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Episode 89 · 3 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Apr 4th 2019 (1st Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As normal we jam as much in as possible. The Ska Show with Beefy torches it with a phenomenal live set from Loin Groin and the Australian Premiere of Buck-O-Nine's latest track off their brand new album. There's great tunes from Ska Freaks, Sko-Mads, Prizefighters, Kujo Kings, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Eastern Standard Time, King Hammond and The Resignators. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

All right, hey, there's so much pressure. Okay, Hey, this is Dan peenior listening to the sky show with beefy on southern FM. Hey, everybody, can I get an Oh yeah, Oh, don't touch that's Wutch. This, this is the heavy hourvy Munster saw the nutzies stars around. WHOA stop the phone complex, SA are rich. This is job, it is, this is this is make you dad. This is job across...

...the the place, because it's not fair. And this one place, one..., forgets sick eversours and on their right. And you can bob me down. It's it's just a bus. As long as I flash, you can bobby I a mighty loin Groin, Melbourne's finest way back. That's alive.

Triple shot from the tote. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. I think I saw that was there. Somebody send me that. That's a request as well. Somebody was desperate to hear the old Loin Growin. Giving him a bit of a nudge to see if we can kind of get them to reform, like everyone else seems to be doing at the minute, to go on play some gigs. Hopefully they listening. Please come boat, play some gigs. You have fantastic live did manage to see you quite a few times in the short time I was in Melbourne before they decided not to play any longer. But very, very good. You are watching, you're watching, you're watching. Now you're not watching. I wish you could watch. Your be hilarious. You are listening to the scar show with me, beefee every Thursday afternoon on sudden the FAM. It is the best and t doat for bottom you could ever wish for. Oh Yep, scar show. It's my pleasure to be bringing it to you and I hope you're having some fun in this kind of very nice autumn afternoon. Is it winter yet? Clocks go back this weekend, so it's not quite winter. Anyway. I hope you're having some fun. I'M gonna play a couple hours of tunes that are going to get you going for the weekend. Can I make you feel all bright and Dandy and making sure everything's right with life itself, because that's what this genre music is meant to be. It's meant to make you feel happy about life, spin on the positives, get rid of the negatives, emphasize all that is good anyway. Right now we're God of regaled you with those words of wisdom. I'm going to play some music. Let's have some scare freaks. They're out of Japan. This is egoistic feeling. I have to apologize for a bit of rude words in Lorne growing in that live site as well. Can't control what they do life. Nobody could. There we go it square. SCARF FREAKS, egoistic feeling. I'm always I'm MESSITA. They've been making quality apparel since one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate doesn't matter what sport you play, Messita have the kit for you. MESSITAR offers a full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on MES cedarcom that aunt the grass...

...of the people with their faces to the water. It doesn't even matter. The machines got outside. How good is that? And I'm okome. Also can tell you that it's brand spanking you, and that was the Australian premier. Yes, it was. Ah fucko nines, brand new track that's called top by the world. They've got a new album out, or it's not out yet. It's coming out April nineteen, so a couple of weeks time. The album is called fun day, mental fundamental. Indeed, top the world. That's a number two trek off that new album. The lead tricks called paint the night read, but top of the world absolutely brilliant. Loved Buco Nine, course, with a long time between drinks for those guys are at a San Diego I know whether they're still based in San Diego, but I always knew them as a San Diego band. So yeah, that is brands banking you. I think it came out yesterday that tune, and that is a precursor to the new album. So keep your eyes. People will play some more stuff off that album in the coming weeks, but hopefully a new album generally means at all. So let's hope that they will get down Australia. US to be regular visitors down here. Before the break we had scare freaks with egoistic feeling. It's good stuff. Good to see Bucco nine getting new tunes out and there is new tunes coming out all the time. But yeah, it's exciting, isn't it? Every week I seen a sit down when I do some prep for the show. There are new bands that I heard of, new tunes, old bands bringing out new tunes. It's absolutely fantastic. It's just keep them men to go and I we have a podcast that I do. We read the show of Split up in a couple of hours so people can listen and a bit more time friendly circumstances. And I've called two thousand and nine the year of scar I really have. It's just one of these I've just got a feeling in the bones at this year's going to be huge for the sky community. Unfortunately, had a bit of a kicking a pants last week with ranking Roger passing away, but in terms of that it's one of those things that we just keep pushing on, keep pushing on indeed. Anyway, I'm going to play a band that kind of hit the hit the scene pretty hard last year. They've been doing big things in the UK there called SCO mads. I know Kevy Lynch who's involved with a band, a big fan of the show. Sends Me Update of his in the Solo career and stuff like that. But this is was out late last year. It's called individuality. This is the SCUMDS different? You're different from I look at you. Or can you see? Because you rather say different. I look at you. Yeah, what can you say? Because you wor a Wi fi say I'll love rather the life light before you lay.

You different men depression. Yet what can't you say? Because you're not me? Why you all say differ problem, you different problem on the caption. Yeah, what can you say? Because you're if it drew you worry, will say you look at life right before. You're lucky. Just won't lie. Can't judge me, because I care, not for you, my worst from a plate it. Your glasses have, baby. Can't judge me because I cannot for you. Gonna Plate it, but your glasses have fifty you. Alas, you can't take it away from you. Alas, you can't take it away from you, out you. Alas, you can't take it away from you all Shange. You can't just take it away from the cross the world. I cannot for you. That's what I mean to say. When they have something to say, to see, but they're never gonna take a love away from pick up. Different for you. I care about the truck, like you're putting the traces freak you out. You all say, you say you're never gonna take it away from the fire when ground.

That's bank. Called the prize fighters. They're out of mini Applis, Minnesota, and that is the new album. It's called firewalk and that tune is called firewalk. So they got to touch with us here at the scar show with me a beefy and said, beefy, play some of the prize fighters, and I do. I played quite a few tunes off their album. It's a bit kind of Funky. Jez scard, don't know what it's called. Like it, though, gets me. It's very easy listening. Fantastic firewalk. Yeah, and before that's go mad from last year, individuality. Love it. Love a bit of a Punky Scar. That's my not scar punk, Punky scar. Remember that? Yeah, like I said, eastern the Easton Private Prize fighters did get in touch with us through the facebook page. Please look up the scar show would be on the facebook page. If you're in a band, send me music because I will play it. I do like listening to new bands. I do like to hear new music and the bottom line is I will play it. I will play if you take the effort to send me music. I will play it. It's the least I can do. It really is. Anyway. Yeah, there's another band local to US got a new album out. It's called royal danger. It's a Kujo kings we play. We had where's and sky in the studio a couple of weeks ago to launch this new album. So I will play some tunes off it. We play quite a bit of it a couple of weeks ago, but I'm going to play a bit more. This one is off the new album roll danger. It is called the lonely pilot. Oh Yeah, absolute pleasure to see those guys played live couple of weeks ago and they launched the album with Chris Duke and the royals at the Evelyn. What a night. That was great stuff. Anyway, this is it, off royal danger, the lonely pilot. Good morning, Captain. How do you do? I'm in the move for a fly hides. Let's cruise around. Well, can be fun and stay into the night. Hide. Good morning, captain, I'm feeling fine. You always knew how to please with solid you high out so you can te when he was a young little Jew, and...

I love you, sucker. Ready Basketball or playing games? What's up and down. Never ever go intist. That all to everybody. He was a special chime fly. So this is you, love. No one can't bring this pilot until the were. No one can't bring this part unto your heart before you walk in the Wilderness opened up beside. Doctor is right the line like every house. That's the bit I recognize for your guy. Not Ever again will he live the funeral while he's a great discovery. So welcome back the SHO. See the change his eyes lighting with the love of tone in...

...his voice. Forgot the we all have a choice. Life is nothing if you don't step. PA Melbourne Scar Orchestra Haw goes that pepper has got a brand new scar. They did last year fifty two singles in fifty two weeks, and now's the time for them to get out on the road and promote that, because they've turned it into a box set. Yep, a box set for CD's. Fifty two tracks, thirteen on each. If you do your best, twenty six, Ye, fifty two thirteen on each. Yeah, just getting there, I mighty kid. I'll get do the mass. They are eight, playing a few gigs live. Obviously run very notable. One they're up. But Blues Fest Bar and Bay, I think they play on the first day up there on the eighteen. Need to confer that. But if you are going to blues fest this year, please check a Melbourn scargister because, Yep, they are absolutely awesome life. If you can't get to bar and Bay though, Sunday April Twenty eight, Yep, Sunday April Twenty eight Dannage along workers club. They're playing scar nation. Yes, the scar shows. Very own scal nation. I'm that's a light. It's not ours mine at all. I'm a very, very small cog, just helping to promote the show as best we can. Obviously they are only playing on the Geelong leg of the SCA nation shows because they are at Blues Fest and Barn Bay. So they're going to be playing obviously with strange turn its area. Seven loads of rather bands down in Gelong lost come from monkeys from Mexico coming out the resumes the Donald Trumpets. Yep, can't wait to see them. But obviously Friday, Good Friday April nineteen as well. Corner Hotel in Melbourne. That is the other scar nation leg in this end of town. There are a few others around the country, very small ones of the resonators and come from monkeys. A couple of local gigs. Check the listings because it is going all around the East Coast and into Adelaide. So blow harder playing in Brisbane. If you're they're interested as well. That do not want to miss blow hard anyway. Melbourne Scar Orchestra. As well as the release of the box set of fifty two weeks of scar or one year a scar, whichever they call it, they're playing their own headline gig Melbourne Scar Orchestra and Max. What's in a Melbourne may the third. That's a Friday night, and then the following day. I've been Sitney at the manning bar. Wouldn't she's? I wonder if they can all fit on stage at the Manning Bart's not a huge venue anyway. Malma Score Orchestra made the fourth in Sydney. So that is a very, very interesting what are we here? Before that, Kujo kings off their new album royal danger. There it's a lonely pilot. I think that's my favorite tune off the new album. Just putting out there. You know, my opinion, is worth absolutely bug roll as well as you well know. There you go. Anyway, let's listen to a band out of where are they from? There? Out, I can't even remember. I think they're out of washing DC. They're called eastern standard time. They have a brand new album out the see. More new music. How good is it? More new music. The album is called time for changes, out tomorrow. I have played this. The boys and girls from eastern town of time did send me this preview. It is called lovely and mad. I absolutely adore this song. It is tremendous. But the new album without tomorrow. It's called time for change. Get it from wherever you get music nowadays. ITUNES, spotify, wherever it is. Please, please, Band camp, Chuck them some money if you care, if you...

...have to know, if you have to, you've got to want to just give them the music. It'll be absolutely brilliant. Sure they appreciate the actually in Europe on tour, tour in this new album as well. So they're going to tear the house down over there. Anyway. Let's hear it. Lovely in mad eastern standard time, out of Washington DC. I don't even know just what did. It's not I don't believe that it's pretty really, and if you ever felt the kind of love I had, did, you'd understand. They say that took your voice. Sad. They tell me that love eples my day, a sickness that I'm trying to understand. The time I think I do, but no, I don't. I wish I could, but know I won't. They tell me loves I ever got in, but when your time Steve they said, I never do it again. I damn you know, probably with to know what to do. Half the time I don't give it the play. It's the most of fueling clarity I've had. Lovely. They tell me that I'm losing my cool, but my Mama told me. Let love the mot about the choices, they say, but not already maybe. Don't you know what to do? At the time I don't even have. It's the most confusing parity I've loving. I don't even know it's what. I don't believe that it's really be. If you ever felt a kind of love, if you'd understand, you know what. Half the time I don't even the most confusing pharity I've colle I this is that chase. It's a scabby it's that Ja. It's a scabby L that is...

King Hammond, blasted from the past there for a lot of the Brits out there. But John, I know something interesting. King Hammond's gonna have a new CD out twenty six of April called music and unity's calling a few friends like scarcity all stars or something, and judge dreda thinks on there. So how good is that gonna BE? I Love Nick Welsh and King Hammond is Funky as hell. He's been around such a long time as well as great to see. Stay tuned to second hour. We have a lot of fun. We play some covers. Oh yes, we do play some punk rock. Perhaps what a real takes my fancy as well. Whatever I can find it, it's gonna get in the move for the weekend anyway. One of the stars of the SCAT nation gig is the resonators, going to play one of their Chins, one of my favorites. Fish at a waters good thing about you and me. I'm gonna take heavily. Wait to take them. Do you want me to rest? Don't. I think you're doing your fish. You're not. The weathers coming in and lead drinking gee the Bodie. If China smoking, it doesn't seem of seeking either wasted it. I'm not shadowy fish, when I saw your lies and you back to the case in hand, when playing in the bed. At least that's a father some times to try. Now just tell me the truth. I am being her. Everything I said. It's true. To say myself the way to support its shadow water will be fish. And saw your lies and you know fish. Shadow will be fish and I saw you.

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