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The Ska Show with Beefy

Episode 24 · 1 year ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, January 14th 2020 (1st Hour)


Beefy is back for 2020 and here he is banging out the tunes trying to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy keeps the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet ( We bloody love it here at Ska Central! We're still not sure what we have to do to get the number 1 spot though - just keep being awesome I guess! Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sports teamwear in Australia) brings the world some of the best Ska music currently out there. Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 has proved to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way into 2020! As always Beefy kicks the show off with another awesome live set and this week we're back to welcoming Mustard Plug to these shores for Ska Nation 2020. Then we get 2020 underway with pure gold from The Specials, The Bennies, The Skluttz, Dilip N The Davs, Zen Baseball Bat, Alpheus, Staflos, The Bakesys and Grave Danger ! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

Thanks God, to find who I am as aperson- and I will never turn my back on SCOTF looking back, I have no regrets. Yeshould never wait the place God we don't play Ko anymore. Ovlae get out of TAT, tictionary lookinto the word contrasecton and under the Word Fun, and under these two wordsyou'll find forwards too much too young. You D, Wat Youhey. This is BrianRobertson. From these suburban leges and currently playing in real big fish.You are listening to the skyshow, with bepy on southern FM check it out, don't Fuck Totstisis, a heavy hay o theNuootepol. We feel nois JUSTIISI ISJS...

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...finest scarp punkers, the what theycalle the Rester Psycho Rester punk scar party, battnd themselves, theBanies checkem out theyre. Don't know what they ap to it. The MINAA theBennies Dont, know too much abettr and they played a couple of geeks justbefore Christmas in Melvin, so should be more up to day to night. This is theSCA show with me. beefy welcome to two thousand and twenty hope you all had agreat Christmas Anat Yea. Thank you for joining me. Wherever you are in theworld, we kicked off the show the specials forty years young. That tunewas released last week, forty years ago, ineteen. Eighty too much to you, that'sa live version ther and then we went into a bit of a mustard plug rent lotsof live tricks, ere and there's only one reason why we play lots of livemustter pluggas to get you all excited: Theyre Code, Australia, March this year,they're playing a brismand they're playing sidney, they're playingAdelaidan. They played a couple of geegs in Melbourne. Please get yourtickets Asap Pli support your scor music Seane, because we cannot bringthese bones a wita you supporting our shows, and hopefully we will get fullhazes across the board. Lots of loco support we're going to be supportd,we're going to bringate out of Control Army from Mexico to join the fun aswell, so those kigs are beat absolute BUDLYC. So what are we her? We heard gowe heard you. We heard brain on scar. We heard the all nighter we heard MrSmiley, and then we finished it off with the what a nice little set nicetight set that was from muster plug grand rapis Michigan. I can't wait tosee him. This is the scarshow with me BEFI. We did the best of two thousandand nineteen charts last week. I'd put it in a three little podcast fromobvousy thirty to twenty one and twenty two eleven and ten two one. You mayagree with my selections. You may disagree and I know the Bennies didn'tagree because they said beefy. Why wasn't waiting for Dave and Oucana andYEP forgot? There was two thousand and Nineteyn so a little bit silly, butthere you, but it's all about public opinion. Isn't it it's all about stuff.You like, and I know the planet Smetches I had at number one, because Iabsolutely love that Chen and lots of people saying when that's not reallyscune. I thought Oh cabour Peope, what's going on there anyway, we've gotto get with the new stuff there, as Bein. so much new stuff on't been ableto play much new stuff between what we did the twenty fourth Christmas Day. Idid the show didn't I and today, because we had a week off, then we hada chart and the would back into it back int the full swing of things. Now newbaners come to my attention. They are on the. What do you know about scar,punk volume for that is just come out last week, so please jump on. I thinkthey soll it through band camp, but have a look at what do you know aboutScot bug? It's got like a hundred and seventy tunes and its Costa Tena Forthe electrolic version. Just go and do it support just a recommend of what hedoes. He does one of these a year and ther't's a great resource for any SCIRTPungas out there. So please get it it's well well worthy. This is a ban at ofWashington DC. They called the spluts they are on the latest. What do youknow? Abot I's got punk album and this is called scar. Police is quite it'sactually not officially being released yet SCLUTTI spelt Skluttzad, and thisis an epsolute built, a female affronted at Scarp punk from WashingtonDC scupelis by the SPLATS lways wder wh. They want runusiciden'tmatter, oes, Gonman peopl with so many... many differen Ysher Sdon, woul, Haveto Beasham Wara only thing that really matters iseafrom round the worldgather FOC tewady Othibin Gobe toarive Wonti to Tellcud,you be with famly IRIR ROM around the world, gether fo Eway Thi, bon fo me IlWhattanto, tell you fnme Roe...

SB Coubli Kats, O my throuborty by myHati am Ecote facin Ye. You Ant Meotbyou wont get paid. You WOK GEA, you wo, get Payou Oieo, you mast, Yo,you will yo o Te. NECT Finyou wont get paid. You Wo, you ONTGEYOU, WON'T GET PAID GE! Desir ie Kini lite JAC yoe ruaround me, like O Foty, a AK, your heart, a los Te feeling that O go wit,regret that you was never your. You won't get paid. You Oa, you wont, Get Payou Wo Ge paid, you won't get paid. You won Getpaiyou Ogetyou, wonthenbaseball that you won't get paid. That... two days old great to see the boysback again. Obviously, there's some female influence in thes. Well,brilliant! I have one of theur albums called. I am the champion concretemixer and I bloody love it great to see him bat there's a lot more dub on thisEP. You won't get paid EP, please jump ontheir bank an what it's on your fiver go and get it, because these guys aregreat and they need to be recording more stuff and e. can only do thatgenerally with more money. Unfortunately, that's what makes thewell go round, there's a song in there somewhere yeah up there in Rugby LeagueCountry Warrington and witness op the wire and the warriors area. Great stuff,Love Them. So I'm in Norich, two thousand and four Inbetween Theyredeliping. The Daws ed a purf with their Neuy Jama, Suitdra, styling and Dil. Itwas telling me I mean it's a bit, this less Geo bit more dental, but it wasinspired by an Indian family wedding, so very interesting that they've come upwith that and they are putting out some great new stuff, the old diller it thedeves and they're, always busy playing, live and evolving their own star,because there's a lot of diverse influences in the bend and they all oft e sudden he he had spot on was out last year and it's a real tutonecracker, but ye good to see always bans put out new stuff, and this is whatmakes the SCA scene more excited in tha minute, because the fact is we'regetting. I so much new stuff coming through the AASIS brilliant and to topthat off the squots, an of Washington DC with skur police. Great Great Newsat the new bans new sends new styles. It's crazy! Two thousand Nin DM wasgood. I just think two thousand and twenty is going to be absolutelybrilliant. Talking on new releases in two thousand and twenty alpheus brandnewy Yep, I got load and new stuff to Lighe. This is called Arudis onight Iste night wea, a the Timewaicome Onis gonna go dont, Tik AA night, an Etr Iyou, Canmi and Girweatoa thin. We cind of e EOM. Wedon't get Ttwhen, we endcome Oni tegosn etiit'sgongo, Doo Te lilefus, mospherero. Without wr W I Gian II, Cai, O ibe, O e Ni. We got e timews do Goto. I Cmi Te Timeit's gonna go down Becauyour niteocome...

NIIT's, Roe riuntil.

That is well I'm going to call it brandnew brand, W one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. That is the bakesees.They have just released therep or the pickle matter. BRAINEP. There wasrecard one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, but it's just been releasedon the first of January, two thousand and twenty you can get it free on thebankcamp pick it up. I like the bases I do like the scare explosion stuff. Asyou will know, regular listeners will definitely know so t up on that bancamp. Do the dog music instead of the Baes, and you can get it for nothingbasically, but please chuck em a cup of Quid because Kim flower you and theboys they they need to eat. They really really do what else do we here Stephloss with Drone Brak? That is onwhat do you know about Scirl punk going for, and that is basically the guysfrom pegalan rejected in a bit of a Sud name, it's a bit of a a core edge tothe music, so they they don't go into Pega and Ejectiv for that, and then,before that Alpheus, the scat rock teady DANCOL stylings of Alpheus or theUK he's been around a long time doing a Rudi's, but that is also brand new.Also that stuffwos song is praying you to told you. There is loads and loadsof nestuff talking about new stuff, there's going to be another one comingup very very shortly, but the second hour, as always, we have a lot of fun.There'll be some covers in there, they'll be a bit of punk Rork. Whateverelse I might throw at the old compuracy what spits Itot but stay to for thesecond hour, because it will be very different, a lot of fun as normal.Please check out the face. Wook page, the Sur show Wul beefy or the scar showon Sun ther. Fim. Look US up. Send me a request. Give us a lick, be nice. It'sthe second best Gar show on the planet, apparently and you're. Saying Yourself,I don't know why all the other ones must be pretty bad. No in all seriousess, we do lovebringing you every week, new releases old school DANC, whatever els esfulling, the Airways and whatever else we can celebrate about this great greatgenro music, that we just love. It's not even the case of keeping it aliveanymore. It is growing and growing and growing and the best thing about it.The bands are young, getting younger and younger, not just the old states enlike the specials and Tuts and the maitels and everyone else. It'sbrilliant, it's great to be a part of just as while I'm there about the faceof page all the playlists. Are there and replays of the show we generallysplit them up into our one an hour to but, like I said, please say hello andget in touch and make sure he just told me for you love him, because hedesperately needs adulation on a different skile, no talking to brandnew he's grave danger and of Berkley California they've just released abrandon newy as well. This is called give up. The ghost they got in touchwith me said beefy. You need to play this, so I will so off. Then you e,it's called give up the ghost she w. She was Tink Aboutbak there you tackeadont know o niantyoudont know whatis got in hiscos.

They there beefy, Hey rob. Do you havenothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all thetime, rob well Guiss what I've found, something that you can do with yournothing time. What's that rob listen to a greatpodcast called three sixty five days of sport. GO IT TARS! You M me, Oh wow, soother people can listen to it. Besides the people who are on it yeah, if youwant get it whetever, you get your podcast from ones. Far Five, two threehundred an sixty five days, a spot, it's the podcast! You never knew youwanted to listen to.

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