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Episode 93 · 3 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Mar 21st 2019 (1st Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As normal we jam as much in as possible. The Ska Show with Beefy goes old skool rocksteady with a live set from Jamaican legend Alton Ellis and Beefy backs it up with great tunes from The Funaddicts, Maroon Town, Eastern Standard Time, Save Ferris, The Skankaroos, King Hammond, The English Beat, Captain Accident and the Disasters, The Beat and The Bakesys. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

Hey, Sam, listening to the scar show with beef on, whatever it is FM. Thank you. This is a heavy, heavy monster. The nurses songs a road who stop the full complete this is this is job. It is, this is this is job. Don't SA, just one school,... know. Listen. Yeah, air, well, bit of change...

...your pace for the scar show for once. That is altern Ellis, more commonly known as the God feather rock steady, was a Jamaican scal legend early but then brought the pace back down. Just to touch. Basically he's formed the rock steady movement in Jamaica in the s before moving to the UK after that, but passed away two thousand and eighty. was seventy years old, but absolute classic. I brought you for big hits live. I believe I was a Gig San Diego early S. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but yeah, I when I first kind of got into stuff, reggae and rock steady and a bit of roots and Dentil and you know, and you know, aging on Scar I did get into Alton Alis, who's yet kind of just boarders all those genres and it's pretty cool. So, baby, I love you. You made me so very happy. I'm still in love with you and breaking up is hard to do. So bit of Oldne Ellis. I have been asked a bit more old school stuff, so there you go. Bit of a change in pace once this is the sky show with me, beefy. I hope you're having an awesome, awesome Thursday. What a day to be alive, just Melbourne, living autumn dreams here. Course we are. It is a bit fantastic and well, live in a dream, course we we are living the dream here. Thanks for joining me, wherever you are in the world. Hope you're having as much of a good time as I am. I'M gonna play a couple of hours of some absolutely awesome tunes and basically I need you to lively up yourself, funatic style. Here we go. Get Ready, couple hours of great skin out tunes. These guys are clings land. Lively up yourself, by the funatics. Lively up yourself, and don't be no drug now. Lively up yourself. Glad the bad, lovely up yourself and don't be no drag, no lovely up yourself. Get in the other bad. You right, you did. So you yourself and yourself yourself. Dig It the other. So your Ros.

So you did so yourself, yourself, of yourself. This is the other. So your right. So you did so. You did so, you come. So your come. So so you skid. So yourself. Good. Restit your radio. Point three. From the dollar to the pound. Lots of money in the world. No, not enough to go around. A lot of Queen, a lot of need another bet. Who Race? Third World. You have a case. They put you in your place, while the lines they chase. Then not enough to go around to the pound. A lot of money in the world. No, not enough to go around. Something can my mind. I've got nothing. My many wasted, the tears the past thing you can't repair. Look into the future to see. What you can see. Is still that? No, as what will be well with be turning to Scott to pray the rest. We've got to pay. The more buy to the pound in the world, go around the...

...pound, the morning in the world, but not enough to go around, to bring it out, bring it down, because the said, because this pristance in the bat. No prop guessing, stories animated a time can be debated, sound read the fuck you want the love it, though you hate it, then that's where her love can be found to be one for the season and I know if we may get through, My love for you be paradise, if just for a Ceasar. That's where her love can be found. She'll give me one for a season. The Eye, and I know if we may get through, My love for you will be paradise, if just for a season. That is window, when I'm without her, winds thow so cold and will power. But as soon as the summer pass and the tear drifting in to rain, she's the daily dread of cashion behind her all. If it wasn't for her eyes, we would show. That's where her love can be fine to give me one for a season, and I know, if we may get through, my love for you paradize. It's just for that is winter and I'm without the window, so cold and we're...

...but as soon as the summer passes and her tear drops begin to rain, passion be hide her. If it wasn't for her eyes, we would show. She'll give me one for the season, and I know, if we may get through, My love for you the paradise, if just I loved Paris and I sat eastern standard time, just about to get ready to go on Taur in central Europe. Gonna go to Germany, Slovenia, a lot of German dates checks, Vekia, Switzerland, Poland and a few other bits and pieces. So yeah, very nice. I'll just put that underneath and I don't know where that's wrong, but it sounds nice anyway, while I shout away. But Eastern Center, time out of watching and DC. They're pretty cool. I like there. They got a single out called lovely man, which we played a few times because it's really, really a good before that Weird Maroon turn out of London, pound to the dollar, Dalla to the pound or some stuff, and then the fun atics. Lively up yourself, loving, loving life. Welcome to the sky show, where may be. If here we'd just panting away on the dunes and we're just going to keep them rolling all the way through while I get rid of this whatever bed that I've decided to put down for us here. But absolutely very indifferent. Anyway. He's a very swere that. Turn it up, make sure you do, because it's the scar show with Beefye, and if it's not loud, you're not trying. I wonder what I can take a busy and you're not playing. See what you want to say. You have to get turn... the dance bass guys, the music. You came into a drunk. Keep your body's thinking. We like they. Get your NY's up to the floor. Step right out. Don't tell you I've lost your rather dancing shoes and you have to dance. Got The blue to feel that no dancing comes like you can. Herds breaking out tonight. Save Blo one to start your body working, sweating and hot. All your great yet steak for you. You can feel it. Will take it through your vein sho you have to dance. Every blues remains to you feel bad. Sky Music is what a we are for. Yes, we are what we think. shuffless. Welcome to the let's shuffle. This is not. This is not. This is...

...shuff King Hammond, shuffle, Nick Welch, there he's still going strong as nick, playing all round London, all round the south of England, doing gigs everywhere. I'm pretty sure I did, seems, probably nipping off to Germany for a Gig as well, which is quite amazing. Actually. One of my first memories of scam music, probably in one thousand ninehundred and eighty odd, was the King Hem and shuffle always seemed to turn up on compilations. That one, but why not? Is An absolutely bankcing tune. Before that added Germany, yes, the Germany, the Skangaroos, with scart music, and then we had monique and the safe fairest band with turn it up, loving it, loving it, scuttsh our with me beefy Sun FM every Thursday afternoon to till four. But the stay tuned. That could be changing very, very soon. Just a heads up there, just to keep your ears peeled for some new announcements going coming out soon. But I'll tell you more about that bit closer the time. Anyway. Yeah, the English beat at an album out last year called, what was it called? It was called here we go love. It was here we go love. This is a track off that album. It's called you're stuck. Do you know what? This is a bit of a throwback to the old beat tunes. It was a really quality compilation from Dave Wakeling. Don't forget he is English beat. Ranking Roger is the beat who's also got a new album out. So public confidential. That's quite good to have played some tunes that. We will play some more tunes off that fairly, surely? Anyway, this is the English beat day Wakelyn a in the states called your stock. I want to no, I'm all right when I'm sitting on alone and I'm twitting it my...

Thir. I'm all right when I'm sitting alone, and I know that I'm all right when I'm sitting alone, and I know that I'm hard when I'm feting alone and I'm the rest. I'm Framez on see, give out something, something. I can't see around you with nothing, nothing. Why can't I just cheegs my mouse, always talking about something, so I can't see her as being nothing. Why can't I just change? Good bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye bike, and I never gonna be happy while I'm wasting my time. But a bye bye, bye BIE, but bye, bye bye bike, and I never gotta be happy till this one is my cause. I'm a conquer. It's another way. I'm moving and I'm a conquer. Up, it's in a way. I'll be looking and I'm a conquer. You look into my eyes, I'm gonna conquer you and take you for a little ride with me. And there's a kind of thing you ain't getting for free if you just sit run on your butt, Lazy. And even if you think I'm a little crazy, then it's fine by because I'm happy to be a worker. Can arrestless man. When I said I'm fun a mission and I stick to my planet. My wheels are turning just to past as they can with my boys, I said, than I want that Shand when you can't sit down, keep working it. That's why I'm telling you, telling me a piece to baby. When you can't sit down, keep with gaming. Can't see around nothing. Why can't I just Che my mouth? Why can't I just Chang the complication that they so watching US every day? We don't get it. The with the complicated. They don't remember. I gonna let the shot. We're gonna get shot with the operation looking up. We never started and we have to because...

...out and a facilities of Strip to the phone. Remember at. Gonna let shot. We're gonna get shot High Street. No, by gonna close our eyes. Were shown, because we should knowbility, because we care when it goes missing. They can try stopping us if they dare. Remember, and gonna let the shot. We're gonna get the shot high street. No, by gonna Close Eyes, show, show, no. Body. Gonna close and show toddy was going to play a bit of the new album from the beat featuring a ranking Roger. That is the title track off that said new album come out very a very recently public, confidential. That is the tune and it is awesome. I love them bopping away in the studio. Just before they had a whales captain accident and disasters, restless man and preview in that little certain English beat your stuck off. Their new are an egoal of Dave wait cling. So the both angles of the be still going strong. They are all writing new material, producing new albums, still touring like no tomorrow. Absolutely brilliant. Right. You know, in the second hour of the show we have a lot of fun play some covers, some tunes you may not expect to hear on a show like this. It could be absolutely anything, and I've proved in the past it will be anything. Probably Pay Some punk rock, probably play well loads of other stuff. We've got to celebrate a birthday this week. Terry Hall couple of days ago was sixty, so we're going to play a lot of the specials in the second hour. H Stay tuned. I will be back. We will be bringing you just a whole host of hits to get you into the weekend. Stay tuned. In the meantime, this is a tune from days gone by. It's the basis with days gone by. See after the news. You were at school, always out break back, said shack is the flascraft in the sad. Yeah, blow my eye now, my eye, Days gonna, Days gonna.

Listen with your head held high, the things you said the other now the happy in a way. Don't pushing the ground because twice your age. My Eye, my eye, my days gonna by. The Days gonna buy a wedding bells are stick yea, but not for you, but you just don't care. Your boyfriends as you will marry you as soon as the next perrow comes through you with Yapple off my eye, now go Myle off my eye. Now, days, days go. My you were the apple of my eye, but now I said to walk go F can't recall the reasons why about you in days go fine, apple of my eye. Now I tell the reason. Why. My Eye. Now the days, the days go day, yeah, the days in days gone. Days gone behind the day.

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