're livingon your feels like there's no time to be over right now. There's nobetter easy for us to close down steps.

That's the leg like Alda, webelieve in. The rest, the allege, like we're living on ashore. The inevitables, brand new single from them, over and out.The inevitables. The creation of Vinni fear Elloh used to be with less thanJake. He brought in members of less than Jay. Will be fishing interruptthis big D westbound train. It's comic book, it's a scar creation,it is all sorts. I think the comic book kind of launch was abouta year ago around this time, so hopefully it is doing okay. Theystill putting out new music, which is the best thing about it. Itis really, really good and a regular that is the most important thing.So I'm really checked in to see how it's going. But, like Isaid, they keep banging out. You tune, so I'm on board withthat. Before the inevitables the second half of the well famous gavern. SayShawn, we heard mini vandal from SASKITT. You Win Canada. Wake me upbefore you go, go. And then what are that? Salute beltat junior Dell and the delights. Happy Monday's step on Neph you like you, Junior Dell. We've played scar train. I think we've done another one ofthese in the past. There on original gravity records. If you checkout original gravity on your bank camp. There is so many good stuff.Junior Dell and the d lights are just part of that. Right. We'regonna gonna talk it up a little bit now. Not Talk it up,spice it up. That's what I'm meant to say. Pardon the name,but I can't help it. These bad boys are called Shit tiinny's. They'refrom Sydney. They've been around a couple of years. They've got a gigon Sunday night. They're going to launch their what now EP? When didthey start? Two Thousand and nineteen, so kind of they got going andthen pandemic kids, so they haven't been able to play too much. Thefirst single on a what now is called out of the blue. I mighthave to do something along these lies like strong language warning, strong language warning, strong language warning. Shit, tinny's the blue play trains to day turnthat what I'm good ideas, fucking things up. No one don't a badway. Sail Times wide. Oh I'm sixty hour working. Well, teachyou pretty quick. No time for fun and no going and take chasing thatcar, that Wak and going back home to your paper sail wides, waxout. Sail time. Back here in...

...a ungine room with plenty to sayand something to through. How do I get myself right next to it's inmy heart and sleep, but I'm stucky working in some puppy. Some day. Corny smells and slyme wings will show you there's a fire around. Canyou feel a heap is dark flying, father, revery, day blood.It never seems to go my way. Really Pink dresses seen enough to show. Here comes catastrophe and preezy knelt down and make you see that everything.Can you feel the heat? And a Seattle brand new from those guys,the replicators? I'm pretty sure that's probably a sky show with beefy debut.Don't recall plane replicas before. I could be wrong, but anyway, Ilike it like that. That is brand new as a plea cursor because theyhave a new album coming it very,...

...very soon. Looking forward to that. It's called serenity. Now, now, serenity. Now, just one up. I think I heard a song called like because I got sent acopy of the midwest mix tapes volume three. See, you never records put thoseout, and like was on that from the replicator. So I thinkthat's how I probably heard about those guys. Can't wait for the album. Itwill be very, very interesting if that's the first single off it beforethe replicators. We heard Shit tenny's at a Sydney Australia out of the blue. Is the first single of the what now ep and if you are inSydney on Sunday night they've got a Gig to launch that EP at Frankie's pizza. That is also a scar show, with beefy debut for the Shit Tinny's. We don't just play scarred scar punk, we do play punk rock every nowand again, and that definitely is punk rock. Right, Tony fromLondon, Tony, thank you, sir, for getting in touch and requesting thisone bit different. This is a band called reggae roast this song inparticular features horseman and Natty Campbell, Reggae rostraight of London. This is fromtwo thousand and twenty. Tony, thanks for listening to the show. Thankyou for getting in touch. Like a said many times, if you're ina band and I haven't played you music, let me know. If you're afan of the show and I haven't played one of your favorite tunes,I haven't played a band that you particularly like, get in touched some mea message and I'll get it on the show, and that's what I'm doingtonight. Reggae roast, Tony, I appreciate everything that you do, sharingall the stuff, listening. Like I said, I've never played reggae rowso I am going to do it for you all right now. You can'tget in touch with the show via the facebook page the scar show with beefyor through twitter at beefy scar show. If you've got new releases, youvideos, anything you want me to promote, I will do it. Five scarpods a fortnight, so there's ample opportunity for me to put your tunesout there. Anyway. Let's listen to some reggae roast. Do it again. Yeah, yeah, mind the BUNEREF truck man, original Glopinas, landof mercy right about. Know this one will loot like what I'm doing whenI run, May, don't give me, give me as everybody else. Jumpand run, Minn nothing for time, when I need fight, this music, at this time, my type, when I play a big sound andI find out there upon that, well, come old music weeping andlisten when. Listen if you don't fun. But I look at my fantastic ringdomtrump. Well, lunch men, know we see when I let mesend a miss. Jump when I'm a chump. Well, I don't tryand test any song. Got Your Watch, ch on the dance fall again,jump we are come in a combination, this one bundling down under little downto but I'm budding bung, but I'm budding Bandana, Ya Yam.When I make them my tone on twist,...

...we run out the thing. Ithink nice and nothing increase them. A show down to call out forthis boiting, this big business. Call but the blower. If you wantsomebody sid I re everybody. US One if I needed the people look andthen want to jump one. If you don't like them, tune us onejumping. Maybe you want the work you wish. Get me pressure for awhile. I take my time. I want my my special style. Maybeexactly how you don't. That is impart to hurry, run time and rightplace just another day the only well then, on this is funny for you.You think that I have LoC this is not walking. Give me pressurelife. Maybe you think this is not fair that there are times I haveno time to hurry. Right Highland, the right play the mate who alwayspaddles off alone but ends up falling in. You know the time. So,when enjoying the water, make the right call to keep your mate safe. Make sure they avoid going alone around the water. A message from yourmate at Royal Wife Saving Hi. This... my shinds for Rad, remindingyou that meets don't let their mates drink and drive. Will never cry again. Will never cry again, will never cry again. I will never cryagain. Will never cry again. Wow, what's up? Cry? No,my long and I couldn't find one reason for a happy song. Ihit every branch falling from the tree. The song maybe shot. Nay,but my shadow. I will never cry again, and never cry again.Will never cry again. I will never cry again. Will never cry again. Whack on my hair and a time my shoe, I wash my faceand tighten all the boats, black and blue, south and dry, whitetis nothing. I keep this life one. Will never cry again. Will nevercry again. Will never cry again. I will never cry again. Willnever cry again. Cry. I will never cry again. Will nevercry again. Will never cry again. I will never cry again. Willnever cry again. The way I cry, the way I cry, Go away, crowd crow, will never cry again. Will never cry again.Will never cry again. Will never cry y again. Will never cry again. Will never cry will never bry again. Will never cry again. Will nevercry again. I will never cry again. Will never cry again.Baby love and the Van dangos. Never cry again. Off The two thousandand nineteen Albur mcgolden cage. They're out of copen Hagen in Denmark. Alwaysgood to have a bit of Danish scar from Denmark. We go to Stuttgart, Germany, and no sports. These guys have been around since one thousandnine hundred and eighty five. And guess what the new album out? Ohyeah, it's called Twang. It's out now. I jump up records.We heard may be no sports legends. One thousand nine hundred and eighty five. Hey, awsome before. No sports reggae roast out of London. BigShout out to Tony, who said beefy. I've not ever heard you play reggaeroast. I love this track. It is called do it again.It features horseman and Naddy Campbell. I'm going to check out more of theold reggae roast because I like that a lot. That is right up mystreet. Right, we have got long left, so I'm going to justplay some body fun stuff and let's just get into it. Hey, let'shave a dance. Say, Ferris, the world is new. Think Iplay in my life whether receiver believe, when you're not alone. My lifeis think I'll play in my life when...

I believe. In the bathroom.Please don't break the doll. Is Love. Just you want me gonna take youto restaurants. Got Last table. You can watch yourself while you arein the bathroom. I just can't stop in. It Be Saturday. Seeme in the shopping I know it just in the rights and shall justle tomy own street house. In the bathroom, in the bathroom, in the bathroom, in the bathroom. recompens for all my crimes and Selfis Yousper makenonsense drift gently into mere in the bathroom. Please don't break the door is lock. Just you and me. Canna take it to a restaurant got guystables. You can watch yourself while you worried in the bathroom. Wonder,no, wonder, bood when it red,... jeans and a welcome bullet andI get a smart he's might will tell you the real reny. Verybody my going buys a bread by me jar, but going as I realpop shela real consort. You leave the tank, you stop me while you'rewatching sports. Nobody likes a bargain. Nobody likes a bargain cake coming dowith alloy wheels, with a harmmite, spoiling by a crappy steal, pairof puppy dies and all the other toys. But he's dark sticker with the broadenjoy said I know the boys. They gruis in the streets where wedies down. Put on some buns in there on their way. You hearthe guy gotta from a Malo. No body, no.

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