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Episode 79 · 3 years ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, June 11th 2019 (1st Hour)


Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia) brings the world some of the best Ska music currently on offer. Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! There's an incredible live set from Dan Potthast and MU330, and amazing tracks from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, No Nonsense, The Managers, Brehdren, Kamikazi Thunderkats, Last Edition, Hepcat, The Specials, Whitmore, The Bennies, Mayson's Party make their Ska Show with Beefy debut and we have the Australian Premieres of tracks off The Simmertones brand new album Ten Feet Tall! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

Hey, what's up? This is any even the interrupters and you listen to the sky show with Beepe. If I asked you to explain your strange reaction, would you say? If I asked, why would you look at me? The dog is falking loud. He's our restless. I'm looking for reaction. Changes, there is action. Changes up getting longer. Now I'd be getting stronger and you had me back inside, we could start a whole new change. Changes must be made. There is too much be made looking for reaction. Changes. There is too much looking for reaction. I asked you to explain your strange reaction, would you say? All right, hey, it's so much pressure. Okay, Hey, this is Dan peenior listening to the sky show with beefy on southern FM. Hey, everybody, can I get an Oh yeah, Oh, don't touch that's Wutch. This, this... a heavy, heavy munsters, the nuts, lies, songs, a room whoas stop the Fla feel that this is this is welcome to the rocking roll. Me Too, to show you have a thing to do. This...'s gonna take care. I didn't you know that the La La la La la La la La. And Yeah, short and sweet day from Muthin. Dirty Dan popast friend of the show, introduced the show as well today. Denny, couple of well for tunes that I squeezed in there all life cost. They were live raw fish San Francisco, the KKK and laugh, or La as it may be known in other places. You are listening to the sky show with me, beefy late night on a Tuesday, bringing your home if you work late, trying to beef up your night, trying to make you feel better about yourself, trying to them. If you're in Australia, go to bed with a smile on your face. If you're in Europe, wake up with a smile on your face. If you're in America, well, good luck to you. You are listening to the sky show. Me Be for you this couple of hours of some absolutely awesome tunes, some not too awesome tunes, hopefully not. But we play a bit of scar we play a bit of Dub, we play a bit of old school reggae, dance, haul roots, whatever I feel like it, and I'll throw in a bit of Punk, who knows, whatever takes my fancy. I haven't got that fat in all honesty, but I do have to say thank you, where ever you are on a planet, for joining me and sharing this little bit of love for the thing we call scare, the music of the not so messes, but the music of the Happy People. Oh yeah, anyway, talking about Happy People, this is about at Auckland, New Zealand. They called the managers. This is think twice. Yeah, we come... midnight, come and go, come and go. We coming midnight, we can go. We come and go down the driveway. Don't it all until the road down the job way, but don't hurt it all, you don't turn it all. I'll tell the road up till the road. The rocks at the window. Hope that they don't come on, baby, let's go, let's go. I've got the window. It's too late. The...

Dad's away, but we gotta go. We gotta go down drank. I I messita. They've been making quality apparel since one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate way. Doesn't matter what sport you play, Messita have the kit for you. MESSEDAR offers a full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch. One three hundred messita on messitarcom. That AU two, three in the same parts. Gonna find a dream. Simmon's gone off the rails. Night Parts are gone to the end. DREATING LOVES OF BOOK OF FIRE. Naked eyes are open wide. What's the meeting of my life? What man shouts through and heding on. Y'All, get a girl and have somere S. I must baked the way to go. You might think it's guys for fun and jumped fun place time, cause I stop. Let's yourself all my destiny. You will not bar it's gonna find a dream. Simmon's gone off the rest. Tiny barts are gone to the end. Treating life as a book of fire. Naked eyes are open wide. What's the meaning of my life? Wis they shouts to pruder. MUST HE SI? Why? I just saw my eyes from the...

...beef waiting for me. Yeah, it's truly sad to see. That's make my fly. It's hard to die dress. That's fast food nation, the world's baby, read multinational tax station. Look on. I saw stews okay to town because he struck the smaller best, not says, but the dark. What I found out my sappers. I've always wished to see. That's a'm otay for the brand new face with you like to watch that La plastic myself least a price. Would you like to watch side back road, that tax exposed like cracks? Would you like to watch that super side? What you like? This took her bibe rise whipper on the L I only tell him once that dry watch or burgles every town, and you're right on me. Fall subway to back up, and that's same old for the brand new face. Would you like to want that plastic myself? Lest a fries. Would you like to watch rod tax exposed back cracks? Would you like to watch the super side? What you like? Same counts face. Would you like to want signelie? That same always that brand new priss? What you like to watch? Size that last same craptaste with the randw face? What you like to watch? Size that that same old place you face. Would you like to have myself? Would you like to exactly? Would you? Yeah, kamikaze thunderbirds, but of a new one band that's not around anymore. Australian from Ballina of all places. But that one was called fast food for thought. Don't mind it bit rough and raw, but that's how good SCAP punk should be really, shouldn't it? Before that took you out scarp...

Paradise Augusta with pride of lines, one of my favorites, Bredren out of Vancouver and Canada doing midnight, and then the Kiwi's, the managers have been around for a long time still a lot of the managers playing different bands. The acetones definitely, and a few others, and it's called think twice. Please check out our facebook page. I put some stuff up there every now and again of bands that are coming and going and new singles and lates releases and a few blast from the past and a bit of live stuff whatever and get my hands on. Also there's the playlists for the shows, the replays of the shows, although in the past month I've been a bit slack getting the podcast up and out there. I will try to be better. That's the beefy promise it to you out there. So if you miss the show, and I know it's in a difficult time slot nowadays we split the podcast up into the first and the second hour and as a load of tunes. It's also on spotify and I choose and wherever you get your podcast, there will be a replay of the show and, like I said, there is the playlist if you want to have a look see what I've been playing. If you're in a band, send me a music and I'll play it. Yep, I goddamn will. What else can I tell you about the facebook page? Anyway, not much. It's a lot of fun. We love to be part of the World Wide Scar community. This is one of the world's premier sky shows. That's what I'm claiming. Oh yes, it is. Let's get some music happening. This is a band at a lesser in England. They called last edition. I do like them. This is one of my favorites. This is called perfect circles. Big a load to matty and the boys and girls of last edition in your Snea Cap. My big mouth the legs of choice and I joy got him. My voice can't make you believe in waiting for so why do we go? That? I've never understad is your philosophy, and that cover by seeing to the fairy and guy had not time. I think about it. I can rationalize, but I can change my instincts. You one from Gona Ta gonna go away. So why do we music? We come out. It's good. There's no time,... what it's good. And we say we say there's no bed across. It's good. There's no far across all the region is bad acting. Ma Yeah, the specials do nothing. You're back with the scar show with..., beefe, put of a mixed bag in there. Mason's party had a Tokyo Japan. Making this scar show would beefe debut you. That is an absolute brand spanker. By the way, son of a bitch. Stephen resume is caught up with Mason's party. When they were in Japan a couple of weeks ago. He said it was absolutely awesome stuff. One for condodgy hepcat. I said last week I'll play more of them and I've decided I am going to play more down. That is off pushing show that it's called the region. And then add a lester in England last edition. Perfect circles. Oh yeah, we're getting through some stuff. Today. The simertones are out of Devon in England. They are releasing a brand new album. Yes, they are thirteen. No, ninth of August is that goes live. It's called ten feet tall. You can pre order it at the SIMMERTONESCO DOT UK. But, being as I've got one of the premier scar shows on the planet, the simertones are sent me a couple of preview tracks off the album. Oh yes, I have. We're going to play a couple. The first one is called silly girl. Big thanks to the symertones for keeping me up to speed with their good stuff, and now I do. I... it. So if you love silly girl and and the other tune I'm going to play, which is called what I need, then you should give their facebook page to like, pre order the album and then listen to him on streaming services, I guess, if that's the way you get your music nowadays. I guess it is. Anyway, let's hear the first one. This is silly girl. This is the them a tones say. You need a talking truth running up the Times. You're just a mother to douse. It's just sits in canvenience. I can really do with that and I could star wout every time I shout new direction. Custom falling now the situation. But I sit down wonder how I can be myself, can take a break from me to the outside. That's what I've been journey into darkness. Steam trying at speed through the walls on never seems a shining life. When darkness...

...fallows you, you're broken. which can find time to see up into life, bring it into sign. Journey into darkness never needs to be somewhere we find ourselves for manness is what did you never body seeing? Waiting for my time. Don't fall off it, work on it. It'll happen in the air. wasted. So the days are. You A lar Jean. Stop working, it'll kill me in the air. And it is so hard and I'll never get a second chance. Well, I know, I like bet on Sunday, staring at the wall. I turn around, this come down. It is happening again. Push me of my purb. I need a new release depressions and infection and I find it hot. It's so hard and I'll never get a second chance. Well, I know, but lest year up be wasted. So the things were? You A largean's not working, it'll kill me. An last year up it waiting, waiting for my time. Don't fall off it, work on it will happen. It's so hard and I'll never get acond chance. It's so hard. That is a band called which more big, well biggish s I gets out the UK. That's called sober days. Do like him. And then the simmertones. We heard a couple of tunes off their fourth coming album, ten feet tall. The first one was silly girl and a second one was what I need. Come up to the end of the first hour on the sky show with me, beefy, and all our regular listeners will know that can only mean one thing. When we kick off the top of the second hour, it is the... famous cover section. Oh yes, you're day and I don't still don't know what I'm going to play. Still, but I will find something, course I will. I like to keep people guessing. Oh Yeah, could be anything and it generally bloody well is. So yes, stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we're going to play couple of tunes just to get us there. Tell you what, just before these boys go on tour, got to give him a plug. They are Melbourne's own, Melbourne's fine, it's the Benny's. They have got a taught coming up all over Victoria. I think they're going to duck into the southern areas and you save wells and the eastern areas of South Australia. Just look at the facebook page, look up the Bennies and you will see their tours like twelve dates, so it's pretty interesting. I will be catching him. I think I'M gonna catch up with Auntie from the Bennies. We're going to do a bit of a Phona in the next couple of weeks and I will play that to you. It's always good to catch up with those boys. But the prolific party band absolutely awesome. In the meantime we're going to hear the title track off their last album, natural born chilla's. Stay tuned for the second hour. Let's have some fun. Pick it up. So Sad, lazy, but I know a free tripping across the sky like a temper steam rising like a Phoenix for mixing summer, thinking about the fucking your neighbor, chicken down the things back and see. I'm okay. I got this feeling coming back again. My friend, we travel around and we ruck around. This time I was time to pick it up. When I pick you up and pick you up again, it's up to what you're gonna do. You gotta you're trying to blow it back into that. The things I said back and see the things I sit back and seller want to see. I said.

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