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Episode 43 · 3 years ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, October 29th 2019 (1st Hour)


It's unbelievable news that The Ska Show with Beefy is now the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet (! Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sports teamwear in Australia) brings the world some of the best Ska music currently on offer. Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As always Beefy kicks the show off with another awesome live set and this week Big D & The Kids Table kick off proceedings and then ear caressing tracks from Reel Big Fish, The Bakesys, Go Jimmy Go, 8'6 Crew, Bedouin Soundclash, The Skints, Hogan's Last Smash, The Managers, The Kubricks and Loin Groin bring us home! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

God finds who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait the play God. We don't play God anymore together. I was gonna go and start a band, but everything I wanna do it done. What would I wanna go and do it? All my friends. I was gonna go and start, but everything I want to do it's already been done. Why would I want to go into it again? She's so cute, if you know what I mean. You could you no girl that I've ever seen. Well, I just stop her face. Yeah, yeah, Hey, what's up? This is any from the interrupters and you listen to the sky show with Beepe. Don't Buch that. This is a heavy, heavy monster. The nutsies songs a road whoas shop the feel days. Job. This is...

...job. It is job. It's some like the way there. I don't want to. I gotta try and find a good place. I again.

Shot me broad. I see. Yay, it's good evening, world.

It is the sky show with me. beefy. Thanks for joining me, wherever you are on the planet. That was out of Boston, Massachusetts, big D in the kids table doing live stuff. What are we here? She won't ever figure it out. Find out can't be caught, and then I'd rather why did we play big D in The kids table? What pat from the fact they're bloody brilliant, they just managed to secretly drop a little covers album yesterday called strictly covered, covering tunes by the Bostones, Operation Ivy, propagandy, Vodo glows gulls. What else is there? Beastie Boys? It's a beasty boys church, a beasty boys song on their dead Milkman Hapcat W play. I one of those covers a little bit later on in the world famous covers section of the show. That is the section you all wait for every week. Apparently can't get enough. We kick the show off with real big fish. We join the club because yesterday, and tickets actually go on sale in about nine hours time, real big fish will be in Melbourne doing a sideshow to the good things. First of all, they're playing at hundred seventy Russell on the fourth of December. It's a Thursday night. Get the Friday off. Most of you probably will be of have the Friday off anyway, so you can go too. Good things. Is it the Thursday the fourth or Thursday of five. I should tell you now it is. Is the Thursday the fifth of December. One hundred and seventy W wrestle. They're playing Sidney on the night before. I thought they were going to play...

Adelaide. That was my early news, that they were going to play Adelaid on the Wednesday, but they're not. They're playing Sydney. Demand will be high, so good to see real be fish. Hopefully we will get an interview with them see what they're doing, because they're still promoting the era latest hole, the man they which dropped early this year, late last year, can't remember. It's been a big year. Two Thousand and nineteen, the year of the sky. Anyway, let's hear some more twos. You don't hear me waffling all night. Tell you what, though, tonight we're talked about the year of Ska. I reckon one, two, three, four five. There is loads of new tunes, like in the past month. So many new skircheons. Is Crazy. It really isn't, I don't. We just love it anyway. Let's go a bit old school. Let's go to scar explosing years. This is one of my favorite bands and the last they called the bags he's. This is an all time classic. Chelsea friends unite. I'm not Chelsea Fan Anyway. Liquid Diah used to know was the real cool can, from his head to toe. Never moving slow, he was always to find baby. What the lies? Liquidates a liquid dates like what jall liquid dates, a liquidates like what? D Y'All of what? Jumping up down you can see that liquid date all all over the town. Wait, I can seek at that mouse the contract on what dates? All back to his out. What dads? Liquid dates? I'm dead. Adequate dates, like what dads are? You better make a move before it's place. The liquid dates moving into see up your faces directly from Ley, pretty Mo my bond, you dead a marrinner. You liquid dates, the real cool cat for his head so never moving slow, he was always the five made me. Won't nothing to say. Just take him. Nothing to say. Just take Mesta. They've been making quality of Parel since one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports. Gere for all ball sports and all corporate way. Doesn't matter what sport you play. MESSITA, have the kid for you. MESSEDAR office, a full capalog of M field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on the CEDARCOM. That a you'll be good to you, you be good to me. I'll be good to you and you've been so good to me. I'll be good to you and you be good to me. I'll be good to you and you take it to please men. Can't you see? Cause they're wrong. Now I'm time for me and you loveling faces Larin, no time to spit wrong wondering chance this going wrong. You don't lie, nor please. This wrong. You know I've never...

...been. Don't. That is go Jimmy Go. What jog my memory the other week was we played no villains left the brand Newi. They're out of Honolulu, and I'm actually said on air that noblan's left Honnolula. I trying to think of the name of the other Hawaii scab and I knew it was go Jimmy Go, and I did say that on here. That's good stuff. I thought, Hey, we should play a bit a go Jimmy Go, and that is called good to you. Before that the bake SAS with liquid date all it's the scar show with me beefy, as if you didn't know. As if you didn't know. Anyway, we haven't any French scar for a long time. And this he these boys angles. They called the eight six crew. Now I got a weird like eight degrees six. I'n't sure how you say their name, but they're out of Paris, absolute brand spanking new, literally a couple of days old. It's called green and white scar. I need to rack my brains to see if we have played any French scar before I need to go through it. We there is a punk band called Union Jack Wally enough that are out of France and we've played them, but straight out scar. I don't know. They call it dirty reggae, skinhead reggae anyway. But this is green and white scars, brand new from the eight six crew, Gris Ida, point great of an Evans.

The dress and it goes down. And the DUP. It's not surprising. In this need you desperate and it goes down. And in this free country, when nothing is free, the coast of living is a killing me. First, everybody working and serves in the DU and the word spins were tightening up strings miles under surfers. What tired than the Cuscus wild. Look a lie, I'm but come fighting us, sisters. I'm my brothers. Don't fifty million sufferers in for easy by US, see us for laboring and claiming...

...that they love us. Rachel through the pain, I mean on my wages makes a lot, doesn't but the aim of the game is to say things get paid and again and again, smoke with my hopes and my dreams and the dream of my name. May Feel my rave. I'll feel like I'm living in a ground. Okay, any money, money my the world. Okay, but it's funny because I don't know what I feel that way. This free country is free. The cost of living is a killing. This free country is Mest of living is a king this free country. The cost of leaving is a killing. The cost is enough for anything. You can call me understood. That's what I did. Never crust the US will blacks in this free country, when nothing is free. The cost of leaving is a killing, killing me. The cost of living is a killing me. Yeah, that is the skins doing. The cost of living is killing me. Reason I played that is because we played bed win sand clashes brand MUI. They've got an album coming out very, very soon, called mass and that was the first single off the album called salt water, but better in sank clash and the skins have been touring the UK recently and I think that tours just finished. A move being finished now, a couple days ago. That finish. So that's brilliant. I will love the skins. We haven't heard a lot of Bedwin sank clash of recent and rumored that they're going to come to Australia, but we shall wait and see. And then a French band out of Paris, the eight six crew of green and white scar they talking about tours. We all know that scar nation is back in Melbourne Two thousand and twenty in March, headlined by mustard plug. This is a band at a Barburton in Ohio, Ohio, that just played in them two weeks ago. They're called Hogan's last smash. Yeah, how good a name is that band? Hogan's last match? This is brand new. It's not brand new, but it's new. It's called I sleep in my jeans. I like the look of Hogan's last mash. I like the name of the band. Scar show with beefy debut for the OHIAN's Ohio, ones people from Ohio. Anyway. This is I sleep in my jeans, Hogans, less smash me Hook makes you take if it's time, you walk away, stop walking...

...away. So walk it away and get yourself together and say now stop walking away away. I've been thinking about myself this morning, for I am always time. Could it be because of away? That's the pointed. It's got me again on the own every day. What's the thing that you cry? Read Your St get away up together now. So get away. Nothing. Reading by myself in the morning and it's such a side fish place. Something's pointed that I'm propping with the white smile when they go read your birth place every time you want get away. Okay, so together, away, Mr Heave. Why are you so your friend tell you do this every single day. Yeah, that is the Kubricks. We have had a lot of essex bands through the show recently and it loads of good stuff. Essex is going bloody scam mental and the Kubricks another Essex Band. I think the split between all sorts. I think it's actually Nazzi in the band as well. Have to fund out a bit more of that, but they have any single coming out on the twenty ninth of November and it's called humans. I haven't got a copy yet. I am chasing the band, the semi a copy so we can get it first because, as regular less will know, be if he does love a will premiere. We don't get too many because we're only the second best scar show on the play. We're not the best. Apparently with the second best. So I thought I'd play a bit of the cubrige and playing for a while. That is self help wanna be and I love it. There are cracking band. They played a lot of good stuff. I love the heist. That is a cracking, cracking tune. Anyway. What else do be here before that? The managers out of Auckland, New Zealand, think twice and then out of Ohio Hogan's last smash. I sleep in my jeans. Right. We're coming up to the end of the first hour. In the second hour you know what's coming. You know it's the world famous cover section. beefy, the man himself will choose for songs, SCA covers. We will probably sneak a little big D in the kids table in because brand new album released yesterday. All covers called strictly covered and I will find a trek on there that we will play and pass onto the world so that I'll definitely be one. What other three songs? I will never don't even know yet. I'm going to choose them on the fly, as per normal. There's no plan with this show anyway. It could be anything. It really really could be anything whatever. I take my fancy. Two could be a biver, could be a beyonce, it could be Phil Collins. You never know, it could be anything. It's the way the music should have been done in the first place. Don't worry about these other versions. It should have been done scrifically. Oh Yeah, anyway, I'm gonna Start Carry on. We will go to the end of the first our.

This is a band and a reforming specifically for scan nation. Two Thousand and twenty. Some point mustard plug supporting at a control army play better them later supporting the resonators and a whole host of others. This is about called loin growing. They were huge, they are brilliant, they are live and I can't wait to see him next year because they were one of the first bands I saw live in Australia as a scar band, and I just thought this is gonna be good. This is a song called seven, four seven. Time to start loving. It is Loin, Groin, this time for take note. It's time for drinking, time for letting go, because keep your eyes on the road that I had you in a fucking up yellow you want to be a cracker, hit me. Hey, there beefy. Hey, rob, do you have nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob? Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stars you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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