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Episode 84 · 3 years ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, Apr 18th 2019 (2nd Hour)


Every week Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! Great tracks from Area 7, The Hacklers, Reel Big Fish, Tree House Fire, The Clash, Bar Stool Preachers, Los Aggrotones, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, The Simmertones, King Kong 4, Bionic Rats, Gary Marshall, The Original Hotknife, Last Edition, Ska Freaks and The Beat. all feature. 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to us to make sure it stays that way! As normal Beefy fills the show with as much in as possible. ! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

Get I Australia. This is Chris from the fun as. You're listening in the sky show with beefy on the Sullen FM a eight point three on your scanning dial. Stop. Stop, stop the track leaving. I sit. Won't be too love. Won't be too long. If I'm teaching people who don't understand and, even though I've tried my best, still can't find happiness. Stop them leaving, stop the tram leaving, stop them leaving. I'll sit. Right I don't wrong. Won't be too long. If I'm right, stop the trade I'm leaving. Stop the tray I'm leaving. Stop the track I'm leaving. I said won't be too long if I'm right. Won't be too long. If I'M R so sot some stand aside. I Trot it do. Some live a big sum leaving small it can't find no food. Stop the trade I'm leaving. Stop the trade I'm reading. Stop the trade I'm leaving. I sit. It won't be too long. If I'm right wrong. It won't be too long if I'm right, stop the trade. Stop the trade I'd stop. I said it won't be too long. If I'm right wrong, won't be too long if I'm on the banks, do everybody's ways. I don't know. Want to make it forget. I don't wanna get no one ever told where. You can say no, are... seven doing? Hey, yes, sky, will we hear it tomorrow? Let's bloody hope so. They've done that lie for a long time. The old hay scar to suicide machines did that. Originally kicked off the second hour of the sky show with beefy, with a band out of Ireland called the hacklers. Bob Marley, stop that train. How good is that? Never heard that before, but that is a phenomenal version. We've played a little bit of the hecklers over the years I've been doing the show. need to play more of them, I'll be honest. Hmm, I really do, because that he's so good. Great version. You are listening to the sky show of me, beefy, one step closer to the weekend, because this is your Friday. Oh yes, indeed, he not only, and I'm making you feel good and happy and joyful inside with sweet scam music. Tomorrow's the day off, in fact four days off. It's not really a day off because we've got scared nation tomorrow. There's even more reason to celebrate. So grab some hot cross buns, eat some chocolate, get to the Corner Hotel tomorrow. I ticket still available. Five phenomenal bands. It's going to be a great night. It is the revival, the scar revival. Can I say that over Easter weekend? It's not. It's dead. It's not, it's just never gone away back from the tomb. Oh yes, celebrating all things good, revivalist. Anyway, let's get on with some juns. You don't want to hear me blabbering on treehouse fire at a Wales, my old stumping ground, doing Michael Jackson. Why not? This is don't stop. Do you get enough treehouse fire, which is rise? That makes you? Yes, before start, stop and stop before start, stop,...

...stop, start, stop, stop, start, stop. I don't stop. Yes, you tell, Tell, you stop the four start, stop. I don't stop to start, stop, stop. Don't stop. SHUND talking out a loustion sound. You don't steps. A loose armies are shining about. A REAL PEOPLE gonna lie up, people gonna takes Messita. They've...

...been making quality apparel since one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate way. Doesn't matter what sport you play. Messita have the kid for you. MESSEDAR offers a full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on MES cedarcom. That AU shut down. You can bruise you're not well, but it means no musy when they got your Fu hi with your hey, good is it? How good is it? Love the clash guns of Brixton, one of their better kind of SCAT esque tunes. There should play more the clashes on a wide don't bit stupid. Really, before the clash we had real big fish doing talking about a Revolusia Tracy Chapman special and then in a Wales Tree House fire, doing a bit of Michael Jackson. Don't stop, digget enough. Oh what a mix. What I make, thanks to joining me. Is Thursday afternoon. It is the scar show. Just got to warn you we're not going to be on Thursday afternoons for too much longer, so get your fix while you can. Jump on our facebook page because there will be news of our new time slot and everything else. But place a hello if you're in a band semi music, I will play it because I want to hear new music and I want to bring it to the world. We're all excited for scar nation tomorrow, so I'm going to play some loss cong for a...

...monkey's for you, but in just before that band I've been hot on for a couple of years, though. They're out of Brighton in England. They're called the bar stool preachers and this tune is called bar stool preacher at my supers. A bit of a sail only knows. If you're feel pity for him. I like him. It's a cool fos up. He thinks he's a king. Is a little bit of your time. Sit Down and listen to a body gonna reach out a boat. Once he was a happy man, but now I've got a lot of pride. It's because I want don't preach out. That's last Kung Fu monkeys. The Mexicans that are in town...

...tomorrow for scar nation, take a still available corner hotel. First Band, Admiral Act bars, dishonorable discharge. There are at hundred and twenty. Remember that. Then he got the resons, then the olders, then lost come from monkeys and then area seven. It's going to be a monster night of fun. Oh yes, it is gonna be fun. You have a good time. Good Friday has never been so good. It's in fact, is going to be great Friday tomorrow. Well, are we gonna play? Or what I play? Oh, there was a one before lost come fry monkeys was lost a grotnes out of Argentina. That is possibly a scar show. Would be fee debut for Los angratones. But like that bit of instrumental stuff that's called riding to Sonora, and then before that bit of Punk rock from bastill preachers doing bar still preacher, I'm gonna go the southwest of England bank called the simmertones. I like this a lot, I really do. It is a tune called I love you madly and it's just glorious. Hold on tight to this hand and need some to of sometimes through the lees with you, streams and night may help me look. So hold on with me. I love you. Hold on tight and don't let go to you. My...

...fears wound never show. There's a garden in my heart that you made every single part. As I hold I love you, I love you and sometimes don't let go show sometimes don't let go. Well by this time, like your father to be hateful. to eat up, because it's not like to be. I'm grateful. Under every sparied is guilty, guilty nose don't be unturned. No Batty's a rabble and if it's really bad, will crush you with the gabble. Under every guilty steep joint between the bond when the marrow drives to the joint black. Not like your father to eat up, because the truth is more than just a play. Under every to keep it is...

...guilty U s you must just believe. Waging it glass side something in the bridge. Yeah, I'll becomes you. Look, yes, the bionic rots. That the BioNIC rots, the bionic rats out of Ireland. I think they're had a doubling. No bottles, no milk love. It can come for just before the break with profile of a new elite there at a Toronto. Pretty sure that's the first time I played. Can come for as well. So a few debuts on the sky show would be today. And then we kicked off a little bit of section. The simmer tones are at a toll bay faulty towers country out of England. I I love you, Madley. I love that stuff. We are on the running to the weekend because it's east the Thursday and that means we got four days off. Yes, we do. And Gary Marshall from the hot knives. He calls himself the original hot knife. We play the hot knives quite a bit, because I do. I'm a MMM, I've got a soft spot for the hot knives. Hey just released a new album called the awakening, featuring AKA paper boy. Not Too sure about the AK paperboy story, but it's brand new. Check him out. He's got a bank camp, he's got facebook. Gary Marshall, the original hot knife. I gotta play a track off this new album. It is called here she comes again. Check him out, Gary Marshall from the hot knives. This is his brand knewi off the awakening. Here she comes again. I whatever. Show me what ever showed me.

Show me all alone. What went wrong the way, said the cat. My Big monoice got him my voice and make you leave it. Never under your philosophy. They about it. I can RUFE, but I can change my instinct. One FRONA away, yeah, Scott freaks out of Japan.

Yes, crazy getting into Easter scarnation. Tomorrow. Thanks for joining me. I've had an absolute ball to hes just it's not long enough. Really sorry, it's just not long enough. Anyway, what are we hear? We heard Gary Marshall, the original hot knife, do office new album, the awakening. Here she comes again. Then last edition had a lester in England, one of my favorite tunes, perfect circles, and that was scar freaks at a Japan called get on the van. Go on, get on the van now. Of Tomorrow. Corner hotel, five bands, scan nation. It's a scarfest. There is nothing else to do in Melbourne, I'm telling you now, apart from go and have some fun. Go and enjoy yourself here. Five amazing bands, including area, seven lost come fum monkeys from Mexico, the all night as Edi Sidney. Yes, you'll get to hear your childhood favorite song, Montego Bay live, the resonators, Australia's hardest working band, one of the best live acts you'll ever see, and Admiral Act bars dishonorable discharge. They are opening up the show late, calling to do a bit of family on us with Mr Coffee. So look on the weekend. It's a long weekend. Four days off get out see some local live music. This is the best Gig you'll see this year. Apart from that, please, please, please, have fun. If you're on facebook, please look up the scar show with beefee. Give me a like, not a lick, a like. You can give me a link if you like, but that's life. Also, if you're in a band, send me your music. I will play it. Apart from that, please, please have fun, be safe, enjoy your Easter week end. I'm going to have a ball because it is the fact that we can go and have some fun scan nation style. Hey, we heard Steve Douglas from the resonators say that all the bands are going to get together tomorrow and do a little tribute to ranking Roger of the beat, who are sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. So I thought we go out today with ranking Roger's signature tune, a rankin full stop bar. Yes, it's a beat. I've been beefy. This is the scar show with me, beefy, thanks to Merceda, the best sports where in Australia. Live it up, pick it up,... good. I said I you're ready to start. You're ready to start, you're ready to stay,.

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