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Episode 53 · 3 years ago

The Masita Ska Show with Beefy, September 24th 2019 (1st Hour)


It's unbelievable news that The Ska Show with Beefy is now the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet (! Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show (sponsored by - the best sports teamwear in Australia) brings the world some of the best Ska music currently on offer. Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! We're celebrating the fact that King Hammond himself will be in Australia soon, so Beefy's got a live set from him, and then there's some great tracks from Paul Kelly and The Dots, Area 7, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Mayson's Party, The Uppertones, The Abruptors, Huge Puppies, The Hotknives, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Commissioner Gordon and The Loafers! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff! Send me your music if you're in a band - do it & I'll play it.

Scott definds who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wave the play God. We don't play God anymore. The disaster still I wanna be when you think you're hey, what'll they even the interrupted and you look into the sky, show with beefe. You don't Wutch that, Wutch this. This is the heavy, heavy monster songs, the nutzies songs around. Who Shot the phone complex? Feel the case. Job. This is job, it is. It is job. So Ra you know what? I...

...can see why you fear. What do you say? That the way, there's a lot of people, you see, King Hammond himself, Nick Welsh,...

...massive shared out to Nick Welsh in the boys because they are Jew in Australia. They're gonna play a Gig at the MARRICKVILLE bowling a recreation club in Sydney on November, I think it's November the first. It's a Friday night and mental is anything of playing King Tide and the Oscars. And it is for charity, of course. I'm pretty sure it's called going a lot of the proceeds are going to canteen, which is King hammonds charity of choice as well. So what a night that is going to be. We did kick off with doyen of the Australian music scene, Port Kelly in the dots, not known as being a scar this but he did Billy Baxter with his band, and this it was the s and scar was the music to be seen doing. And he was on campdown doing billy Baxter with another Doyenne of the Australian Music Wilbur Wild, on sex, I believe. What are we here? From? King Hammond, scarvil, UK, black sheep and then the King Hammond Shuffle. This is the scuy show with me, beefy, thank you for joining me, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for spending a little bit of time with the big beef man himself. I'm going to be bringing you all sorts of stuff. We're going to go old school, we're going to go third wave, we're going to just find out all the new releases of the past seven days, whatever else I can get my hands on, and no doubt we will hear the world famous cover section that is becoming big on the show itself. Yes, I don't know what I'm going to choose yet, but I'm going to find something anyway. How about some local Melbourne Scat? This is from way back, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. Can you believe this little leap from area seven is twenty one years old? Oh Yeah, I'm not going to play no logic. I'm going to play no one but you, because he's one of my favorite area seven songs. This is the scary show with me, be Fai, thank you for joining me. Me Sitting in a bar room at the time, listening to stand. You think the way like us to be, wondering if you are thinking about me. Well, I can get the day worrying about you. Spent the day wondering about you, the way like you s me, wondering if you thing about me. No one you do what to do. No other you. No other you do what you do. I wander round, but where we used to do, you may be there. Hey, I might even bool you think about the way like used to be, wondering if you were about me. You know, over, you can't do what you do. Know you know over you you no other. You can't do what you do. You know you can't do what you do in a barroom at the time listening. Discard the way they wondering about me. You can do what you do. You know you can do what you do. You know you can't do what you do. You know you can't do what you do to Messuita. They've been making quality of peril since one thousand nine...

...hundred and thirty three, a great range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate way. Doesn't matter what sport you play, Messita have the kit for you. Mes Cedar offers a full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on the CITARCOM. That a you same bar its gonna find a dream. Simmon's gone off the rails. Night Parts are gone to the end. dreating loves the book of Fire. Naked eyes are open wide. What's the meeting of my life was then, shouts through emers heding on Y'all, get a go and have somewhere. Simms fade the way to go. You might think it is just for fun and jump that fun plays gonna time of cars and starlet's just all my destiny. You will be a sad bart's gonna find a drink. Simmon's gone off. The rest, tiny barts are gone to the end. Treating life is a book of fire. Naked eyes are open wide. What's the meeting of my life? Wis they shouts, are proud and must he sig now. Good is that? How good is...

...that? Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, pride of lies? That is one of my favorite tunes of all time. That is this bloody awesome, isn't it? Before that area seven, no one, no one but you, if you want to see Tokyo scare Paradise Orchestra. October eighteen they're in Mexico City. October twenty two, they're in the Sony Hall New York. Said are. They must be playing with a few other bands at night, I would imagine. And then back in makes Goo on October twenty five and played for quite a long time. And I believe they're kicking off their thirty years celebrations fairly soon with a massive, massive world tour. So you never know, they might get to Australia yet. Yeah, let's hope so, let's hope so. Thought I might follow up with another band, add a Tokyo. These boys and girls quite a young band I think they've only been around less than twelve months. I called Mason's party, but they just released this tune card, son of a bitch, and it is it's not brand spanking you, but it is very new. But they are pretty cool. Mason's Party a Mama hy son Party. If you want to check them out, they need all the help. Japanese scare is full on and we love it. Son of it. Changing your face again breaks my ways. You, Selina, you fels collected nothing, Malina, to do your sis. Collect that.

You collected my own my lawn. That's the upper tones out of Treno in Italy. I think that features agre lights. Front Man Jesse Wagner. Love the Eggo lights on this show. Don't we before that at a Tokyo Mason's party, son of a bitch. That one from the upper times. It is called Hey, combarty. Love a bit of Italian scar there's lots kicking around. We play those other band the off think of it in a minute. You know with me I get carried away and I don't think too much and all suddenly it's bang. Who knows? You'll listen to the sky show beef. If you didn't know. If you're a new listener. Thank you for joining me. Jump on the facebook page. Just took up the sky show with beef your the scar show on sudden their firm. You will find it. Send me your requests. If you're in a band, send me a music because I will play. There'll be a few bands tonight, which is just that. Bands saying beefy play music to Australian radio. Send it around the world. Let them know we are here. So a band that have kicked out for a while now. I believe they have a new album out very various soon. The new album is called love and other disasters. It is out October, for they're out of Buffalo, New York, upper what is it? Upper State New York. They're called the abrupts. The we haven't got any new stuff from them, so I'm going to play the title track off. Well, I think there's probably to the last release. Actually it's called wait and see. came at two thousand and seventeen. Why don't we play it now? This is the abruptess at a Buffalo New York, up a state New York, weight and see you. Let me take a while. Everyone so many times I can take this time this time.

Is it that so fair block? Is it me smiling even one? Yes, good track. So can I use my go? That's a game. We reap what we sows got back. Suppose my hands got it back on heading to the next show. I got a back. got a back, back, back, back, phone is sile. Yeah, huge puppies.

Yes, that's the name of the band. They're out of Rosanne in Switzerland and they are called huge puppies. That's called backbone. That's brilliant. The abrupters. Wait and see. Great tune. New Album coming very, very soon, out on October for can't wait for that. At above all New York State. What else we got coming up? I'm gonna play some older stuff live, all the stuff. Who likes the hot knives? I do. This is not there. So just a cover, because it's an all classic. This is double barrel. It's the sky show with me, beefy, thanks for joining me. I'm cold. Look at sign. showed all of these just good fashion qualities, black kindness and like it to see like after party when it's too close to see. It's never been my powers, my game play on my cup of tea. Just don't read it up to me, just because a little love is all they was. Just because of a little love, is all was lost in the scared. Appreciate my gras a brilliance and beauty. Remember, this is new to me. It's you, I guess, to you as well. Guess what, good man, I couldn't tell. It's they when me, or just because the little love is all the or just because the little love is all is well.

I guess if this is how it is a sober testamy. That mostly just depends on how you're looking at your message. That it says I'm better because of him, but we are never friend. And I guess if this is how test mostly just a message that because of on around or just because a little love is all the wall. Just because, a little because, because I is all there. My boyfriend to get that doll. How we got it on show stopped then. Really One boyfriends that dive back at things. It's really quite that suggestion. I'm crazy for you. Tell you how I let's go and I'd kick me up when I got knocked down. Used the one I get by Shit. Now I hang around the sea and you're in Chine. Boy Friends inside. He's never loved it could back at China. Things are circn seption. It's Relique, that suggestion. I'm crazy for you. Always thought that I'd pay happy to riding bikes and don't think that I could have been any more barn should I stuck turn my stuff by S and wouldn't be in this situation. Don't know happings got start fucked up. Boyfriends side. She sever loved. I could back at China things I should contraception, the t relique, that suggestion, I'm crazy for you. Boy Friends and so he said. lovel got back and things I should conception of crazy...

...foy. Yeah, Commissioner, Gordon Little Bird told me they could well be getting back together. That is could crazy news. That was a teenage mother before that. Mighty, mighty boss stones. That was off there. While we're at it, album from last year that was called in honor of and. Well, the reasons I played that is they have literally just announced, in the past day hour, the past hour, that the hometown throw down number twenty two is announced. December, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine at the House of Blues in Boston. No support bands or feature bands and Nast as yet. But just scratch that on your forearm, get it tattooed. Let people know it's a plaid plaid played plaid world is the theme this year. Hometown. Throw animal twenty two, December, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine up there and ye'll Buston town. So good on the bostones. It was always going to happen. Tickets on sale Friday September twenty seven. If you want to go. I do want to go. I'm not sure I'm going to make it this year. What are we here before that? The hot knives, double barrel life. I do like my life stuff all right. Well, we're coming up to the end of the first hour. As regular listeners will know, the world famous scar cover section is on. At the top of the second hour, I could be playing anything, and in fact this week I am playing absolutely weird everything. It's going to be some religious stuff, there's gonna be some heavy ish stuff. What else is going to be? We found that queen covers album. That's quite good, and then there's a mash up from Germany, of all places are the cover section is going to be off the hawk. In the meantime, we're going to take us out to the end of the first hour. How about out of a London town from the scar explosion years? This is the loafers living in a suitcase around. I want to wonder why you seen if I ca the way I dress. It's quite it was I shot.

I've got I got together to find someone else to I GOTT.

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