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The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Mar 14th 2019 (1st Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As normal we jam as much in as possible. The King Blues headline the show with an incredible live set, and we have Wes & Skye from local skanksters The Kujo Kings in the studio to air the WORLD PREMIERE of their new album, Royal Danger with a taster of some of the tracks off it! Beefy also spins tunes from Madness, Strange Tenants, Chris Duke & The Royals and 99% Fat. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

Hey, what's up? This eventhe interrupters. When you listen to the sky show with Beepe, you don'ttouch that. This, this is a heavy heavy mugs to so the nutziessongs, a road whoas shop, the phone complex. This is this isthis is powers in our hands. Is who the futures. Nobody used tobe. It's your future, with your... You don't want shot tofight for. Don't you know? It's all, don't you know? Buttalking, if you know this, wanna be here singing. Well, I'Mgonna DIS nobody's watching. I'm gonna see, I'm gonna Kiss You. WHO Didso? They leaves fast and get the supermarket. I take my timebecause I got so much love. So that love. I got so muchlove love. Cross this spe bye.

Something is happening in the air withmy feed on the ground, my head up the cloud. We are whatpeople. We are. You are wonderful. You got so much love, lovemy heart and this feeling. I got so much love, love inmy heart and this feeling. Just let me see your eyes the air aboutthe house, in a face of Tut brain. We only go use it. You can stop the movement. I got so much love love in myheart and this feet. I've got so much love. Loving heart and thisfeel. I've got so much love, this fee. I've got so muchlove. Love. My heart a speeding. How good is that? That isthe King Blues, all away from London, England. We don't getthe play much over in Australia but they are absolutely awesome. Hey, it'sThursday, it's Thursday afternoon. Is To till four? That can only meanone thing. Yes, two hours of the best car tunes from all overthe planning with me. The beefye, the beef man, Oh, biglaboff, if you're in France. Yep, Thursday afternoons. Never saying it's sogood on sudden firm. It's a beautiful autumn day here in Melbourne Townand wherever you are listening, wherever in the world, you have joined us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do appreciate it.Right, get your skanking shoes on, because Thursday afternoon and it's a veryspecial scar show would be for on Sunday FM Today because I've got where's andsky from the Kujo Kings in the studio with me to talk all things couldjokings, all things new album. It would help if I turned you on. That's it really does make a difference when you have microphones on in thestudio. Otherwise we just I just talked myself. That's all right. Whatwe said was just then was complete nonsense. I think everyone's happy they missed it. So yet where's and sky in the in this studio? So yeah, well, I'm really to do some because you couldn't hear in the firsttime. Thank you very much. Now worry. So new album. GIGSaturday night to launch the new album. Yes, what can you tell usabout it? About the album, about anything in life, about anything?Well, well, it's just very exciting, isn't it? It's a pretty excitingalbum. It's got it's got some rapping on there, which we havereally into before. Two Rats in fact. What we just heard the King Blues. He's a master bringing the wrap into the scar side of things.Yeah, I'd say ours is at least five percent the rapper. Oh,at least beautiful. So yeah, that that was a did you joining inspirationfrom any previous scar rappers? No, not really, I think I thinkour style was a bit more Australian hip hop really, maybe taking the Pone double five of US train hipop a little bit, but okay, alot of what we do is is mockery. So that's all right. Hopefully somepeople get a laugh out of it. I hope so. Now I knowyou used to do a lot of Disney numbers. Yes, we did. Are you still kind of weaving that into the magic? Well, ifwe played Disney songs as often as we were requested to play Disney songs,yeah, we'd hardly be a scar band. Really Disney cover band. That's well, suburban legends obviously a basically a Disney the cover band. We couldnever live up to that level at any so we let out let them doit. Years Ago I saw him in a pub in Nowich of all places, in front of about twenty people. Wow, pretty phenomenal. It waslike a Chuesday night. was very, very funny. So how did thosetwenty people enjoy our living? What a night. Was Awesome. And theyalso played with I think they were called the average man band, which aretwo blokes from real big fish. Okay,...

...we're really a scar band, likethey had a bit of piano happening and okay, but it was bitaverage, really very average and manly. Yeah, so obviously this new albumbeing launched. How long has it taken to get from well, zero tonow? Probably nine and a half years. And nine and a half years,that's not bad for your first album. They always say the first ones thehardest. Well, yeah, it has been a little bit hard,but hopefully the hard work is paid off. I think it has. It's analbum I'm proud of. Well, that's the most important thing. So, yeah, everyone listening out there, I don't really care what you thinknow. That's a good right. And well, it's your masterpiece. That'sthe that's the really the most important thing, isn't it? As long as youguys are proud of it. Yeah, you know, if it translates tocommercial success, so be it. That's a byproduct and a positive bikeproduct. Yeah, and if it gets you on the way to album numbertwo, do then it can only be a good thing. We're already thinkingabout it. Well, it's a slippery slope. No, no, Ican't not slippery slope from me. It surely it's up upwards. Yeah,you got your first one and then, yeah, two, three, hundredand forty five, let's Lee. It's the pre slope down to success.Is Well, I guess. So, I guess it. Now what whatare is there been any kind of inspiration behind this? Well, we're notgoing to call it a different sound, but even though there is five percentwrapping on, there is anything that kind of inspired you to kind of allwe or a change of direction a little bit? That's a good question.I'm a professional. Yeah, I'd say maybe we've taken taken the silliness downmaybe half a notch. Well, there's a there's a couple of songs therethat he might actually take seriously. So I'd say that's a definite change ofdirection. Wow for us. So it's called what's it called? Tell me. So the albums called royal danger. Well, yeah, yes, that'sa because the last EP was Reriggal, right, regal right. So we'rea theme. Well, we sent so many nights crying because we couldn't comeup with a name. So I thought, all, what's the last one works? So well, yeah, let's just play on that pretty much.Yeah, that that's pretty much it. Royal where the Kujo Kings. Yep, danger, we like to live dangerously. I'm loving it. So what canwe play off this? Because you have furnished me with a preview copyof this. Party in the AM would be the number one track. Isthat the leadoff hit? A very good place to start? All right,let's start there. Then let's get listening to the Kujo kings brand. Knewithis is the number one track of the new album. This is called partyin the am on a Sunday, isn't all. There's an easy way tomake sure that your mind is in good st alcohol is American to come with. If you drink you soon you'll be gone by noon. We will giveyou the sun. I'm Daddy. On...

...a Monday morning isn't all that.Feeling optimistic that the noise restrictions are okay and it doesn't really matter. TheNIGGA's all right work, but you cant of close to it over those kidstime. The living beatty on a Sunday evening is getting pretty late. There'san easy way to make shore that show mine is in good day. Youdon't need to be smoking for you don't need bear now. But what theheck have I gonna get? This baby's gone. Party in the morning ina time for tea. We can dance the day. You weekers. Whoneeds working money with the sunlight bad. It's time to get something haven fortea by should all be spending out time. Only where the parties over. Party, I'm not waiting till the morning with the rot steady, but notin street. I got dancing cary. You gotta help with your feet.This man up down to my God, even though I never get so Isaid. So I leave it up to you to get it in bad showmy face, even though running I never get to our street. WHO.Well, that is madness with more royalty themed tunes or tune. That's aprince by madness. I think that was their first ever single. By theway, we are got sky and where's from the Kujo Kings, and we'vejust played the number one track off their brand new album, is party inthe AM, and we're probably going to go through bits and pieces of thisalbum. And just is this an Australian premiere? But can I claim this? You absolutely get well, we love Australian premieres on the sky show wouldbeefee somethn the FM never have it so good. You realize it's I bringin will premieres for lots of bands that don't even realize you're on the radio. We had we played a band from...

Chepstow in South Wales last week calledKings alias and the guy email me goes how the hell did you get oneof our tunes, because they're literally brand new, they've only got one songout, and he was just blown away and their facebook has gone crazy andthey've all trying to listen to the scar show with beefee for no reason atall. And it was only because we play another band called codename Colin oryou may have heard of another English band, and this band supported them. Itwas their first ever basically Gig, and the guy from Codeen ey connorcenters, because but if you might like this, and that was that.So we do things like they was very weird. But Australian premiers, welove them. Right now, I've see this. It says base fish,but it's not. I'm guessing it's best fish. Yeah, it is BassFish. Yeah, it's a it's an easily misread title there that as soonas the you know the song gets underway and you hear bast fish repeated overand over again. It can't be mistaken from the calls. But don't bemisled. It's got some pretty good base as well. As well. Nicelike it. We got we got him to to turn his peg down andget some extra lownes. I'll bit of spinal tap. Turn it up toeleven, yeah, it's eleven, and yeah, it down and drop thosebass notes. You can the inspiration behind bass fish, and I think,well, actually it was a song written by our old drummer hue, afteran idea that was floated by floated in the sea and, I like,by our old bassist Josh. And then I think I might have come upwith a horn line somewhere, and I'm sure some other people chipped in.We got a wrap in there somewhere and and we actually got, also atthe book ends of the Song, a contribution by a wall singing fish.So really it's a collaborative pieces love and this. Oh well, I meannow I'm intrigued. All right, let's see how this is the number twosong of the brand new Kujo kings album, which is going to be launched Saturdaynight the Evelyn Hotel. To get CIL available. Please get there,please support these local legends. This is it. This is number two song, Bass fish living under the C I was approached while singing by the recordcompany. They said by we're gonna make you a Basti celebrity and all aroundthe world will see you on TV. They can be the sunny papers.And I saw in a quickly sickodby to all my friends and all my fatherlyon inside the car. You and be a star. All the money wascontaining the studio fast bit, just like me. See and over while theywaited patiently, calling one by one and stuck up to a brain press theriver to make you singing that you're head with shame. I was totally inshock. I thought I'd be a star and at the Times on TV isnot one I'd sign up for. I try scup away, but now it'sbacking up and that's forever. See that spaces Mary. What can you tell? Wonder already nicky turns to sit against their guilt in this large scale criminaloperation. It's clear the crops wiver whale about this celebrity, but I wasjust one of the chip around the country. Soda did the world. By therecord, come with me. You don't wanna be a bast fish likeme to pine. Tell me all you a bast fish to are you abast fish to stuck you on this wall, it's true, but the sink isjust blow me. So this is what I'll do. I'm going tothe water and I'll swim down the drain bund this record company dish that putme through the pain. Live dish fish and let them someone family that isrich. Let's get press the repper turn until the time of Gum, andthe fish will never forget the injustice that...

...was done. I I when wewere also young, a t road our. We had so much fun. Someof the other sunshine, but to root it was a crazy thing.When Ann, but I won't start, was Kane. It was a specialat Rood, a direct from our range train, a two rooms, acrazy thing. We Din'n I wint star was king. Well, it's gangj'all over the country and was ganked all over the world everywhere. The bluewent to room the tenants was so strange, strange, strange, strange to RoudRoom. My desk was then blame a we didn't know. But thewine star was Jane. Well over the country, it all over the world, everywhere. A scar king to make sure the box in my room isbiggest in my bitch room. Louie wonder...

...playing Davening the wonder, get adrink, some busy waters on the play a big show Chris Duke and theroyals as we continue our swow journey. I'm not going to even speak Frenchanymore. I tried it once already. So Journe, I was going tosay, by the way, just in case you didn't know, so journethrough royalty themed music, whether it's a Kujo kings where it's madness with theprince, the strange tenants doing when scar was king. See if fitted thatin there. And then there's Chris Duke and the royals with music and maniacswho, as you were going to tell me, they're playing on Saturday nightwith you guys. They are our brothers and sister from Sydney. Yes,now, obviously IM previous gigs that I've seen you guys, you've done thekind of the Aladdin tunes. Yes, and Chris Duke in the royals,he's done he's done the lion king, Lion King, that's right. Yes, yeah, we did. We've always meant to tea up a national tourdoing those two yeah by side, but but Disney said no. Yeah,Disney said yeah, I thought it would have they were quick on the phone. Yeah, very concerned about their royalties. Yeah, no, we don't.We're not known for paying royalties. I don't think anyone is anymore.They know what if the streaming services aren't paying the band's royalties, why shouldyou boys play girls as well, pay royalties to other people? It's notfair, is it's just not fair. Not Fair. Oll, we'll justhave to play our own songs this Saturday night, Buger, we do.You know, obviously in the second hour of this show we always kick offwith a lot of covers, songs you wouldn't expect to hear. That's goingto be the same this week. Like we play a bit of Biber,we play some Yelo stuff, some Britney spears, but how they should havebeen done in the first place, you know, with a scar undertone.You know some versions of that. So, apart from the aladding stuff, youguys whacking in any covers nowadays? YEA, not lately, not lately, not lately. We kind of. We can we can't agree on thatcover song. That right. That we just have to do. It's thatI think we're putting too much pressure on it. Yeah, that a scarcover just has to be has to be brilliant. But really it's very true. Really, any any song can be a scar song. World favorite.Was the centerfold. Oh yeah, and it's a centerfold. Yes, that'sthat went well. Well, I mean you have to change it to atondo. Homes nowadays, if you watch TV at all now they've changed.They've used center folders their add now how... company? Can you know,readjig a song about, you know, Paun start? Then who knows?Yeah, everyone seems to be jumped on the Africa bend wagon right now aswell. Well, we actually got on there. You can call me out. Oh, nice like that. Yeah, that was actually that was a goodone. Yeah, yeah, when one day, maybe I'll learn allof the verses and maybe Tom will be able to play that Bass Solo.Would maybe one day. Well, we watch out for that. That mightbe on the on the next album, on that slippery slope to success.I love that. Now, talking of the new album, what are wegoing to play? What do you recommend? There's what are you in the moodfor? beefy? There's a bit. It's a bit of a variety showon there. There's the on from Wales, right, and I've justnoticed as a song called Dragon Cool. Oh, yes, well, whatgood reaction. Good reaction. It's yeah, it's a pretty cool number, thatone. Yeah, it's. It's sorry, cool, it's cool.It's that's the other one where we've slipped in the the rap just too nicelike it. You keep your attention. But yeah, it's a really coolnumber. Our our basis actually wrote that. X Basis wrote it. X bassist. He's not claiming the Royal Tisn't. It's gone. Well, I don'tcare what he's saying. We're not paying him. No, he's he'sa very good friend of ours and he's he he actually performs the rap onthe recordings. Okay, so, yeah, I'm sure we did have his blessing. Yep. So, yeah, he wrote it about, I guess, smoking and smoking culture and and he like to think of it as dragonsgetting together and, you know, like it causing a bit of a RuckusNice and groups. Beautiful. I got to point out there is a songon he had called clean underwear, fresh Tupa where as well, which I'mvery intrigued abate. But in the meantime, let's hear dragon cool. This isa good joke. King softing new album, royal danger out to thehorizon. A billy. There I flap my wings and baby with power acircle on down to the Boer. Humans are a food that I like.Close from a my brids part of the village. Just don't start fire ondown. I don't have to be stealthy. I'm a dragon, I'm cooling,I'm wealthy. Let's get together, get on the wagon. Stroy wheredragon just flying around. But don't go try to keep up with the dragons. Destroyed this town with Wansk I blowed away a ring of smoke and losesfor the ball. The lesson. If you want to survive, become asecond yessen. So they get together with that pus. The only way towins be a dragon yourself. Come take a dragon. Let's close, andsmoke rains. So happy with Harvey, they start to sing. Let's allget together, get on the wagon, Stroy Dragon. We choose to beme, so don't be back. This is the way of the Dragon.So he slowly. Everyone starts N is happy. Ones are the ones whoadds. Make is dragon cool, join in the life, gather up intolight the part. But I'm lazy. I don't wanna bother while they grow. And I'm fire for a doll people come dragon cool, if I findtime, get together the wagon Stroye.

Dragons joining. Dragons destroy out townswent dragons destroy our lives. I hate it. The kermel with his weep. You gonna pay. My gentleman who want to be start up business aman like joking his little look where aucade. So how can this man rise abovethe plan create a billion dollar franchise? The truth can't be told. ButAgainst Daddy's song and I got their gravest chicken for nightly. Secret.Don't feed littleizer Soda Dies. WHA, gonna BUY MY CHECK DOWN? Turn, show US your recipe with that smuggler gun. Your face R I gota rise. Wow, young gonna buy my check out? No match,no chickens, didy hatch, just uckly, Batty, sloppy BITs, Hungry Jacks. Well, I'd rather read a yact at a piece of sloppy craps. So how can this man rise above the plan to create a billion franchise? The truth can't be told, but chickens, daddy so and I gotyour gravest chicken for night so Turtle Watch. The secret. Don't feed the littleeyes the skies. WHO YOU'RE gonna buy my check out? Turn Out, show us the recipe with that smugger on your face. Right, Igotta race who you gotta buy my check out today up. So how canthis fan right about creative? Build a franchise? The truth, Daddy toldgot turtle secret. Don't be sold skys. Wow by check out. Show usto recipe with that smokes y'all. Fret a right, Whoa Ho checkninety nine percent fat. Not sure if the colonel is really royalty. Imwhat a broken the street they was. That's all right, I'll pay it. So, boddy good, I love bloody good tune. That, andyou were telling me earlier that they nearly reformed for a GIG couple of weeksago, very, very, very nearly. We need to keep putting a bitmore pressure on them. I reckon. They do a great version of HolyGrail as well. All Real nders a collect this, yes, theydo. I'm all over the covers. I'm all about the covers. Yeah, yeah, they did a good version of Australian crawl. Oh, theboys light up another one. I might have to get my hands on thatone. Yeah, well, we're coming to the end of the the hour. Tell us Saturday night, Saturday night from eight o'clock. Yes, allyour favorites will be there us, and...

...they'll also be some others, butthat's all right. Chris Juke in the royals. Yes, Christi can rollthe FARROWS. Yep, backyard mafia, sounds intriguing. The old backyard Matthia. Yeah, well, I guess you'll just have to yes, come alongand we'll be will be there definitely. But we official launch of the newalbum, official launch, apart from obviously today's show, which goes at outsaying royal danger. You're going to play it all the way through or not? Just selected tunes? Just selected tunes? Yeah, and yeah, the nextone may as well be one of them. Hey, Skuy, hey, hey, so, yeah, Lott will work out the set list onthe night as phone. Yeah, that's what you normally do. Yeah,so, yeah, it's really looking forward to it. We're gonna dress upall. We haven't done that for for a while now. Nice we've become. We've become a little bit more tame in our old age, but worry, we've gone back to the costume box for this one. Beautiful, veryinteresting right. It's at the Evelyn Hotel, Brunswick Street. Three hundred and fiftyone brunswick sleek fits right. It's a great venue, fantastic of anygood beers, craft beers on that it's only it's going to be going tocost you a point and a bit to get in. That's a good wayof putting it. Yet it's all it is just one less point and it's, you know, better for you, basically. But you get to seefor great bands Saturday from eight PM. Tickets on the door the avel hotel. Go and see backyard Mafia. Who Else we got? We've got theFURROWS, Chris Duke in, the roys coming down from Sydney and the Kujokings launching royal danger. We've played quite a few tracks off it today andit is already one of my favorites. I can tell you that. Rightnow we're going to go to the news with well, I just mentioned itvery briefly. It's called clean underwear, fresh tupperware. Try fitting that intoit. So into a tune and we're going to hear that, say June, because that's the news. We got the normal cover section. I'll probablyplay some punk rocks and MoD stuff whatever. I fancy to get you one stepcloser to the weekend, because it is going to be an awesome,awesome weekend. There's a Grand Prix, there is rugby union. I thinkRugby League kicks off this weekend, but more importantly, the Kujo kings aregoing to be playing Saturday night. There's a scar show. That's right,there's a scar Shio and tell my play that bit layer as well. Realbe fish new album, the scar show. Anyway, where's sky? Thanks tojoining us. It's been an absolute pleasure. Glad you could come inthis Thursday. I anoon and Shit your kind of your new baby. Thanksfor having us, beefy and yeah, have a good afternoon. SCARFANS definitelykeeps going. Getting your car. This is clean underwear, fresh tup awarelast day of every month. I swear. Beggi's at Piana just have to eatbread. Doesn't gathering his kids to see the vacuum cleaner is an ancientmemory. Shut to know one wants the only furniture that I call my freedomto do whatever I want, but there's no satisfaction. I Call Im somethingthat even things don't improve me. Well, that body could be sh shot out. Cannot wait day M.

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