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Episode 82 · 3 years ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, May 21st 2019 (2nd Hour)


Every week Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! The ever popular covers section kicks off the second hour with incredible offerings from The Donald Trumpets, Scotch Bonnets, Pannania Allstars Ska Orchestra, The Red Stripes and then there's some healthy servings of punk rock from The Clash, The 131s, The Bar Stool Preachers and then we bring it on home with great tracks from Area 7, The Porkers, Reel Big Fish, The Bionic Rats, The Classy Wrecks, Lana Del Rey, Captain Accident and the Disasters and 7 Seconds of Love. 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to us to make sure it stays that way! As normal Beefy fills the show with as much in as possible. ! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

Hey, what's up? This is at even the interrupters and you listen to The Sky Show With Bee pee pee up up, chat to the discot in. She had a she had. That is the Scotch Bonnets are in a...

Baltimore, Maryland. They have a new album coming out fairly soon, which is always good fun when bands got a new album out, so they'll be looking forward to that. That is sheen is a punk rocker. Obviously, is a very, very different version than the ramones managed to carve out in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. Do like it, though. That's quite good. And then we kick things off. How good are the Donald Trumpets? How good are they? They come out and play beyonce's crazy right now. I'm not fan of beyond. I look that up. It's awesome, absolutely great stuff, and thank you for Craig, for sending that over to me. It did say he said, Oh we had. We had a second go at that at the start. I cut that bit off, Craig, just to just to make you sound good anyway. That is fantastic. Will be playing a bit more or that down the line now. I did say in the first hour about how a post and a video I put up on the scar show with beefy's facebook page has gone into absolute bloody meltdown, mainly because this is TV show that I've never seen. Right, it's called game with thrones. Yeah, apparently people out there actually watch the stuff. Wouldn't know myself and never I look, I've been doing stuff. It's been on in the background and I know there's dragons, I know it's been a sex and stuff, but I'm never really seen it. Anyway, somebody's come up with a scar version of the theme tune. So I found the video online and I put on our facebook page and it is gone absolutely bloody crazy. I'm just going to give you some quick stats of that. So a lot of people have heard it. I've got a lot of new supports on the facebook page, which is Great. Thank you for joining, thank you for saying hello, thank you for being part of the sky show with beefy community. Love to have your kind of support and love and help. Anyway. So I put the video up for this game of thrones video and about Twentyzero views later, yeah, I'm not I'm not making this up. Twentyzero views later and a hundred and fifty six shares. It's still people are still tuning into this. It's crazy. So thank you very much. Now they were band at a Beauta pest in hungry. They called the Pannonia all stars, Scar Orchestra. I can't give them enough wraps. They are absolutely brilliantly, have done this game of thrones cover or theme tune cover, and people are going nuts for it. Don't know why myself. They just are. It must be pretty close original. I must be better. Anyway, this is it. Game of thrones theme, Annia all stars, Scar Orchestra and hungry. Enjoy. I'm becoming it for six years, and six years...'ve been sticking to me. I want to La call you. Yeah, you want to know. Okay, I'm gonna tell you. Can you are a time to become a good fighter and instead of that you became a light work. I'm cheat. Second Nide, Messita. They've been making quality of...

...apparel since one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate way. Doesn't matter what sport you play, Messita have the kid for you. MESSITAR offers a full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on MES cedarcom. That AU away the most to stand why did you say to stand by it? We just don't... scar on this show. There is an element of punk rock that I do kind of chuck in every now again. That just punk rock. I she played bit of MoD staff and all sorts the Spitfires, which are you know, but I just chuck it all in Punk Rock. We're going to play a bit more punk rock now as well. It does have undertones of scar influence in it the stuff I play. But yeah, we like to mix it up a bit. No point playing old school, new school, Third Way, fourth wave, to tone all that stuff. I just play it all. We do some dub step. No, we don't play dubster. Sorry for you dubstep fans are there nothing against you, but I just don't play on this show. We play a bit of dance all and bit of rock steady, all sorts of stuff all through the ages, late s all the way through to today. I played this band last week. The three ones released a double a side last year, northbound and the under tire. I did play northbound last week. I thought. Why not play the other side of the seven inch single? This is called the undertow. It is Luke Yeowood and the one three ones, absolute belting tunes. More punk rock on the scar show would be fet every follow for a while. I know, even dying seems all right, and I've done so myself. Ever, I say my turn to go. I love but that's the back of...

...the line. They're telling me what. There's no mine which to control. To keep checking with one out of the plan for staying down. Don't make the man stand. I love them by stool preachers trickled down. Awesome, great stuff new mute last year, which is even more brilliant. Dane stuff for the interrupters as well, and they plan only gone toward them all time, because stuff. What else? We're here one, three ones, with undertow, Luke Yo wood and the boys, and then the clash, one of my favorites. Train in vain. This is the sky show with me...

...beefy, with a bit of punk rock thrown in for good measure. Thanks for joining me, wherever you are on the planet. I know there's a load of you listening online. Great stuff. Thank you for that. If you got any suggestions? Jump on the facebook page, send me a message, do whatever you want. Let me know what you want to hear. I will be all too glad to play it. I'm going to play a bit of area seven because they are playing a couple of gigs with the porkers not too far away at all. June seven in Melbourne, Prince bendroom sink killer also playing with Japanese hardcock punsters macpelligan whish will thinking and our very young coujoe kings that it's Prince bendroom in Sink Kilda and I'm pretty sure they are playing Adelaide the day after the big shed Brewing Company at Royal Park in Adelaide. June eight they are playing with which you're thinking, son of Dad, Lucky Seven, go go Rama pbcbs. So that is the better shed than dead Gig with Ari is seven and the polkers. We're going to play some marror seven and I'm going to play some porkers. Then I'm going to find the tune for the class Erexit of going to find that I just canceled by accident just then. Anyway, here we are, are is seven. This is Peter Mac red skinned, fair hair, brought slim hate. I get down at the feet when missing my Gregor. Oh, when will you learn? You see a little beggar. So you for fraid you're in most is the danger. This thing on the drum with the cancer. It's all because you've been a duty. brant. Well, little your phone keeping body him all big and hairy. I know, skin feeling back from your face in your back, and be the backs on your beat, the count I weleader Peter Bath very camp. When you're down at the beach, we're all true. Violet is the nature. Other bees will let me turn Brown. You may think you're on, but then the rhythm removing very large gone. When skin feeling back from your face in your back, with freedom back on your feet, the guns of the lead them by its feeling back from your face in your back and Peter Back and the malls on your beat. Got Leader Peter Bath in the cancer. It's all because you've been a duty. Time round. You may think you're a Huh, but that's a rhythm removed in very last winners feeling back from your face and your back and the Bax on your beat and your head start to turn. I just get something run when you're brother. It's proud. Spend the money. It's it's the only way drinking through the night up to the next day. But if I want, there's when I get home. I know my feet well. I'm still seeing...

...those single guy blues will ship drafted. When I ripped up on my shoes across the room, I notice a girl side of the world. I think she looked at me as I began to go. If I walk, there's I get home. But if I want, when I get home, I know I'm still when. Now to win. Joe Talking on my bone can say you have to many bands, yet still feel alone. After you left the party. You want to go home. The cash you and good buy the time, since fly. All you wanna do is fun, seems to old party. She said she is over the hill. She just wants the glass of brandy. She just wants to check. Let's go pick it up in the morning. I'm too old party, she said, and got it and Yourlyon. Never in my bed time for what put you about the pace of thank you and up this. You just want some space. Getting inside is the best kind of ride. If you said you wanna got the good drum, she's do old body. She's sad, she's all of that. She just wants the class brand us. She just wants to Chang let's go pick it up in the morning, old bodies, she said. I like that. The classy REX are at a Toronto in Canada. I think that was their first release to older party. But that's a nice little acoustic version.

They would a bit of Acoustictar, a couple of horns and a little tap drum there. Brilliant, Nice. Before that we heard the porkers at a Newcastle New Souf Wells Australia, too late to be straight, and Peter Mac from are is seven, the pokers an area seven in a couple of gigs June at six, June seven, June eight. It's gonna be a great couple of nights at get your tickets from Melbourne. Get takes for Adelaide too. I'm sure they will go off now. Don't normally do this type of stuff, but Lana del Array as just released a cover of sublimes doing time. Probably should have played at the top of the hour. Who knows? Apparently, is a daco coming out about sublime very shortly. Might even be out. I'm not too sure. I'm not across it, to be honest. So I thought, why don't we play it? Because we are the scam punk show. Sublime were pretty awesome back in the day. and to hear Lana dl right covering sublime, HMM, make your own mind up, I guess. Anyway, here it is Lana del Rey doing sublimes, doing time, summer time and the living is easy. Valleys a microphire are sent other people dance. Will, okay, will qualified to represent the lvs. We go to the body and dance to let me guess Harda. Hello, so bad, but she sat me like she spends a summer time and the livings easy, rallies on microphone, Ras and d all The people dance. Will. I'll take this face my eye, my burning Sun Sunday. So what am I gonna be doing foray with myself? Show? We come off the show. Summer Times. We guess hard. Back Jack Your Niggas... showing. Must Rise. There just the little wing in the last the neighbors something. Hey, everybody, let's go down town to the sky show. There's a sky show. My let's go dance and forget about every thing. Don't wanna fight a cry, just have some fun before we've died. That's what everybody there's a scipation, is all. It doesn't matter who you are. It's don't matter where you're from, because everybody is welcome. That's what. We don't have fun, then, if we don't have the fun, everybody, let's go down down to the sky show. There's a sky show. Let's go. Let's go, there's a sky shows, let's go.

No, I'm all right when I'm sitting alone and I'm twittling my thumb. I'm all right when I'm sitting alone and I know that I'm all right when I sing alone, and I know I'm all right when I sing alone and I'm less man my brains always to give out something, something I can't see her. I'll do with nothing, nothing. Why can't I just change my mouse? Always talking about something I can't see. Nothing, nothing. Why can't I just change? Goodbye, bye, Bye Bie, but bye, bye, bye bike, and I never gonna be happy while I'm wasting my time. But bye, bye, bye, bye, bye bye my bike, and I never gonna be spey till this one is my because I'm a conquer up. It's another way. I'm moving and I'm a hunker up. It's in a way. I'll be looking and I'm a conquer. You look into my eyes, I'm gonna conker you and take you for a little ride with me. And there's a kind of thing you ain't getting for freezing. If you sit, run on your butt, Lazy, and even if you think I'm a little crazy, then it's time by me, because I'm happy to me. I work the hally. Got Arrest this fan when I said I'm on a mission and US to my plan. I wheels are just discussed as day time when my boys are said that I want that shander. When you can't sit down, keep workin. That's why I'm telling you, telling me a piece to baby. When you can't sit down, keep Workin, all right, when I'm sitting, when I'm tweeting, I know I'm racist. Find out something, something I got and see you around. Why can't? I can see why can't. I'm a restless man. That is captain accident and the disasters. They're out of south Wales and they are bloody awesome bit more reggae than scar but every now and again they check in an absolute belt of a tune like that one. Restless Man, I love it. What else do we here? Real big fish off their new album, that it's called scar show, and of Ireland, a band called Barnic Rats, and pretty sure they're at a doubling. No bottles, no milk. I love it. Love that tune. And then we kick that little set off with Lana del Rey a little cover of doing time, sublime, or we might know as summer time. Well, it's basically time for me to go. Thanks for joining me. This has been a scar show with me, beefy. Big thing you to Messita station sponsor. It's the best sports where in Australia. Oh, it's coming up to two o'clock and I'm still pumping. I'm not going to sleep tonight. Whatever you do the rest of the week. Please, please, please, get out support your local live music scene. Go and see a scar band. They are bands now everywhere. It is great to see the scene is absolutely booming. Please support live... Solo to me on the facebook page. Just look up the scar show with me, beefy. Look up the scar show on Sunday FM. You'll find it. If you're in a band, send me your music. I will play it. There's been about five bands tonight that have done, that, that I've played brilliant stuff. If you got any request send them through. Any other stuff you want to send to me, cash, food, pills, whatever, anything until next week. I'll be back midnight in Melbourne. Super Super Super Super Super Wow, wow up. Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Sup.

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