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Episode 88 · 2 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Apr 4th 2019 (2nd Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As normal part 2 of the Ska Show with Beefy is a whole lot of fun. There's ska covers from Half Past Two, Beebs & Her Money Makers, Skatune Network and Uncle Brian. There's punk rock from Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bar Stool Preachers and brand new stuff from The One-Twos and Rude King, and uber classics from Area 7, The Hotknives, Strange Tenants, Reel Big Fish, Dave & Ansell Collins, Madness and Soupy George is back! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

Did. I Australia. This isChris from the fun attics. You're listening in the sky show with beef onSoulm FM a eight point three on your scanning dial you it. Mama thingsa staring son that she's just being to show by side. But he doesn'trealize so much. But all the Bryan just say helping that he can't seemto keep itself bad struck. So he goes out and it makes his moneythe best way he knows how. The body don't pleasing, moving too fasts, has a natural sayemation that just can't see kill the loves body can't handleit. He can say the baby. One day he goes and takes somelimps and I reckon is on faces still this lad and many doesn't know whyUS took him to his fine resting place. Don't go thro see the ray,both yesterday but two minutes coming out.

God give a racks that, becausemy life with it shades great. It's fade away to sell raising thesunny days and like a promises. Truly my faking under the many chances ofthis to bring my life to a news from my eyes only Christ my onecan't go with such you do remain. That keeps the man the boom right. WHO's to blame? I came to say your own bay. What Isay is you ain't for someone else a name the day of crimes and gotyou victim. Play you all my drinks, the hope of aspirations come true,believing yourself the rest. Please say that. Don't change out of Fars. Please take to the rivers and us to I know as you're gonna havea but I think you're moving to vast pleasing. Yeah, that is beabesand her money makers doing TILTLC's waterfalls. Very Nice, how it should havebeen done in the first place. And then at a California half past two, doing three small words, which was originally by Josie and the pussycats.Welcome back to them. The Sky Show with me, beefy. Absolute pleasureto have you joining me this afternoon. Hopefully I'm brightening up your Thursday afternoonand just getting in the mood for the weekend. Oh yes, indeedy,absolute pleasure of mind to just bang out some tunes and have some fun.We're in the middle of the cover section, as we do every week on thesky show, and what am I gonna do. I'm gonna do abit of blink one hundred and eighty two. This is why the Scatcheon Network,not the cartoon a week the sky tune network. Anyway, this isfirst date. Blink one eight two, but it's the SCATCHEON network. Ireally wish everybody don't look at me with let's go, let's go all mylife away, away, wow, wow,..., wow, wow, wow, wow. They've been making quality of peril since one thousand nine hundredand thirty three. A great range of sports gear for all ball, sportsand oh corporate. Doesn't matter what sport you play, Messita have the kitfor you. Mes Cedar offers a full catalog of on field and off fieldapparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touch one hthree hundred messita on MES cedarcom. That AU life around the round the bitch. They mover do when it's a lot... get, a lot to say. Never happy, let's go away. Gotta opinions. Like to make afuss. I gotta put it. Put it up. You seek you andwent away. Now you're open your fly F so the Cross and you gotto gather up the group. But you think you got something dam but thefact you gotta get away first place. He is brand new. Well,it's kind of brand's been a little bit war, but that's a brand newband called the one to Sarah, Melbourne Band, and that is their newsingle called no ticket. Have to apologize. It's been a room rude language inthere. I didn't really know about they are launching that new single.They're playing live at bar three or three in North Kok tomorrow night if you'rein Melbourne. So single launch no at ticker. They will also launch itdown in Frankston the Young Street Supper Club and next Friday and then they're playinga nice little gig called hard rock this this is punk which is at BombayRock in Brunswick at the playing with fortress rising and a couple other bands.So that should be a great night in...

Bombay Rock Nice or venue Bombay rockas well. Tremendous sound. What else is there? So we also playedVod of glost goals, Dud, don't like scar and a bit of we'regoing too a biece a bit of Inga boys by Uncle Brian who came fromthe they were the southwest of England, Uncle Brian, and not around anymore, but I'm sure they're still in band. So get along to the one two'sif you're in Melbourne tomorrow night. That should be a great gig,one of their first live shows anyway. One of my favorite punk rock bandsout of the UK right now. They're currently in Germany doing it. Orthey're called the Bart stool preachers. Are Coming back to do the Muss ManchesterPunk Rock Festival which is at the end of on mid to late April,so that they are stalwarts of this. They are brilliant live. I'd love, Love, love to get to Australia. I've been talking to him about comingout and doing some gigs at some stage. They're very keen, butit's just a question of finance, as always. Anyway, this is atune they did with amy from the interrupters. It is called choose my friends.It's off their lights album. Governor Gratzi or Gretsy Giverno? Can neverget it right. Not Too sure. Anyway, it's called choose my friends. It is brilliant. I love you. I found my face, but Ican't face the morning because I've got demon chasing me down. She said, let's do that to step question where we break each other back to thenight left in silent, silent. He was like your words away from mesix weeks through months to offer here. I still got your voice in myear. It's keeping me on. Money you ever? Have you ever hadyou? Ever been done before you? Ever had you? Ever you everwanted to say cried to it too many times I've been strung out glass italone and outside my mind. But with my MIT SIP on my side,are I canna find you? Ever? Had You? Ever you ever beendone by love? Have you ever had you? Ever you ever wanted tosay? Men Years with a low back, she was everywhere. She never gotit. She was just a dreamed.

I could never got Leng that isa band out of Dallas Texas.

In fact that's a band that alot of the boys in the bander from the university in North Texas well,where I went to university in Denton, and say it's great to see him. They did a little live session on facebook the other night, just bangingout that Chunes do like a really good instrumental so they called rude king andthat's called you gone learn today. So that's a live track and my pleasureto bring it to Australia and play that. So we're great to see it.I don't know, I'm don't know too much about rude king, sowe're in terms of that. It's great to see them doing that live stuff. So check out their facebook page and see if they've got any more alivetunes coming up. Absolutely great stuff. Univers you're north Texas, by theway, just to let you know, is a big music college. Sothey have holes plethora of bands that come out the university. So deep bluesomething off the top of head. Roy orbison went there, the eagles wentthere. There's a few meat low fight believe, went there. What arethe bands? Recently, Mid Lake. So University of North takes is ahotbed of music and stuff like that. So anyway, I'll tell what Ido. I'm going to play a bit of strange tenants. They are playingscar nation dning Geelong. So please, please, please, get you ticketsApril twenty eight for the strange tenants. Are Not playing in Melbourne on GoodFriday, but what an act. These guys are great live show. It'sgoing to going to see them play with Melvim Scar Orchestra and the reason islost coffee monkeys, all those guys. Anyway, Mr Mrs we make you, make you down. It's not these things to you. You just gottaunderstand. My Wife. It's stilly thing. I try to rob me out time. Well, I know what time... you think? We don't knowwhat's wrong what's right. You gotta call it now. You think you gottaspake out. Well, I won't be long before you. No, Idon't want to be anymore the time. Try to tell him that being youngit's not a crime. We try to tell him they just don't care thissysty. So you gotta don't want anymore. Well, I know what they think. Could you without time? Try to tell him that being young it'snot a crime. We try to tell him they just don't care. Mytreat area seven. We're going to be headlining scarnation Good Friday at the CornerHotel. Can't wait for that. They've just announced a load more gigs withthe porkers as well. So they're playing Adelaide at the big shed brewing concernwith the porkers. So in Adelaide, Jane Junate, that one is whatit's they got going. Obviously the second leg of straight ASCAR nation. Sothey're playing Dann in Geelong on the twenty eight day, but they're also playingthe sunshine coast made five and the stones corn a festival in Brisbane on Maythe fifth. That I say may the fifth in Suntline coast, made afourth Saturday night on the Sunshine Coast made the five in Brisbane Stones Corner Festival, and there is a new date for area seven versus the porkers in Melbourne, featuring the Kujo kings as well. I'm just looking quickly to see who'son there and I can't find the fly that I had for it. Soare seven plane loads of gigs again. Can't wait to see him at theCorner Hotel on the nineteen of Abel, so any couple of weeks away.How quickly is that come up on us? What am I gonna do? I'mgoing to play as much music as I can because it's scar is comingclose to the weekend and I'm you as losing it because it's Thursday already.This week is just absolutely flown anyway. Real big fish. They drop thisalbum on just before Christmas in twenty one to December. I think this isthe first single off the album. They brought out. It's called you can'thave all of me. The album's called...

...scuss sucks. Let's dance. Thisis it. You can't have all of me. Love it. Typical RubyFish. Hopefully they're coming out this year because they got this new album andthey're on tour. That means Australia. They love to have a party.Wake up in the morning, have a hearty breakfast, think about the nightmaresthat I didn't finish. New Days. Same problems, saying it never ends. Everybody was a piece and they never said off. But I'm giving out. It always seems too little. Give me more, give me more,is what they all say. My boss, job, my family, all Ineed a little for myself. And all these bills. Never such ajob. By the time I wat the trick out, already all more,and there's always before taking up my time. I'm already lost my pictures. NowI'M gonna lose my ball, my boss, my job, all Ineed a little for myself, all of my soul. I need a littlefor myself. It's not my st the I'm like a skeleton of voters.Pick my bone screen and all these vampires out. Will you take more?And I just have to go without. I got nothing. I need alittle for myself. All the magnificent. I'm back with the shock was soboth boost story sound it creak it up, working through shut hey, you don'twatch that, watch this. This... the heavy, heavy monster Sungwho stood classic madness one step beyond. This has been a sky show withme, beefy, thanks for joining me. Jump on the face of page.The scar show with beefy or the scar show Smer FM. Please findof there. You will be, a playlist, will be the podcast ofthe show. belows the stuff. You're in a band. Send Me andmusic. I will play it over the weekend. Please, please, please, get out support your local live music scene. SISCAR band, see anyband. Get Out, have some fun, be social. In the meantime,I'll be back next week, Thursday to till four. So their famehas never sound. It's so good. WHO's up? Man with a soupon his head? WHOA super do it? Super Super Sup Super Super Sup,Super Super Super Super Sup.

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