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The Ska Show with Beefy

Episode 88 · 2 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Apr 4th 2019 (2nd Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As normal part 2 of the Ska Show with Beefy is a whole lot of fun. There's ska covers from Half Past Two, Beebs & Her Money Makers, Skatune Network and Uncle Brian. There's punk rock from Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bar Stool Preachers and brand new stuff from The One-Twos and Rude King, and uber classics from Area 7, The Hotknives, Strange Tenants, Reel Big Fish, Dave & Ansell Collins, Madness and Soupy George is back! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

God I ask CRALIEA: This is Chris fromthe Funanic, your listinion, the sky, show with beefy on Sellon e M. Eightyeight point: Three on your skanting Dial Im apoproa everywhere in in between y Wafa. I eit took O me: Taoto win no Farin. Now O a o oin you, fain Ti Oi a shell, be by IBUTDOEN'T RE, no Mu, but al the Braan just say open tat outTe. He can seem to keep. I te FAC, no e Gos Down Andin make is Noni. TheBest Wan know: Howtethe Bodyin the Don Change M. moving too fast S' aasa, O Saonma te Camse GIV EOEA pody Canan. Can San Babaima One lady goes and takes a limps, an oMa y body. Ote Reckon I is on face. His heltes Tatin nanny doesn't know why.Let us took Im to his ie o rest in place. DONOATO AOEU...

S E wibo. Yesterday we two monts cominga we entrean, O God give a recon it because me, life, Asi, Chage, Bra RaFade Awin, still rase Bos dony day a like Tomis it only my biin under theMana Ta Oter duing. My life to on o one under Thi now got I I from my eyes KnoeLonly, cride, myoe photooa, O wor suc O do reman that keep them min the Bon Rahto ble for to Cam and Tel your own ban. What I sa is you Woi for someone, elseaN E name of Dayin to all e pray te Croma date o got to Mak to Ta, you IlMar Drinks, a o, seperations Commin, you believing I Ldon't change the water fi, please takto the rever anthe e Tatus to I now, if you'm gon to Havy Yoway Othin Out, butI think you'll moving too fast oiyeah that is beebs and her moneymakers doing tl tlcs water falls very nice. Her should have been done, thefirst place and then out of California half past two doing three small words which was originallyby Josie and the pussy cats. Welcome back to them. The Skar showith me beefeabsolute pleasure to have you joining mens afternoon. Hopefully I'm Britingup your Thursday afternoon and just getng you in the mood for the weekend.Oh S, indd absolute leisure of mind to just bang out some tunes and have somefun we're in the middle of the cover section, as we do every week on thescar show, and what am I going to do? I'm going to do a bit of blink oneondred and eighty two. This is why the skechun network notther Catoo Ne, we,the scartune network anyway, this his first date blink one, eight two, butit's the Sketchon Network, just gwit Y...

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Roundo Oue Fitche Mower, do winthinalotto give te lag to say, never happy Les Goaygot, abinons Ia Agotta, put abullet of Youreye. Think you an Wanwas et up in t sumeraynonjust goaway. Now you upen your pie back so the Crossand your Gute robfor group, a you, think you got up in the room: TikitDanto, cange Oayn, the fucking first placethat is brannew wells kind ofbraind, Yos been ovt a little bit wil, but ther is a brand new band called theone two Sarah Melbourne Band, and that is the new single called no ticket Hafto apologize is bit a rum rude language in there. I didn't really know about.They are launching that new single they're playing live at BA three othree in northcit tomorrow night, if you're in Melbourne, so single launchno at ticker, they will also launch it down in Frankston, the Young StreetSupper Club at next Friday and then they're playing a nice little gigcalled hard rock versus Punk, which is at Bombay Rock in Brunswick at a planewith fortess rising and a couple other bands. So that should be a great nightin Bommaro Nic Toll Venu, Bombe rock as...

...well tremendous sound. What else isthere? So we also played Rodo, go gulls dd Don, like Cah, and a bit of WerGoingto, a Besa bit of Vinga boys by Uncle Brian who came from the they werethe sauthwest of England, UNCO Briani'm around anymore, but I'm sure they'restill in band, so get along to the one tos if you're in Melbourne tomorrownight, that should be a great gig. One of the first live shows anyway, one ofmy favorite punk rock bands, out of the UK right now, the currently in Germanydoing itor they calle the bar stor preachers ar coming back to do the MusManchester Punk Rock Festival, which is at the end of midtolihe April, so thethey are stolwards of this. They are brilliant, live I' Love, Love, love theget to Australia. I've been talking to him about coming on and doing some gigsat some stage, they're very keen, but it's just a question of finance asalways yway. This is a tune they did with amy from the interrupters. It iscalled choose my friends. It's off the lights, album governor, Gratzi or GresiGiverno can never get it right. I'm not too sure. Anyway, it's called choose myfriends. It is Brillan. I love it. I found my face: Ot O, but I cant was Te Morning: Lik Caus IGota bemen chasing me down. He Se Tho the L to e Qui Wel. We breakeach other Imee famebacto the far another night e in silent, silen Fi. Itwas like your word away: Fom xweek, thremonths Yo, a OT, your voice. In my ha, it's ceepingme or my a you TNTO Bos to many times I prett strong out lats I, but, with my Mike said, O my side ArWiin it bi, you Yu you ve Ben Omwitalona, Ou...

...that is a band out of Dallas Texas. Infact, that's a band that a lot of the boys in the bander from the universityin North Texas. Well, where I went to university in Denton, and so it's greatto see him. They did a little live session on facebook. The other nightjust banging out their chins do like a really good instrumental. So theycalled rude king and that's called you gone, learn today. So that's a livetrack and my pleasure to bring it to Australia and play that so great to see.I don't know. I don't know too much about rout king, so in terms of that,it's great to see them doing that live stuff, so check out their facebook pageand see if they've got any more live tunes coming up, absolutely great stuffuniversily of North Texas, by the way just to let you know, e's a big musiccollege, so they ave hole. pletter of bands that come out to theuniversity, so deep blue, something off the top ofhead Roy Albirson went there.The Eagles went there there's a few of Meat Loa, I believe, went there. Whatae the bands recently midlake so university of northtex is a hot bit ofmusic and stuff like that. So anyway, I say what I do I'm Gon to play a bit ofstrange tenants. They are playing scanation doning Jelong. So please,please, please get your tickets April! Twenty eight for the strange tenantsare not playing in Melburn or Good Friday, but what an act to these guysare great life. Show s going to going to see them play with Malmon ScorOrghestra and the Resona is lost, confue monkeys all those guys anyway,Mr Missis osofnt Becato Sta, we miht Ey m o I tr Ameut Dost me besie ees to you. Just gotto run thisTan, my wife, it's Er B.

Well, I know what your Tan we dowithout time. Do you think we don't know if wrong orwhat's right, not al a because I wi got outauyougotta coin now ar you thinking Gota biout whell. It won't be long beforeyou her. No, I don't Wantto Banymore government making Youo of the time try to tell in that bean yous, not acrime. We try to tell just DONAM ISDSOdonanotanamore. Well, I o know what they think. Woul dowith thout time, try to deon that being yous, not acrime. I ee R, you you youotamore area, seven who're, going to beheadlining Skunishan Good Friday at the corner, hotel a wait for that EF, justa nace a load, more gigs with the porkers as well so they're playingAdelaid at the big shed brewing concern with the pokers. So in Adlaide j Juneeight, that one is what else tiy got going on. Obviously the second leg ofStraa scanation, so the plane, Daning Jula and the twenty tht eigt Bul werealso playing the sunshine coast, Mad Fifth and the Stones Corner Festival inBrisbane on May the fifth, an I say: May the fifth in Sunjin Goast mad thefourth Saturday night on the Suntrane coast, made e fifth in BrisbandstonesCorner Festival, and there is a new date for Ari SOMOF versus O porkers inMelbourne, featuring the Kuja kings as well. I'm just looking quickly to seewho's on there, and I can't find the flyer that I had for it. So erise,plaing loads of gigs again can wait to see him at the corner. Hotel on thenineteenth of VABELS anly couple weeks await how quickly, as that, come up onus. What are I going to do? I'm going to play as much music as I can, becauseit's Skar is coming close tor the weekend and I'm yeah IAS losing itbecause it's Thursday already this week is just absolutely flown anyway, realbig fish. They drop this album on just before Christmas in twenty first oDecember. I think this is the first single off the the album they broughtat. It's called you can't have all of... The obums called scasuks, let'sdance, this is it. You can't have all of me love it typical Reebu fish,hopefully they're coming out this year, because they got this new, album andthey're on toor. That means Australia. They love to have a party wik up in the morning. Have a hartybreakast think about the NIHTAS that I didn't finish, am PROBEM Fanin Eve, O Ewat, I'm givin out it always Inolittleimy marginy more. If what they are say a little for myself, N A thes bills, mate such a Jom. By thetime I read the Checke already ooand, there's always peopletakin on my inot mu, like a skeleton te Gojust pickmy bone cream and all these manpire obe. I out I an Tako Moran. I just Hav to gowitheot, nothing myob Fami for myeand, the MAGNFICI as Soit UEYOU. Don't watch TATS futchthis. This is the heavy Havy Monthste,... woclassic madness, one stepy! Thishas been a scar show with me. beefy thanks for joining me, jump on a face opage O scur show with beefe or the scutshown SOMAFM. Please fun it therhill, be a playlist ill, be the podcast of the show below o stuff youre in aband. Send me a music. I will play it over the weekend. Please please, pleaseget out support your local life music scene, SIS garband, see any band getout, has some fun be social in the meantime I'll be back next week,Thursday to till four son, their famers never sand. It's so good who's that manwith the soup on his head, Whoa, HN, Oui, Oy,.

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