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Episode 92 · 3 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Mar 21st 2019 (2nd Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia). Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! 2019 is proving to be The Year Of Ska and it's up to the Big Beef Man to make sure it stays that way! As normal the second hour of the show takes you to all corners of the ska genre and the most popular segment of the show is the covers block. This week's covers are from Ska Show with Beefy favourites The Holophonics, Italian maestros The Bluebeaters, New York's finest Rude Boy George and Codename Colin belt out their version of the Bowling for Soup classic 1985. We also celebrate The Specials' front man Terry Hall's 60th birthday with a plethora of live stuff and there's new tracks from Kujo Kings, Half Past Two and Wank! Spunge kick some pigeons and Loin Groin embrace the new AFL season! Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff!

Traveling in a fright Outcombe on a hippie trail heads on streams. Lady, she made me nervous. She took me baby breakfast and she said under women glow thunder better better buy you bread from my money. He was six foot four. My Soul, I shit. You speak of my language. He just smiling, gave me another might sandwich and he said I under you're better light an Mumba. What it is like y'all. And I must say, said to the man, are you trying to tell to come from the lineup plant? He said you better when I had every time she lost down the street. I'm not a girl in money by WHO? She was mine. She looks so good telephone. I'm so alone. I need no one need. She's the one that I every time. You Watch that a street.

I'm not a girl in my neigh she was mine. She looks rand. He's the REVOLU shine rocks the shore. How good is that? It's awesome. They's. They're blue beaters out of Italy, doing teenage kicks right through the nine. Welcome back to the gus show with me, Befe, on this Thursday afternoon here in Melbourne town, bringing it to the world. If you're listening on wwwcom today, you Oh, if you're on the air waves of moment eighty three, or use the tuning APP and you will get us loud and clear. Kicked off the hour with the Holophonics doing land down and I just to give you a little bit reminder who we are where we come from. Oh yes, smell the clean Melbourne autumn air. Yep, it's getting to that time. Cricket season nearly over. Winter Sports are just about the start. Izzie rules kicks off tonight in Melbourne. Rugby League already started. Football's the summer sport in now. So, yeah, confusing for everyone. Anyway, you'll listening to the sky show with me, beefy. Thank you for joining me, wherever you are on the planet. I've got another, well fifty five minutes to go, so I'm going to thrill you teasier please. You make you feel toe want a bit more. But get ready for the weekend. It's a bumper weekend of music, sport and entertainment here in Melbourne because it's the second most of the Hooble sitty in the world, behind Vienna. Oh yes, it is. Anyway, we're going to do rude boy George doing their version of blondie's atomic stay tuned. More tunes to come to hit the wall. She never had it all. What comes?...

I could take husbands, CPA and drink out the door. When she took twenty four on a bit with one man, what happened to a pen? She's gonna be an actress, she's gonna be a star, she's gonna shake her ass on her the whiting star her. Yet the way you think it is now, the enemy looks at a rabbit, wipe nothing. All right. One thousand nine hundred and eighty five. Seen all the classics. She knows every line. Pretty and pink. But saying that was far. She rocked at a Wem, not a big limp biscuit band. Not, you get ahead. Remember, made a snake Stan and the other day to sing it. Wait to reality become TV. Whatever happens to on the radio? She maked stop when they become classic and when did as he but you'm an..., please make this stop. One thousand nine hundred and eighty five. That is code name Colin doing. One thousand nineteen eighty five bowling for soup, wasn't it? With the rather interesting video. That's all I'm going to say. Rather interesting video before that. Rude Boy George with Blondie's a stomach. Yeah, you'll listen to the sky show with me, beefy. Hope you having a good time this Thursday afternoon. Loads of fun going on as normal in the sky show studio and I've got a load more coming. Probably play a bit of Punk rock now and then we'll roll through into a lot of the special staff. Terry Hall's Sixty Birthday. That's what we're going to celebrate, anyway. In the meantime, who fancies a bit of kicking pigeons? Who? Yeah, southern Mug out, give it all I can in my heart. Don't you make a difference? I don't wait. I said take a trust and it's take a stroll. I take drugs and blood, boy, and taking my soul. I want to change my ways. I wanna get it right. I know the things I give it life will carry...

...on, centuries go by and my actions small. Want to do all I can. Give it to somebody, for the people who are blooded by free my ways. I wanna get it right. I try salvage made me feel right. I was lost. Now I see the Sala and Sala make me feel all right. You know only one cheat your way. While what do you young man? Oh, he'll help you understand. Smile. Looking back on the side. We lost dry tree part whats to be some w that was half past two. Out of California. Should have been recover sections in it. Smile like you mean, I can't remember do that originally. Should know. Before that we heard whank with salvation. That's the latest single.

They're out of California as well. Orange Canny, I think, when God from and then kicking pigeons by sponge. That London Ish, I think. I think they're more Norfolk, but anyway, kicking pigeons one of my favorite punk scart punk tunes. Love it anyway. I've been threatening it was Terry Hall, sixty of birthday. Happy Birthday Terry. If you're listening from the specials, the front man from boy three and color fields and all those others, more more wellknown with the specials nowadays, with the reformation and the new album encore, gonna play one of their classics and then we won't play something off their new album as well. In between songs something they're chatting about the new album and the basis of one of their new tunes. Anyway, this is nightclub. Have a ball, people, have a ball. What does the beer smell like? HMM, don't have to. I don't know what to do. This number nine, the life and times of a man called depression. With this I wanted to try and talk about my mental health issues. We just don't get me started, just like as a fifty nine year old man who suffers from manic depression, yea, and schizophrenia and whatever else we want to call it, and how I deal with me every day. It's very, very difficult put into words and that's why it comes spoken with because I couldn't think that about. Let's write a chorus about manic depression, like where you start. Without it comes a chorus your client for exam. Let's see, this doesn't work. So it's just me, my condition, and for me politically it's very, very important. It's very important where we are right now with all that sort of people have got, because I've seen so much people down the street now we're homeless and and obviously the gun problem in know and the way the with it. The system just just threw him out with they don't even exist. Anymore because, like I'm if you have... address, that mean you're nobody. I think it's a remarkable so piece, brilliant. What do you think that? What do you think about my voice on it? You speaking? Yeah, you're spoken words. What you're everything, spoken words. Yeah, than Morris is spoken word. I said, I said, I just say he did a spoken words to go, because I do. I do love Morris's that she's sorry. This first sight. Same down the barrel of a man with no real self. Prais a thousand times a day. It's truth. It stands for the last remaining feels jealous, but looking like the social some say, groot define any real truth. He lives in a world of south death, self, self, love, self, calm voice inside his head of play Chinese whispers was all around. Your sets of face time. Welcome yesterday. Follow us on facebook. Between to and INSTAGRAM. Control refuse to let you, refuse to same to what your vision the stuff that's all dress. Both promise of brands. Have...

...a nest in dress that hid stand. We don't believe you. Way Too easier to see the places to start. There are no rocks of us. You're also drunkney power side either teachers not to smile, make the claws to protect you. We will never talk. There are no rocks of rock. So if my vote that you promise the upbright this, take away all of the fee. Wait for us to election, but all will do it politics blocks, stop messing around. Better Future Time, straight roles to you,...

...stop, run right. Better be a good future. Showers to you, miss to better future. Yeah. Well, I hope you enjoyed a little tribute to the specials in Terry Hall celebrating its sixty birthday couple of days ago. What are we here? Kicked off with nightclub, then the life and times of a man called depression, life, m vote for me, which is their latest single, live, and then finishing off with the all time classics. Message to you, Rudy Life, and what a treat you've had today. Double lives, sessions, Alton Ellis and they're the specials. Can't get better than that. You needs the sky show with me, beefy. We're having an absolute ball here. We're bringing it home for the weekend. It's going to be a whole load of fun. Make sure you get out see a band, have some fun, support your local live music scene as best you can. Anyway, on Saturday night I went out to see the Kujo kings. They were playing at the Evelyn Hotel. We had where's and sky in the studio last week. So they have launched now, finally launched their brand new album. It is called royal danger. What do we play? We played a couple of tunes. Off It's a play, a different one. I am going to pick Wi fi today. Let's hear it now. These are the Kujo kings. This is brand new. They were quite brilliant Saturday. I Chris Duke and the roles were also absolutely phenomenal. Brilliant stuff. They've got a new album coming out very, very soon too. Anyway, this is from the Kujo kings. This is Wi fi today. Show, you know, is how to wind down these days. Let tell... how time went. Did what's so smooth for me? In fact, the movie stop good for the company made me wait. Everybody in the suburb started fealing onto the street ready to start up by we wanna. If we don't get my fi shown, train passion knows for working around the long I understand you're not too happy, but I won't be any differencely, so don't make a see come to walk back down, grab wife and grabbing. I've been showing to all children. They will be digging grace. We want come my son. They'll be blood if we don't get my fi today. Please down your gun. There is a sun stream. That's the Kujo kings with Wi fi today. It's the end of the show, unfortunately. Cannot believe it. It's come through so quick I hope you've had an absolute ball. Please stay tuned for after the news. We Got Greg with a rock down. Should be an absolute belt of a show by Greg. I'll be back next week bringing a couple hours of the best car tunes from all over the planet. The AZZI rules season kicks off tonight and I thought there is only one band that can celebrate Azzi rules. That's Melbourne's own Loin, growin. I've been beefy. This has been the sky show with beefy. Join me again next week. have an absolute fantastic weekend. This is long growing footy. Take Away I care about. Tell me Your own one. Comparing the... me knows best, but end up being brothers hard. I'm just goods on but I can so back to me, just like Bros. Things I care about tell me that that's you wing that Shit Pass. Why should you want a.

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