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Episode 96 · 2 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Feb 28th 2019 (2nd Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to us to make sure it stays that way! As normal we jam as much in as possible whilst having as much fun as humanly possible. The ever popular covers segment is a bumper crop this week with epics from The Supervillains, The Flavour, Bombskare & Voodoo Glow Skulls. Then we race through the rest of the show with great tracks from The Funaddicts, Union Jack, The Clash, Reel Big Fish, Some Ska Band, Madness, The Bennies, Cartoon Violence, Area 7, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and we get some Soupy George into you all with 7 Seconds of Love! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

Lady can say anything to the scarshow with Bife on every ISM. Thank you, I'm sure. As Itake your hand the dance floor, as a music dies, something in youreyes calls to mind a super screen. Said dance together. I waste iswhisper. Good friend the heart and mind. Ignorance is kind. There's no comfortin the truth. Pain is that I'm gonna dance again. Guilt defeatingcaptain. And now it's easy to pretend. I know you're not a waste.That chances that I've been so I'm never gonna dance again the way youso loud. I wish that we could lose this crowd. Maybe it's betterthis way. We heard each other. With the by we could dance.It's easy to pretend I waste, that I dance that. You haleave baby. Can't you see? I'm calling?...

I got you. There's no escape. I can't wait. I can't come down. It's been around and I'mit's getting late. Give you up. I can't come down. It's beenround. Rom On, all right, can't be a bit of Britney Spearsaction. That is a bomb scare. They're at a Scotland doing that littlecover they're great version, much better than Britney's version. Obviously loving it,loving it. Who what else do we have? We had the super villains. They're at a Florida Da. That was George Michael's careless whisper. Butyou didn't tune into this sky show thinking when am I going to hear GeorgeMichael Britney Spears in a surprise you a few others in a minute as well. You're back. It's the second hour of the scar show with me,beefee, live on sudden the fair and all over the world on the Internet. Thank you for joining me. I hope you're getting in the mood forthe weekend because we are so close. Now. It's only one day togo, plus one hour. Oh yeah, one hour. Right. What elseI'm going to play? All right, this is a band out of Queen'stown in New Zealand, the South Island. They're a bit more reggaethan scar, but I love it all the same. This is kings ofLeon sex on fire, but it is the flavor. They do a lotof covers. They are top notch live. Don't make a sound. The kidis I'm driving, stopping then feels... you're dying. Your sex ison. Fine. What was a trustpid? Rather, I could just taste it. Taste it, but it's not forever. Your sex is a fine. Your sex is a fine. Will was to Trustpid, yes, whenthe TRESP inside out made me mad.

That's all that he had by queensand's own Queensland. Fine. It's the fun and it's good to see thembang out the tunes before that. Voodoo glows goals doing a cover of thespecialist blank expression and the flavor out of Queenstown on New Zealand, doing sexand fire kings of Leon. What a June. Love it. Love that. So we'll have to look into the flavor bit more see what the stuffthey of good kicking around anyway. In the meantime, this is a bandat of France called Union Jack. Yes, I called Union Jack, and therethe friends. This one is called the globe trouble she has, surethat's what I a don't remember. It...

...doesn't matter. To the record storegonna give your money. Radio plays what they want you to hear. Withme up, yea, with me to night. The record coney's only givemoney and fust things gonna feed. No, it doesn't matter to the record store. I'm gonna give him all your money. Radio plays what they wantyou to hear. Can Sell with me? Oh Yeah, sell with me tonight. The record company's on a camel, lot of money, andthings gonna be the Red gonna give me lots of money to hear with me. Oh Yeah, with me to night. The rest of company's on a camel, lot of money and never but things gonna be she said. ButI can't work in fast food. Oh my life, real big fish andin a little little bit of a pick me up. So I wept onsome clash safe your Pian homes and then real big fish sell out. Justa perkose up, because we're on the run home to the weekend already.We're coming to the final half hour of the Scot show with me a beafykeep it pumping. Loving the tune so far. I'm gotten bit old schools. Wells aftering, which is always good, always good, and it's a bandI didn't even know existed. They called guess what they're called? SomeSCA Bend, Oh yeah, some scar band. That's all. Are NewYork. I think they're right, of and this is called young and dumb. I love it. It's a cracker, young and I got daddy down.I Ben's drinking, lack of faking,...

...young and dumb, and so thisis breaking shit, drinking bit who the hell that come in? Whenshe said goodbye, after while, a thought that all of what was forever. I can't stay this week cracked the bears whatever, a booking leg,big shout, out back, out twenties, where a hazy state of my life. Pick the price, girls and prince as they're all gone. Didmy head, as all said by fact, got a boat, Pole, PC, supply, rants, cattle life, band up scene in between breaking heartsto dunk and fights. Now I'm older, wiser, bolder got somesense that came with it. Pull my kid in. Just bullshit, sable, just a different page job. The time I didn't like he said,well, leave if you want to live. best to understand this mess. Butthere's constant confusion and a little stress. Upper. We go with the floatbecause I've seen a Pimro and when I turn while it's my favorite party. We got drugs and bruise and a little don't fall. We got speand bills out up. I'm buck got. So we do a little about.We push through and that he's there.

He's are always waiting for you.Wait out before the leaving the h smile. Please just let me go, Cuz I'm home. I'm on the road. Leaving of loving loves avery different we gotta do a little show through and stairs. He's waiting foryou. Wait ast off the say we can go on this, but toyou I raise a risty. We gonna go till you raise your SA.We gonna go this till you are rast wait. It's fair to say Ibloody love that track. It is Skam meets the Blues Brothers Meets Credence,clear water revival, absolute brilliants. The Benny's Melbourne's own, Melbourne's craziest.It's just awesome. It's cool. Waiting for Dave just can't enough. Andhe's going to play, doing a solo show, solo thing with the DJ, and he gets a few friends up to sing a few tunes as well. He's down at Gelong. He's not playing the Corner Hotel but he isplaying the Geelong Scar Nation on the twenty eight of April. Get your ticketsnow. Early bird tickets will run out in a couple of weeks time.So there are a lot cheaper than full price. I can tell you that. What are we else here? What are we here? What else didwe here? Can I speak today? Can I speak properly? No,is the answer. Madness, I'm going mad myself. Bet and breakfast,man, I love that. And then some SCA band. That's what theycalled. It's not just me making up a name, it's they are calledsome scare band. They're out of Rochester in New York State, and thatis young and dumb. Why we're on the run home. I'm going totry and bang in as many tunes as I possibly can because we're getting readyfor the weekend. This is a band out of whales. They're called cartoonviolence. They put out an album last year called pressive aggressive. This isthe second track off that album. It is called Super Big. So big. Wasn't he a detective? Serbico? I think he was in the Sor s S. or was it a film? I'm not sure. Anyway, this is a great tune. Serbico by cartoon violence. I we neversee eye to its played and you ask... why, I think feeling whenI see you there. Yeah, I shouldn't know that. You would nevercare many times to give this would change to stay the same. We neversee eye to I ask me why you did so. We way all right, the same place again, another I got nothing happened. Then I gotexcited when you lead on me, but then you never say what you me. Why did you ask me out to night? That time is right now. It's not you down my head without go into bed. Did you?What the Hell Are you doing? We never see. I do. Itry to explain and you ask me why. I sinking feeling when I see youthere. I should have known that you would never care. Why didyou ask me out to night? Call me up until the time is rightnow. It's time to put down my head without without you, I'm goingto bed. So you did. So you did. Let's called the song. To explain. There is no expectation.

You get complaining, drink. Ithink you understand it. I don't think that you get it. creaticize, you realize a choice to tell them this is only your son. That'sthe mighty mighty bosstones, with a tune called divide absolute great. So that'soff their latest album. While we're at it. Well, that's been theshow. That has been the absolute show. Of absolute from through. Hope you'veenjoyed it as much as me. It's been an absolute cracker. I'vetried to chuck in as much possibly as I possibly can. But as weare one step close to the weekend, please, please, please, getout. Support your local scar band, support your local life music scene.Melbourne is a wash with live gigs right now. It is just the craziestplace to be. There is so much coming up. I mean doesn't matterwhat genre music you like, but please get out the social please get outit. Take your friends to a band. Why not? Don't matter whether it'san RSL, where it's the forum, whether it's a festival hall or RodLabor Arena, because I believe red or chili peppers might even be theretonight, I think. I don't quote me on that, but they couldwell be. So we're get out there, enjoy it, have some fun.If you are on facebook, please like the sky show. would befor the scar show on sudden the firm, because we need your support. Yes, we do. But if you're in a band as well, jumpon their semi message. I will listen to your music. I will chuckit on Air Because I do love listening to new tunes, new bands,whatever they've got going out. They do it for our pleasure and the leastI can do is check it on the Airways for Um. I will beback next week in some form or another. In the meantime, get out,have fun, enjoy listen to scarf. Big thanks to Messina for supporting theshow and sudden them. They are a station sponsor and without their supportthese things would not be possible. In the meantime, who's that man witha soup on his head? Super Super Super Super Su Super Super Super SuperSuper Super Super.

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