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Episode 24 · 3 years ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, January 14th 2020 (1st Hour)


Beefy is back for 2020 and here he is banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy keeps the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet ( We bloody love it here at Ska Central! We're still not sure what we have to do to get the number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sports teamwear in Australia) brings the world some of the best Ska music currently out there. Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 has proved to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way into 2020! As always Beefy kicks the show off with another awesome live set and this week we're back to welcoming Mustard Plug to these shores for Ska Nation 2020. Then we get 2020 underway with pure gold from The Specials, The Bennies, The Skluttz, Dilip N The Davs, Zen Baseball Bat, Alpheus, Staflos, The Bakesys and Grave Danger ! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

Scott finds who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should, ever, read the place. We don't play any more to my glove lights wrong, get old. If you do, stick should real look into the world contraception and under the Word Fun, and under these two words you'll find forwards. Too Much, too young to dude. When you hey, this is Brian Robertson from these suburban legends and currently playing in real big fish, you are listening to the sky show with beefy on southern FM. Check it out. You don't touch dots. This is the herby hervy monster. So the nuzis songs a road whoas shop the phone completion to feel that Jo. This is J is j make you J as. This next Song Massa. They've...

...been making quality apparel since one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate doesn't matter what sport you play, Messita have the kit for you. MESSEDAR offers a full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on MES Cedar Dot Come. That a you well leave if you want to live time my best. You wanna stand this mass put the ris constant confusion and a little stress. Upper. We go with float, because I've seen a pin row and when I the turns not while it's my favorite party. We got drugs and bruise out a little, don't fall. We up and bills out. Up, I'm fuck go. And so we do a little. My put show through and that he's there. He's there, always waiting for you, waiting, wait, you. Life is for the living, for the ride. Oh my gonna look back and smile. Please just let me go, Cuz I'm home. I'm on the road, leaving love in loving after very different load. Now we gotta much and I'm giving. So we do a little my Peyra push through. Andy said, there's that boy's waiting for you, waiting, but you are a ristic sea. What do you risk? The Se safely, gonna go this, but to you I'm a rists what the say? You say, we can't go on on this, but to you, I raised a wristic. Things say? You say, are we gonna go on? Tell you, raise you s. We gonna go on this till you are rest. Wait. Are you waiting for days? No, we're not.

That is the Benny's, Melbourne's finest scarp punkers, the what they called the rest psycho rest punk Ska party band themselves, the Bennies. Check them out. They are don't know what they're up to it the minute. Should have Benny's on the too much of better. They've played a couple of geeks just before Christmas in Melbourn so should be more up to day, shouldnight. This is the scary show with me, beefy. Welcome to two thousand and twenty. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Thank you for joining me, wherever you are in the world. We kicked off the show the specials forty years young. That June was released last week. Forty years ago, nine teen eighty too much, too young. As a live version there and then we went into a bit of a mustard plug rant. Lots of live tracks there, and there's only one reason why we play lots of live muster plug is to get you all excited their coming Australian March this year. They're playing a Brisbane, they're playing Sydney, they're playing Adelaide and they playing a couple of gigs in Melbourne. Please get your tickets as AP. Please support your sky music scene, because we cannot bring these bands out without you support in our shows and hopefully we will get full houses across the board, lots of local support. We're going to be support and we're going to bring out out of Control Army from Mexico to join the fun as well. So those gigs are be absolute blood exciting. What are we here? We heard go, we heard you, we heard brain on scar, we heard the all nighter, we heard Mr Smiley and then we finished it off with beer. What a nice little set, nice tight set, that was from mustard plug grand rapids, Michigan. I can't wait to see him. This is the sky show. With me, beefy. We did the best of two thousand and nineteen charts last week. I'd put it in three little podcast from obviously thirty to twenty one and twenty two eleven and ten two one. You may agree with my selections, you may disagree, and I know the Benni's didn't agree because they said beefy. Why wasn't waiting for Dave in your chat. I went yep, forgot that was two thousand and nineteen. So a little bit silly, but there you go. But it's all about public opinion, isn't it? It's all about stuff you like, and I know the planet smashes I had at number one because I absolutely love that tune, and lots of people saying, well, that's not really scar and I thought, Cob our paper, what's going on there? Anyway, we've got to get with the new stuff. There has been so much new stuff. I'm being able to play much new stuff between we we did the twenty four Christmas Day. I did the show, didn't I? And today because we had a week off and then we had a chart and now we're back into it, back into the full swing of things now, and new banners come to my attention. They are on the what do you know about scart punk? Volume for that is just come out last week. So please jump on. I think there's something it through band camp, but have a look at what do you know about scope? It's got like a hundred and seventy tunes and it's costs a tenor for the electronic version. Just go and do it. Support Justin Acumen of what he does. He does one of these a year and they it's a great resource for any scalp punkers out there, so please get it. It's well, well worthy. This is a band out of Washington DC, the called the schluts. They are on the latest what do you know about Scott punk album, and this is called scar police. It's quite it's actually not officially been released yet. SCLUTS is spelt Klutt said, and this is an absolute belt, a female affronted Scott Punk from Washington DC, Scott plies by the spluts. I always wonder why they want to run NA wanna. It doesn't matter. I so many people with so many chicken,... many different on the difference they always seem to call over. We can come together different. One would have to feel ashamed, anothers your first thirdway breaking up. The only thing that really matters is we are from around the world gather the way this boy dry. What could be with family here? Sits from around the world gathered from this boy drop. What a tale to tell would family he the groveling kids? My through, my body,...

...but my head I am in fact, you are not. You won't get paid or you won't get paid. You won't get paid or you won't get paid. By the time you must, you will shoot up to this. I'm lay not the next point. You won't get paid. You won't get paid, you won't get paid or you won't get paid. To use desire in the skinny little chest tuber rock around me like a bully pros coppy kicking so hard I block the feeling that we regret that job with never you won't get paid, you won't get paid, you won't get paid, you won't get paid, you won't get paid, you won't get paid, you won't get paid, you won't get paid. Zen Baseball. That you won't get...

...paid. That is two days old. Great to see the boys back again. Obviously there's some female influence in there's well, brilliant. I have one of our albums called I am the champion concrete mixer and I bloody love it. Great to see him back. There's a lot more dub on this EP, the you won't get paid EP. Please jump on their bank and what it's only fiver. Go and get it, because these guys are great and they need to be recording more stuff and I'm going to need do that generally with more money. Unfortunately, that's what makes the world go round. There's a song in there somewhere. Yeah, up there and Rugby League country, Warrington and witness up the wire and the warriors area. Great stuff. Love Them. So I'm in Norwich two thousand and four in between. They're dilip in the days out of perf with their new e Jamma Sutras styling and dial it was telling me. I mean it's a bit less got a bit more denal, but it was inspired by an Indian family wedding. So very interesting that they've come up with that and they are putting out some great new stuff. They'll deliver the devs and they're always busy playing live and evolving their own style because there's a lot of diversity influences in the band and they all the suddenly had spot on was out last year and it's real twotone cracker. But yeah, it's good to see always bands put out new stuff and this is what makes the scart scene more exciting in the minute, because the fact is we're getting so much new stuff coming through the areas. It's brilliant. And to top that off, the Scots a Washington DC WITH SCA police. Great, great news at the new bands new sands, new styles. It's crazy. Two Thousand and nineteen was good. I just think two thousand and twenty is gonna be absolutely brilliant. Talking on new releases. In Two thousand and twenty, Alpheus, brand new eat yep, I got load of new stuff tonight. This is called our Rudy's. Tonight is the night we are scared the time. Come on, it's gonna go down. Will you kick me? Girls were keeping. We come true of the room. We don't have the word. These are the night time. I'm a very it's gonna go down. They got tonight. Designs the out atmosphere. We pro that were we give. There's no time to wish. Make people joy. The peace calling. All the roads are the word. Design on. Tonight, the night we are scared. The time away. Come on, it's gonna go down. They got tonight. Come. Tonight is the night we are going the time. Come on, it's gonna go down. The car tonight.

Six shooting drugs. Don't know the other side. It's rooted right until the day we set u. That is well, I'M gonna call it brand new,...

...brand new from one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. That is the Bakesias. They have just released their EP called the pickle matter brainy p there is recorded in nine ninety one but it just been released on the first of January, two thousand and twenty. You can get it free on the Bank camp. Pick it up. I like the basis. I do like the scar explosion stuff, as you well know, regular listeners will definitely know. So we jump on it. Bank camp. Do the dog music instead of the basis and you can get it for nothing, basically. But please check him a cup of quid because, Ken Flower, do you and the boys? They they need to eat. They really really do. What else do we hear? Staff loss with drone preak, that is on. What do you know about scart punk volling, for and that is basically the guys from peglan rejected in a bit of a Suder name. It's a bit of a harder core edge to their music. So they've they don't go into peg and dejective for that. And then before that Alpheus, the scar rocksteady dance, all stylings of Alpheus and the UK. He's been around a long time doing a rudy's but that is also brand new. Also that staff lost song is brand new too. Told you there is loads and loads of new stuff. Talking about new stuff, there's gonna be another one coming up a very, very shortly. But the second hour, as always, we have a lot of fun. There'll be some covers in there, there'll be a bit of Punk Rock, whatever else I might throw at the old computer and see what's spits it out. But stay tuned for the second hour because it will be very different, a lot of fun as normal. Please check out the facebook page. The scar show would be for you. The scar show on Sun their firm. Look us up, send me a request, give us a lick, be nice. It's a second best scar show on the planet, apparently, and you're saying yourself. I don't know why. All the other ones must be pretty bad. Now, in all seriousness, we do. I love bringing you every week new releases, old school dance, all whatever else's full in the air ways and whatever else we can celebrate about this great, great genre music that we just loved. It's not even the case of keeping it alive anymore. It is growing and growing and growing, and the best thing about it the bends are young, getting younger and younger, not just the old states. One like the specials and two to the maytaels and everyone else. It's brilliant. It's great to be a part of, just as while I'm there about the face of page, all the playlists are there and replays of the show. We generally split them up into our one an hour to but, like I said, please say hello and get in touch and make sure you just tell beef you love him, because he desperately needs edulation on a different scale. Now talking to brand new he's grave danger at of Berkeley, California. They've just released a brand new ear as well. This is called give up the ghost. They got in touch with me said, beefy, you need to play this, so I will so off. Then you eat. It's called give up the ghost. She was that day. Don't wish it. You with men together to show you don't know what...

...he's got in his closet. Hey there, beefy, hey rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what, I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob? Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right it stares you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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