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Episode 90 · 2 years ago

The Masita Sportswear Ska Show with Beefy, Mar 28th 2019 (2nd Hour)


Beefy brings you the World's Greatest Ska Radio Show every week (sponsored by - the best sportswear in Australia) and this week sees us broadcast with a very heavy heart, as we pay tribute to the life and times of Ranking Roger of The Beat who passed away just a few days ago. Broadcast live from Melbourne to Australia and the rest of the world on 88.3 Southern FM, no other ska show boasts the diversity or the innovation of what Beefy brings to the Ska party! Beefy plays a load of tracks from The Beat and we replay one of the last interviews Ranking Roger did. There's also great tunes from The Goops, Alpha Boy School, Neville Staple Band, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, No Nonsense, Death Of Guitar Pop and The Porkers. Check out The Ska Show with Beefy Facebook page for playlists and other fun stuff and check out Masita Australia for all you club's sportswear needs.

Hey can say anything. To Thesky show with be PEA, to an original rue boy by the name ofchous trauma. Rest in peace. Good easy. How good is that versionhere? Actually Sangwicho strummer on that. Well, well, I think aremake or something like that. So also submit it as the on the Joestrummer tribute album Strummerville as well. We are celebrating the life and times aranking Roger and the beat. Very very sad week in the scar community.This is the scar show with me, beefy, I hope you're having agreat day. It's a lovely day in Melbourne. It was cold yesterday andnow it's twenty eight degrees, typical Melbourne weather. Anyway, let's keep thismoving along because we are one step closer to the weekend. Yes, weare. Hope you're going to have a great, great time. It istime for well, we'll play the cover section, obviously at the start ofthe second hour of the show. So let's well, let's have a bitof a yeah, let's make some fun up in it. This is buildme up, but a cup scar punk style. I take any more.It's not any one. When I wrote...

...this, all our twenty two nightbut I won't be for long. People ask you when you go up toyou man, but other girls. I love school already. I love you. I love you. STAYSA but it still. I put you on agirl. Don't on't be bad about let you go. Just feel bad aboutyou looking for and just looking for another looking. Yes, I love thewords you wrote to me, but that was bloody yes the day. Ican't on what you said. Every time you need a friend to shooting startsand I wish on them. But that money said to wish on space,on whereas are wish. I wish, I wish. You don't looking forI'm just looking for another girl. I'm not looking for I saw you shootingstarts underne but that only satellite. It's going to be subspace where I wish. I wish, I wish. I'm looking for another. I don't wantto change. I'm not looking for I'm just looking for another Chan. I'mnot. I'm that's Alpha boy school at...

...a Germany doing billy braggs New England, and I for one love that versions very good, good scat vibe toit. It's an up beat song anyway. Right, thank you for joining me. This is the scar show with me. Beef you, wherever youare in the world. I know there's people listening from absolutely everywhere because soonas I said there was going to be a huge beat tribute and ranking RogerTribute Show, I've had messages from absolutely everywhere. Sin Are going to joinus on light. So, wherever you are in the world, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for joining me. Please check out our facebookpage. Just look up the scar show with be for your the scar showon sudden. There them and you will find us. The center's a request. Say Hello. If you're in a band, please send me a musicbecause I will play it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, butI will shortly and for the rest of now. Whatever you can send meI will greatly appreciate it. And I know there's a few new releases kickingabout from bands absolutely everywhere, and I do listen to absolutely everything on apick out the ones I like and I play him on air. Have somefun with that. So please, please join us. Saylo on a facebookpage and send me your tunes. This one is from last year. Thisis a good mate of ranking Roger. It is nevill stable and his bandwith his wife as well, the Neville stable band. This is the itwas a lead single off his album from last year. So this is whenI call your name. Absolute belter from nevill staple. He's a wife sugaryand the rest of the band. Enjoy. We'll come back with an interview withMr Ranking Roger. When you call, how you have? When you came? When what you wanna? When you came, not alone. Friendsmeet again. You are a friend.

Will Not Forget. Loved Lost KungFu monkeys. They're at a Mexico. They are coming over for Sky Nation. Can you tell we're excited? Good Friday Corner Hotel, April Twenty eight. The Sunday following not good, not Easter Sunday, but the following Sunday, damn it, gelong. But they have lots of other gigs as wellin between their going all over the East Coast and to Adelaide. It's kindof a the road to scar nation tour. So I think it's kind of bookended by SCAR Nation. So will be absolutely brilliant check out. Lostcome from monkeys and scar nation and there's all sorts going on. I've seenhim live a couple of times. Lost come from monkeys and they are absolutelytremendous. They're gonna blow your mind. If you haven't seen them before,they're on to all the resumes and if you're in Brisbane, blow hard aregoing to be plain. Oh Yeah, saw them last year at the deadof winter vessel and they blew the roof off. Did they get the crowdgoing? Oh, yes, they did. So stay tuned. Look for lostcome from muggoose and the resonators dates all across the East Coast and Adelaideshould be fun. Now, I promised you. The interviewer, ringing Roger. This was done on, I believe, who was New Year's Eve, andhe talks about his stroke and he talks about how he got diagnosed withthe brain tumors at the same time when they were treating for strokes and hewas fine and fit, very, very...

...said. Anyway, I'll let yougo. We're here to talk about a surprise turn of events in Roger's lifeat the end of two thousand and eighteen. Roget, the last line of yourbook is a slightly paraphrase, but it says the only thing that wasstopped me doing what I'm doing will be ill health. The books finished andthen the next thing is you have his extraordinary revelation in your life. Canyou talk as through the events? Yeah, what happened? Well, we're halfwaythrough touring and obviously we're doing some gigs in the era, or gettingready to do some gigs in the ear, Sweden, I think, and followedby and the first of America, which is going to come up ina couple of months time. Afterwards, and all of a sudden I hadthe stroke and lost all the use of my right hat. Also found outthat I had had a team in my brain, well to team as inmy brain, and one had to be operated on as soon as possible,and that was obviously the first time I knew of this. The second one, the said could hold but one day I'd have, might have to haveit out, but it didn't seem as bad as the first one. Thefirst one I to be removed immediately and I found out that I've got lungcancer as far as I'm concerned. But give him a treatment for it,immune our therapy, which is meant to be better than the other one,chemo therapy, and it's meant to stop the growth or shrink is so I'mmeant to be on that for the next two years now, but it doesn'tstop me wanting to go out and Gig, you know, and do the thingsI do. All that be as inspirational as I can for the people. But it slowed me down a bit. I've had to have about to haverest, which would doctor said first, and this is right, you needyou need six months off. You can't do nothing for six months andI've done that. All I can say is I have to wait and see. I'm dying to start rehearsals. I can't wait for that. I thinkthat's going to be really good. So we have to organize that. Iknow I can sing. I ain't got a problem with that. It's justthat I don't think I'll be running around the stage as what as I was, certainly for the first three months or six months, because I wouldn't wantto see you on stage, you know. But I'm quite kind of just beinghonest to myself. You don't want to go out there and be straightafter you know, it's like you just hurt yourself. You know, takeit as it comes. So I know I can sing still, that's nota problem with the voice, but and I know I can scank still.I never forget how to do that, but I just mustn't get too excitedand start darting across the stage again, and I think eventually I probably willbe able to, you know, and we'll just see how this treatment goes, you know, and that's all I can say. But I've got alot of optimism, you know. And now I'll be somewhere around, youknow, doing the forty if anniversary. I've got to be on stage age, you know, and and share myself and show my peasants again. Well, it's the music as well, but every time the Gigi is finished ornearly finished, I just see pure smiling faces. So you know I'm notthat's what I'm doing, the right thing. And the righteous think, you know, they're not OURC had an aggressive at all. You know, they'rea universal bunch, and I think I will survive this. I think Iwill. You know, I've got a lot of strength in it. Andyou know, all the fans and all the people, you know I loveyou, man. You know I mean, and you know I don't want tostart crying or anything, but you know, it's it's the most brilliantjob you could have. I could have had anyone that could have add it'sbeen in an entertainment as an entertainer, and you can be in front ofall those people and you can move them and make an all happy. That'sthe most joyous thing that I could have done, you know, and I'vedone it, you know, and I'm also satisfied. I'm not saying it'sthe end of my life, but what I am saying is the life Ihave had I've really enjoyed, you know, good or bad, and it's importantthat I just go on, you know, respecting and enjoying the restof my life under any capacity. So as soon as I can get outthere and I know it's safe, I'll be out. I mean, itwas extraordinary last year because when you reformed the beat in the mid two thousands, you were playing to just a few hundred people as twist and crawl,and then the beat featuring will rank and Rogin. You've built it and builtit and built it, and last year... did a co headline with theselector. Three thousand people ran to the hill they are and it was anextraordinary night. And I mean I've seen you several times over the last cupfew years and the one thing that you can guarantee. When you came tosee you play, even up to the very last time last year, andI saw you play, was that the energy level of you on stage.You'd be hard pushed to separate it from one thousand nineteen eight, one thousandnine hundred and eighty one. It's extraordinary. I mean, yeah, Bill A, dancing now I'd say that's the one from the old, as Iwant you to do. But yeah, I mean it is phenomenal how thatmusic has lived as long as it has. So it's some me. It's gotto be special because it it's survived. You know, it's not just likeany music. It's a special music and only the beat sound like thebeach. So it's it's so what will the steps be for you in twothousand and nine? Is it kind of out nineteen? Is it outline medically? What? What will be happening to you for the next few months?I don't know really. I mean, obviously I'll be on this immun ourferry pippink, and this is the reason why you still got your dreads,because it's Anon as opposed to chemo. That's right, I think half myjeers with a fell that fell out. If it was chemo therapys, definitely, obviously. I've had one session which afterwards I had a seizure right withinabout two weeks, which I've never had a seizure before, and it scaredme. Walk up in hospital, didn't know what was going on and andthat's when they operated on the second one all of a sudden, because myspeech wasn't really good when I after I had the first one, but afterI had the second one, became much clearer and, you know, muchmore active, you know, hmm. And it's been fabulous support for you, hasn't I mean now, as I'll say in the fans, you know. I can't believe you know that. And now you've found all this.I don't know what you're going to say, but I mean just for a littlemini stroke, you were like get well soon, you know, andhow you recover quickly and Blah, blah, blah, and we need your backand discern that. It's like intensely more serious what's going on. AndI must be brave because I'm not scared. All the mean nuts. I mustbe broke because I'm not scared, and all I can be is whatI've been all my life, and that's positive. You know I mean,and you know you know. Don't despair. Just be positive about all this andif you want, you can say you put us for me. Youknow, I'm all right for now. You know, I'm feeling every daythat my it's getting clearer and I'm a other lot of short term memory,which is quite funny because in ours turning around to people and saying, whatdid you say again three minutes ago, you know, because it was alot like that, you know, and some of my own life I wasforgetting, but once reminded, he just you know, it's like a littlechicksaw building up again, you know. Yeah, well, we need yourvoice on stage because there's always a prime minister that need shout him down andtold to stand down. You're the man to do it. That's right.Thank you. Thank you. Beyond the door, in a moment of time, I take a look outside the circle, just beyond the square. You reallycare. But I wouldn't want to be like you because you're hiding fromI wouldn't want to be like you to afraid to try. Afraid to try. It's open the safety off a stream. There's a snail's a sleester yawning asshe did to dream. There's a pyramid of stone slowly putting in thesand. There's a man that feels security's a perfect when I wouldn't want tobe like you. I wouldn't want to... afraid to try. I'm notwasting tears in a handker cheek. There's a child is climbing high pine tree. There's a mountain near, on the edge, but he knows he's free. I wouldn't want to be like you to afraid to try your friend totry. I wouldn't want to be like you to afraid to try your friend. I wouldn't want to feel the rock. So you got to come alone ofthe unity sorrow. See no joy, bright man, and you tell mehow I'm so white. Lord, what's a short shot? That's what'sa third world stand start. Sometimes wonder if I live and get the judgejust to sit with my Juldren in a holiday job. You ever given everybodyshout stand down to the city wall? Ten said I love unity all.Tell you why, Lord, shot.

Please done, no, Mong starn, no mom and please done stund no, man, please donum mom stund no, please don they say history never repeats. But stand down, Margaretor we got stand down theres and I would have been the next single fromthe beat. I reckon, because the UK going through turmoil as we speak. Well, there you go. What a show it's been today. We'restill going strong, we still paying tribute to ranking Raja and the beat.Hope you've been having fun. I'n'T had an absolute ball. That interview isso, so telling that the guy was still up for life whatever was thrownat him. You know, he had a stroke, diagnosed with brain tumorsand then when they were treating his brain tumors, the realize he had lungcancer as well. So incredible, incredible but, like I said, stillup for it. Was Keen to get singing. Got told of a bitof time off, which probably didn't and then obviously this week succumbed to whateverwas going on inside the man's body. Sad said, week. Really amstill trying to get over it because sir one of my favorite bands on Ifirst started getting into scat and live music, and obviously you can hear from allthe live stuff I've played today that what a band. What a bandlive and just the energy just absolutely incredible. Anyway. Benarta, London, Essex, in fact called death a guitar pup. I love this tune iscalled a rickety old train. It's just awesome. Time seems other peoples withthe drive just an outbody say wake up.

Or was that the noise of mylove? Isn't that time I take again? Not Enough Coffee, toomuch. Now I want memory to say. Made me say was for the job. Forget the lead. You back lest drink. I thought it wasalways love to people from the whole thought you were stuck looking flow away toget remage. I could have done it easy, but I'm thinking back away. Something special made me sick. Was for the job. I thoughtI was. I guess I forget a little. Dans last special you thinkmake me sick was right for the job.

I love that tune from the porkeris absolutely love it. Make Hay I was the kind of late trackoff. There new music from last year playing a few gigs as well.It just a n's another area seven versus the pork is Gig as well,Adelaide, June eight. So that will be phenomenal. Those gigs, thosetwo bands on a bill just for Menus. They also put a teaser out lastweek about what city is next. There's obviously more of those area.Seven versus the pork is gigs to be a name. So hopefully it'll beMelbourne. But wherever they go they're gonna draw crowd absolutely special. Well,hopefully you have enjoyed this little tribute to ranking Roger and the beat done mylittle bit. I'm truly truly gutted really, because we saw him last year.So I've seen the beat probably four or five times and one of myfavorite live bands of all time. So I'm hoping, hoping that it carrieson best you can, but it's going to be very, very difficult.Please enjoy your weekend, get out, have some fun, go and seea live music act, whether it be scar, whether it be pop,whatever you want. Celebrate the good times, because it's can all finish up tomorrow, unfortunately. So thinking of the family, thinking of everyone, thinkingof the Scar Community and hopefully you've had a bit of fun as afternoon celebratingthe life and times of ranking Roger and he's great. Great Music, theenergy, everything else. It's yeah, fantastic. Give us a shout onthe facebook page that just look up the scar show with me, beefy.If you're in a band, please send me your music. I will playat normal service will hopefully be resumed as normal next week. Love in thefact I can bring you some great tunes from way back the s right throughto today's new music coming out all the time. In the meantime, let'shear it one more time for ranking Roger and the beat. This is tearsof a clown. Pick it up, people, stay happy. Messitar.They've been making quality apparel since one thousand...

...nine hundred and thirty three. Agreat range of sports gear for all ball sports and all corporate way. Doesn'tmatter what sport you play, Messita have the kid for you. MESSEDAR offersa full catalog of on field and off field apparel. It's the best qualitymoney can buy. Get in touch one three hundred messita on MES cedarcom.That AU.

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