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Episode 100 · 3 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show With Beefy, Feb 14th 2019


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska! It's short and sweet this week but we jam as much in as possible. The Toasters headline the show with a live set, we have the Australian premiere of Welsh skanksters Tree House Fire's latest release and The Hempsteadys, Neville Staple Band, The Porkers, Bad Manners, Area 7, Reel Big Fish, Dreadsquad and Dr. Ring Ding, The Allniters and The Interrupters all feature, and we can't not celebrate Valentine's Day without the Madness anthem, It Must Be Love! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

You're listening to the sky show with beefy on southern FM. Hey, everybody, can I get an Oh yeah, don't Wutch, Wutch this. This is a heavy, heavy monster song. The nutzes around, whoas stop the phone complex. This is Ja are rich, this is it, this is job, this is just make you dad. This is job. Yeah,...

IAD a little outs. Yeah, the toasters. They're all away from New...

York's said a love a bit of the toasters doing it live here on this sky show with me, a beefy Thursday afternoons and never ever said it's so good. One step closer to the weekend, thanks to Dave Thinkson and the toasters. Lads there. What do we hear? We heard pirate radio, DUB fifty six and thrill me her love that stuff. Might play them some more life stuff and another time with the toasters, because they gottle lots and lots of stuff to pass on. Thanks joining me. It's a lovely, lovely, lovely Valentine's Day and I hope you get what you wanted, you know, a bit of love from the other half of your relationship. Perhaps you're not even in a relationship and you want to give yourself something. Well, I'll say. Well, I'll give you something, something to skank to, or something just a chill out to. Anyway, it wouldn't be Valentine s Day unless I rolled this one out. This is madness and it must be. Love, Love, love, much and I never thought soon as I wake up every night, every day, must be, must be. How can it be that we can say so much without bless you and bless me, bless the beach. I've got to be every every day happy. It must be as every day. It must be. Must Be, must... what you left me and the bands the list. I don't know why you're gone. I walk these doors like the country. They Will Hush, Shush, what's happening? I called Mam she never now you want me back that. You are the one with the pannick attack, the band there. That is brand spanking new. It was on their album, so we kind of heard it before, but it's just been released by the interrupters literally in the last day or so as their follow up single to the highly successful she's kerosene. It was number one in America and Canada. So leave just whack that out as a single. So good luck to amy and the interrupters, the BIVONA brothers. They're certainly a band on the move. Just before the break we had madness. Just for Valentine's Day. Here it must be alone love. Look how many times has that been on Commercial Radio Today? DRECKON, it's I reckon. If you flick through all the channels, you will hear it on every station. No doubt, no doubt. Anyway, here's...

...a band that should have been on every commercial radio station. They called the hemp steadies. They release an album late last year called SEANCE, seance, and it is awesome. Please get it wherever you get your digital downloads and things like that. This one is off that album. I do I like this. It's short and sweet, but it's called the well. Is One of my favorites. These are the hemp steadies. The five plate with baseball car through the Roma's yard stay in the year. The Dasso di St to will started whatever time wou playing the skip roots. We can lead out. We never knew which just put lose going down the shop to every single day I'm by my school. Little I said is going with this face together like people. For you, I saw you coming through the door. Keep when my life change. If you got to say take me to the I.

...or was I the noise of my love life? Isn't that time I dake again? Not Enough Coffee, too much. You'll want memories. Say me stay for the job for just a little pad. You by my day's celest drink. Thought it was always to people on the whole and thought you were stuck looking flow away to get revenge. I could have done it easy, but I'm thinking back away special make me sick. Was for the job, I thought I was. I guess I forget you. Dad's last made me was right for the job. That is the fabulous porkers. At a new castle New South Wells Australia, there was their latest release from early last year. Make Hey. I love that tune and the porker is just a n it's yet another jewel headlining Gig with are is seven, this time in Adelaide. This stanner take on this kind of rivalry again, which throws you back to the kind of the mid to late s when those two scabands are going head to head and they seem to be making a good fist of it. This year they've done a couple of gigs with this are is sem verses the porkers and they toss a coin to see whose headlining, which is quite funny. So we're I believe that's at the GUV. It's a very early Anne when I think it's June this year, or it's at the shed or I will confirm that closer to the day, but I will let you know. It's in June, it's in Adelaide and it's are is seven in the pork... You can't get better than that. Tell what, let's play some area seven just to make up for it and put those two pans on a pedestal. So this is start making sense that you all banks not to see through you. You just care anymore. Why you doing this to me? Do you need to defeat me away the trust you? But I know this more to come. Even want to be explained. When I can believe what you said to me. I can believe what you do to me. Believe that's a line to me. I believe what I come of you. I can believe what to believe. That's a lie. to St a Sky Stop, Scott, Scot Stop, Scot Sound, Scot Sky, Scott Scott to the come on, everybody. That's to the sky. Swing your arms, shuffle up your feet. Let's do the sky to s SCO, SCO, SCO, SCO, SCO, SCO, sound sky, Scot drop, bow your head through the Redo it to three. Let's all go and scope s s stop, Scop Scott, jump to the beat. Jump to the beat...

...and UNEES and stomp on your feet. Bring your friends and party in the street. Let's all go and Scott. Hey, everybody, let's go down town to the sky show. There's this guy show. Let's go and see and forget about everything. Don't wanna fight cry, just have some fun before we die. Is it doesn't matter who you are, it's no matter where you're from, because everybody is welcome. We don't have fun, then why then? I have a good time, everybody. Let's go down down there's this sky show. Let's go. That is the off the brand a new e from real big fish. It's called that's called scar show. But the new album live sucks. Let's dance. That was released just days before Christmas last year and it's another belt. It is an absolute belt of a CD. There's no bad chains on it. It's just all typical real big fish stuff as well. So Yep, absolute cracker. Will love it, love..., love it a lot. You'll listen to the sky show with me, beefy. It's some their famous Thursday afternoon. It is you're stepping stone to the weekend. Oh yeah, CDs. What I'm going to play? This is dread squid. Dread squid, dread squid, great name for a band. Dread Squid. Let be a squid upside down with tentacles like dreadlocks when it every awesome. This is dread squad and Dr Ring Ding. This is old school. Oh yes, it is. Old is cool and that's why we're here. Everything from the s right through to today. Yeah, dread squid a new favorite band. He would go back with the rags and school. Something gone by very I've been make idea. I'll be a plan. I think I dance checking us a Shin brand know about agreed rocking all night play old school beat, old school him my whole school group, old school dance and whole school moves, or schools school when the month I'm dance coming at the dance I'm in. What a mind light. They stop like sweet sunshine, and yet they are riding. My friend, when we find the sweet and need n well suplime without a young on ninety nine. You can't stop me away from wine. And he be bit in my boot. Don't all the time, Scarra, steady rock like the way that day, without the riding moves on seething. Just make us start. Guy, your heart know that you can't. This one confers. Not a second churns will something comes. Ready Words and shout it out loud. Make yourself heard. Let's move about the free. HOLABIRD Monday. I'm D get many for read their money. Word sound like something beef like. Everybody move, nobody gets hurts me. Tell they I U school. So don't be no food. I can tell it one more time and show me an show me all your wine and show me all your Baba. Lay Up on the front line and sweet done need done up blind when I was a young ninety nine, you can't come for you with from wine, even on my bunny. Don't know the time on the way. With other riding moves. I Love Them. We just that. We we done something can light theory like the gown, something called I the dogs creep in it. I find it hard to get a little many to feel my best time distress that screw up on my shoulders. These nights can't get much colder unless we live in the freezer. By least the way the red might be chief and these one we see to blend into one. It's hard to see solutions when you're staring at the Sun. Soon try and takes for time, right time, time to listen to the...

...pumping on the basement and witness in for a penny fitness and for the love. Witness in the sun and to a whole new ribbon. People with quick decisions on time. You know that you feel just fine, jump up and embrace a bee. Fake it, don't will always tried for the sun sti twice brands spanking new, a band out of whales called Tree House fire. Oh Yeah, tree house fire, remember that? That's not even released yet. Saying of a Siren's coming out on the third of March. And because it from Wales and because I've got the best scar show on the planet, the boys say Beefitte, you get to play this live on air. You but got the world premiere of Santo Soren. It was on at facebook page as well, by the way. I just whip that up there because I love the boys. Are Do. I really do. Check out our facebook page, by the way. It is the scar show. Would be for your the scar show on suthing the firm. You will find it and I do put a few things up there and we do replays of the show and everything else. But if you're in a band, please send me a music because I will play absolutely everything in anything and play your tunes to the world, because you guys do it for our enjoyment and I want to facilitate that, of course I do. So we're get in touch with me and send me your tunes. I would love that me. In the meantime, let's listen to a band that have decided to come down to a Melbourne. They are going to play at scar nation on a Good Friday at the Corner Hotel in all Melbourne town. I'm going to have Brett from the band on the show next week, probably by phone. Would do a little being and you interview and play, you know, find out what he's feeling, find out how he's enjoying the scar scene at the moment, because it is monstrous and they've had a few big worldwide hits over the years. Your nights at a Sydney anyway, we will play this. This is nowhere fast by the all nighters I was sitting in. So that's the way you want to talk, well, if the quiz ways, if you want well, I hope you... you a lot of hope. Back to beat for you, cause you're gonna know what. You're gonna know what, I'm afraid.

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