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The Ska Show with Beefy, Sep 29th 2021 (Pod3)




Can Anyone Sponsor The Show? - Naming Rights Going Cheap!!!! Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM. 

The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Show on the planet ( and the big fella has decided that there needs to be a supplemental SkaPod for your listening pleasure. This week Wild Man Riddim from Oslo in Norway have their hands on the tiller off the back of their new album Panatlantic. Tracks from The Count Bobo, Victor Rice, The Seattleites, Fence and The Attractors are selected! Plus there's also newies from Kmoy featuring Tape Girl, OKKUL, Common Sense Kid, Bongo Brains and Esco Chris.

If you want to program the second half of #SkaPod #3 - send me your 5 tracks and buy me a coffee.... ( ) Keep sharing the gospel of Ska if you can. Stay safe everybody!

This is Ska Radio at 88mph. 

Any moment now. That's got tobe hey, this is Robert from Leston Jake, and you're listening to thesky show with bef this happens to be the second best Scot show in thewhole planet. Check it out. This is the heavy mugs, the nutties, songs around. WHOA stop? This is? This is this is hi, I'm Princess Pre Cure. Nothing to say to me, Voiciz? Oh, good evening and welcome to Scarpe on number three. The Sky Show withbeefy is on the air. Scarp a three is brought to you by thegood people. It's brought you by me people, it really is, andyou, of course, the listener,...

...and the guest programmer, which wedo have this week, all the way from Norway. Were kicked off thescarpod number three with kimoi featuring tape girl. That is Kenny Malloy, his littleside project from tape girl, brand new from him. precure love isthat it's a Prequel love? I guess it is. Now that does featuretape girl. They're out of New York's city. I'm not sure anyone reallyknows what's happening with Kmoy, but if they're putting out new music. WhoCares? All the best. Kenny Maloy and tape girl keep banging the tunesout. We love it. This is the scarpod that got born because Icouldn't fit all the new releases into the live show, so I had todo something else and I wanted to offer something a little bit different. SoI get some new releases from bands you may not have heard a lot fromand I'm happy to put them out there. And also we get a guest programmerto throw us five of their favorite tunes to just spread the gospel ofscar little bit further. Talking about spreading the gospel of Skanska punk a littlebit further, why don't we head to Vietnam? This is a sky showwith beefe debut, and it's also their debut single. Now they have beencompared to Operation Ivy already. Wow, the band called Akul. They're fromOchee Mint City in Vietnam. This is Lamb Shao, which I think meansbloody fire. I D say it could be profound growing up the kid onthe wrong side of town. Take care on the streets. You better washyour back better wash you authorities. You can run, you can hide,and the feeling of dread is creeping up inside all the skeletons your head.Pack up the Shit. You should comma sense, kid sirens, calm,keep your head down and run, run,... I'm in the bottom ofyour life. Grab the money, grab the drug, Scott, theGod, grab the knife. Then take you down, chuck you in theback of your hands. Got A bound to say goodbye to the kids,to the white to your Fris your rice. Where did this? Everyone is packedup and moved on, because this town, it's no place to be. Your friend, your family love once. Have all gone, because this townis no place to be. shotting yourself, but nobody is coming topost your bow. You've been pushed away. Now what you have? The pricethat you pay. Your big feeding down, stab in the back whenthe guards on around, getting called away. Solitary Environment is where you'll stay.Where I did this? Everyone has packed up. This is no placeto your friends, your family loved once. I've gone. Everyone has packed upthat it's no place to your friend, your family loved once. It's noOh, common sense, kid from frome in Somerset in England. Thatwas no place to be and is off. Is Forthcoming EP long player. Maybethis is a midlafe crisis. May I know what you're going through.He also put a tune on the fundraising songs for Mom's scar punk international compilationalbum, which is top notch, and mate, I might be hitting youup for the save the scar show with beefy compilation album volume two as well. Before Common Sense Kid. We heard all cool out of hoteium in cityin Vietnam. How good is that? Lamb shall, which we think meansbloody fire? That is their debut single and I am looking forward to morestuff from those guys. I've just read it in some of the media reports. Are already been compared to Operation Ivy. Now that's a bit of a bigstretch so far, because it's only the debut single. Mondu Operation Ivyon needed one album. Look out from a cool out of Vietnam. FromVietnam we head to Sweden, to Dalana County, in fact, another scarshow with beefy debut the band a called Bungo brains, now the featuring themighty mighty horns. They're got a new album coming out on December the third, and this is the first single off that album. It's called best wishes. That is a nice song. That... ESCO Chris's new one. Thescheme he's on Guerrero records, based in La Chris Zimmer, Fantastica like thatbefore ESCO Chris, Bongo brains, featuring the mighty mighty horns, their firstsingle off a brand new album coming out on December, the third best wishes. Now Bongo brains describes themselves as a musical jumble layer. They're from Delanain Sweden. If you know you're Swedish Norwegian geography, if you go kindof north between Oslo and Stockholm, it's in there, somewhere central Sweden,let's say. Now, talking about Norway, Wild Man rhydom got in touch withMartin at Brostigan. They've got a brand new album. It's their thirdalbum. It's called Pan Atlantic. Now we've played northwest off that album before. The whole thing is mixed by a Victor Rice, and why would younot want Victor Rice to mix your album? We're gonna hear Zipline, time travel, some of the descriptions of Pan Atlantic. A fantastic but let's hearthe tune first and I'll tell you a bit more about Pan Atlantic. Veryshortly. All that was zip line time... Off Pan Atlantic, thethird album from wild man riddom, who are out of Oslo in Norway.Now this album panet Atlantic. It is a kind of a concept album andit's taking the listener on an extravagant and suggestive journey between the shores of theNorth Sea and the warm waters of the Caribbean. The little note about ZIPline time travel. It tells the story about childshood in the Suburbian Oslo,suburb called Jon's. There you go. The whole thing is a bit ofa trip from the North see through to the Caribbean, down through Latin Americanthen back to Britain and the dismal cold waters of the North Atlantic, andthen they head across to Mumbai, where the smells, sounds and visuals floataround at the local market. Now the first selection chosen by Martin Brostigan CountBobo out of Bristol in England. This is the number one track off theirbird of paradise album from two thousand and fifteen. Think you got rereleased intwo thousand and twenty, but that's another matter. This is Lazy Susan.We talked about victories and it's no surprise...

...that Martin has chosen one of hissolo tracks, Fu Maca, off his two thousand and seventeen album smoke.Victor was based in New York for a long time. He was a bassistin the scoff laws. He then moved into producing and produced bands like theslackers and the pie tastes, just a name a couple. He moved toBrazil, so Parlo, in two thousand and two. He's kind of upwith early twenty years down there. He put out an album called drink lastyear, but he's spending most of his time mixing and mastering and producing albums. He is just mixed and produced a single for Melbourne's own, the resignators, called Talisman. It's got a bit of a racist friend feel about itin my opinion, but that's another matter. But anyway, Victor Rice, whata legend. I'm pretty sure he's going to be busy for a longtime yet. Before victories we had count Bobo from Bristol in England. Thenumber one track off their bird of paradise album from two thousand and fifteen waslazy Susan. Now they've just put out a double aside on happy people recordswith Rico's mule and the eye of horace. Haven't checked that out yet, butI will write now from Bristol in England and so Palo in Brazil.We're going to do Seattle a band that are playing on the fourth of Octoberwith the s atter lights at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle. These guys arecalled the Seattle Lights Iris that they so...

...much. A band that are madeup of absolute all star royalty of the...

New York scar scene. They usedto be called the Brooklyn attractors. They're now just called the attractors. Wejust heard surveillance tech off their two thousand and twenty album love bombs. They'reon jump up records and they've just played the Boston Beehive last weekend. Theyhave got members from westbound train, the New York's Car Jazz Ensemble, VoidUnion, stubborn allstars and the toasters, to name a few. They arean instrumentals only band. We just heard surveillance tech a band that were bangingaround Oslow in the too thousands. They're called fence. That was hearts ofgold. Off Stories to be told. They've done three albums. Well likethat. I will be checking out a bit more of fence. We kickedoff that little segment with a band at a Seattle called the Seattle Lights.We heard the thing off. They're ready to launch EP. That came outin August two thousand and nineteen. That is their only release to date.On the fourth of October they're going to be playing the neck to lounge.They are the head support for the scatter lights. What an awesome night thatis gonna be. Now going back to our guest programmers, wild man riddomout of Oslo in Norway. They just had a release party for the albumPan Atlantic. They did it on a boat in Oslo harbor. They gota load of gigs coming up through the winter. They're going to be headingout on a mid European tour in early two thousand and twenty two where they'regoing to be touring the Great Pan Atlantic album, plus great tunes off theother two albums to don't forget those. But you can get Pan Atlantic onbasically any platform right now. We did mention Victor Rice, has mastered andmixed the album. It is bloody good. I want to thank Martin Brosti,another rest of the wild man riddom crew for being a huge supporter ofthe sky show. We'd beefy. We really do appreciate you, guys.I am so happy that this show can reach Norway and Sweden and Northern Europeand Scandinavia, as well as the UK and the US and Australia. Iam just having to get people like Martin on board and doing things like this. It is a lot of fun doing this show and I'm really, reallyhappy that we can build this bridge and keep the spirit of old school scarlive. It's awesome. I do wish, while my room, all the bestwith Pan Atlantic. It is bloody good. I know a lot of work wentinto that and to get victories on board to finish that off absolutely brilliant. If you're in a band and I haven't played your songs on the liveshow on the scar pods, then you got to let me know. Youcan get in touch with me through the facebook page the sky show would beefy, or through twitter at beefy. Scar show Melbourne is still in lockdown.You can do your bit. Go and get vaccinated. please. Just dothe right thing, be excellent to one another. We can all get backto seeing gigs again if people get vaccinated. It's all I can say. playlistsare on the social media as well as all the bands that get playedin the show are tagged either facebook page or the twitter and I'll please dome a favorite. Just give the bands a little bit of a follow.Give my like on facebook or a follow on twitter. You'll be the firstto know when this new music coming out or when these gigs in your area. Or you can just flick him a few quid. By their music,by their merch keep these bands going. We've all done it tough over thepast eighteen months. Bands have been hit hardest. They really really have.So any little show of support really, really helps. I'll be back withthe live show next week. This scard pods will follow throughout the week.In the meantime, please stay safe,...

...everybody. I've been befy. Thishas been the scar show with B v Scar pod number three, junie.This gosh all with BEF B Junie. Hey, they're beefy. Hey,rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I'vegot nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what,I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. What's that?Rob Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right it stars you and me. Oh Wow, so other people canlisten to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if youwant, get it wherever you get your podcast from? Well, spotify tothree hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew youwanted to listen to.

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