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The Ska Show with Beefy

Episode 97 · 2 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Feb 28th 2019 (1st Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to us to make sure it stays that way! As normal we jam as much in as possible. Toots & The Maytals headline the show with an incredible live set, we have The Indecision making their Ska Show with Beefy debut with a brand new release (Australian Premiere!), and another Australian Premiere of Half Way Out's new single, and some stonkers from Strange Tenants, The Upsetters, General Chaos, The Allniters, The Seen, Blowhard, the Beat and Essex Boys, The Launchers! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

You wonderful scarlessness. I'm calling black. Allegedly, I am the Queen of Scar I'm here in Melbourne. You'relistening to the scar show with beafy and I've got him right beside me andI'm feeling it. Don't watch this. This is the heavy, heavy mugs, the nuts, songs, a room, who stop, the complete this isrich. This is job. This is job, is job. Godsold my soul. Listen to everybody.

E see it's up. Yeah,what I says, I that's a then... get no, no, no, I said, I I give it to give it to me. That'smy number. That's my top three to four time. You are terrific audience. Your beautiful, you can see and I love you. So got thisin one turn. Hey, toy, what time? The Toy to timeeven to me. True Time Ever told me ten times what you are theface big honest, I've ever don't ten times. Yeah, that is abrilliant toots and the May tells, absolute legendary. Done a. Why I'venot played those guys before the top of the show. Nice life set,absolute classics. Pressure drop. What else would we play? We played reggae, got solo and fifty four, forty six was my number. Yeah,loving, loving that magic, brilliant. Welcome to the sky show with me, beefy. Every Thursday afternoon here lave on Sudden FM, live on thea eighty eight three. You're in Melbourne, live on the Internet. If you'relistening online, wherever you are in...

...the world, www dot fmcom dota, you you can whack us on the tune in APP as well.It's not geocash. You can listen to US whenever you want and wherever youare. It's Thursday, it's Melbourne, it is an absolutely beautiful autumn afternoon. I'm loving life and it could not be better because I've got two hoursof the best scar scar punk, reggae, dub dance, all roots, whateverI want to play, whatever's going to make you feel good. Getskanking in the car, one step closer to the weekend. Oh yes,indeedy. I'm so excited, just excite. Anyway, let's get cracking with thetunes. This is the upset is. This is redourn of Jangle. Imy love, everything my love, and I want your mom and yourfastest thing. I'm crusted against the outside will goes flashing and by everything mylove. You're my session, you're my...

...jealousy. You're my diction on mysweet that you see. You're my every reason, my every week bread,must confess. You're my life and death, my love, blood, everything mylove and I want you by my spirit. You're my ghost and yourmind, country's your minds, every dream, apples, everything my love. Everything, my love, my love. Everything looks blass. Melbourne's own strangetennis to Godfather's of Australian scar absolutely bring that was late last year off theirnew album militant style. That was the number one track in the single theyare playing. They're gonna headlight scar nation coming up, not that far awayin April, so stay tuned. We will get probably Bruce on the airtalk about scar nation and where they're at and see where the tenants are thisyear. Seem what they got in mind. That would be great. Before that, the upset as with return of the Jangle, one of my favoritesfrom day's gone by. Well, we are the sky show with me beef. It's live on so their firm and we have a facebook page. Threethe what are we? This guy show with Befield, scar show and suddenof FM. Just look it up. People on tech me, bands fromall around the world said beefy, we want you to play our tunes,and it was a band at a leads in Yorkshire, in England. They'recalled the indecision. Now I think this actually gets released tomorrow, but theseguys have basically said, beefy, play the music, play our new single, and I will do that for them. So these are the indecisions. IsBrand News called a leave the light on or leave a light on,and it's an absolute cracker. Leave a light on. Where you go makemy way back home? Leav excuse.

His excuse sells me, but sheknows you've done wrong. Wash your hands in the sun, the dust andApril. When you go make my way back home, leave a life.Leave a life. This thing a secret. You don't share anything. Like youmeeting time we are pick a load of your little black ball on apheasant sheep through. When you go to make my way back home, leavea lie. You Go. You make my way back home. You're readyto start. Ready, you're ready to start. Said I you're ready tostart. that. You're ready to start.

Not much to do. Drink.Must Drop too much more on yeah, that is blow hard, those Brisbane'sgangsters from the past. But big, big news. They're gonna be headlininga Gig in east the time. I see Sunday, twenty one ofApril, about where they playing? The bright side in Brisbane, but thatis it's on the road to scar nation. So it's involved scarnation. So theresume is lost. Come Frey, monkeys on the beatdown. Our friendsare going to go and play up there. But blow how to gun aheadline thaton Sunday, but twenty one Surday it's gonna be an absolute belting GIG. Bro You can't ask for more than that's going to be awesome. Soblow had hopefully, hopefully, I did seem play last year. I've inBrisbane and they're still going strong, very very good. Always, always,always, the best shows possible live wise they are very very good. Soyeah, very very attractive. Hopefully they'll get then in a moment of sometime soon the weeks he's in the corners and open up the liquid. Idon't want the hard in the Christmas I go away. The turning pretty killing, the smelling neither same. Seating on the shelf and moldy in the green. I think I'll bet take away a day, baby, a long.I like to go a day to keep me ticker. Per See turning verygreat. What about the CAL? Like to go and day. He's gettingvery bay and birthd catch me an away, Bob eat in the corner. Openup the door the now for me...

...a day. I don't want tobob magazine between us. A time will flush red crush you just as itis. That is a brand a new ear from southern California Skater Punks,if we can use that term any more. Half past two, and that iscalled three small words, and that was another one that they've got intouch with me through the facebook page saying beefy, play our new music.It also sent me a little album as well, which is all very good. More than happy with that. I do like a half past two.I think friends of the show Alicepina. They went over to the states andplayed quite a bit with past two, which is quite good. But yetnow they're tremendous band, so we're all good. Day before that was allAdelaide, skangsters, the scene with liquefied Veggie, seven wood, anything ofthe scene. For a long, long...

...time. I came across the Melbournemy first move to Melbourne. I think I'm saw him a couple of timesbut that was that, unfortunately. So where we're? We here in Melmonn. It is autumn time. It's a beautiful time to kind of twentyeight degrees, a few clouds in the skies, beautiful. But we aregetting ready for the weekend, of course we are, and I am bringingyou the best scotch tunes from all over the planet. Hope you enjoying yourself. Hope you're winding down this Thursday. We're nearly into the second hour already. This is a band general chaos. Alex Preston, who was involved witha band, has had to kind of move on to his own thing.This is a tune they released late last yeah, it is called don't keeptelling me. Alex is doing his own thing, but I think general chaosa kind of a gonna kick on and do their own thing as well.But this was one of the last tunes they recorded. Don't keep telling me. I listen, listen, listening. Don't keep telling what to do,what to tell, keep telling me what listening. Listen. I just getout. It's too I can't take it.

The strains of the House wife.The time that happy is I remember I shouldn't kill the girl. Hardto find the reason why. Don't thinking I'm nothing for you. The onlything I ever love this just to you. That's ther minders. They are fromSydney. They are absolute scart legends and they're coming down for SCART nation. They're only playing the Melbourne show and they're also claiming this is going tobe the last ever Melbourne show. Good Friday Corner Hotel, the legendary CornerHotel. Friday, the nineteen of April is Good Friday. So headlining isit? Area Seven. The all nighters will also play, as will talkedabout him already. Lost Confu monkeys from Mexico, the beat down from Canada, Victoria's own, the resignators, we can't call the Melbourne's own because alot of them fur way way across the state just to get together. IsPhenomenal, and the reformation of Melbourne's Mr Coffee. They're going to play thatnight. There is a second Gig in Gulong on the twenty eighth of April, but the all nighters aren't playing, but that's going to be headlined byMelbourne Scale Orchestra. Strange tenants as well as a load of other bands.So we will interview Brett from the All nighters very, very soon. I'llbe meaning to get in touch in him and see what they're up to andsee how rehearsals are. Go and see if they got any other gigs plannedand I will get him on as soon as I can. In the meantime, we are coming up to the news. After the news, we have alot of fun. We play some covers, we play probably play somepunk rock, will do all sorts of stuff. It's going to be abit of fun. Stay tuned. In the meantime, this is a bandout of what they call East London, more Essex Style. They are thelaunchers. This is called stop. Don't listen. Can't you tell me somethingabout noth tell me, but I look in your eyes, seems as astop starting to said, sees the day...

...has b that all you remember thelove from here. There's no glory in the death of a summer as apause by seem that doesn't stop me. If I'm into you. Said,make you play on has a taming. But that don't you member what ababy you M.

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