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Episode 94 · 2 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Mar 14th 2019 (2nd Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and Beefy is making sure it stays that way! As normal the show is jammed solid with great ska tracks. After the Kujo Kings launched their new album live on air, we enjoy tunes from The Holophonics, Reel Big Fish, Suburban legends, Dr. Raju, Rough Customers, The Specials, The Piranhas, Ska vendors, The Prizefighters, K-Man & The 45s, The Resignators, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, The Allniters & The Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

Good. I Australia. This wasChris from the fun attics. You'll listening in the sky shower with baffy onthe Sullen FM a eight points three on your scanning dial when we broke uptime, saying we hadn't seen each other. When you say you change, Isay I hate you. We called it off again last night, butthis time you are never ever getting back together. We are never ever evergetting back together. Yours are never ever ever together, like Evers and me, and you would hide away, find your piece of mine with some scarrecord. That's much again, this time I'm telling you never ever ever gettingback together. are never ever ever getting back together. You talk to yourfriends, talk to my friend. I never ever ever back together. Tothink forever, to say never, shall never say never. WHOA together together? To me? Never you go. Talk to your friends, talk tomy friends, talk to me. I never ever ever ever came back together. I say to take every time. I got way to I don't wantto SP yeah, real big fish.

Welcome back to the sky show withme, beef Ay. Hope you're having a fantastic afternoon. Big Place.That came in a bit early, didn't it, big thanks to where's andskyfe coming in and you know, tell us about the Kujo kings new album. Don't forget the gig Saturday night with Chris Duke of the royals, thefurrows and pact Mafia should be an absolute bell to that one. What arewe just here? We heard obviously real big fish, Katrin the ways walkingon sunshine and the Holophonics doing. But a Taylor swift action? I don'tthink. I think that's a bit of a debut for Taylor Swift on thescar show with beefy never ever getting back together. Not a big fan,but that's life, an't it? But you know they've scared it up,so it's kind of acceptable, isn't it? Thank you for joining me, whereveryou may be on the planet. Hope you're having a great day.It's awesome here in Melbourne today. It's a big, big day. It'sa big, big weekend as well. I'll tell you why a little bitlater, apart from the GIG, part, from the Grand Prix, part,from the other things going on. Hey, I mentioned I saw theseguys in a pub in Norwich, England few years ago. They got aGig as the resident band at Disney world. I did mention this. They calledsuburban legends. I'm going to play one of their Disney tunes. Youheard one second of it just a minute ago as it kicked off bit tooquickly for me. But yeah, yeah, they were the kind of they didroaming scar shows at Disney world and drew huge crazy because they just pitchup and, you know, as a six, seven, eight piece,whatever they were, just start playing scar tunes and the crowd was stopped andit created such a huge stay. I'm not not too sure if they stilldoing it. I'll tell you what all this songs on. All look comeup and see what they're up to. Anyway. It's suburban legends and thisone is a Disney song. It is under the sea. The Sea weedis always greener here. Somebody else this league. You dream about going upthere, but DADD's a big misting. Just look at the world around you, right on me, your sun floor. It's wonderful. Things are around you. What as you looking for? The see see sadly, rather pieceshappy as up to the waves they roll, felt the sound, the landings happy. There's a cousin and therefore buffy seeing the ball. It's lucky,very a bit. What Day with the boss gets hungry. Go on thesea were seems like the flute to play the place. Play the basic soundsthe shop back, play the PRISS and show, play the tops, theTuka. So you can play for the street the tracks, Rick, getout, but don't you wait for me.

There's so many every place I go. When, when I come back a way one more time, whentip? Yeah, Dr Raju doing leaving on a jet plane. They wereat a Sydney. They played in the mid s. Did a load ofcovers. Were very good by all accounts. I never saw him myself, butabsolutely great stuff that they play. What else do we hear? SUBURBANLEGENDS? I've just looked them up. They're still playing Disney. Just crazy. So that's been doing it for ten years. So I was again payvery well, why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? Indeed? Anyway,this is a band out of Lexington, Kentucky. They're called the rough customers. This is a brand, brand new from them. It is called bounce. It's an absolute cracker, if I do say so myself. Here wego, rough customers. Let's the stage.

Night feels I'm gonna make things right, shine, talk into the stude anyone trying to get to but heknows what to get my make move, muster up, assumption. Feeling nervous, like an assumption, thinking shit. Step down, another drink, likeI'm start stars alhould get this arrest. But you still then spine. Icanna make you double listen to get my flo feelings. Feeling nervous, likeI'm in the wrong. Well, well, here, well, here is well, you know, you know you...

...wasted. Make tomorrow or else.The Piranhas Tom Hawk. Loving that. It's such a great tune. Thinkthat's one of the tunes that really got me in the scar in the kindof mid S or early s. But one before that, another one fromthe early S, the specials we've rat race before the break. We wouldrough customers were bounce. Great tune like that, waiting for more stuff outof the rough customers. I'll tell you one guy that would have loved abit of Tom Hawk by the Paranas. He's Steve, Oh stevie from kilmarnock, Killie Steve from the scar venders. He would have absolutely loved that.Loves his football and Tom Hawk is a good on the terraces chant. SoI tell you what they've just play. They played the rooftop at transit onFriday night and then Sunday they did the...

...come be a meat sky gig atnewportballs club, part of the way at West Blues and Roots Club. Sothey just and that. They would have been a great afternoon. I wasbusy. Sorry, Steve, but yeah, that. Keep a look out onthe sky vendor's facebook page because they are very, very active and whata great band they are live and pet pal comes and plays to them.who were most people would know. Anyway, let's have a bit of Scavin.This is oil in my lamp in my life. Keep it in mylab by break my life. Keep it. Keep it burn into the Break Dayin my life. Keep it in my lad in my life. Keepit. Keep it till the break in my life. Keep it better inmy life, my life. Keep it burning. Keep it burnt the freak. Keep it. Keep it burning and it burnt the break in my life. Keep it burde keep it the break in my life. Keep it furmy Liek. The music play. It's the hold. Just let the musicplay. It's what the people say.

Don't let that fires the people.Don't let that fire. Yeah, just music. That's a band out ofMinnesota. Minneapolis, it could be from St Paul. They're from the twincities. Anyway. They're called the prize fighters and that is absolutely brand spankingnew. This a new album called fire at walk, not too short beenreleased here and I've got they sent me a cuppy in the email during theweek, Courtney coss thank you very very much. Corney's in the band.And Yeah, I love it, I really do. It's throwback, reallyis. Thirteen tracks, thirteen tracks and it's it's a real grower, reallyreally is. So please look up the prize fighters and go for your lifeget them. Sordid. This is the Mersita scar show on sudden. They'refam the sky show would be if you got to thank Messitas, but astation sponsor. They have been all over this show since day one and wecannot do it without their support. And sudden their family is a community station. So we're any sponsors that want to get involved, please, please getin touch with the station MESSITA. They've been making quality of Parel since onethousand nine hundred and thirty three. A great range of sports gear for allball sports and all corporate. Doesn't matter what sport you play. Messita havethe kit for you. Mes Cedar offers a full catalog of on field andoff field apparel. It's the best quality money can buy. Get in touchone three hundred messita on the CEDARCOM. That AU. You see what Iget? A wild child. See it around and get a drunk three dayslater. Smell like being around. I got a big one, doesn't?I don't know, giving three hugs on the street. Place to stop thebringing bottom back. Another party starting to IM getting down radio. I gota chair, got a room down a...

...wanna get a while super charge forour child. We see it around getting drunk and all my friends. Soyou see it around. Got Some things. Wot Yep, that is Kman andthe forty fives are at a Montreal in Canadia. Oh yeah, hehe, they will have a brand new album coming out one thousand nine hundredof April. It's slated for release. Not really heard of him before.I've heard a couple of tunes when. Never. Yeah, never took aninterest. But the last couple of week when I saw the announced when therewas a new album coming out on stamp records, by the way. Sothat's how good these boys are. I thought better go and have a look, and now I do like him, I really do like him. SoI'm very excited to hear about came out of the forty fives and their newstuff. So we're excited by that, really am. Alrighty, we havesome announcers coming up before we hit the run home, because all of asudden it's nearly time to go. So let's play. I'm going to playthe resonators, just one of their tunes. We're going to play shape. I'min only do like that one. And then let's talk about Sca NeckS. all right, resons shaving me, you're such cute that I was right. Scott Nation is back. Oh yes, indeed, the resumes dofeature heavily, and Francis from the resus has been well. He is theman organizing all this. So Good Friday Corner Hotel, right, area sevenlost Kung Fu monkeys from Mexico. The resume is obviously the beat down fromCanada and Mr Coffee Right, that's good fried day in Melbourne. Now thefollowing Sunday in the Workers Club in Jolong... the even bigger lineup. Oh, yes, right, you ready for this? Strange tenants? Yeah,strange tenants. Melbourne Scar Orchestra. Yep, you're listening. The resons, obviously, are the beat down from Canada. Lost, come free monkeys from Mexico. We just mentioned them. Are Seven? Yep, the Donald Trumpetsare coming from Perth. Yes, they are. Can't wait to see them. Anti from the Benny's doing his solo slash side project dare plane. SoI'm not sure we can squeeze anymore in. But there is this boss melody andSkabang, who are I think they're quite local to Geelong. So howmany bands is that? Strange tenants, Melbourne Scar Orchestra, lost, comefree monkeys. The reason is the beatdown. Kujo kings. So I forgot tomention Kujo kings are here today earlier. They're playing as well Andy from theBenny's, boss Melody, the Donald Trumpets and Scabang. Now tickets areon sale now, I think early birds. I think they run out today,so they are a lot cheaper than tickets are tomorrow. So please,please, please, get on your ticketing supply website, whichever that may be, but get there. You cannot miss this so the Corner Hotel Good Friday, nineteenth of April, the Workers Club in J long Sunday, the twentyeight of Abel. It is gonna be an absolute belter. I think thereason is the beatdown and Kumefu monkeys traveling around. They're doing a few showsin Adelaide, definitely. Definitely Brisbane and a couple of wooll and Gong Ithink as well, and I think there's one on the Gold Coast. I'llhave to check that. Sorry, I'll just I'm going off the top ofthe head, but yeah, it's going to be awesome. The Crowbar inSydney, I think, as well, at rings a bell. Anyway,check them out. Resumes. It's going to be great. SCAR nation isback. I can't wait for us to build this a lot more and makeit an annual event. It was certainly got big plans on. Please tobe a little bit involved and I'm want to make it bigger, better,stronger, faster, higher, all that rubbish. Anyway, hopefully, hopefully, it will be an absolute cracker. I'm sure it will be because wegot a lot of good people trying to make this really good. So,Yep, full steam ahead anyway. Let's play a bit of melbourn score orchestra. This is you never know, if too strange random crations and great expectationse good things might come when you least expected. Never can't. Who mightbe watching, for listening on love, with no time to when you insistedthe longest fixing turns. Take a chance. Too late to make that connections withyou. COMBIN nation joys the nights. We remember how we see they hada two minute. We know it's going to show in the big superright. The bigger life is too straight, great expectations and gold situation. Nevercan who might be watching, a...

...listening will be just under the drivingyou're letting me like a brother. I remember that like how I lay time. Yeah, that's all I dos with Montego Bay. I forgot to tellyou the on the on Nigers are playing scar nation Good Friday at the CornerHotel, their last ever Melbourne Gig, allegedly. So there's another reason getyou to get hey, I'd basically gotta go. Coming up after the newsis Greg with rockdown. Look, do you have a favors? So muchgoing on in Melbourne this weekend. Get out see some live bands. Kujokings are at the Evelyn Hotel with Chris Duke and the royals the furrows andBackyard Matthew Saturday night. I Love Evelyn Hotel. Tickets on the door.It will be a great night. Come and meet me as well. ProbablyI might even go. Yes, good luck to Wales Grand Slam a rugbygame Saturday night to take it on Ireland. whishing the best eluck Satheast swingers inthe two thousand and twenty cricket finals in Muran being on Sunday as well. So absolute bangers. It's a Grand Prix. If you're going along,please have a good day. Should be an absolute cracker. Brand new seasonof Formula One anyway. So I'm going to sign off. It should bea wonderful day for the race. Oh Yeah, mighty mighty bustones off theirnew album while we're at it. This is a cracker. Have a greatweekend. I'll see you all next week. I know where we are, wherewe have been, where we are going in. It might not beno wrehension this. Let me say all...

...the race. It's a wonderful day. What a wonderful and why? Why we wander landing where? I firmlywe were granted. It's a wonderful day, what a wonderful every face every dayuntil it's done. I'm talking about the human one, the human M.

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